What Role Were The Minish Due To Play in Breath of The Wild?
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What Role Were The Minish Due To Play in Breath of The Wild?

The development process for Breath of The
Wild was probably the most work that’s ever gone into a Zelda game. The developers started on the game back in
2011 and originally planned to release the game in 2015, however it was delayed not once
but twice due to problems with the physics engine. It was finally released in 2017 alongside
the brand new Nintendo Switch, 6 years after development began. During those 6 years of development tons of
ideas were presented for the game, such as rideable Cucco for Link to fly on, a cheesy
punk rocker outfit for the hero and even humorous ideas like a massive Boar that would be known
as the Master Boar… but one of my favourite scraped ideas was the Minish. The Minish, also known as the Picori are a
race of miniscule people found in the Minish Cap. Infact, they almost made the final cut of
the game, meaning there was likely a good chunk of story planned for them. Unfortunately, for reasons we will discuss
shortly the Minish got cut from Breath of The Wild and because Breath of The Wild introduced
and re-introduced the Zelda series for so many, I thought it would be a fun idea to
cover something from the past of the Zelda seires mixed in with the newest installment. So in today’s video we are going to discuss
the potential influence and roles the Minish were due to play in Breath of The Wild before
getting cut. Along with some possible Minish contents found
in the final game. We’ll begin with a brief recap on exactly
who the Minish are for those who may be unaware. The Minish, also known as the Picori are a
miniature race of people found in the Minish Cap. They are said to be no bigger than the size
of Link’s thumb. The Picori are actually very important to
the Kingdom, during Hyrule’s time of need, the Picori came from the Minish Realm in order
to support mankind and ultimately save them. They are also responsible for all of the rupees
and hearts found within the grass, which funny enough is something else that essentially
got cut from Breath of The Wild. Back in the early days of Hyrule when the
events of the Minish Cap take place, the Picori are invisible to adults and can only be seen
by well behaved children. Another thing the Picori bring to Hyrule is
the kinstones, mystical medallions that the Picori hid around the world for the Hylians
to find. Although it’s not seen after the events
of the Minish Cap, back then the Hylians held an annual festival known as the Picori Festival,
an event to celebrate and honor the Picori for the support they gave the Hylians in their
time of need… but after the Minish Cap they are never seen again. It’s likely that they still exist as in
pretty much every single Zelda game we can still find rupees and hearts in the long grass,
even in Breath of The Wild we can occasionally find the odd rupee. So that’s more or less who the Picori are
but how exactly would they have fit into Breath of The Wild’s world based on what we know
about them from the Minish Cap. As we know, the development process took a
long 6 years, some ideas presented during this time didn’t get any further than the
idea stage but the proposal of bringing back the Minish did get past the just an idea stage. The games director Hidemaro Fujibayashi said
in the making of Breath of The Wild series that: “So we really wanted to have them
in there for the gameplay, but sadly had to give up on the idea.” Technically speaking he didn’t call them
Picori or Minish, rather calling them “Tiny People” but they did show footage of the
Minish whilst describing them. Along with the idea being that they would
reside in their own miniature villages that Link could shrink down in size in order to
enter. Which is identical to how communication with
the Minish is possible. It’s clear that the “Tiny People” planned
for the game were indeed the Picori. Knowing that, what influence would they have
on the game? The first thing to look at would be their
home. Each of the 6 races in Breath of The Wild
all have a distinct home, typically allocated by a region. The Gorons have Eldin, the Rito have Hebra,
the Zora have Lanayru, the Gerudo have the Gerudo Desert, The Sheikah have Kakariko Village
within the Valley and the Hylains have Hateno Village, previously also having central Hyrule. Whilst each settlement isn’t exclusive to
just one race, they are generally dominated in population by a specific race, whilst being
open for other races too. Now would the Minish receive their own Region? You might think due to their miniature nature
that they wouldn’t but there is one suitable region that is pretty much empty. The Akkala Region. Ever noticed how it’s more or less empty,
the only people who live here are the residents of the East Akkala Stable and Robbie and Jeerrin
who live in the Akkala Tech Lab. I don’t know about you but it’s always
felt a bit too empty around here. The models of the Minish and their homes don’t
really give us a good whereabouts on where they would be, but we can tell by looking
at the background that it’s some sort of regular grassland, not an elemental influenced
region like Hebra or the Gerudo Desert. Aside from just assuming what I see as the
obvious there is actually some possible evidence they were destined to live here. Once you complete the Tarrey Town side quest
which is where you help Hudson build a brand new town in the barran Akkala Region, we can
find some very interesting designs. The design of the plant pots found in the
completed Tarrey Town strongly resemble the same design of the houses. Very similarly to how the Picori live in the
Minish Cap. Credit to reddit user Luck88 for noticing
this detail, the link to the original post will be in the description. Most of their homes are typically inside everyday
objects such as book shelves, gardens and plant pots. These designs don’t match one ones shown
in the concept models but that very well could be because they changed over time, as many
ideas do. Whilst this could just be because they are
made in the modernized Bolson construction style, they do appear like miniature houses. Perhaps Tarrey Town was originally planned
to be the main settlement of the Minish. That could even be why we originally find
it as a platform of rocks. The original plan may have been that the Minish
had homes carved into these massive rocks, acting as huge homes to house many Picori. The Picori were of course scrapped from the
final game but perhaps these plant pots were left in or just there to give a mention to
the race of Tiny people. Moving on from their home settlement, what
importance would the Picori have to the games story? Thanks to Breath of The Wilds Creating a Champion
book we actually have a little bit of insight to that question. On page 83, the first page of the Champions
section we can see 5 champion concepts. A Hylian, Goron, Zora, presumably an early
design Rito and this little fella. This could be none other than one of our Picori
friends. This page does describe the Tiny Person as
appearing like a Kokiri child but given the fact the Picori were almost in the final game,
it’s likely that this was a design for their designated Champion. These designs are clearly from early on in
development, given the Zora doesn’t look anything like Mipha, the Goron doesn’t look
exactly like Daruk and the Rito looks more like a Wind Waker Rito, there is a good chance
this was an early take on the Minish to be seen in Breath of The Wild so they just compared
it to a Kokiri child at the time. We do also need to remember that these books
weren’t made by the developers themselves. We can see that this little guy is equipped
with a whip, a suitable weapon for someone this size. We didn’t see the Picori use whips in the
Minish Cap but you do need to remember that this is potentially hundreds and thousands
of years after we first see the Picori, times could have changed. Look at the Sheikah for example, their evuelation
has been extraordinary. In the Minish Cap Link required the help of
Ezlo in order to shrink down to the size of the Minish but that wouldn’t be an issue
in Breath of The Wild as Mr Fujibayashi himself said that Link would be able to shrink down. Implying there was likely a mechanic to shrink
Link down, possibly an advancement in Picori technology? There is also the question of what could the
Picori have offered us in the game? In the final game the Gorons offer us items
such as the boulder breaker, goron spice and heat resistant armour. The Zora, Rito, Sheikah and Gerudo also offer
us similar luxuries in relation to their respective elements. Then there is the big one, the Champions Ability. Each of the 4 champions in Breath of The Wild
pass on their ability to Link to aid him in taking out Calamity Ganon. Daruk provides a forcefield like shield, Urbosa
gives us an electric shock field, Ravioli supports us in flight and Mipha offers us
health during our times of need. What would the Picori offer? The obvious answer would have to be the ability
to shrink down to their size. Perhaps the plan for the Picori was that from
the get go we could come across their little houses or maybe even hear them when it’s
rather silent, like crickets chirping at night. We wouldn’t be able to access and talk to
the majority of the Picori until we free their Champion from their respective Divine Beast. Which leads us onto our next question, what
kind of Divine Beast could they have poileted. There are a couple of unused concepts they
could have been planned for but there is no set in stone proof or indication towards any. Perhaps the 5th Divine Beast we saw in the
2nd DLC pack, The Champions Ballad was originally for the Picori as it’s inside the land,
similar to how we find some Picori in the Minish Cap. Direct influences aside, the inclusion of
the Minish would have added a lot of content to Breath of The Wild. Not every, but a fair amount of Zelda games
have an alternative form of exploration. A Link To The Past has the Dark World, The
Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass have sailing the seas, Twilight Princess has the Twilight
and Skyward Sword has exploring the surface and entering it’s sacred realms. Breath of The Wild didn’t have an alternative,
which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it didn’t even have underwater exploration. If the game did keep the Minish then we would
have potentially had a 2nd world to explore, the same Kingdom of Hyrule just from a Picori
view. In fairness, Breath of The Wild is a massive
game so it’s not a crucial missed opportunity. To conclude, it’s clear to me that we as
fans sometimes don’t know or understand how big some of the cut content from a game
actually is. To put this in perspective, imagine Breath
of The Wild without either the Zora, Rito, Gorons or Gerudo. One of those races may have never been in
the game or at least not to the same extent we see them and in their place could have
the Minish. This is something that could have changed
the Breath of The Wild experience for good or bad in many different ways and changed
the game as we know it. Thanks a ton for watching, I really hope you
enjoyed this look into the potential of the Picori in Breath of The Wild. If you did be sure to drop a like and subscribe
for more Zelda content. It’s unfortunate that the Picori got cut
as I personally love the Minish Cap, it’s definitely my favourite 2D Zelda game and
for sure in my Top 3 Zelda games at the moment. Huge thanks to all of my amazing Patreon supporters,
your support really helps me in making these videos as often as possible. If you would like to become one of my Patrons
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time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.


  • •Otaku Mason•

    Maybe they lived in tingle island and the islands nearby it's in Akala and in the concept art you can see the ocean on the edge

  • Nevena Simic

    I would love the Minish to be in Botw but it seems kinda odd that the Champion of the Minish would have an Ability that makes them smaller.. it makes sense that if link would get the ability that it would make him smaller but not so much if the actual Minish Champion uses it. just kinda seems odd to me

  • Karuminu2

    I worried the Picori were gone or on the brink of extinction after the Calamity when I noticed rupees and hearts couldn't be found when cutting bushes or breaking pots.

  • Andrew the maroon

    The Minish are the ancestors to the Zonia tribe… The Zonia are associated with Farore and if the shiekah are wisdom, Garudo Power then the Zonia are Courage…. It would take a metric fuck ton of courage to go out in a world where even the smallest bugs are giant in comparison and leave tiny ruppees and hearts everywhere

  • PlumDaPlum16_17

    Do you think that if the minish were to live where Tarry Town is located, then the divine beast was inside of the rock it’s built on? And if we decide that the minish are present in botw, then maybe that explains why the goddess statue is there. The other theory had good ideas, but to add, it being for the minish who aren’t seen by Link is another possibility.

  • Lone Grey

    Minish Cap was my favorite handheld Zelda title and it was unfortunate they didn't go ahead and include them in BotW. I wish they'd include them in the next game. They are so important to the worlds lore, they should reappear and play a role in the next one.

  • Mister thief

    I would honestly imagine that the minish will be in botw 2 or at least they should be in it. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love them to be in the game.

  • FlareKnight

    I'm ok with how they went with things. At least in comparison to removing one of the major races and swapping them out with the Minish. If they manage to bring them into the sequel that's perfectly fine. And I'm sure they can do something good with them. Could certainly have been interesting to have them there on top of what we already got with an extra champion and maybe even a miniature divine beast to check out.

  • Joe

    The Minish are the size of Link's thumb, and they can't be seen by everyone. I can't imagine a Minish Champion and their own divine beast. If they were in the game, they would have some supporting roll like the Koroks have.

  • francios dauteuil

    What if the minnish divine beast was the tiny hummingbird device in the sheikah lab? It is too small to be a divine beast but for a minnish it would be perfect

  • leyuen

    hoping the Minish will appear in the sequel. maybe they were hiding due to the calamity or something as the explanation lore wise why they were missing and why the grass don't drop rupees.

  • Prim_Prim ¡

    I like to think that the minish dosnt appear is because only children can see then, and link isn't a child in this game

  • Sable Aura

    I think it would have been awesome to have the Minish in the game. I can imagine a little angry Picori champion threatening to fight Revali or one perched on Link’s shoulder as they talk about their village

  • Sage of Squirrels

    The other day, someone made a video about the Goddess Stature that exists in Terry Town before you build the settlement up. Perhaps, if Picori were originally supposed to be there it would be like their version of the Giant Goddess in the Temple of the Hero?

    Also, I'm all but positive that the Picori were originally going to be the keepers of #KorokPuzzles. Likely the two tiny, only seen by those pure of heart, races were combined during development.

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez Caseira

    Shrinking would have been really cool. Imagine shrinking when facing the first phase of calamity Ganon, that it gets a staggered state and in order to damage him you must shrink to enter him damage inside him… or maybe, just to give it a nice twist, enter to him and little by little you start taking off his armor, exposing more parts to damage him or maybe even making him drop weapons so he can't use them for a time.

  • Schneeflocke Monsoon

    You: Mentions a Picori having a divine beast
    Me: sits up in shock “Wait, what about the mini divine Beast in Purrah’s Lab?!”

  • Julio Andre Villasante Garcia

    It’s impossible to make a pikori champion amiibo figure, it’s too small, so no merchandise, that’s why they got scrapped

  • I_am_a Box

    They seem alot bigger in scale to the hylians compared to the minishcap. Also I think maybe they had a role similar to the koroks?

  • succ fam

    Maybe the picoris divine beast was the miniature one found I think in purahs House? Or whoever the 6 year old scientist is lol.

  • Matt Sonneillon

    I don't think the pikori ability would be shrinking as all the abilities are practically useful and I don't see shrinking as being that. The other champion abilities cover the major points of the game, defense, offense, survival, and mobility. So the 5th ability could be something like bartering to lower a price once a day or sell items at slightly higher value once a day (first transaction of the day) It could be skip ahead in time from day to night or night to day cooldown or skip enough time for weather to change. Practical use things like this I think would be nice for another champion ability. Repair a weapon, triggers instantly when something breaks then goes on a long cooldown.

  • Richard Rahl

    what if the bike was a dungeon and you needed to shrink down to beat the boss that dissables the energy flow in the bike

  • Benjamin Ben

    What if the master cycle was the Minish Divine beast? Hah. Also, in minish cap, the minish were all over. It would be cool to see a minish village in each major settlement.

  • Justin Buergi

    Now I’m hoping we get a whip weapon in the sequel. Maybe it’d come out of Links Sheikah arm. Take out flying or far away enemies and act like a hook shot wrapping around branches or attaching to cliffs.

  • Chessy Blackford

    new song for the minish!!

    in many times when we are in need a hero came.
    we noticed the calamity,
    hyrule was at its weakest,
    when we lost hope,
    our hero was chosen,
    "zelda's knight"
    but he was not alone.
    4 champions, gerudo, zora, goron, rito,
    we had a 5th,
    the minish,
    lost in time!
    but the hero failed,
    leaving us nearly hopless,
    100 years passed.
    minish still un-noticed
    cut the grass,
    the rupees you find,
    left by one,
    we'll never find.
    that is,
    less than a quarter our size.
    aided the second hero,
    in his journy!

    | |
    |kass: like it? I dont even know who the minish are, or who I learned this from. |

  • N1nj4L1nk

    Did anyone else feel when they played BotW that although it was a big game, it only felt like the first part of a Zelda story? Similar to if they had released OoT but it finished when you pulled the master sword for the first time then you had to continue in OoT 2

  • thepokesage167

    It's possible that the Minish where originally the ones who would increased your inventory, but that feature was given to the Kokiri (Koroks) in the final game. Since the Minish could easily hide themselves in, or around, an object and not come out until a puzzle was completed, giving Link a prize for completing it. However, as production went on, it got harder to impalement the shrinking ability (which could of easily had a rune to do so) into the world in a way that seemed natural. So as a result, the Minish where cut, and the ability to increase your inventory was given to the Kokiri. Which it turn probably caused them to have their champion cut and replaced by the Rito champion (the last champion at 7:55 is Sheikah, you can tell by the Sheikah Eye on shirt). I say the Rito champion, and not Gerudo, is because in WW Makar was the WIND sage (the element that Vah Medoh's puzzles revolve around), and it would be very fitting to have the bird resting in the Great Deku Tree. Since the wind and bird elements where probably all ready there, Vah Medoh was given to the race that both those aspects would also easily work with, the Rito, in order to save time on having to figure something new out.

  • Lawrence Hass

    I believe that the minish divine beast was the one hanging up in the tech lab in Hateno Village. Think about it. It's small,just the right size for a minish divine beast.

  • Gum ball Machine

    I know it sounds off topic but have you ever talked about the zonai owl throne east of the Rassla lake on one of the plateaus in the faron region?

  • TheRizlaSlim

    I wonder if you intentionally call him Ravioli rather than Revali, I'm certain it is intentional, but sometimes wonder!

  • StuffZ

    I feel like with the inclusion of the Great Deku Tree and the Koroks the person in Creating a Champion is confirmed to be a Kokiri.

    That said perhaps the original idea wasn't to have them be Picori at all but rather Hylians that fled the calamity by shrinking down via Sheikah Tech and Link would've gained the same ability via the Sheikah Slate.

  • Pastel Raincloud

    Since the minish got cut I think they should have made some npc say something about a myth of tiny people that hid rupees in the grass

  • Nuša Vučinić

    There’s a place near the Hyrule castle called “The Minshi Woods” and I know the spelling isn’t the same but maybe those woods were meant to hold their settlement?

    Think about it, there are a lot of places in BOTW whose names are references to other Zelda games with the names changed ever so slightly, for example Mekar Island is 100% a reference to Makar from Wind Waker, even though the spelling is different.

    Maybe they wanted to put the settlement there and call it the Minish Woods but since the Minish were cut from the game they decided to leave the woods in but change the name slightly for a more subtle reference.

  • Meja Györi

    in the hateno ancient tech lab there is a mini devine beast looking thing hanging in the roof that perhaps was for them

  • Samantha

    Ya know if the picori (minish) come back in BTOW2 then I hope that Link and Zelda get one with wings that works like Navi guiding and helping them on the journey

  • Heyho Brando

    I feel maybe then the 'little people' would have a spell to grow thier champion it wouldn't make sense that it would stay tiny unless this champion was more of support or so. I like to think if all champion had a Slate that maybe they could call on one another.

  • Mad G

    Their biggest role was give u magic to shrink into Mini Link go inside the huge guardians and destroy them from the inside out.

  • Zhou Fang

    If the Minish got a divine beast, maybe the little model thing in Hateno Ancient Lab would be a good candidate. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD72vbsLCdk)

  • Craig Earle-Cliffe

    i think it'd have been fun if instead of a traditional "champion" you instead find a self appointed minish champion that is trapped inside of a broken down guardian and you're given the ability to shrink down so you can rescue him life a mini dungeon on the plateau to teach you the mechanics and then throughout your adventure you come across other special guardians you can enter and maybe even pilot how sick would it be to travel the land using a Skywatcher? maybe you'd have to shrink as you're falling and try to aim so you land on it's back

  • Birdie Senpai

    I don't remember if it was Robbie's or Pura's lab, but there was what looked like a model aquatic Divine Beast hanging from the ceiling. Can you imagine learning from the Minish that their champion was murdered by a Blight Ganon IN that model, which was in fact a real Divine Beast for the Minish, and gifted Link the ability to shrink to their size to travel through it to defeat Tinyblight Ganon? While Robbie/Pura continues his/her research, Link is fighting for his life against a Ganon the size of a thimble on his/her ceiling. That would have been comical.

  • Catriam Flockentanz

    Your point from near the end (exploring Hyrule at Minish size) is probably what broke their backs. That would be a huge workload.
    Enemy behavior concerning our tiny self would have been to be programmed. Each and every time…

    But it would have been fun to see a Minish Champion. Remember Gentari talking about besting a Rooster (for comparison: You cannot even fight back against newly hatched chicken.) back when he was young when asked where he got his feather from?
    Besides: He fought and bested a Rooster… A hylian Rooster… And anyone knows that the Cuccos of Hyrule are insane…

  • Beefster09

    The Kikwi, Picori, Kokiri, and Koroks have never coexisted in a Zelda game, so it's likely that all four are simply different forms of the Deku Tree's children during various eras of Hyrule.
    Though that begs the question of why Zoras mysteriously vanished in Wind Waker.

  • Sara Ross

    There's always hope for them to appear in the sequel since we know it is largely being made with cut content. Although some of it was originally planned for DLC, I would rather have a full game made with unused ideas.

  • JManPlays NotForKids

    The Picori are LEMMINGS!!
    my god, they all exploded.

    Help them by eating mac and cheese with tuna.

    I want mac and cheese so bad right now

  • Lilly Blooms

    Tarrey town being the home of the minnish would explain the goddess statue. Just cuz you can't see anyone there wouldn't mean it's not widely populated

  • Annie Stone

    Im just going to point out that the fifth divine beast dungeon is somewhat like the inside of an engine for some vehicle.
    Which turns out the divine beast is a motorbike and you would need to be really small to get into that engine.

  • RTP

    This is just another example on why I live these theory videos so much. Videos like this include things that I and other people may have already seen, but have never actually thought or asked ourselves about. Great job, and keep up the good work! I can’t wait until BOTW2 releases so that I can see even more videos!

  • Kai Crow

    Actually the game does have a second area or side thing to it. Verticality. The game is the only one where you can truly grab and go where you see. Before it was always press A here to jump or climb when vines only. This game just did it all!

  • Kai Crow

    The pikori and koroks join forces and make a giant mechanical deku tree using the life force in botw2. Its gonna be awesome!

  • LkAdventures

    I think it would have been really cool to have the minish in the game but like they would live in each town like Rito village, Zora domain, Gerudo Town, Hateno Village etc or even just in regular locations and I think it would have been really cool to add the Minish Cap to make link small because it would be very useful in maybe stealth missions but.. everything is like 1000x bigger to climb and u don’t cover a lot of ground also if in the case a enemy did spot u they would try and stomp u out and it would be cool if u could still do damage to them with tiny bows and swords by climbing on them and smacking them with it as they panic to try and get u off and it would be really good just to sneak up on a enemy and take it off and sneak strike them and even shield surfing would be cool but since ur tiny with the smaller weapons you have u wouldn’t do a lot of damage so ur weapons will take a heck of a long time to break when small and I think it would have made a lot of cool challenge ideas for the game if they added it and it worked like that like can u beat BOTW while being tiny or can fight (enemy name) while small.

    Edit: I hope they add this to Zelda breath of the wild 2 maybe as a DLC?? Or just in the game also it would be kinda funny to get some dialogue from NPCs if u tried talking to them while being really small similar to the tingle clothing set

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