Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Rope Drop January 2020 | Vlog #3
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Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Rope Drop January 2020 | Vlog #3

Good morning everybody! Well it’s still
dark it’s just 6:35 and we’re headed off to Magic
Kingdom today it’s going to be maybe a bit crowded it’s going to be mad it’s um
Martin Luther King weekend but we’re going to get to rope drop at Magic
Kingdom hopefully at 7:45 today. Park opens at 8 and we’re gonna see how many
rides we can fit in so let’s go! It’s 7:17a.m on Saturday the 18th of January. Sun’s
just come up actually. 7:17 was sunrise this morning. So here we are, we’ve
managed to get a good parking spot, really really walkable to the TTC. Just over there So we’re hoping, morning, we’re hoping
we’re gonna get there in good time for rope drop. Rope drop’s eight o’clock but I
guess they’re gonna start letting in people in around 7:45.
We’ve got fast passes for Buzz [Lightyear] and what else we got first passes for today
Gemma? What we got first passes for? She doesn’t know she booked him but she
can’t remember. I know we’ve got Buzz Lightyear. I think we’ve got the
Tomorrowland Speedway and I’m not sure what else. If we stay in the park long
enough, we’re gonna see if we can do the fourth one. I think our last one’s at two
o’clock, so let’s see how we fare this morning, trying to get around the
park as quick as we can. Okay, see you later. it’s a little bit chilly this morning, started out about 62 degrees, which is about 16 degrees
centigrade. In winter time in Florida it’s all about layers. It should get up to I
think it’s high 70s today, 77, 78 degrees so this the fleece is gonna come off I guess fairly quickly.
It was just precaution for the tram if we had to get the tram. We didn’t know where we were gonna park and it’s just a bit more comfortable
than walking up in a t-shirt. There are plenty of people in just t-shirts
and shorts. Shorts aren’t a problem but t-shirts might be. But this will be off by 9, 10 o’clock. We bring a bag just for this reason. it’s just easy to carry a backpack and
stick your stuff back in it, so you’re not freezing cold the morning. So, there’s security. I have never seen security so empty in my life. We’re very pleased. Now
we’ve got monorails coming all over the place. Yeah look I really hope this
translates into, really hope this translates into not many people being at
the park right now awesome. That would help us get around *monorail noise* Announcement “We are now entering the Contemporary Resort” *monorail noise Announcement “We are now passing Bay Lake Tower At Disney’s Contemporary Resort” *monorail noise Announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Magic Kingdom *General excited noise Getting into the park is a little bit
like Black Friday. It’s nuts. *General excited noise Announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. In
just 10 minutes all of the lands of the Magic Kingdom will be opening. We encourage
you to make your way to Cinderella Castle for a very special presentation Thank you Usually it’s exit through the gift shop, but when you get
in the park this early and it’s chaos outside, it’s enter through the gift shop. So that’s a little
tip to to get through a little quicker maybe without too much hassle is the
shop on your left hand side the Emporium actually goes right up through to Main
Street. It’s not separate shops and it exits at Casey’s Corner where the hot dog
shop is, which is here and you can then just get out
and and it’s pretty much nobody here. Now unfortunately, we’re gonna go to
Space Mountain so we have to hit a right and get get involved with
everybody else now but this helps a bit. So our quest starts with Space Mountain.
There’s Tomorrow Land. We are pretty much near the front of the queue, which is great. You can see that other people are going
to Fantasyland and over there, Frontierland so people are kind of choosing their first rides to go on and it’s going to
be, it won’t be a dash, because they’ll stop us running. The Cast Members will stop us
running now but what it does mean is that we don’t have
a Fast Pass for Space. Space is going to be up around 70, 80, 90 minutes today I would
imagine, so it’s nice to get it done early and see what we can do next.
We’ve got Buzz at 8:05 so I guess we’re going to come straight off of Space Mountain and onto Buzz and then crack on with something else. So instead of doing, the traditional Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom used to be
the train pulling in and all the characters doing a bit of a singsong and
that kind of thing. They’ve disposed of that now. Announcement “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. In just 5 minutes, all of the lands of the Magic Kingdom will be opening. We encourage you to make your way to a Cinderella Castle for a very special presentation. Thank you.” So, as that guy just said, 8 o’clock
as they open the park, there is gonna be a little stage show. Oh, let’s listen to this fella. Cast Member “Welcome to Tomorrowland. Now, before we open up I do have to go over a few things with you people. First and foremost is in a couple of minutes we will be taking the rope down in front of you but that does not mean we are open yet. We are waiting on Mickey to give us the signal before opening up. When we do open up, you will be following us and we will be walking to the attractions. Note walking, no running. If you get there before us, you have to operate the rides before you get to ride them. It’s really easy, just press the green button and it lights up and if the red light comes on, start running away. So that is basically safety precautions to
stop the stampede going towards Space Mountain Here’s some more guys, I guess
to make sure that we’re not gonna split and run which is a good good idea. So
there’s a little stage show at 8 o’clock on the main stage. Not for us today. I
will get a video of that at some point but that’s not happening today. Today’s a kind of
military operation, so let’s just wait for park opening and then we’ll crack on.
what I didn’t say is that this isn’t the What i didn’t say is that this isn’t the only way to get into Tomorrow Land. I think you
can get in via Fantasyland as well, so around that corner there, so what we’re
going to see when we get closer to Space is a kind of convergence of two lines
and it’s like two rivers meeting and crashing – alright, it’s not as dramatic as that , but if I can get
the video you’ll see *Fanfare music coming from Cinderella’s Castle stage Announcement “Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome one and all to this magical kingdom. In just a few moments, the lands will open for all of your exploration as we proclaim the start of this magical day it is
hereby decreed that all welcome in this happy place, where the young and young at heart can explore and laugh and play together Here, where magic awaits you around every corner bursting with a joy and inspiration to make your dreams come true. And now, here to welcome all of you today, it’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. That means it’s 7:55 Yeah, we can’t see them from here. We can’t see them from here at all. That’s a bit of a dead loss. The bit that happens 5 minutes before park opening So look who we’ve got. We’ve got Gemma and we’ve got Caroline and Caroline we don’t see very often because she’s active duty military. So we’re really thankful that she’s here this weekend.. As it’s the long weekend, she’s got a 4 day pass. After this, we’re not going to see her for a few months So we’re going to make the best of this day with her. My wife Christina is over by the stage, because she doesn’t do roller coasters. She certainly doesn’t do Space Mountain she’ll join us in Tomorrow Land after the stage show finishes. o while that was happening on stage they quietly dropped the rope. So what a spectacle that rope
drop was, eh? Just drink that in! So while everybody’s backs turned
obviously they’ve, While everybody’s backs turned,they’ve dropped that rope and I guess they’re gonna start walking us down towards Space Mountain any minute 3, 2, 1, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo *Fireworks n the background Mickey Mouse announces”Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!” We’re picking up the pace and it’s actually
quite a fast walking first *Excited noise. Zip a Dee Doo Dah playing in the background. There’s the Astro Oribiter. Might have a go on that later. I’ve actually never been on that *Excited noise. Zip a Dee Doo Dah playing in the background. There’s the People Mover. I’ve been on that a lot. *Excited noise. Zip a Dee Doo Dah faded out. *Excited noise. Zip a Dee Doo Dah in the background. That convergence didn’t happen actually, so we’re right here at the standby entrance. *Excited noise OK so that worked out pretty well. I think we’re about tenth in line for Space Mountain which is better than I hoped we would be. This is great! It’s going to be quite dark in here. I might do a little bit of filming, but, see you after the ride.


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