Walt Disney World 2019 Vlog #5 | Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest
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Walt Disney World 2019 Vlog #5 | Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest

Magic Kingdom day good morning one and
all we’re here early we want to see there that the magic begins show so
we’re going to get in and hit Street to the castle yep boy gather round
very good very good everyone gather round you you see when books on around the kingdom
heard you were gonna be here well they just had to come and give you a great now that everybody’s here I think it’s
time to that means it’s magic look at all of you so many smiling faces
including yours now how may I be of assistance on the count of three well I
want to say well that show was really cute and I
loved the fairy godmother for me appearing in the castle ke liked it a
lot I enjoyed the nanny breakfast for anyone
who knows me I can’t normally leave the house without breakfast like I’m a
breakfast person so I’ve been doing really well like doing stuff was boy
beaten today so we’re heading to Sleepy Hollow because we want to use our dining
plan quick service meal not a snack and they seem to be one of the only places
to open at this time that will do that for us so okay so we’ve both gone for the fresh
fruit waffle sandwich with chocolate sauce it looks gorgeous and got an
orange juice each and this is our view well we have our breakfast yeah what
have you we’ve just had a memory maker photo in
the same location we had it the other day but this guy seemed really Joel Eric
Eric shout out a cast member Eric you are good at picking up names he was all
like hey howdy hey and it’s like stick with me and like he just said things
really nicely and you came to me you know you just don’t know it yet I love
cast members they’re so cool so we are going to walk through the castle and
we’re starting in Fantasyland today this is casual stroll for my neighborhood
home neighborhood casual who you know stroll stroll home you know kashyap
Stroh home her hey Marie welcome to my crib it’s bit dark today I decided not to
open the curtains oh my goodness oh my goodness I I have no words that’s so beautiful I love it research
what you don’t need lights really such pure beauty Oh English running I wish you sorry
Oishi oh they don’t look happy they gallop too happy ever after we just
realized the princess is only a fifteen-minute King we fast past
Rapunzel and Cinderella but Elena and no no no in bus pass Rapunzel and tiana but
Elena Cinderella 15 minutes we’re gonna do it we’ve got
them another day but we’ll do it again and we just had a photo outside always
so pretty I love this building lovely she’s kneeling lovely right those are places Anastasia and Drizella are walking we’re gonna meet them now we’re just waiting for very good
mothers come beautiful here well against the wall please I’m with her there we go yeah
so far we’ve seen three characters all unplanned does quite a breeze meet with
very good mother but I love her she’s the best person ever right we got our
Fast Pass in a minute to meet Rapunzel so I’m Tiana so we’ll do that in a sec
Arun she’s so beautiful as well as the evenings right thank you Tiana was amazing unfortunately
a mishap at the filming but she did a 12 in her dress and yeah she was perfect
that was a really good me yeah in line to meet married are your brother’s doing
I didn’t go to about oh they had too much fish they start fretting about the
flow and everything was stopped it yeah exactly as much cake amazing all this is such a good
atmosphere yeah I so we’re now in the surface area of
Fantasyland and just gonna have a look around there are some snacks going down
over here gonna do some filming in the shops we haven’t actually done much of
that I like these dream big that’s really cute it’s just got that on one
side and my happy my happy place I love that oh that’s really nice and they just
got your normal plastic cups I like these payment Disney Squad jump
t-shirts either they are cute oh that’s really cute I do like this bright range
of stuff it’s very nice the spirit jerseys aquiline me so I have picked up
this one this one is gorgeous now when we booked with a TD we got a two hundred
dollar voucher each so actually I bought that with my voucher and I am planning I
do love this one it’s got kind of rose gold lettering I’m so fly I never land I
love that if I wore hats I am planning on also getting this one with my voucher
so technically I’m getting them for free but it’s just so so cute we also have a classic black one and
this one’s brand-new and we’re actually got this one it’s bright yellow look at
it it’s amazing I love them I’m gonna live in spirit jerseys that’s the way
forward for me I do love this it goes so well with my bottle and when you wear
Jersey but I also love this and then I also love this and that is the issue my
friends if I buy one how will I know to stop
Oh plush corner we meet again I have to say I haven’t really seen any plush that
I’m like oh we can’t get that in England except the door take colorful Dante I
think I’m gonna get him I do find this knitted coziness range
quite fascinating you’ve got family and his face is a little weird but this is
cute I’ve not seen mini like this before I like that oh sit down mini we got all the new range and the fun day
part say I say to you I like that oh my goodness this is of dreams okay how cute
is this hair accessory has a little Dumbo one I love that always with some
host and look at this Timothy bag that is to die for and it’s actually a decent
size oh my goodness and his face changes on the inside I love that how much is he $65
that is so cute Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour
but there’s Gaston with his muscles like always the same old the same old hair
and confidence to survey your village gifts this might be my weakness as we
all know beauty this is my fave I just love his face here we’re absolutely three so I think I’m gonna have all of these
photos I’ll just get them to send them over to me well I like that one I’ve not seen this range of mugs before
they’re quite cool in different looking snazaroo I love this area have a you
guessed song sadly fear
I am very I feel Magic Kingdom makes me slightly overwhelmed can I be honest
with you I feel that so much to do and so many
amazing aspects of it just the little details I feel I have a chill it doesn’t
make it fun oh my gosh what about this yeah I think yeah yeah doesn’t mean that
we have to fit more in know but it’s then also all the little details of what
I like to see him there hoes wear that do you know how it is it’s all good
we’re doing well now for this bad boy the mine train which I’m really looking
forward to we’ve obviously not done it before
oh my god she just had beef leggings I love seeing people’s out there’s been a
few more balance today at this part and any of the other parts that we’ve seen
that’s been quite fun there’s been like a few Alice kind of characters and we
saw an aerial on Eric didn’t we so far no one’s really noticed that we’re bound
mother really right let’s find the Fastpass entrance how cute is this I
don’t know if you can see through the shades we zoom like the little cottage
so cute well did they know that the Evil Queen was zerkin was a creep in a good
one she was a creeping a good one just outside
Asante sana squash banana potential new way no fear so we’ve just didn’t give in one
of these this is where being vegetarian it has kind of side menu for each of the
places so like for example to here where we are we’re at the Nokia village house
when I was going to have the penne pasta with Maria marinara no and chicken you
chicken and they’ve got it as a vegetarian one
so it makes it a bit less all good Maria so it’s really worth knowing if your you
are vegetarian so we’ve got marinara or however you say it I’m Ken a and I’ve
got chicken and mine and Ray’s box it out and it comes with side salads so
that’s how we do we also border two drinks we’ve got a iced mocha and a iced
vanilla something or other I don’t drink coffee since for me and track what on
earth this is a queue for the toilet really being filled what he said your
queue before never cute before my life you back in Storybook Circus we’re gonna
go try and meet the characters let’s go your search is over Gaston is here yeah amazing I will be your camera first using your camera first
so today I’ve been a little bit like a factory yeah I think they’re both
feeling a little bit like yeah yes I think the problem was yes they were so
brilliant each of the characters had so much time for us and everything
and today it’s literally like you go in they say their lines they have their
photo and you’re out again and I mean that’s fine but we we’ve had such
brilliantly so we’re feeling a little bit like oh okay we’re now in line to
meet Gaston and I’m hoping to get on really oh this should be good
yeah but we’ve been kind of know it’s a bit of both feeling a little bit
deflated which is a bit tired it doesn’t help that today there’s no reason no
breeze today and it’s very very good yeah like it’s been good is there been some
amazing Gianna was amazing Kalas was good as well she was a bit
strange if you listen to English accent it was a bit odd yeah the others have
been a bit like in and out and like with Daisy she meant to be a fortune teller
Daisy and I asked her to tell my fortune just like in a kind of like just think
she just ignored me and so I went oh okay then let’s not do that because it
was just awkward and I’ve never had a talk with her for me before so I felt a
bit like oh okay it’s fine like we’re having a lovely time I’m very pleased to
be here but it’s just not quite the same as here we come what I really like these I’m hearing reasons why she’s leaving
him but they don’t seem to be bringing we all know why there’s at least to the baby
no she suggested offer you lovely Gaston me Gaston perfect I’m not surprised Gaston recognized our Tiffany bounds
but then it was really awkward cause he asked me why I decided to reject Beast
and then everything I listed was but he couldn’t do either like I said I’ll
beast is too hairy and like he looked down at his hairy chest and I said Beast
can’t read neither can Gaston so but there was a that was quite a funny me
actually yeah looks good but we’re on a mission of ice cream desperate mission
for ice cream there’s just no breeze today it’s very
nice weather wise it’s beautiful but it is h-he who by Robin Hood’s final John okay due to my body being dysfunctional
we had to go to first stage and I needed to get an ice pack for my ankle they’ve
also given me a bandage if I want one later and they’ve also given me a
wheelchair so name is now my driver and which means three I get about 100 points
for each person I hit alright first aid were amazing literally I’m so impressed
like I thought I was gonna have to pay for the ice pack or for them to see me
or something I mean it’s America you have to pay for everything like medical
I haven’t had to pay anything at all all I had to do is sign my name on something
okay time to sign your life away exactly be the casual thing for a nice thing
right yeah you know this is where it gets
interesting if I put you on a tram line it will happen
great leave you some much sure I like going Naomi she’s gone amazing perfect amazing great no worries yay yeah okay perfect already full right I’ll I’m just let’s go to midnight it’s time for being
our guest reservation ready for some French cuisine hi it’s a little bit
weird day we let’s be honest like maruzen the wheelchair like that’s not
every day and so the photos are a bit peculiar cuz she’s in a wheelchair but
her ankles already like less swollen was good and it means she’s more likely to
be able to walk fine tomorrow so we’ve done what we’ve had to do and with Kate
and I think since we last probably talked to you we’ve met loads of
different people so like obviously I was a star in the enchanted tales of bow and
then Robin Hood and a little garden were walking around and that was amazing
they’re so rare to meet and that was so good
and we we’ve just been kind of chilling for a
bit having a drink and we’re gonna head over now to be our guest for our
reservation so we just checked in for our dinner so we’re just waiting outside
and I’ll show you what we’re waiting with it’s very it’s very nice there’s
this girl she in a chair she had a nice time and then here is my favorite soul
sister I love that little sad face it’s like looking in the mirror but it’s all
just so pretty but the mine train over there and then like gasps Dawn’s tavern
co-starring Gale and then we’re waiting near the gate they’re gonna shout our
name but it’s just such a good detail take you over to see the plaque that Rose is honestly my favorite food
okay and here’s the other side of the bridge the waterfalls you know will go
down and they’re up there is the beach castle we zoom a little too even here
yeah once you got the chance with love a chair but is this not the most beautiful
restaurant ever like the menu oh my god I’m working there
oh he’s so amazing flip him Oh I love them so much on the upper wing right so nice thing I
do a little like pan around to see how amazing it is it is so beautiful like it
is just perfect from the film I love it so much in here bread will do it looks
right be happy French baguettes to start she’s right in there okay so Maria’s go
what do you got some green I have gone for the classic French onion soup and it
looks cheesy as anything which I am very excited about this was a vegetarian oh I see this is gonna do a good one
this is gonna do a good one it’s like a resort area so it’s but
recently it’s quite funny looking yeah but let’s childr Gooding has arrived and
it’s got a macaroon with like raspberries this is my favorite well to
look at anyway and a chocolate thingamajig a I’m not really entirely
chocolate truffle thing and even better the beautiful rose is rice paper so we
can eat it so pretty shimmery it’s got her sorbet as well because she can’t
crab the gray stuff unfortunately we’ve got gelatin so guess who’s got to I
could eat oh no you took this surprise me those about fear these bad boys are
generally do well in matter me try the green stuff delicious don’t believe me in case we
beat n so we’re now exploring how amazing and beautiful is this
and I think we go around the corner will hopefully find the West Wing my goodness just so perfect nothing
I don’t know if it changes so so amazing the enchanted rose I love
this so much no it’s not easy to see but it’s just
such a perfect room safety of Mt
like this surely yeah is like my dream sure this room this has the cutest
pictures like kind of tapestries out a as you go around oh I love that one where is taking a
photo of some things there okay we’re going to have to go see the Beast now
I’m a bit too excited for them I love him so much like I don’t know right that kind of evening is it man oh here’s the other crew beautiful all right now watch your turn
look again and make your football very good shehram your back
shimmy a back on her shoulder oh no it’s Gaston but she’s chucked at me lovely he has with a nice and my master
there we go good job can we have one together I’m
crying I don’t mind I was like oh yeah it’s going to happen and then I think no
don’t for the photo come on get your ponies on and then I was like I do a lot of emotion Wow don’t forget
II what names just like no I mean none of the concern faces of the families
waiting outside sorry the battery died but nothing’s
changed you can you know well yes yes everyone
need is like because you you like scream lady she know which I mean when you’re
stood there shopping whining and just like and I’m just like hobbling around
saying okay I’ll get my wheelchair don’t worry about me I’m in like trying to
scoot myself along and you just cry people may be concerned you might not be
this vision camera for me I might be okay we are going down doing a talk to us
about what do you talk to us about issues of what life in one come
amendment all the music of the sensory overload I need to spell everything it
wouldn’t go and he was so beautiful and it is felt everything and I just
couldn’t continue okay though he’s driving me in my wheelchair what success
had by all yeah okay I think people are just positioning
themselves very early pilots waste of time it’s just gone eight hours early
they were yesterday those lights then if I go like this you know I’m not really okay it is a good film mammy maybe the best Oh beast you you destroy it what was it
perfectly no more I don’t live that act that Stevens that
accurate I never cried you are definitely devastated like I’m crying a
lot but like it’s not sad cry it’s just like everything crying everything cry
like I cried because I just felt so your spit where are we going it’s gonna say
I’ve got a bit of a headache I’m not surprised probably dehydrated you guys all right well we’re heading home sometimes where is past it clearly she’s
showing signs of instability


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