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Hail lord Ganapati! Hail lord Ganapati! Move aside. Move aside. Move aside. Leave me. Leave me. How dare you to put
me behind the bars! I will show you what
Salibande Sattanna is. You want photos? You
want my pictures? Ok, now take it. Take it. Come forward. Take my photos. Close all the shops. Shut them. Today it’s lord Vinayaka’s
festival, brother. – Festival? Our Sattana is arrested and
you want to celebrate? What’s the matter you locked
Shivakashi inside the shop? He will come out only
after our brother.. …comes out of the police station. If your Sattanna doesn’t come out..
– He’ll also not come out. Do you think you can
lock him inside.. …just by pulling the shutter down? How will he come out?
– How will he come out? Look there. He will come out in that way. Who are you? What’s this, Shivakashi! Why
did you push them all.. …inside the shop and
pull the shutter? This shop will be closed today.
– And the other shops? They can be opened.
– Hail lord Ganapati. “Hail lord Ganapati!” “Hail lord Ganapati!” “Hail lord Ganapati!” “Hail lord Ganapati!” “Come forward, brother.” “No one can stop you.” “You and I are public.” “No one can stop us
if we join hands.” “Suffering atrocities
is wrong, my brother.” “You have to put your foot down.” “No one can break us
if we stand united.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “Come forward, brother.” “No one can stop you.” “You and I are public.” “No one can stop us now
if we join hands.” “Bring a toffee for us.
Bring a toffee for us.” “Will you bring a toffee for us?” “Will you make us happy?” “if you bow down you will
get more fearful.” “if you surrender without a fight
the world will laugh at you.” Shiva!.. Shivakashi! “You are a sinner if you
don’t stop the sins.” “You will go to heaven if you
fight against the sins.” Shiva.. Shivakashi! “You must have courage
in your heart.” “You must stay united
and fight the tyrants.” “Be a man of the team.” “Still don’t lose your
individuality.” “Always be a man of the team.” “But still don’t lose
your individuality.” “Fight for your friends. That’s
the motto of life.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “if you work hard you
will get the results.” “if you while away time you
will regret it later.” Shiva.. Shivakashi! “If you share sorrows
they will reduce.” “if you share your joy
they will double.” Shiva.. Shivakashi! “Forget whatever happened
yesterday.” “Think about today and tomorrow.” “Face the blows and march forward.” “Face the blows and march forward.” “That’s the only way
to be victorious.” “Be ready for the battle.” “You can’t while away your time
doing nothing, brother.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “Come forward, brother.” “No one can stop you.” “You and I are public.” “No one can stop us
if we join hands.” “Suffering atrocities
is wrong, my brother.” “You have to put your foot down.” “No one can break us
if we stand united.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “We have to support the
goodness in the world.” “We have to destroy the evil.” “Cousin Lakshmi. Cousin Lakshmi.
I will marry you.” “Cousin Lakshmi. Cousin Lakshmi,
I’ll be your wife.” Just a tea party? – I thought
of throwing a drink-party.. …after winning a case.
– I will never get married.. …and you will never win a case.
First of all have a tea. Sir, you are a lawyer, aren’t you?
– Yes. Did you pass the law-exams in first
class, or in second class.. …or in third class or you didn’t
pass the exams at all? Bajji, I got you the tea.
So stop irritating me. If he had passed the law-exams
he wouldn’t have.. …been here, he would’ve been
in the court right now. He’s a major nuisance for us. What are you doing?
– I am heating it. What are you doing now?
– I am cooling it. You are torturing the
tea in that way. I wonder how much you would torture
your bondati tomorrow. Bonda-Tea?
– In Tamil bondati means wife. Why would I torture your wife? I am not talking about my wife.
I am talking about your wife. You are cooling the
hot tea in that way. I wonder how you will deal with
the hot-headed Sattanna. Why are you feeling bad, Sattanna? It’s not the first time that you
got arrested or released on bail. But this is the first time that
people kept their shops open.. …when I was inside the cell. What were you doing when some
kids opened the shops.. …and started celebrating the
festival! Were you having fun! He’s a dead man. Hey! Who opened the shops?
– Shivakashi. Shivakashi? Who’s this Shivakashi? Do you know why I brought
this car here? So that you could roam
the entire city. Who’s this Shivakashi?
– Leave my collar, brother. Tell me who he is.
– Hey, tell me who he is. I will tell you only if
you leave my collar. You are talking so courageously.
Who are you? I am Bobbili Puli’s devotee. Tiger Harishchandra
Prasad’s disciple. Samarasimha Reddy’s fan. Simhadri’s friend. And Shivakashi’s brother. Call your brother here.
– He’s not a kid who would.. …come here as soon as you
call him. He’s a tiger. I will remove his naiIs
and make lockets of them. Where is he? He’s there. Who are you?
– Shivakashi. Who gave you that name?
– Public. – Public? Shivakashi is a city’s name. That’s the place where
bombs are made.. And this is.. …and this is the place
where bombs blast. When this Salibande Sattanna
makes a pyre.. …he doesn’t leave without
getting the dead body. Call his mother and father. Brother, he doesn’t have
mother or father. He’s an orphan. – That means
no one would cry if he dies. There is no one who will
perform his last rituals? Why are you mum? I think the gents’ section on
the first floor? – Oh Sorry. You! Scoundrel. Rascal. Hey. stop him! “Cousin Lakshmi, Cousin Lakshmi,
I will marry you.” Uncle. Uncle.
– What? – There’s a superb case. I don’t have money in my pocket
right now. – Oh God! I didn’t mean that ‘case’.
I meant court-case. Come. Devi. Devi. Let him go. – You don’t
know these people, daddy. If we let him go just like
that, he will tease.. …another girl tomorrow. Let him go.
– Stupid. Let me go, sir. I will
never do this again. What are you doing! Leave me. Is that sufficient! Did
you get rid of your itch? Or is it still itching? What’s
so special over there? 50 kg meat. If you go
to the mutton-shop.. …you get ten times more meat. Enjoy as much meat you want
to enjoy. Get lost. Hey, why did you let him go!
I’m the one who’d beat him. Coming. I’m coming there. What’s this! You are roaming
on the streets in lingerie. Hello! It’s a shirt. – It’s skirt
for you, but it’s lingerie for me. What’s this! You came here in
a bra, without your blouse? This is sleeveless, ok?
– It’s sleeveless for you.. …but for me it’s blouse-less. Piercing rings on navel and
getting tattoos on the arms. Is it some fashion show
or some free exhibition? Mind your business.
– Look, girl! God created women for
men and men for women. Women are to fulfill men’s
needs and men are there.. …to fulfill women’s needs. Only a husband should see the
mole on his wife’s body.. …but not the public. If you put them on public display.. …some will touch you and
some will whistle at you. Everyone who sees
you would want you. Even I couldn’t present a case
in the court in such a way. When did you go to the court? No. Don’t look at me in that way. If you wear the Langa-voni like
a traditional Telugu girl.. …then everyone will raise
their hands and salute you. Did you get me? Everyone in this city
knows who I am.. …and also that you are my daughter. It’s our reputation that
is being hampered. You must keep a check
on your anger, dear. What’s this, daddy! I thought
we would eat some snacks.. …but you are serving me harsh
words. – What’s this, father! You let go the person who insulted
sister just like that. Still she is a kid for me. All
these days I didn’t mind.. …whatever she wore, but people
might find fault in them. His way of talking might
not be right.. …but what he said is
absolutely right. If you wear the Langa-voni like
a traditional Telugu girl.. …then everyone will raise
their hands and salute you. Hey, half-cup.
– Half-cup? If not half-cup, then quarter-cup.
– I am a full-cup. There’s a person called Shivakashi
here. Where is he? Shivakashi is one person?
– Or is he equal to ten people? Just call him.
– Shivakashi. Many people are coming from
the ‘no entry’ way. Come here. – Stop. Where
are you dragging me to? This is the change I
wanted to see in you. Now you look like a Telugu girl. You are looking beautiful now.
– Stop it. I heard that you gave my
sister some lecture.. …about Langa-Voni and something. Sister?
– Yes. My sister and I are twin-sisters.
We look alike. My name is Devi and my sister’s
name is Sridevi. Sridevi?
– Yes, I am a local girl. I studied here since childhood.
That’s why I am in this style. But my sister studied abroad. That’s why her style is different. And you also said that
you would salute.. …whoever wear the traditional
Langa-Voni. – Ya. Yes. Ya. She’s my friend Dosakayala
Anusuyaamma. She wore the traditional
Langa-Voni. Now salute her. Salute me. Salute me. What are you thinking about! Or will you salute my
cousin from Bollywood? From Bollywood! There
will be Aishwarya Rai.. …Priety Jingania, Bipasha
Basu, all of them. Sister. Oh God! It’s not me. So you would garland
us and salute us? Salute us. Salute us.
– Salute you? My lover is waiting for me.
– Lover? Yes. Today it’s February 14th.
– So? It’s lovers’ day.
– So? We are also lovers.
– You too have lovers? Yes. We need to go to
the park urgently. The bushes must shake.
– We must get sweaty. You don’t need to go to
park to get sweaty. I will make you sweat right
here. Wait a minute. How come?
– In this way. You will get the military reception. Hey, no matter whatever she wears.. …your sister is still
far better than you. You are in our traditional dress.. …but still you look like
a street-fighter. How did you spot the difference
between us so well! It’s a great talent. Even
your mother and father.. …don’t have that talent.
– Hello! Don’t disturb me. Shivakashi can easily
find out which bolt.. …belongs to which vehicle.
Who are you? And also, Shivakashi’s style
is totally different. Brother, give five turns
in your style. Brother, now walk in your style. Who is Nizam college’s student Raju? He’s my friend. What
happened, madam? He’s your friend. – I’m Raju.
– It’s you? Come with me. What happened, madam?
What happened, madam? Tell me what happened, madam. You will know everything
in the station. Come. Brother Shivakashi.
Brother Shivakashi. No, madam. No. How dare you to write letters
to girls! – Please, madam. I will beat you till you
say you won’t write. Madam. Madam. Please, madam. I will bash you up. Say you won’t write again. Stop it.
– Who are you to raise your voice! Where’s the lawyer?
– He’s here. Ok. Objection, your honor. May I know why you are
beating my client? He wrote a love-letter
to a girl in his class. Do you expect him to write
a love letter to you? You are a lawyer. You better talk
like a lawyer. – Shut up! You are an SI. You better talk like
an SI. – Both of you stop it! Did you really write a
letter to that girl? Not just to her, but I wrote
to others as well. Scoundrel, you wrote letters
to others as well? Hello! You are exceeding
your limits. Look, I respect women.
Put your hand down. Put your hand down. Why did you write
to so many of them? Bring that letter and
read it, brother. If you think that I made a mistake.. …then punish me as you want. Who filed the complaint against you? Her name is Devi. She’s
my class-mate. Where is she right now?
– She’s in the college. I am going to bring her. If
you dare to touch my friend.. …before I return.. He wrote you the letter,
right? Read it. Read it aloud. From Sai to Miss. Devi. I belong to a poor family. My father faced huge losses in
irrigation and killed himself.. …as he was crushed under
the burden of debts. Read it. My mother used to work in
the field on daily wages.. …and supported my studies. Two months ago mother
also passed away.. …due to poor health. For the peace of my mother’s soul.. …I have to complete my engineering. I can’t pay my exam-fee. That’s why I am writing this letter
to many people like you.. …begging for help. If you help me.. …I will worship you like my mother. Look, he didn’t lust for you.
He saw his mother in you. But still I want to ask
you something, S.l. If a girl files a complains
against a boy.. …you will beat him without
thinking even once? And what would happen if we
show our wrath on women? Tell me, S.l. Mortgage this chain and
pay your fee. – Alright. Goodbye. Brother, what are you thinking! I wonder how it would’ve been
if represented this case.. …in the court.
– You would’ve lost the case. – Why? Because you never go to the court.
– Absolutely right. You are absolutely right.
– Oh God! Why are you getting on my bike? You’re the one who brought
me here from the college. So you should drop me there. What’s this! Devi came
here with a goon? You only saw her coming
here with him.. …but I also saw her going with him. For your range we have only Santro. I can buy the car of my range,
but I don’t think.. …you will get a son-in-law
of your range. What!
– Your daughter came to college.. …with someone called
Shivakashi on his bike. Did you stop giving
lessons in college.. …and started complaining
to your students’ parents? He is after all a welder. It
will be insulting to you. Father, sister is crossing
all the limits.. …just because of the freedom
that you gave her. You don’t take too much freedom. Ok, sir- I will talk to
my daughter and warn her-. That would be wrong. Giving
advice to a young daughter.. …is like recharging a SIM-card. It gets activated immediately
and the outgoing will be free. Hey! We must break his
hands and legs. Come. Let’s go, brother.
– Hold on! Hold on! What will we do if there’s
garbage on the road? Do we personally clean it? We
call the corporation people. This is also the same.
Call the police. They will break his bones
and do the welding. Hey, where’s Shivakashi?
– He’s on the top. I will break your top.
Tell me where he is. Sir, he really meant what he said.
He’s there on the top. Shivakashi, get down. People come to me to join
the broken parts. Why did you come here, sir?
– I came here to warn you.. …to make you that you
don’t break your parts. The top businessman of this city.. …Mr. ‘Hyundai’ Hanumanth Rao
filed a case against you. Who’s he?
– Don’t act in front of me. Did you trap his daughter Devi
even without knowing who he is? I trapped her? Do you really
know what you are saying? Don’t over-act. I will
chop you into pieces. Go to him and beg for forgiveness.
He will leave you. Alright. I will do that. Where
is he? – He’s at Image Gardens. Which gardens?
– At Image Gardens. I see. PP.
– What, Shivakashi? PP, is it written
in your law books.. …that a young man can’t
love a young girl? – No. Even a girl can love a girl
and a boy can love a boy.. …in foreign countries. There
are some clubs as well. So how can it be wrong
if a boy loves a girl! As per my knowledge goes,
from 1955 to 1956.. – Ok. From 2007-08 this Shivakashi
has started loving.. …’Hyundai’ Hanumanth
Rao’s daughter. Now it’s up to you if you
will change the rule.. …or file a case against me.
Give me my bike’s keys. “Kohl!” “Kohl! O Kohl! Makes
your eyes enticing.” “Kohl! O Kohl! Makes
your eyes enticing.” “Kohl! O Kohl! Makes
your eyes enticing.” “Kohl! O Kohl! Makes
your eyes enticing.” Brother, will you please
give me the mike once? Stop. Stop.
– Thank you. Hello! Mike testing! One, two,
three. Hello! Hello! Who is ‘Hyundai’ Hanumanth Rao here? ‘Hyundai’ Hanumanth Rao. Shall I switch off the bike or
shall I talk with the mike on? What do you want to talk about? You filed a complaint that
I love your daughter. That’s not a complaint. But
it’s the love-letter.. …that you gave your daughter
on my behalf. From this moment onwards
Shivakashi.. …has started loving your daughter. Not just the ordinary love. It’s
thick love. Heart-to-heart love. That’s how serious love it is. Get out of here without
creating any nuisance. I’ll leave, but only after saying
a dialogue to your daughter. There were no feelings between
us till 15 minutes ago. But just now the feeling called
love entered between us. Dear, I love you. I love you. I love you. I said it three times, but you
didn’t say it even once. Say it once. You have no other option. Or
else I will break your head. Same to you.
– No ‘same to you’ or ‘plus to you’. Say ‘I love you’ aloud. Say it. Say it! Say it! Say it. I love you.
– You don’t feel it from the heart. Feel it. Feel it from the heart. – I love you. That’s it. Father-in-law, from today
onwards we will romance.. …wherever we can, and then
we will get married.. …and then we will have five or
six.. no, at least ten kids. You must be ready to play with
them or change their nappies. Don’t sing wedding-songs, brother. Sing the latest love-songs. “Dipawali. Dipawali.” “You are Dipawali(festival
of lights).” “Ekadashi. Ekadashi.” “You are the love of my life.” “You set my heart on fire.” “We are immersed in love.” “My heart wants you.” “I want you.” “It’s time to celebrate.” “Dipawali. Dipawali.” “You are Dipawali(festival
of lights).” “Ekadashi. Ekadashi.” “You are the love of my life.” “Like a bullet..” “In my heart..” “Like a bullet you
pierced my heart.” “You entered my life at
the speed of a rocket.” “You stole my heart.” “You knocked the doors of my heart.” “I haven’t seen such
a beauty till 2007.” “I haven’t seen stud
like you till now.” “Dipawali. Dipawali.” “You are Dipawali(festival
of lights).” “Ekadashi. Ekadashi.” “You are the love of my life.” “Shivakasha..” “..fell in love.” “Shivakashi fell in love with you.” “You chased me till I gave in.” “You are my beloved one.” “You are my hero.” “You stole my heart with
your mischievous ways.” “You stole my heart with
your magnetic ways.” “Dipawali. Dipawali.” “You are Dipawali(festival
of lights).” “Ekadashi. Ekadashi.” “You are the love of my life.” “You set my heart on fire.” “We are immersed in love.” “My heart wants you.” “I want you.” “It’s time to celebrate.” “Dipawali. Dipawali.” “You are Dipawali(festival
of lights).” “Ekadashi. Ekadashi.” “You are the love of my life.” Shivakashi, that’s not
a scent-bottle.. …as you are using it like a spray. For Shivakashi even fire
is like spray, PP. Who’s he who dared to
call us with a snap? You shouldn’t ask who’s ‘he’,
but you should ask who’s ‘she’. What’s the matter, girl! The
moment I said I love you.. …you lost your sleep
and came to me running? If you say ‘I love you’, even Miss.
World will fall in your lap. She’s after all a local girl.
– Shut your mouth. You said that to me? I’m the one who gathered
the crowd against you. I’m the one who came with
you on your bike. You took my chain. And that
professor told my father.. …about you and me. If you wanted
to say ‘I love you’.. …you should’ve said that to
me, but not to my sister. I said that to your sister? Oh God!
– What! He said that to the convent
baby Sridevi? – Yes. Because a local boy said
‘I love you’ to her.. …she couldn’t bear the insult that
happened to her in public.. …and swallowed sleeping pilIs. Hello!
– You are in Apollo hospital? I’m in Apollo hospital?
Where are you, dear? Sister’s condition is serious? Sister? – What! Doctor said
that it’s too late? What are you talking about, dear!
– She won’t survive? That’s enough, father. I will
take a statement from sister.. …that these people are the
reason behind this suicide. Look, mister, if something
happens to my sister.. …then not just you, but
all your friends.. …the short-fellow, the fatso, this
baldy.. I won’t leave anyone. If I don’t put them
behind the bars.. …then I don’t deserve to
call myself her sister. What’s this, Shivakashi! You
said that you can say.. …which bolt belongs
to which vehicle. You said that you tell the
difference between the sisters. You said that your
style is different. It seems that you and your
style will be in the jail. I wonder when she will die and
when the police will arrive. Police? – Not just the ordinary
police. She’s a lady. Female police will come here.
– Female police? Leave us, madam. Leave us, madam. Shivakashi, give me five minutes. I will go home and
wear the underwear. It’s not underwear.
Those are shorts. Those might be shorts for you,
but for Shivakashi.. …it’s an underwear. Right,
Shivakashi? Is that matter necessary right now? That underwear-matter has
put us in trouble now. What shall we do now, PP?
– We must meet a good pleader. I am also a pleader though. You need not worry at all. Anyway, since you came
to Gundu Vinayaka Rao.. …you need not worry at all. Hair does grow on this head
and I never lost a case. When do you want the
anticipatory bail? Why do you want it? – Sir, my
friend said ‘I love you’ to a girl. That girl couldn’t bear it and
swallowed sleeping pilIs, sir. She’s admitted in Apollo hospital. What! She reached the hospital.. …just because he said
‘I love you’ to her. It wouldn’t have been a
problem had our friend.. …said it in a proper way,
but Shivakashi’s style of.. …expressing his love is different. That’s enough. Come here. ‘Hyundai’ Hanumanth Rao..
– Yes. Who doesn’t know him! He’s a
well-reputed person of this city. He’s the dealer of ‘Hyundai’
company. – Yes, sir. My friend said ‘I love you’
to his younger daughter. Ok. She couldn’t bear it and
attempted suicide, sir. Please get us the bail before
police arrests us. A bail for me as well, sir.
– Why do you want the bail? You are also a lawyer.
– To my misfortune” …they never treated
me as an advocate. You don’t know the reason
behind it. In 1982.. Hay. Let me tell him, brother.
– Shut up. – Silence. Silence. Silence. You guys don’t need the bail.
– Why? Mr. Hanumanth doesn’t have
two daughters. – Then? She has only one daughter. Hello, lawyer! Are you trying
to fool our friend? Our friend is not an ordinary
person. He’s a smart bloke. Right, Shivakashi? Oh God! Oh God! I am
their family-lawyer. What do you mean! Do you think
he’s an orphan-lawyer? Shivakashi, you need not be
that aggressive, right? That girl’s name is not Sridevi,
but it’s just Devi. This is speaker-phone. All of
you can hear the person.. …on the line. Hear it. Hear it. Hello!
– Hello! It’s me, Vinayaka Rao. Hi, uncle! What’s the matter you
called me all of a sudden? Nothing really, dear. Well, I
heard that you had a fight.. …with someone in the
market a few days ago. You are talking about that fight?
It’s a funny incident. A fool called Shivakashi
lives there. Yes, he lives there.
– I told him that I have a sister.. …and that her name is Sridevi. Once I went to him
in a modern dress.. …and the next time I went
to him in a Langa-Voni. That’s all. He got scared. Did
you ever see a bigger fool? No, I never did. – And he has
got four fooIs as friends. Four? Yes, you are right. I threatened them
with a police case. Do you know where they might
be right now, uncle! Where? – They will go to some
foolish lawyer in the city. Dear, I am expecting another call.
Please hang up the phone. Bye.
– Lawyer, we don’t need a bail. But you must get her a bail. Let’s go.
– Scoundrel! Hey! You Sridevi?
– Ya! Did you scold my brother?
– Brother? – Ya! We are twins. My brother
name is Shivakashi. My name is Style Kashi. My
father’s name is Varanasi. My mother’s name is Prakashi. But that’s not the matter right now? My brother attempts suicide
even if a man scolds him. So just imagine what will happen.. …if a girl like you scolds him.
– Calm down. Calm down. He must’ve committed suicide
under some train. Under some train? – Yes. But
still nothing happens to him. The train will topple.
– He’s fine, isn’t he? He got a few scratches and burnings. They will heal if he applies
Burnol. – Who are you? I think I saw you with Shivakashi.
– Yes. You saw my brother with Shivakashi. His has got a bald head
and I have a wig. – What! I mean.. I mean..
– You guys are cheating me. Cheating you? Then
what have you done? You said that you have a sister
and that she is in the hospital. Show us where she is.
Show us where she is. That’s why I thought of teaching
you a lesson. – Hey! I need to talk to your personally-
– Ok, go ahead-. Please ask them to go outside. They are my friends.
They will stay hear. It’s a secret matter.
– There are no secrets between us. You can say here what it is-
– Ok-. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Please go outside.
– We are your friends. What carp! Get out.
– Ok. We will leave. We will see you in court. Even a magistrate never asked
me to go out in court. How dare is he to say that to me! I will drag him to an American
court and sue him. You don’t have a passport.
How will you go to America! Shut your mouth. All these days we were friends.. …but today he is treating
us like enemies. This is your first case.
You must present it well. Do you think he will pay me
if I take up this case? If you take money for the case,
they won’t call you lawyer.. …but they will call you a broker.
– I will kill you. Why didn’t he return yet! Is
something going wrong inside! Cut that crap and tell
me what you replied. I told her the truth. He thinks he’s Basha. He told the
truth. Tell us what you said. Look, I don’t believe
in love and all. But still if you love me,
you will fall in trouble. I will tell you something.
Listen to me. If you study hard and marry
the boy your father chooses.. …you will live happily and
I will also live happily. Ok? Then why did you come
to the wedding hall.. …and said ‘I love you’ to me.
– Oh! That day! I said that to you to teach
your father a lesson. But you said that to me?
– Those are timing-dialogues. We say those dialogues in the
flow. And you are just.. Look, you are the first person
I said ‘I love you’ to. As far as I am concerned
I believe in.. …one love and one lover in
a lifetime. And that’s you. I see. So it’s a sensitive love.
– Be serious. I sincerely love you. I love you. Your sincere love means eloping
with the boyfriend.. …and marrying against
the parents’ wish? Ok. To test your sincere
love I won’t ask you.. …to jump from the tenth
floor of a building.. …or to get on a running bus. I don’t know if this test will
be beneficial for you.. …but it will definitely be
beneficial for me. Alright? Will you spend a full night with me? What’s the matter? I think it’s
too tough a test for you. Why were you so mean to her!
Won’t she get hurt! She’s leaving. Stop her.
– You want me to stop her? That day I asked her to wear a sari
and she fell in love with me. Today I asked her to drop her
sari and her love disappeared. That is life. Let’s go. It’s you? What’s all this?
– You asked me to come here. That’s why I came here with
all the preparations. Why are you closing the door? I’m talking to you. Where are you going? Milk. Fruits. Flowers. Sweets.
I brought everything. Come. I don’t want these things.
Get out of here first. You said that you have a sister
and I said I have a brother. We are even now. Now
get out of here. You’re the one who asked
me to prove my love. To make you believe that
my love is true.. …I have to spend a night
with you as you wanted. That’s why I came here.
Come. Come. Come. Ok, I believed you- You
go out of here now-. Do you believe my love then?
– Yes, I believe it. Get out now. Devi. Devi.
– They are my brothers. They will take me away if I open
the door. Shall I open it? Don’t hold my collar without
knowing what happened. Remove your hand. – We will
break your hands and legs.. …and take our sisters with us.
– Brother. I came here at will. If
you dare to touch him.. …I will stay here forever.
I will never come home. I love him. I will marry him. I came to this house not
just with flowers.. …but with my hopes as well. I thought of spending the
rest of my life with you.. …if you tie me the nuptial thread.. …and marry me traditionally,
but your wish was against it. So I decided to commit suicide
after fulfilling your wish. There can be 1000 reasons if
a poor girl loves a rich guy. But when a rich girl loves
a poor guy like you.. …there can be only one
reason and that’s love. What do you have that
you loved that? Do you have money?
Do you have wealth? You are after all a welder. She loves you unconditionally
and that’s your good fortune. You always call yourself orphan. If you get that girl you will get
everything that you lost in life. She loves you a lot. If
anything happens to her.. …it will be your fault.
– Brother, you gave me her chain.. …to pay my college-fee. Later
you freed that chain.. …with your money.
We know your heart. Shivakashi, with the excuse
of returning her chain.. …meet her and express your
feelings for her. Please. Go. Hey, what are you doing!
– You are not the only one.. …who can bolt the doors.
We can also do that. Why did you come here?
– To return the chain. If you wanted to return the chain.. …why did you take such a huge
risk at this hour of night. You could’ve come here
tomorrow morning. And also, how can you enter
a girl’s bedroom. …with the excuse of returning
her chain at any time you wish! You are not an outsider. You
are my lover, aren’t you? What! Lover? Did you ever talk to me with love? Did you ever take me
to cinema or a park? Did you ever give me a call? Did you ever send me
at least one SMS? And you call me your lover! Did you ever even kiss me? Did you ever even take
me into your arms? And you are blushing here?
– Is that so! I will take you into
my arms right now. Come forward. There’s no one around. Oh God! “This is a new world.” “This is the approval for our love.” “This is the moment
our hearts united.” “This is the dawn of happiness.” “Our world is filled with love.” “Our hearts are filled with joy.” “This is a new world.” “This is the approval for our love.” “This is the moment
our hearts united.” “This is the dawn of happiness.” “Our world is filled with love.” “Our hearts are filled with joy.” “My heart is restless.” “I am unable to sleep in peace.” “Everything appears
different to me.” “I started counting the stars.” “This journey started
as fun thing..” “..but it has become my life.” “Wherever I am, I am lost
in my own world.” “I am always happy when
you are around.” “This is a new world.” “This is the approval for our love.” “This is the moment
our hearts united.” “This is the dawn of happiness.” “Even if I get the moon..” “Even if I play with the clouds..” “Even if the flowers
start singing..” “Even if the hilIs start dancing..” “I won’t be surprised as
long as I am in love.” “Wherever I am, I am lost
in my own world.” “I am always happy when
you are around.” “This is a new world.” “This is the approval for our love.” “This is the moment
our hearts united.” “This is the dawn of happiness.” “Our world is filled with love.” “Our hearts are filled with joy.” Goodbye. Brother, we can’t leave him. Shivakashi! What happened? – You gave birth
to a beautiful daughter.. …and two scarecrows.
What will they say! Don’t raise your voice.
Where was your courage.. …when you attacked me
from behind to kill me? Father, he’s not an ordinary man. He fooled sister and called
her to his room at mid-night. He entered Devi’s room
again at mid-night. That’s why I wanted to remove
his hand or leg.. …to teach him a lesson. Don’t you know that
it’s wrong to enter.. …an unmarried girl’s
room at midnight? Devi and I love each other. We to get married with
your permission. And what makes you think
that he will permit you? What do you think you are!
Some doctor or engineer? I am a welder who can take
good care of my wife. Even a beggar can take
good care of his wife. You don’t have a home. You
don’t have a family. You don’t know who your parents
are. You’re orphan. What makes you so arrogant! I will slash your tongue if
you say that word again. If you are not an orphan then
tell me your address. I am Vivek, s/o Hanumanth Rao. My sister is Devi,
d/o Hanumanth Rao. And you? c/o? Clo dustbin? Son, if you answer every question
with your hands.. …then you can leave
this place right now. I am not an orphan. I am just
living like an orphan. You need not tell
us the reason why.. …you choose to live this life,
but your would-be wife.. …and her family needs to know that. You are courageous regarding
everything. Why are you scared now? Tell me.
– I approve to this match.. …but what will I write
in the wedding card. What will I tell my relatives? Tell them that you are getting
your daughter married to.. …Chennamaneni Rajeshwar Rao. Tell him that his family is
a well-reputed family.. …in Kareemnagar. What’s in your hand?
– Crackers. Where did you get them from?
– I bought them. It’s festive season. I
wanted to burn them. Where did you get the money from? I saved my pocket-money, father. No, father. I saw him stealing
money from your pocket. Yes, father. I too saw
him stealing money. No, father. Stop. Why did you do that! First you steal money
and then you lie to me. How dare you! Stop. Forgive him for this time.
– Mahalakshmi. Don’t serve him food today.
– He will die. I’m better off without
a son like him. I am feeling hungry, mother.
– Just a minute. Mahalakshmi, if you serve
him food today.. …I won’t touch food for a month. It’s Vijadasami tomorrow morning.
What have you done! Why didn’t you let him eat? You left him hungry on
the festive season. Mahalakshmi, if we don’t
mend his ways now.. …tomorrow after he grows
old he can’t mend his ways. This is the age to teach him what’s
right and what’s wrong. He’s not just your son,
but he’s my son as well. Not just to him, but don’t
serve meaIs to me as well. Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Did Mother Ammavaru
take over her body? She’s just acting.
– My grandma told me.. …that Mother Ammavaru takes
over the body of those.. …who are her real devotees.
– Shall I prove that it’s a lie? How will you prove it? Come with me. Shakti, there’s thousandwala
cracker granny’s room. Bring it. Father will beat me. – He will
beat you only if he burn it.. …at home. We can burn it here. Then will you give me your glasses? Take it. Let’s go. Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Shakti, don’t burn the
crackers at day time. You are blind. I want to
make you deaf as well. These kids didn’t learn
to respect the elders. Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Brother, here it is. Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Hail Mother Durga Bhavani! Someone help her! Someone help my child! You killed my daughter. You killed my daughter
on the day of worship. You killed my daughter. – I saw
him taking crackers from home. When I asked him why
he’s taking them.. …he said he wanted to make me deaf. Tell me it’s you who burnt
the crackers, right? No, I don’t know anything about it. I brought the crackers here, but
I didn’t burn them, father. Who burnt them if you didn’t? Tell me the truth.
– Father. He said that he wants to burn
the crackers and asked me.. …for the glasses to protect
his eyes from the fire. I gave him my glasses. You can see my glasses with him. He’s right, Mr. Rajeshwar Rao.
He has those glasses. What better proof can we ask for! He’s lying. Brother asked
me to bring the crackers. Earlier you said that you didn’t
know anything about it. Now you are saying that
brother did it. Dear. Dear, no. Don’t beat him. Please don’t beat him. Please don’t beat him. Father, I haven’t done it. Father, I haven’t done it. Father, I haven’t done it. I haven’t done it. You filled this town with grief
on the day of Vijayadasami. You don’t have the rights
to stay here. Get out of this town. Get lost. Get out of here. Get out of my sight. Mahalakshmi. I asked him to get out of this town. How dare you to let
him enter the house! He’s just a kid. He a killer. Do you know why no one said
anything even after he.. …killed a person? It’s because
of their respect towards me. Because of you an innocent
woman has died. Don’t show me your face. You can enter this house
only after my death. Father. You can enter this
house only after my death. Please don’t say such harsh words. You stay quiet, Lakshmi. If he doesn’t obey my orders
and enters the house.. …he will see my dead body. This is dharma, for this village. For the mistake that he has done. …this is a punishment for myself. Mother, your bangle.
– Keep it with you. Shakti. – Mother, brother
won’t return again? Brother, come back. Brother, come back.
Brother. Brother. Mother, ask brother not to leave. It’s been fifteen years. I
didn’t go back since then. Whenever someone called me Shakti.. …it used to remind
me of my parents. To forget my home, to
forget my people.. …I changed my name to Shivakashi. That’s a nice story. Did you believe whatever he said? I didn’t say that to
make you believe it. I said what the truth is.
– Ok. Ok. Go home and bring your parents here. Let’s find a suitable date.
– My family has also said.. …the same thing that everyone
from the bride’s family says. Do what they said.
– I will. I got separated from my
family on Vijayadasami. I will come back by
next Vijayadasami. If you don’t come back I will
not get married all my life. It’s a good site in your
father’s name, master. I don’t like good. I like evil. I am evil.
– Master. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.
And how are you? I am fine, Durga. – Think again
before selling your property. How long shall I bear the mill
that is running on losses! You are the first person in your
family who is selling property. Oh God! When I don’t have a
problem selling something.. …worth two crores, why
do you have a problem.. …as you came here to
sing as a witness. Shut your mouth. Have
a tea. And sit there. Sir, is it ready?
– Ready, sir. – Give it to me. Stop. You can’t give him
the money. You can’t. What’s the matter?
– This is your ancestral property. He has a brother called Shakti. He too has a share in
this property. – Yes. You can’t buy this property
without our friend’s consent. Hey, you! He died a long ago.
– Where’s the proof? Shakti is the real successor of
Chennamaneni Rajeshwar Rao. Our Shakti will definitely return. Give me that log. Get lost, scoundreIs. Get lost. Sit down. Sit down. Take out
the papers. I will sign them. And what about your brother? What brother are you talking about! He ran away from home fifteen
years ago. He won’t return. Before getting the proofs
of your brother’s death.. Are you out of your mind? Some lorry or bus or train
must’ve rammed over him. He must have died by now. To come here he will have
to return from hell. ‘You can enter this house
only after my death.’ How would you get it if you
don’t return the money! Excuse me! Mr. Chennamaneni
Rajeshwar Rao. It’s been nine years
since he passed away. His son is our MLA right now. Anyone in this village will
tell you their address. Who are you? You are walking
into this house.. …as if this is your own house.
– I came to meet the MLA. Brother Bottu.
– Who’s there? Someone came to meet the MLA. What, mister? You want
to meet the MLA? You need to get bottu(dot) on
the forehead to meet God. And to meet the MLA you
will to meet Bottu first. Today is our MLA’s birthday. He
went to his in-laws’ place.. …to get their blessings.
– And his mother.. She must be somewhere
in the backyard. We have to look after
everything here. Excuse me! “Is Goddess in disguise?” “Why did this happen to my mother?” “Is Goddess in disguise?” “Why does the queen look
like an underprivileged?” “it wouldn’t have mattered if
you didn’t have children.” “But I am still alive.” “This was our heaven,
but it became hell of you.” “She has the patience
of mother Earth..” “..but today there is no one
to look after her.” Who are you, son? Yes, I am asking you.
– I am.. Did you come for the MLA?
– I came to ask him for help. Why are you smiling
in that way, madam? He left his own mother
in this farm to suffer. I am wondering how he
would help you then. Madam, you have such a big house.. …but you are here in such
a pathetic condition? What shall I say, son!
It’s my destiny. I have two sons. The younger
son as pure as river Ganges. A river doesn’t stop anywhere.
It just keeps on flowing. He left us. The elder
son is like a drain. I have to stay here
even if it stinks. As I was telling everyone
about my younger son.. …and weeping, so he forced
me to stay over here. On the occasion of his
birthday he bought.. …silk clothes for his in-laws
and jewelry for his wife.. …and for his mother.. See this. As long as he was a kid
and I used to feed him.. …he used to follow me
wherever I used to go. And when it was time
for him to feed me.. …he treated me as a mad
woman and threw me here. All I get here is a
bowl of rice-soup. If your younger son returns.. I will fill your mouth
with sweets, son. I am still alive only with
that particular hope. It’s sufficient if
he comes here once. I will see him once and
then I will die in peace. “You are the one who
gave birth to me.” “You are the one who fed me.” “O mother!” “You are the one who
gave birth to me.” “You are the one who fed me.” “You made so many sacrifices
for us, but you got nothing.” “Why did you give birth to
such selfish kids, mother?” “Why did you give birth
to such kids?” “Is Goddess in disguise?” “Why did this happen to my mother?” Son, you said that you came
here for some help. I told you about my problems
and troubled you. Why did you come here, son? I came here to ask for help
for my sister’s wedding. You want help for your
sister’s wedding? He sent his own sister
with empty-hands. Don’t expect any help from him. Oh God! What happened, son?
– You are eating my wealth. So I got a heart attack. Why are you saying such
inauspicious things.. …on such a auspicious occasion! I don’t like good. I
like evil. I am evil. So mother, you are fixing
a match for your daughter? You have nothing else to do. You trapped that boy with
just one look of yours. You could’ve eloped with
him at the same time. You could’ve saved me the
expense of this wedding.. …food and all this crap. Look how they are eating. You are eating my wealth. Eat them. What will I do with the
leftovers? Eat them. Aishwarya, do you like me? Tell me if you liked me or not. What are you doing!
– Can’t you see it? I am tying the nuptial thread
to the girl of my choice. You want to marry the girl from
a family that insulted us? If you marry her you won’t get
a rupee from my property. Aishwarya, remove your ornaments. Take them. Do you know what that money
is for? I am paying you.. …for the food that
I ate at your home. Clean the leftovers.
Let’s go, Aishwarya. My daughter doesn’t lack
self-esteem like me, son. Her self-esteem is as
high as her father had. She is selling tea on the roadside. I got tears because I am her
mother. Why are you crying? It reminded me of my sister. This is nuptial thread that my
husband tied around my neck. As long as he was alive
he helped everyone. This will be useful for your sister. Take it, son. Mother, where does Aishwarya live? She lives there. “Is Goddess in disguise?” “Why did this happen to my sister?” “Brother is like father.” “Who shall I introduce myself as?” “What’s the bond between us?” “What’s left between us?” “Ours is the bond of heart.” “I wonder how to talk to you.” Coffee or tea? I am coming
from Vemulavada. So what! Coffee or tea?
– Are you Aishwarya? Yes. I am coming from your brother
Durga Prasad’s house. I don’t have a brother. Your brother didn’t send me here.
Your mother sent me here. Mother? Did he still keep her alive? She must get punished for giving
birth to a son like him. And why did you go there
and come here? I am talking to you. Who are you? “I wonder what kind
of destiny it is.” “Why did I face such a day?” “Why is this happening to me?” “Why did lord made me face
such a fateful day?” I am talking to you.
Who are you? Tell me. You can call me brother.
I am distant relative. My younger brother
ran away from home. My elder brother threw
me out of the home. This is how we are living on road. Brother and sister bond
doesn’t work for me. Aishwarya, I am going to rice-mill
from the market. Look after the shop. Stop
talking and start working. Mother, that customer
paid for the tea. “What’s the fault of this kid?” “What has she done wrong?” “We worship stones as Gods.” “How can God be such
a stone-hearted?” “She sings for the kids
day and night.” “She wants her children’s
happiness.” Take it.
– Mother, can I take it? Mother. Why did you buy me all these things? I am about to stay at your home.
– So? I am about to eat what
your mother cooks. What shall I call you then?
– Call me uncle. I don’t like uncle. I don’t want any of these things. My elder never came to see
me. Do you know that? My younger uncle left us
when mother was a kid. Mother said that she will
get me ear-rings.. …after my younger uncle returns. I will not call anyone uncle till
my younger uncle returns. Ok, don’t call me uncle-
You can call me ‘friend’-. Mother, can I call him ‘friend’?
– Ok. Shankaranti and Dipawali are
festivals for every house. But for your mother and sister
the day of you arrival.. …will be the real festival. Your mother would’ve left
us along with your father.. …but the only reason she is
still surviving because.. …she hasn’t lost the hope that
you would return some day. Your sister never wanted
saris or ornaments.. …from your parents. She just
wants her brother to return. When you saw your sister
who loves you so much.. …why didn’t you tell her
that you are her brother? It would’ve been far better
if you hadn’t come here. My mother who lived like
a queen in a palace.. …is living like a beggar
in our own house today. How can I tell her
that I am her son! My sister who lived like
a princess till now.. …is selling tea on roadside today. How can I go to her and tell
her that I am her brother! I promised the girl I love
that I am not an orphan.. …that I have a great family
and that I would bring them. But only after coming here
I understood that.. …love and marriage are
not important for me.. …but my family is more
important for me. I will make my mother live like
a queen in that house again. Then I will tell her
that I am her son. Only after I see my sister
as a princess.. …I will tell her that
I am her brother. Only then will my father
live in peace. Till then I won’t
tell them who I am. Your brother won’t let you live
if he knows that you are back. What will he do to me!
– It’s not difficult for him.. …to kill his brother after
he killed his father. What did you say? He killed father? Tell me how my father died. Tell me how my father died.
How did he die? Sir, forgive us. We had
to tie him to the tree.. …in spite of knowing
that he’s your son. You molested my daughter
and ruined her life. We had to tie him as we feared
he would kill all of us. You steal. You smoke.
You started drinking. And now you have molested a girl. Why did God make me your father! Ask your wife if you are
my real father or not. Your father couldn’t hear that.. …and died of heart-attack.
– O dear! Shakti, that your brother’s going. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. What’s this! See him. Hello! Is this police station? I am speaking from MLA
Durga Prasad’s house. A goon is troubling all of us here. Kill him. Who are you? Why did God make me your father! Ask your wife if you are
my real father or not. What’s that?
– It’s the suicide letter.. …that my friend’s wife
wrote before her death. Why are you scaring me with it? Because you are the one
who ruined her life. Your friend’s wife must be one
of the many girls I molested. Oh God! What’s all this! What
are all these glasses! Why is everything scattered! Investigation. What’s this water! What are these flowers!
Why is everyone here! Why did he come here?
– Sir, did someone attack you? It’s me. I’m the one who
bashed up all of them. Arrest me.
– Come on. Brother’s just joking. Brother’s joking?
– He’s his distant relative. He came here on a family visit. He’s lying, SI. I’m the one who
bashed all of them. – Bro! Even jokes have a limit.
– Why is everyone bleeding! Do not get tensed, sir.
We were just practicing.. …how to defend if the opposition
attacks our MLA Tell them that it’s true.
– Everything’s so confusing. What’s the confusion! You didn’t
understand it? – No, sir. It’s our party problem. Police
shouldn’t interfere in it. Go. That’s not the thing, sir.
– Go. – Yes, sir. Go from this way. Go away.
– You sent away the police. Do you think I don’t know where
the police station is.. …or where the court is? I can take this letter to
High court, Supreme court.. …and every court. You will
definitely get hanged. – Ok. Now I am able to get where
you are coming to. How much do you want
for that letter? One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
– Oh! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. We are not auctioning. Settle
the matter for ten. I will bring the money. Bring it.
– Ok. Move aside. Bring the money.
– Bring the money. – I will.. Why did you bring the
money in briefcase? I can’t bring the money in a purse,
can I? It’s ten lakhs. Ten lakhs? You are such a big-hearted
guy, Bottu. Goodbye. Letter! There’s nothing written in it. What!
– This is just a white paper. I will send the original through
post. Goodbye, brother. Brother, shall we call the police? Then people won’t call
me MLA Durga Prasad. They will call me ‘Mental’ Durga. Father, she’s still waiting
for him. He won’t come back. He ran away after hearing
our condition. Shut her mouth and make her
accept this wedding proposal. She’s not the one who should
keep her mouth shut. I fixed matches for both of you.
Your wives will make you.. …shut your mouths after
you get married. We never accept anything
unanimously.. …in spite of being a
family of four members. He came from a big family.
He needs time to convince.. …all of them. He said that he
would return by Vijayadasami. Let’s wait till then. That’s it. You feared that
my brother is alive. But here I got the proof
that he is not alive. I gave a public notice in
newspaper. Read this. L, late Chennamaneni
Rajeshwar Rao’s son.. …am selling his rice-mill.
Anyone who has objection.. …to this can make a claim in
the court in fifteen days. By Chennamaneni Durga Prasad. No one came here. Now I can sell it. What’s the matter? You didn’t
learn your lesson.. …even after getting beaten up? A person asked the way to
the rice-mill, brother. I brought him here. – Is there
anyone in my constituency.. …who doesn’t know where Durga
Prasad rice-mill is? Who’s he? Hello, brother!
– Did he bring that letter again? Did I ask you? Greetings. Greetings. Why did you come here?
– Brother, you don’t talk to me. I came here to talk to this sir.
– What do you want to talk.. Sir, he wants to say something.
Let him say. That’s not the thing..
– Let him say what he wants to say. You say us what it is. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. – Greetings. The house that you
came to buy here.. …belongs to ancestral property. He has a brother. Only after
he signs the paper.. …this sale will be valid.
Tomorrow if he comes here.. …and asks you how you
bought this mill.. …without his approval?
What will you say then? Now assume that I am
his brother Shakti.. …who ran away from house
at a young age. – Hey! Assume it for a while, brother. And assume that you
bought this mill. Then I will come here and say.. Hey, old man! Get up. My brother is a scoundrel anyway. But what happened to you?
Wasn’t your mind working? Before buying a mill shouldn’t
you find out.. …if that mill has another owner? How can you buy it! Hey,
give me the knife. You signed the papers with this
particular hand, right? You used this particular hand,
right? I will slash it. If he comes here and before
like that and cuts his hand.. …then how will he survive
at this age. You are like family. So
I came here to help you. Now it’s up to you.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Start the auto. Brother, why is he leaving
like the Aparachitudu? I too saw that movie.
Shut your mouth. Give me the money. I
will sign the papers. It seems that there’s some
litigation in this property. There’s no litigation.
Give me the money. What if your brother comes tomorrow? There’s no brother.
He died a long ago. Look, it won’t be sufficient
if you say.. …that your brother has died.
Either the villagers.. …or your relatives, or at least
your mother or sister.. …has to say that he has died. Or else you will have to show
us a death-certificate.. …that your brother is dead. Everyone listen to me. I will sell this rice-mill
by next Ekadashi. I will solve all your
litigations by then. MLA’s son who ran away from
the house at a young age.. …has passed away. They brought
the dead body home. Why did you do such a thing, Shakti! We were waiting for
you all these days! Who knew that he would return dead! Calm down. Calm down. Shakti. Sir, he used to show us his
family photo all the times. All the times he used to talk
about his father, mother.. …brother and sister, sir.
– Show this photo to mother. Madam, see this photo. Am I still alive only
to see this sight? Why did he come here?
– I think he brought.. …the original letter.
– Oh no! How can this happen! Brother. Your brother hasn’t died.
He’s still alive. Am I not your brother? Are the people of your constituency
not your brothers? I am about to tell
you all some truth. All this is a lie. Brother, do you think
our secret has leaked? The world is a stage.
And we are all actors. This deceased man is an
actor whose part is over. Dugra Prasad is an actor
who is still acting. And I who came here to
tell you this truth.. …is just an ordinary actor. Shakti. Shakti, even though your
brother is an actor.. …he is not shedding
crocodile tears. Those tears are real.
Those are real. Brother, he is even talking
to the dead body. I think he is a close relative
of some world-renowned actor. I think there’s some money
in Shakti’s pocket. It’s some paper.
– I think it’s original. Dear elder brother, this is your
younger brother Shakti’s.. …last letter to you. I lived
away from you for 15 years. Father asked me not to return
home till he is alive. That’s the reason I left the house.. …but I didn’t leave my
share in the property. Take your share of the property
and donate my share.. …to the poor of our village. Please give me that letter, son. Respected elders, if my
brother get greedy.. …and doesn’t let you donate
it among the poor.. …you can snatch it from
him and donate it.. …among the poor of
our constitution. Your can perform my last
rituals only after.. …completing this job.
Your brother, Shakti. Have you seen how great
your brother Shakti is! He became immortal after his death. My brother didn’t write that letter. Isn’t that your brother’s dead body? Yes, it is. – And that letter was
obtained from his pocket, right! That’s not my brother’s handwriting. So you think that brother
didn’t write that letter.. …but this brother
wrote it, brother? My brother has definitely
not written this letter. The elders of this village
have to accept it. I will prove it. See this. This is my brother’s
notebook when he was a kid. Check if both the handwriting match. Both are similar.
– The signature is also same. So we can’t burn brother’s body
till his share is donated? No one will get a single
rupee from my wealth. Then you can’t move the body. Hey, he’s not my brother. You are going back on your word.. …because you have to donate
a share in wealth, brother? Till now you said that
he’s your brother.. …and now you are going
back on your word? Why won’t you donate his share
to the poor! Donate it. You have to donate it.
You have to donate it. Tell them the truth.
– All the villagers must forgive us. We are ward-boys in
government hospital. He asked us to bring an
orphan’s dead body.. …and make everyone believe
that it’s Shakti’s dead body. We got a bit greedy and did
this unfortunate thing. He’s the one who gave us that photo. If you forgive us we will
take our dead body back. Why did you lie that younger
brother has died! Did you want to kill mother or what! How dare you to raise
your voice at me! How dare you to scream at me!
I’ll strangle you to death. Remove your hand.
– Who are you say that! Everyone who has a sister
has the rights to say that. This is our personal matter. Your personal matter?
It would’ve been your.. …if you had taken care of her.
It would’ve been your.. …personal matter, if you had
treated her like your sister. But none of the people
here will accept it.. …if you want to kill her.
Remove your hand. Will you remove it or do
you want me to remove it? Durga, remove your hand.
– An elderly person is asking you.. …to remove your hand.
Remove it, Durga. Remove your hand. So I have died? You told everyone that I have died? Why didn’t you tell me that?
– Why should I tell you! You must tell me. I’m the one
who’ll hit the nail on your head. I knew you’d do something like
this the moment you said.. …you would bring the
death certificate. I took this notebook home and
practiced his handwriting. That’s why the handwriting
is same to same. Why? Why are you doing all this?
– Do you want to know? The election is nearing.
I will tell you then. Goodbye, brother. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Kodanti. Long live..
– Kodanti. Long live..
– Kodanti. Long live..
– Kodanti. Long live..
– Kodanti. Please come.
– Long live.. – Durga Prasad.. …Give him the pen. Give
that pen to father-in-law. Father-in-law, please
give me that pen.. …with your auspicious hands. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. What’s this, brother! Everyone
is hailing sister? Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. Long live..
– Aishwarya. – Shut up! You will contest against me?
– Yes. What are you credentials? Do you have any idea what
politics is all about? I have my father-in-law
Kodanti Koteshwar Rao.. …to spend lakhs of
rupees for me to win. Whose support do you have?
– You can see him. Greetings, brother. So you are supporting her. Durga Prasad is a millionaire
since ages.. …and she is a beggar. She
sells tea on platform. That’s the matter of past.
– And what’s the matter of present? She too has lakhs of rupees. Sister, show him how
much money you have. Brother, do you know how much
money is there in it? Don’t ask him how much
is there in it. I’m the one who counted the money. You can slap me if there
is even a single rupee.. …less than ten lakhs.
– Hey! Did he ask you about it? This is my money.
– I know that. Look, just money isn’t sufficient
to win an election. You need talent for that. You will know it pretty soon
what my talent is, brother. Sister, the auspicious
moment is passing by. Come, let’s sign the papers. He meant that you are inauspicious. Our Aishwarya is contesting
in our MLA election. If you vote for her all you
problems will be solved. Look, son. She got married
and left this village.. …with her husband. And you
are a stranger for us. How can we vote for her
putting faith in you! Durga Prasad is late Chennamaneni
Rajeshwar.. …Rao’s son. He’s from our
village. He lives here. Good or bad, we will vote
for him. You may go now. This constituency is Mr.
Durga Prasad’s den. You can’t beat him in his den. If you want I can give you
a can of milk for free. But please don’t ask
us for our votes. Why are you whiling away time here! Not even a single person said
that he would vote for us. Your sister was living happily
in her own world. But you dragged her into
the dirty politics. We can’t compete with your brother
wealth and influence. There no use. Let’s withdraw
her name from the nomination. In today’s times people don’t
vote for people like us. To get votes from people
the great person.. …who rewrote the history
books has to come to earth. “Girl, have you gone crazy?” “Are you feeling prickly?” “Girl, have you gone crazy?” “Are you feeling prickly?” “Are you feeling prickly
and gone crazy..” “..because of your age?” “Lux-girl. Lux-girl. Will
you have lunch with me?” “Will you make me bite the laddoo?
Will you feed me love?” “Will you give me your
beauty on lease?” “The days have changed..” “The days have changed,
but you haven’t.” “The days have changed,
but you haven’t.” “Make your soul beautiful..” “Make you soul beautiful, but
not your outer appearance.” “The days have changed..” Move aside. Brother, you are
posing for photos here. NTR and Balakrishna are performing
for them on stage.. …and asking people to
vote for Aishwarya. NTR and Balakrishna are
campaigning for them? Is your mind or here? – They look
like them in those get-ups. You are talking about look-alikes?
– Yes If they campaign with the
help of look-alikes.. …I will bring original stars
for my campaign. – How come? I will bring the hot-cake Simran
here who has been playing.. …with the hearts of young and
old alike since a decade. Then what’s the delay for?
Bring her here immediately. “The crazy ant has bitten
me yesterday..” “..and the day before yesterday.” Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Durga Prasad. You must vote for this ‘fan’ sign.
– What happened? Why is everyone running
in this direction? Stop.
– Stop there, old man. Grandpa, where are you going? Simran is here. My
vote is for Simran. Simran? Long live..
– Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Simran. Victory will be mine.
– Is Simran here? Yes, brother.
– Where’s the director? We need to start the shooting.
– He is about to come. I’m here. – Greetings. –
Where’s the cameraman? Sir. Sir. I am here.
– Director is ready. Cameraman is ready. Heroine
is also ready. Where’s the hero? “Hail lord Shankara!
Hail lord Sambasada Shiva!” “Hail the moon-bearer!
Hail the master of the earth!” “Show us your mercy!” “Lord Eashwara!” “Cine-star is here. Welcome her.” “A piece of moon is here.” “Cine-star is here. Welcome her.” “A piece of moon is here.” “I came here running. I heard
your song and came here.” “I left the shooting and came here.” “Come to me, O beautiful girl.” “You know whom you
are dancing with.” “O boy! O boy! I danced with
the greatest heroes.” “Shivakashi’s dance
is a special dance.” “When I dance lord Shiva
blows the whistle.” “When I dance men go crazy.” “When I dance men can’t
control their emotions.” “Cine-star is here. Welcome her.” “A piece of moon is here.” “I came here running. I heard
your song and came here.” “I left the shooting and came here.” “You are a star on-screen.
You are a babe.” “You have innumerable fans.” “You have a legacy. You are
the successor of Balayya.” “You are the true-blue star.” “Everyone must have a heart.
He must help others.” “World will be better place to live
if everyone thinks like you.” “Manual-fan is your sign.” “This sign is important
for the poor.” “The pot is important for people.” “They can store water in it.” “I don’t want to fight with you.” “Ok, then, I let you go.” “You are our favorite actress.” “You won our hearts.” “You know how to play with words.” “It’s hard to win an
argument with you.” “You are the favorite son of
Krishna and Kammam districts.” “There is no one in 23 districts
who don’t know me.” “Tomorrow is yours.” “if we win the poor
people’s heart..” “..we can become the
CM tomorrow itself.” “I liked your affection
for the poor.” “Now I am going to rule.” “Everyone bows the head in
front of a good person.” “Your fame will increase manifold.” “My strength will defend the poor.” “With this victory every
house will get light.” “Cine-star is here. Welcome her.” “A piece of moon is here.” “I came here running. I heard
your song and came here.” “I left the shooting and came here.” “Come to me, O beautiful girl.” “You know whom you
are dancing with.” “O boy! O boy! I danced with
the greatest heroes.” “Shivakashi’s dance
is a special dance.” “When I dance lord Shiva
blows the whistle.” “When I dance men go crazy.” “When I dance men can’t
control their emotions.” Please come, madam. Please sit here. Welcome, madam.
– Thank you. Please take it.
– Thank you. I must cover it.
– Hi! Vote for the manual-fan. Brother, she’s waving
the manual-fan. Brother, she’s waving the fan.
My pot will go bust. Hi.
– Oh God! Who’s he! Who’s he! Who is he? No one knows where he came from. No one knows which village
he belongs to. We would’ve known it had he given
us that original letter. With the help of that letter
he took ten lakhs from me. I spent 50 lakh rupees
and brought a heroine.. …and he turned her to his side. He came here and hit
a nail on my head. He’s not a nail. He’s a knife. I need to know who he is.
He will have to die. Find out who he is, where he is
from, what his background is.. …and then come to me. Get lost. It seems they are new faces. Sir, please give me some alms.
– No change. Get lost. Who are you? – Can’t you see!
I am a lawyer in a black-coat. Lawyer in a black-coat?
– Yes. Hey, come here. – Sir. – He’s
also wearing black-coat. But he is a beggar. He said that. Why are you
beating me, brother? Do we need all these
fights right now? Tell him our purpose of coming here. Where does Shakti lives? Are you asking me about
Mr. Rajeshwar Rao’s.. …second son?
– Yes. Do one thing. You stay here. I’ll
bring him here in a while. Stay here. Take out of the cars. “Cousin Lakshmi. Cousin Lakshmi,
I will marry you.” Where are they? What happened? Where are they? I made them sit right here.
– Are you drunk or what! I did have a drink, but it’s also
true that they were here. I made them sit here. I swear
on this dot, brother. Search them discreetly. They
must be in the village. They shouldn’t know that we
are searching for them. Let’s go. Let’s go. Do you know what would’ve happened.. …if I was late even by a second? But what happened! He’s
your brother, isn’t he? Yes, he’s my brother. But
he’s not lord Rama.. …that we would live like
Ram-Lakshman. – What? I will explain it to you later on. Bottu is coming here. I will
play with him for a while. Hello, brother!
– Greetings, sir. What happened?
– What’s there to happen! I wanted something and
I got something else. Tell me what happened.
– No, thanks. I already regret giving
you ten lakh rupees. How much have you given
me! Ten lakh rupees. I will give you an idea
worth one crore rupees. One crore rupees?
– Come forward. I will tell you. It’s a great idea, but I want
to tell you something. – Yes. We never met each other. And you..
– ..didn’t tell you anything. That’s right. Maintain that. Alright.
– Alright. It’s stinking. – It’s a matter
of votes, brother. Come. Mother. Forgive me, mother. Father came
to my dream last night. Not in his normal appearance,
but he came to my dream.. …as the winning MLA with
a garland around his neck. Mother, do you know what he said. He said that I must win
this election as well.. …and that he wanted to
see me as an MLA forever. So he asked me to take
mother for campaigning. Give me your blessings, mother. I told you that I don’t like good,
I like evil and I will do evil.. …but you made me do this.
– Brother. Do you know what would happen
if you don’t campaign! Nothing will happen. Hey! Why did you come here! To ask people for votes
just like you are doing. This is my house and
she is my mother. She is our mother as well.
– What! She’s our candidate’s mother. Mother’s vote is mine. I
will get all the votes.. …due to mother’s campaigning.
– No, I will get those votes. It will be better for you
if you withdraw your name. I will give you one crore rupees. Go to city and buy a hotel and
lead your life peacefully. Buy a house for yourself
and live there. She won’t buy a house, but she
will go to the Assembly. You came from nowhere and you
are provoking all of them. You are making me sleepless. Listen to me and leave this place. Leave this place, or else
I am a mad fellow. I don’t know what I will do. I beg you, please don’t harm mother. Ask him to leave, or else I will
strangle mother to death. Tell her. – I beg you, please
don’t harm mother. Look, the battle is between
your sister and you. The fight is between you and me. If you drag mother
into these fights.. Even if he raises his finger
on me kill that old woman. I beg you, please leave this place. Please leave this place. I don’t need these politics,
these elections or fights. I don’t have anyone
other than my mother. I beg you. Please go away. I want my mother. I don’t
want this election. She must withdraw her name
and leave this village.. …by this night. If I see any
of you by tomorrow morning.. …I will kill your mother. Hey! Who are you! Let me go. Who are you! It’s you? Why did you bring me here! Do you want your wife to win
in the election or not? She must win. – Then stay mum
till the election is over. Brothers and sisters, in our
Vemulavada constituency.. …our beloved Chennamaneni
Rajeshwar Rao’s son.. Girl.
– What do you want? Did you ever see me before?
– No. Did I ever see you before?
– No. No. I am a journalist.
– Which paper do you work for? ‘I will hit you.’ – I never heard
about that paper before. I will hit you. Mind your business. Our brother Mr. Durga Prasad
will say a few words.. …in front of you. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Long live..
– Mr. Durga Prasad. Greetings to all the people
of my constituency. This Durga Prasad is a banyan tree. Sister Aishwarya is banyan shoot. Banyan tree gives shadow. Does
a shoot give you shadow? Go there, dear. Ask him where
he has kept your husband. That’s why vote for the sign
‘pot’ and help me win. The banyan shoot is coming.
Now she will say.. “Brother, I made a mistake.
I will withdraw my name.. …from the election. Come here, dear. Come here. Stop there. Why are you
going on the stage? What’s the matter!
– I came to ask you.. …where you have hidden my husband. What did you do to my husband? Why did you kidnap him?
– Why would I kidnap him? You kidnapped him. I
know it very well. I didn’t kidnap him. Get lost.
– I will leave.. …but not without my husband.
I don’t want these politics. I want my husband.
– There you are. Have you seen her! This
is election-drama. Shut your mouth and get down. I won’t get down even
if you kill me. Will you leave the stage or not?
– No, I won’t. I didn’t kidnap your husband.
– I want my husband back. What nonsense!
– I want my husband back. I will slap you with my sandal.
– Give me my husband back. Scoundrel, he slapped his
own sister with the sandal. Scoundrel. Throw the sandaIs.
Throw the sandaIs. Durga Prasad.
– Down, down! Durga Prasad.
– Down, down! Hit them with the sandaIs. Girl, did I ever see you before? No. You never saw me before.
– I think I saw you. Father-in-law, please come. Bring the chair for him. How
are you, father-in-law? I heard that you are doing
things that can put.. …your MLA-chair in danger. I heard that you slapped
a woman with your sandal. Don’t you know the power
of female votes? I couldn’t control my anger,
father-in-law. – What anger! I must slap myself with my
sandal as I wanted to.. …see you as the undisputed
king of this constituency. Slap me. Slap me. Slap me. I will slap myself.
– Father-in-law. Father-in-law. Father-in-law. Father-in-law.
Father-in-law. Someone kidnapped her husband.. …and they accused
me of the killing. That’s what is called politics. I spent lakhs of rupees and
made you an MLA last time.. …and I am spending lakhs of
rupees for you this time.. …not to see your as an MLA.. …but to see my daughter
as an MLA’s wife. First of all find a way
to win the election. If you make any excuses this
time you know what I will do. I will kill you. Start the vehicle. Are you wondering why your
brother becomes a lamb.. …in front of his father-in-law?
– Yes, brother. Let the election be over.
I will make his pyre.. Brother, it’s Shivakashi
who brought your sister.. …to the meeting and did all this. Durga, listen to me.
Listen to me once. Your reputation is
already hampered.. …after you hit your
sister in public. Now if you kill someone it will
become a criminal case. Not just in this election,
but you can’t contest.. …in the next election as well. O mother! O God! He shouldn’t win. That scoundrel shouldn’t win. We heard how much demon Kansa
tormented his sister. And today we are watching
the Kansa of this village.. …tormenting his sister
all over again. Our beloved sister
Aishwarya is here.. …to express her grief
in front of us. Come here, Aishwarya. Come here and tell your
misfortunate tale. Aishwarya, do not worry at all. We will help you win this election. I don’t want votes.
I want my husband. I want my husband alive.
I beg you all.. …please save my husband
from my brother. – Hello! Pass the phone to your sister.
– Sister, it’s the call for you. Hello! – You are crying
in front of public.. …that your husband
has gone missing? I want my husband alive. Tell
me where you’ve hidden him. Sister. – Have I kidnapped him
to tell you where he is? If you want to see your
husband alive.. …then withdraw your name
from the election. Or else you will see it burning. You know what! Your husband’s pyre. Listen to me carefully.
Tomorrow when you will.. …take bath you won’t be applying
turmeric on your body.. …but you will be applying
your husband’s ashes. I will kill everyone who votes
for you. Not just that.. Brother, what’s this!
Your body is here.. …but your voice is
coming from there. Brother, you are drinking
half-bottle here.. …but someone is damaging
your reputation over there. I don’t know what you will do,
but stop that meeting. Just stop that meeting. Give me that phone. Scoundrel,
you will die soon. You will go to hell. What
crap are you talking! If you mess with women you
will become impotent. One. Two. Three. Four. Brother,
it’s me Bottu. As you said we broke
150 women’s heads. We broke 200 men’s hands.
You say the rest. Sisters who got bashed up.. Brothers who lost their
arms now vote for us. If you don’t vote for us you
will face more troubles. Vote for our brother Durga Prasad. Put cow-dung on his face.
Destroy them. What will we get if we throw
cow-dung on the posters! He’s the father-in-law
of that scoundrel. Pour cow-dung on him. Shut the doors. Father-in-law, I will not
let any of them alive.. …who poured cow-dung on you. It doesn’t matter to me
if you will kill others” …of if you will get killed. You must win. Or else people
just poured cow-dung on me.. …but if you lose I will
pour petrol on your.. …and set you on fire. Hey!
Now open the door. Vote for the manual-fan.
– Vote for the manual-fan. Is anyone there in the house? Are there voters in the house!
– O lord! When there is a house, there
are bound to be voters. What? Do you belong to this village? In which village is this house
located? – In this village. If this house is located
in this village.. …which village will I belong to? Do you have the right to vote?
– Do you have the right to vote? When you have the right to vote,
why won’t I have the same! I think I saw you in Hyderabad. Then you have to vote for us.
– How do we vote? I see. So you don’t
know how to vote. Ok, I will teach you how-. When you go to vote, they hold
your finger and put ink on it. Which finger will they put ink on! On this finger.
– Father. Uncle. Everyone come here.
– Did you call us? Did you call us?
– Oh God Did you call us?
– There are so many votes. What happened, dear?
– He held my hand. What! He held your hand?
– Yes. Do you know what holding hand means! Do you know what holding hand means! What does it mean?
– What does it mean? I didn’t hold her hand. I
just touched her fingers. You touched her fingers?
Where are the fingers? To the hands.
– Where are the hands? They are a part of the body.
– Oh God! He touched my body.
– What! He touched your body? How dare is he to do such a thing! Apologize to her, or else
what’s that.. – Pot. Yes, we will vote to pot.
– Apologize to her. We will get four votes.
– Say sorry. Ok, sorry- – You are saying
sorry on the streets? We are not begging, are we? If you feel shy, you can come
inside and say sorry. Go inside and say sorry. What happened?
– Ours are invalid votes. And the votes inside the house? They are solid and valid.
– I see. “This is the auspicious
moment of our wedding.” “Your beloved one is here.” “Bring me the betel leaf.” “And come into my arms.” “This is the auspicious
moment of our wedding.” “Your beloved one is here.” “Bring me the betel leaf.” “And come into my arms.” “Keep everything aside..” “..and come to me.” “I shall fulfill my wishes..” “..that I have since a long time.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “This is the auspicious
moment of our wedding.” “Your beloved one is here.” “Bring me the betel leaf.” “And come into my arms.” “In whichever direction I
take a step, I step back.” “Whenever I put the right
leg forward, I step back.” “In whichever direction I
take a step, I step back.” “Whenever I put the right
leg forward, I step back.” “You belong to Nandamuri family.” “You are very naughty.” “You glow like the moon.” “I will handle you with care.” “I will come to you and
give you something.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “This is the auspicious
moment of our wedding.” “Your beloved one is here.” “Bring me the betel leaf.” “And come into my arms.” “Show me some mischief like
Adivirama(the king of jungle).” “Set me on fire like Aggirama(the
god of fire),.” “Show me some mischief like
Adivirama(the king of jungle).” “Set me on fire like Aggirama(the
god of fire),.” “I like flowers at evening.
At morning I like only you.” “You are facing a lot of
difficulties because of me.” “This babe has fallen
in love with me.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “This is the auspicious
moment of our wedding.” “Your beloved one is here.” “Bring me the betel leaf.” “And come into my arms.” “Keep everything aside..” “..and come to me.” “I shall fulfill my wishes..” “..that I have since a long time.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” “Your mom and my mom fixed
our match a long time ago.” “Your family and my family
will celebrate.” Eat well- Do not hesitate-
– Ok, madam-. What did you say! Dear. Dear. Stop them. They are fighting
among themselves.. …and you are least bothered
about it? Stop them. Stop it.
– Hey, stop it. They are our men, aren’t they? Why are they fighting
among themselves? They are not fighting
among themselves, dear. It’s Shivakashi who is your
sister-in-law’s backbone.. …who is showing me
hell has beaten them. I am unable to understand anything. Shivakashi came to kill you, dear. They are your servants.
They couldn’t bear it. They tried to stop him,
but he bashed them up. Disconnect the phone. When did Shivakashi come
here and bashed them? Is that a story?
– It’s a small story. Shivakashi killing
you is the climax. Disconnect the phone. Why would Shivakashi kill me?
– I will explain it to your clearly. Assume that I am Shivakashi. And assume that this is the
knife Shivakashi brought.. …to kill Durga Prasad’s wife. Assume that he stabbed
you with this knife. How can he come here and
kill me in your presence! He won’t come here. I will kill you. Have no doubts about them! It’s the truth. Do you know what your father said! He said that it doesn’t matter to
him if I will kill or get killed.. …but victory is the only thing
that is important to him. I will stab you with this knife. I will accuse of your murder. With one arrow.. What’s that?
– Two birds. No.
– For my victory in this election.. …you will have to die.
– No. Dear. Dear. Dear I will get sympathy-votes
only if you are killed. I won’t get those votes with
someone else’s death. I beg you, please leave me. I have to kill you, dear. My men have already started
pasting the posters.. …announcing your tragic demise. Show your sister-in-law a copy
of that poster. – Yes, brother. Show her a copy. Durga Prasad’s wife’s tragic death. Take it away. Brother, you didn’t expect
me, did you? I am back. Hey, when you get a phone
you should talk.. …or you should disconnect it. But you should never hang
it aside, foolish Bottu. I heard what I shouldn’t have
heard and I came here.. …and I saw what I wasn’t
supposed to see. I was about to kill
her and trap her.. …but you came here
searching your death. I am a very fortunate person. Brother, I love you. I don’t like good. I like evil. I will do evil. Now I will stab you. Respected SI, I, Durga
Prasad’s wife Kalyani.. …am writing this letter.
– What rubbish! I am writing this letter under
no pressure and at my will.. I am killed in any way,
the person responsible.. What!
– Brother, let me read it. The person responsible for my
death will be my husband.. …Mr. Chennamaneni Durga Prasad. Please accept this letter
as my final statement. Bottu, give me that pen. Sister-in-law, please sign here. No.
. Sign? Yes, this letter is to get
you the police security. Sign the paper, sister-in-law. Now even if I kill your wife,
you will be responsible for it. I am not saying that.
This letter says so. The election is there
tomorrow itself. Don’t dare to do anything stupid.. …or else I will kill your wife and
keep this letter in her hand.. …and I will throw her in front
of your father-in-law’s house. That will be the final
nail in your coffin. Goodbye, brother. I’m sorry. I had to do
this to save your life. You have to stay here till
the voting is completed. Vote to the pot sign.
– Give me the pot. You can’t take it inside. Let’s go. Let’s go. ‘Oh no! Why did I vote
on Srinu’s sign?’ Brother’s going to kill me. Go inside it. In Vemulavada constituency Mrs.
Maineni Aishwarya.. …won the election with a
majority of 15,000 votes.. …over Chennamaneni Durga Prasad. O dear!
– Aishwarya. I got you married to him.. …but in return he tried
to kill my daughter? It might be difficult for you
to break the nuptial thread.. …so I will first kill
him and then break it. Today I lost the election,
but today will be the day.. …of Shivakashi’s death. I will kill my sister Aishwarya
along with him.. …and became an MLA again.
Take out the petrol pipes. Aishwarya. Aishwarya. Where’s Aishwarya?
– She went to your mother’s place.. …for her blessings. I came here for your blessings. Now all our problems are solved. Wear this new sari and look
like my mother again. Aunt, Shakti is back.
– Are you saying the truth? Yes, it’s true. You can hear the sound of the
crackers. It’s our Shakti. Stop there, brother. Stop. Your brother Shakti is back. He’s going to meet your
mother. Yes, brother. Let’s go there. Shakti. Brother. Uncle. Who calls himself my brother! It’s you?
– Did you recognize me, brother? Yes, I recognized you. But I will
make everyone forget you. No one from my family
can compete with me. That’s why I will kill you first. Bring the petrol.
– Stop there. Brother, earlier when we
didn’t know who he is.. …we attacked him whenever
you asked us to. But how can we kill him after
knowing that he’s your brother. How dare you to raise
your voice against me! Don’t get angry, brother. We
are bad enough to attack.. …Chennamaneni Rajeshwar
Rao’s family. Forgive us, brother. I will burn him. Stop there. Because of you your
father passed away. You accused your brother
of your mistake.. …and sent him out of the house. He returned after 15 years and
now you want to kill him. Mend your ways at least now.
– I will. I will mend his ways after killing
him. – You. – Mother. Wait a minute, mother. If you will change after my
death I am ready to die. Shakti.
– Mother. Durga, this is not good. I don’t like good. I
like evil. I am evil. Listen to me. Leave him.
– Get lost. Shakti.
– Shakti. This is from father. This is the same belt that
father has beaten me with.. …after you accused of the
mistake that you did. Get up. Get up. This is from mother for
treating her like a maid. And this is from me for treating
our sister the way you did. Kill him. You dared to kill my daughter! Shakti, no matter whatever
he did he is your brother. He shouldn’t die in someone’s hands. Go there. Go there and save him. Brother, save elder brother.
Go, brother. Go, Shakti. Every drop
of blood that flows.. …from his body is your
father’s blood. Don’t trust him. He tried
to kill his wife. He can kill you tomorrow. You kill him today itself. My power didn’t save me. My brother saved me. You are the true successor
of father. I didn’t want to give you
a share in our wealth.. …but you gave wanted to take
a share of my troubles. Forgive me. Take this. Take it. Kill me. Kill me. I’m not the one who can kill you
or forgive you. It’s mother. Apologize to mother. Mother, forgive me. Brother, you must do
me a small favor. I can’t say no to you.
Tell me what it is. I love a girl in Hyderabad. You must get me married to her. Brother, you must convince mother. People run away with the girl. But you got the girl after
running away from home. Where’s the girl?
– I will call her. Did you ever see me before? I saw you just now. I will see you again
in your wedding.

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