TVF’s Imaandar Sharma with Kartik Aaryan & Sara Ali Khan

There’s a lot of upheaval
going on in the country. Keeping in mind the
circumstances of the country, I would like to ask
you a serious question. Sure. That will you marry me? Hello, friends! My name is Imaandar Sharma and
you’re watching Imaandar Interview. And today we’ve with us an outsider who
looks like a star kid and a star kid. Who looks at me like as if she likes me. – Hi, Sara!
– Hi. Sara, let me tell you that Kartik
has come on our show before. And that video was quite a hit. And when Kartik came to know that his video
released, he called me and said… …delete the video, you idiot! So even I told him that if you’ve
guts then lets talk face to face. So he came. So Kartik tell me one thing, are you going
to first promote the film ‘Love Aaj Kal’… …or you want to hit me? Let me hit you first. – Let’s promote the film first.
– Okay. By the way Kartik, because of that video,
Pati Patni Aur Woh has earned good money. So from now on, a little part of your
collection of films will also be mine. I thought that after doing this
interview my film will earn 150 crores. But coudn’t earn more than 100. – So you give me 50 crores.
– So cheap. For a small amount like 50 crores,
you broke a two days of friendship. Kartik and Sara,
the name of the film is ‘Love Aaj Kal’, – it’s not ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’.
– No. So neither of you thought
it necessary to remind… …Imtiaz Ali that you’ve
made this film before. So this is a different film. – Is it a different film?
– It’s a new film. This love and the previous
one, both are different. – Because we’re in 2020.
– ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Oh, this is different. Because it’s ‘Love Aaj’. Even if it is made after 10
years it will be Love Aaj Kal. Because it will be made
in their present scenario. Got it? So this is a different film.
And the cast is different. Alright. Sara. You’ve achieved so
much at such a young age. You debuted in a film like Kedarnath. You even worked with Rohit Shetty. You’ve even worked with Imtiaz Ali. So you tell me, at this young age, how do you feel being an
elder sister of Taimur? Leave Taimur, how does it feel to
be unemployed at such an older age? Kartik, do you want to have any drink? Tea, coffee… …petrol? Anyways, like I said that this
film is directed by Imtiaz Ali, And it has to agreed that in
India if someone can show the… …romance on the screen
is Sanjay Leela Bansali. But anyone who shows modern love the
best, it is David Dhawan.Sarkai Lo Khatiya Jada Lage
is one of my favourite song. But the most different thing about imtiaz
Ali that sets him apart from the rest… …of the directors is how he kept
growing his hair continuously for 20 years. Correct. I’m a fan of his hairstyle. In 20 years it had
grown only this much. I mean oh, my God! Oh, my God! It’s okay. – Sara?
– Yes. Love Aaj Kal is a family movie for you. Yes. And your father Saif Ali
Khan was in the first part. Your ‘chacha’ Imitiaz Ali Khan
has directed this film. Imtiaz Ali is not my ‘chacha’. Okay. So your ‘phufa’ Imtiaz
Ali Khan has directed this film. – No. He’s not my relative.
– Okay. With a same surname, you can’t be a relative? So is Kapil Sharma your brother? I’m not Kapil Sharma’s brother. I’m Anushka
Sharma’s distant and so called… …stalker. Kartik, you’re a humble star. – Humble star.
– Humble star. But you’ve some attitude in your hairstyle. Your hair stands up before you stand up. Yeah. There’s a rumor in the market
that if your hair is cut, your height
will not be even 4 feet. So what would you like to say
about such an idiots who spread… …such rumors and come to
take interview wearing spectacles. Not everyone has hair like this. That’s why they comment on others
hair by wearing such glasses. Kartik, you’re really in a good mood. This I understood. No worries, Kartik. We’ll move ahead. On both of you, my research team
where its only me and nobody else… …has done a research that on
25th, Sara, you posted on Instagram. Yes. And Kartik commented on that by
saying ‘check your WhatsApp’. – So I’ve a printout as a proof.
– Show it. You can see it on the screen. – So Kartik, there are two things.
– Okay. First thing is you’ve
started harassing Sara. Second thing is you need to understand
that if you can’t see a WhasApp dp, that means you’re blocked. Sara, why did you block him? Does he message you and ask for 250 rupees? No. He asks me 225 rupees. By the way Kartik,
why didn’t you put a picture on WhatsApp? Because I’ve blocked you. So when a film comes,
the PR team of that film spreads a rumor… …that something is going on
between an actor and actress. – Oh! Is it?
– Hmm. – Really?
– Hmm. We never read it. But you guys didn’t do anything like this? – No.
– First you’ve spread the rumor. And then made the film together. You understand the chronology. So other interviewer must be asking
you about your dating rumors, or you guys dating
each other or no etc. But I’m a honest interviewer
and I’m going to ask you a question that… …is there really something
going on between you two? No? What do you think? I think the way Kartik looks… hmm… Something must be going on. You understood the chronology, right? Oh, God! – Got viral with that statement.
– Kartik, please give me some tips. I mean… – Kartik!
– Yes. – Cinema is changing now.
– Correct. Today’s cinema has changed. Yes. Currently content
driven films are coming. Yes. How do you see the future of Indian cinema? – It should go on like this and…
– Wait a minute… – Wait a minute.
– Okay. Yes aunty. Today only one person’s
food will be made. I won’t because I’ll be beaten. Kartik, you were saying some nonsense. Yes. I was… …talking nonsense of
taking our cinema forward. Sure. You should. All the best for your film ‘Love Aaj Kal’. I think the only honest
thing in this interview… …is me and Kartik and
our film ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Please come and watch ‘Love Aaj Kal’. So now they’re going to leave
because they’re busy people. Even I’m a busy person. I’ve a new start-up. I turn the momos white sauce into red. It’s going crazy. After having the sauce,
people go mad and beat a lot. Red spicy. So friends, I’ll leave.
You keep posting comments. Peace out!

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