TSL Plays: Heart Rate Relay Challenge
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TSL Plays: Heart Rate Relay Challenge

– Look at her tongue!
– Ahh! I cannot! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today we will be playing the Heart Rate Relay! Here are the rules. Welcome to the Heart Rate Relay! We are, Zi, Cha, Rice. We are, Heart Red. Round 1, up-close and uncomfortable. One player from each team will go head to head in a challenge. The highest heart rate of the players will be recorded. The player with the lower recorded heart rate wins! Challenge 1, hug for 20 seconds. Aiyo, I step on your feet. Must increase his heart rate. – This is such a friendly hug.
– Eh, why you tickle me? – Can increase right? – Zina I sing to you a song~
– That one is not friendly, that means you must step even nearer ah? – Zina~
– Step where? Such a friendly hug. – Find his sensitive spot!
– Oh my gosh! Is it here? Ah! Where is the… Is it he just controls very well? It’s okay Zina, its fine! 3, 2, 1, okay! The tactic is to sing, and calm myself down. She was trying to find my sensitive spot. Why is she in this position all of a sudden? 3, 2, 1 go! Look at her tongue! I cannot, I cannot! – Let’s go Renae! I believe in you.
– Oh my God, I’m gonna die leh. Sorry, sorry. Ah, I touched the soft lip already. Applause leh. – Why are you clapping?
– I don’t know. Well played, well played. Okay let’s just get this over and done with. What is my favorite movie? All time favorite. It’s soft. Wait, wait, wait. Twilight. You’re right! YES! -Are you serious? Ew.
– Yeah. – Hey don’t… don’t judge.
– Oh! Okay next. At what age do I want to get my first child? 30. How did you know? Yes! Yes! Which country do I want to migrate to? I don’t know. Australia? Oh! – I don’t know. The answer is nowhere. I want to stay here! Time to swap! What’s my favorite office snack? Ooh, my God! Hot and Spicy Calbee chips. Correct. How did you know? Cause it’s also my favorite! Second question. Assuming this place has all the bubble tea brands, what’s my go to bubble tea order? Oh my God… – It bounced off her…
– It went straight leh! Come, reload. Last question! Eh… point higher eh. – Ah! How long has it been since I was last attached? 3 years! I missed! – Reveal the correct answer. Oh. 10 years. – 10 years?
– Oh my God, 10 years? – My heart rate just dropped.
– Wah. 1, 2, 3. It’s so weird to exercise in silence. Okay Renae, here’s some music specially for you. Why you keep laughing? – C’mon!
– Okay, finished liao. – Yeah!
– Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Just start. Wait… how to start? Okay, okay, okay! Just go ah? Why you always laughing? Yes! 1! 4…5… 6…7… – You do 5 or 10?
– 5! Wah, I cannot do push-ups! I’m tired already. – Sew, why are you like that?
– Okay, okay, okay! Burpees, burpees, burpees. Faster do push-ups! 17, 18, 19, 20! Okay! Sew giving birth… – Wah.
– I just go. Wait, I also… I’m like more excited… *Squealing* No you cannot look down. Look up! Then you touch here… – Woah! – Wah!
– I cannot! Okay, can you sit on his lap? Okay. May I… May I sit? – Okay, okay, okay.
– I put the slime on his knee. – Oh that’s quite calming.
– Oh no! AH! – Rainier just sing!
– RAR! – Sing Christmas carols!
– ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR! – We wish you a merry Christmas~
-3, 2, 1… Stop! Time to swap! My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps~ – My lovely lady lumps~
– Wait, wait, come tie here! My hump, my hump, my humps! Eh I lick your toe ah? Wah cannot. I think I’ll just… Go Sew! His face damn red! – 20 seconds!
– Ah~ – Wew!
– 3, 2, 1, stop! The winner is… The most calm one. Heart Red! I thought my 173 was going to bring everybody down. No, Renae just brought us down. The highlight of this entire episode… Is the pocky. – …is the pocky. The banana pocky.
– No! Especially the part where he left one short bit right? – Yeah!
– Then she’s like omg I cannot reach! Then Sew and I were holding each other so tight! Yeah, even I was holding the enemy also! – I feel…
– Renae, Renae. Nice socks. He wants to take it off and lick your toe. – Just like how he licked your toe!
– Exactly! I’ve got a compliment to give him back also. – Rainier…
– What, what, what? Nice bottom lip. Go home already! Go home! Yay! – *Coughing*
– We should change change seat. Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. If you liked this video don’t forget to like, share, subscribe. Ring the notification bell and watch our other videos over there. Bye!


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