Top 3 Stocks I Want To Buy With The Stock Market Going DOWN
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Top 3 Stocks I Want To Buy With The Stock Market Going DOWN

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I want to break down three stocks I’m going to be keeping my eye on over the next week or two my Strategy of how I’m actually going to invest into these stocks and then one stock That I’m absolutely gonna keep far away from I’m gonna make sure that I avoid this stock So obviously this is a little bit different video than I typically shoot But with the whole stock market crashing the way everything’s going right now It’s probably a good time to at least be aware of what’s going on the stock market and if you have excess money to invest Be able to keep tabs on it. Now. Here’s a quick disclaimer. If you’re kind of just living paycheck to paycheck Do not even think about the stock market Unless you have at least six months and honestly during these times I would say be closer to nine to 12 months in savings Don’t invest in the stock market. I’m by no means an expert and more than likely if you’re watching this video You’re probably not an expert with the stock market either and so any money that you put into the stock market Whether it’s a single stock index funds whatever it is I’d almost as basically say like you’re it’s throwaway money, right if you lost all of it today Then you’d be fine and you’d be able to still live your life just as normal So that’s a quick disclaimer because I hear other people saying like oh I’m gonna put all my money all my life savings into this stock or that stock Well one if you do that Then you don’t know how long it’s gonna take for that stock to actually turn around and so you could be in a very difficult situation and then – What happens if that stock? Doesn’t actually turn around now my guess my gut feel is that most of these stocks are gonna turn around because the stock market Traditionally is able to grow over time But you got to kind of analyze each stock individually and know kind of what to expect Another thing to keep in mind is that we’re nearing April 15th, which is the deadline to put money into your Roth IRA which this is a great time to put money into your Roth IRA and Maybe invest in some of these different stocks that we’re going to talk about today on this video And I’m even going to explain to you how I’m actually gonna go about investing into these different stocks So that you can kind of have a little bit more of diversity in your retirement portfolio So if you don’t have a Roth IRA quite yet Then it might be a little bit late to get all set up because it does take some time but if you Roth IRA already and it’s probably good to go through and if you can’t max it out as a $6,000 annual investment put that money in but with all this up guys I’m no stock market expert so take my advice as entertainment purposes only so the first talk that I am keeping an eye on is Google the reason why is because Google has a lot of cash and they’re extremely solid strong company and I actually pay a lot of money to Google with Google Ads and their Revenue just through advertising is a lot larger than Facebook. And before this little dip in the market. Google was trading right around $1500 per share. So it’s kind of expensive per share. The last I looked it was down to just over $1000 So it’s one thousand eighty four dollars roughly. So basically went from 1500 down to $1000 So in my opinion, this is a great time to get Google stock at a massive discount now, obviously This is an extremely expensive stock So if you don’t have the funds to go through and buy the full stock I know there are other companies where you can go through and buy micro shares of the stock I believe Robin Hood actually allows you to do that So you have to buy a full stock if you don’t have like a full thousand dollars to go through and buy that now one thing that I’m gonna be doing is I’m looking at these different stocks is something That they call dollar cost averaging So on Friday when I looked at Google it was down around 1200 dollars and so 1200 bucks. It dropped from 1500 I was like, oh that’s great drop 300 bucks. It’s a pretty good percentage So if it comes back, it just goes back up to 1500 I could make $300 per share that I own. However today Monday it dropped down to just over $1000. So what I’m going to be doing is going through and looking at these and buy one share Probably because this is a little bit bigger investment per share each day Because hey if it’s a thousand dollars today Maybe it drops down to eight 900 or maybe tomorrow and jumps back up to 1100 It might be a little bit volatile during this very unique time in the market now if you might be thinking well Jason I don’t have a thousand dollars go through and invest every single day over the next week or two and so some other stocks that I’m personally keeping an eye on one is Apple Apple is actually a stock that I have been following since I was in I remember back in high school I started learning about stocks has bought this course and everything and this Apple stock was actually at $22 per share now like pretty much anyone that’s ever studied anything in the stock market. I look back at that I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy any Apple stock because it was $20 $22 per share now It’s a couple hundred dollars per share So that would have been some nice returns over the last 15 years or so The thing I like about Apple is is historically a great company it’s always trended really nicely upwards as a company in a hole in the stock market and They have a lot of cash reserves because no one really knows how long this kind of stock market dip is gonna last how long this recession is gonna last and So you need to look at companies that are strong solid companies and have a lot of cash reserves That they can stand the test of time No matter if it’s just a few weeks a few months or even a year – and as I’m looking at Apple is the same Concept that I talked about with Google with dollar cost averaging where I’m looking at Okay, I don’t want to go all in and buy. Let’s say 10 or 20 shares right now today Because what if it drops more right or on the flip side, what if it does go back up all of a sudden? So what I’m gonna be looking at more of like, okay Maybe by one to two to three shares today one to two to three shares tomorrow and each day moving forward so that you can go through and Capitalize on the dips in the market and then if it dips and then increases back up Then you’re able to go and get those gains alright so we talked about Google we’ve talked about Apple and Those are two very popular stocks and probably a lot of people are keeping their eye on Now a third stock that I’m keeping my eye on and it is somewhat of a popular stock But I’m not keeping my eye on it just because it’s popular I’m keeping my eye on this for a little bit different reasons than probably most people are thinking right now and that is Disney and the reason why I’m looking at Disney is because one The theme parks are all closed down. And so obviously they’re gonna have a little bit of a dip in their market value also They own ESPN which all sports are now Canceled for the time being so with no theme parks open with no sports going on Revenues are gonna definitely be dipping for the Disney Corp raishin and the nice thing about this. Is that a share of Disney stock is actually a lot more affordable than Google or even Apple now Obviously one thing I do like also about Disney is they recently released Disney Plus where honestly with all this quarantine time More people are probably jumping on that platform that technology platform And so they’re able to like kind of stabilize the revenues a little bit But then once this whole virus everything goes away theme parks open back up sports go back on Everything is gonna jump back up to where it was. At least that is my guess now I promise you guys that I was gonna tell you about three stocks I’m keep my eye on and one stock that I’m gonna stay far away from and this stock is actually a stock I’ve looked at in the past. I’m actually buying because my business is so closely related This channel is very closely related with that with it and that is Facebook The reason why I’m kind of staying away from Facebook right now is because Facebook is being policed So heavily by the government and so many advertisers are not allowed to do certain things and with this whole political stuff going on They’re being very particular about what ads are actually able to run on their platform And so I just like during election year with this whole virus with the whole market kind of collapsing I just kind of want to stay away from Facebook right now and not really meddle with anything that’s going on there now Obviously that could still be a great stock to go through and by I’m no expert on Facebook I’m no expert on any of that stuff when it comes to the stock market but I will be keeping my eye closely on Google Apple and Disney over the next couple of days and just like I mentioned earlier I’m gonna try to take advantage of the dollar cost averaging of going through and Investing just a little bit each day To be able to take advantage in the slight dips and also take advantage of what has already happened in the market So anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this video It’s a little bit different than a lot of my other videos, but I always enjoy investing Hopefully you guys talk enjoy talking about investing and if you did find this video helpful Go ahead drop a comment down below also give this video a thumbs up and also let me know Are you guys investing in the stock market? What are you guys thinking? What do you guys think about what I shared on today’s video and what that said guys. Thanks so much Make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not subscribed yet because over the next couple of weeks I’ll probably you launching some or video since we’re all kind of contained to our homes And so I want to be able to share and give as much value as possible to you guys So if you guys have a specific topic You’d like me to cover Drop your comment down in the comments below and I can make sure that I get that on my content schedule. So, thank you So much for watching guys, and I’ll see you in the next video


  • Rob Massopust

    Ahh Jason, The only stock I would want to buy is a stock that can have a reasonable chance of creating value in the future, like your Real Estate Facebook Training Challenge Program. If I had the extra funds thats where I would be investing because learning that skill set is more valuable than overvalued Tech stocks. You have to look beyond the Corona Virus as the cause of the bubble, the market is a debt saturated bloated mess and the corona virus is just the cover up for a systematic unwinding of the asset bubble of the world. What the FED is doing is just adding fuel to the fire and creating more debt that is not the answer. They are going to be bailing out every industry on the planet. We are on track for continued losses next several months, the professional investors are getting out and the mom and pops are jumping in thinking they are getting a good deal, most likely they will get hammered. Do your own research even here on youtube for counter opinions, ie Ray Dalio who just lost over a billion doing this, or Scott Gamon, Harry Dent, Peter Schiff or Greg Marriano all have good info. Be careful

  • Investing Sensei

    Some great choices, I'll still add FB as it goes down. Long term it will be fine 😁. It also has one of the best balance sheets.

  • sarbjot singh

    Trump or Biden dont care about facebook regulations as much as Warren and maybe Bernie did. Facebook still need to monetise whatsapp and they have future potential in oculus and payment services.

  • ESZLiving

    Thank you brotha for all your help!! Blessings in this time !! I would love to talk on the phone with Jason !📱 give me a call my number is 775-971-8097!

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