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This Season On… | The Owl House | Disney Channel

Every myth you humans have
is caused by a little of
our world leaking into yours.
You can open your eyes now,
human. Aah! Eda:
Welcome to The Owl House. ( gasps )
I want to stay – and become a witch like you.
– Deal. Hang on tight. Magic isn’t proper.
It’s wild and unpredictable. Luz:I’ve only seen places
like this in my dreams.
What if I, Luz Noceda,
average teen,
actually had a predetermined
path of greatness?I am out of batteries…You and I know she’s either
going to get lost or eaten, – probably both.
– No, I won’t.Is there a magic school here?Today just got good. Go Hex Side! Ta-dah!
( gasps ) – Where are you taking me?
– Detention. Why do they call you
the Owl Lady, anyway? ‘Cause she coughs up
rat bones. I can’t believe I’m about
to learn magic, real magic.
Ah! I challenge you
to a witch’s duel. ( all gasping ) Let’s see what kind of witch
you are. – I can win this, right?
– Hmm? – Oh, yeah, no.
– Body swap! I’ve got some confusing emotions
right now. Luz:
You have a mysterious past.
Sister. – No one wants to see that.
– I do.First mythical quest.Our greatest adventure yet.all: Aah! Let’s grab front row seats. Step on it, Owlbert. all: Whoa!( music playing )Ow, ooh. ( screaming ) ( coughing ) Was I even alive before now? Eda: I can do every kind
of magic. The king of demons is back! Company, hooray!“The Owl House,”
new episodes Friday nights
after a new “Gabby Duran”
on Disney Channel.
Oh, you think that’s all
the mystery I got? – I need to know more!
– You very much don’t.

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