• Gavin Roberts

    I wasn't too excited about GOTG Telltale after Batman happened, but after seeing Vol 2 I'm pumped to get any more dose of Guardians.

  • Kai Williams

    I like to think of the modern telltale format as what would happen if movies and video games crossed over. I haven't played TWD but I did play Batman as my first telltale game. I thought it was a blast. I played each episode like 4 times.

  • Spencer Coles

    *SPOILER ALERT* I really don't like the direction TT has taken with the third season. Don't get me wrong, there are still some aspects of season 3 that I really appreciate and enjoy. But I was really hoping we would continue to experience the game as Clementine, seeing as the ending of season 2 was the defining moment as to how you developed her character and where she would end up in the beginning of season 3.

    I chose the ending in where both Kenny and Jane both die, leaving Clem to solely rely on herself and realizing that only she can protect AJ. But I feel like TT incorporating all of these new characters and story lines in seasons 3 just completely kills the significance of the choice you made in the end of season 2.

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