The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill With Eugene’s Mom
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The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill With Eugene’s Mom

(horn blares) – Welcome to (bleep), Marry, Kill. The Try Guys dating show where we have a very special guest play (bleep), Marry,
Kill with three people that they personally know. The twist is they won’t know who’s who because our contestants voices will be completely distorted. (imitates horn blowing) The Try Guys have played
this before with Ned’s wife. We played this with strangers
on our international tour. But all of that pales in comparison to today’s very special celebrity guests. My very own mother. – Wow. – Are you excited to be here? – No. No exactly. Because you told me just last night, you know, be here. So
it’s so embarrassing. And I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t fix my hair, you know, – Mom – I couldn’t find the right clothes. – Mom. (upbeat music) Well we’re off to a great start, I was trying to be a good host, so you see me being a good host? – Yes. You just told them all my problems. – Okay, sure. – You gotta be nice. And be nice to me. – Okay. You a smart.
– Thank you. – And handsome.
– Thank you. – But not very organized.
Even not telling me– (upbeat music) – Mom. – Yes. – You are going to play
(bleep), Marry, Kill. – Wow. – With the other Try Guys. – Wow. Interesting. – Do you know what (beep) means? – Yes, I know but I don’t want to say F-words. (audience laughs) – You know my three
best friends very well. – Yes, Keith, Ned, Zach. – Keith, Ned and Zach – I like each of them. You know, they have
good point each of them. Like Ned is like family guy. And Keith he’s funny. Zach, he’s there … (Keith, Ned and Zack laugh) He’s cute. (laughs) He’s cute. Well I like that good
points mixed together, that’s what I like. – You saved it with the cute mom. Mom are you ready to meet
our mystery bachelors? – Yes, sure. – Bachelor number one. Can you please introduce
yourself to my mother? – Hello. I’m bachelor number one. – What do you think of that voice? – Not very attractive. (audience laughs) – Bachelor number two say hi. – Hello. It’s I, bachelor number two. And I can’t wait to win your heart. – Oh, bachelor number two
is worse than number one. (Eugene laughs) – And finally, let’s hear
from bachelor number three. – Hey mama. So excited to
get to know you better. I’m bachelor number three. – Wow. Sounds so gross. (Ned, Keith and Zach laugh) – Our first round is romantic questions. Mom, ask the bachelors your first one. – What is your idea
for perfect first date? – Bachelor number one. – I know that your
favorite fruit is olives. So I would take you to a romantic dinner at my favorite authentic
Italian place, Olive Garden. – Wow, that’s great. One of my favorite. – Is it? – Long time ago. – Let’s hear from bachelor number two. – I’d throw a dinner
atop the Eiffel Tower. I will buy you diamonds. Because you deserve the
finest things in life. – Wow. The Eiffel Tower,
the restaurant is very nice. I went there. – You’ve already been there? – Yeah many times. And the worst thing is it takes four hours for finish the dinner. (upbeat music) That’s a good try. It’s great.
(giggles) – Nice try bachelor number two. Let’s hear from bachelor number three. – You’re beautiful like a flower, so I think we should take a
stroll through a flower garden. After we’ve picked flowers, we’ll go … I don’t know … To the beach? Sure, that sounds fun. Watch the sun set. Fall in love. – Wow. – So who was your favorite answer so far? – Number three. – It sounds like bachelor number three is taking an early lead. – Yes. – Let’s go on to our next question. – What is your favorite
part of a woman and why? Why you like that? – Okay. Bachelor number two answer very carefully, ’cause I am here as well. – My favorite part of a woman
is her big, juicy brain. That’s right. I like to talk to you and find out what do you know? Also, if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I know that we’ll be right together, Two big juicy brains. (audience laughs) – Oh, I agree with that because I love somebody knowledgeable. I don’t attract to somebody
is not knowledgeable. – It’s hard to pick just one part because I believe a woman’s
potential is limitless. But I will have to say, your hair. Because, yeah. You really know how to work it. – You know, I never
thought my hair is pretty, I never go to a beauty shop. And not never, but I cut it sometimes. But most of the time I handle myself when I don’t too much pay
attention for the hair. – Bachelor number three,
your favorite part of my mom. I mean a woman eww. (audience laughs) – Oh, sorry. – Hey mama. I have to say that my favorite part
of a woman is her neck. Such elegant smooth lines. Beautiful soft skin. Plus, it encapsulates the vocal cords for which I can listen
to your beautiful voice all night long. – Wow. – Neck and voice. – I know. – But I think I’m kind of either high tone specially when I … talking by telephone, my voice’s used to going up like very excited. (giggles) So I choose number one, for brain. – You like his answers the best. – Yeah. – Mom, these are all compliments. You have to take the compliments. – Oh thanks. I should have said that. – It’s not time for you
to critique yourself. They are fighting for your attention. – Oh, okay. Okay. How would you like her
propose me for marriage? – Bachelor number one. – We’re going to take a plane trip to Napa And we’ll share a nice
bottle of white wine overlooking the vine yards. And as the sun sets, I’ll get down on one knee and show you the biggest
diamond you’ve ever seen. – Wow. That’s a big plan. – Very traditional. – I know but, actually I like red wine, (audience laughs) not white wine. And I’m not crazy about diamond. – So it could have been a better answer. Yes. I’m a simple man. So it’s going to be a simple day surrounded by the most
important people in the world, your family. And after drinking red wine, we will take photographs and tell Eugene to smile in the photo. Because he’s way more
handsome when he smiles. And Eugene, you should
smile more in photos. (audience claps) – Wow. That’s a good answer. I love it. – Picture this mama. You wake up on the second
floor of a historic cabin in an empty tower for your (chuckles). And you look out the window, It has snowed. Not only has it snowed, but you will see my
giant body made of snow knelt down on one snowy knee. Holding up me and me. I will be there also on one
knee in the palm of my own hand with a ring of your choice. Wishing you well through the window, and asking for your hand. – Wow. That’s very imaginary. It’s not pretty realistic. So I still like the Is the second one? – Bachelor number two? – Yeah. – Wow. After the first
round over many questions. My mother’s preferred
each bachelor’s answer for different ones. So they’re all neck and neck. Out of all of them, who would
you want to marry the most? – Marry the most? None of those guys. Old actors, Sean Connery. – He’s not an option mom. – He’s not option. In this room? (Eugene laughs) – Yeah mom. Pick someone in this room. – I saw the guy when I had lunch. That’s a cute guy. You told me the name Jonathan. Maybe if I were forty years younger, I can date him. That’s not a Try Guy. – That’s not Try Guy. – He’s running our
sound. He’s an employee. He’s very cute. You like his hair, right? – I like his hair, his face. He’s a cute, very cute. – I like his name, Jonathan, because actually I was
gonna name you Jonathan. – Really? – Before you’re born. But when you were born I see the newborn baby. You don’t look like a Jonathan, you look like a Eugene. – Wow. So I change it immediately to Eugene. – Was I an ugly baby? – No, no, no, no. Eugene was cute. – We’re moving on to the
next round of questions, which is more fun, less romantic question. – If you want to be any animal, what you want to be and why? – If I could be any animal, I would be the crane, a beautiful bird with long
legs and luscious feathers. – I don’t like a bird. Oh, that’s too bad. – She does not like that. – If I could be any animal mama, I would be the dolphin. Because then I could perform
amazing feats of brilliance for you to gaze upon. (Eugene’s Mom laughs) – Dolphin mom. – Yeah I know. I love dolphin. High IQ. I think smart. – And sexually attracted to humans. – Aah, I see. I didn’t know that. – I would be the elephant. Because they love their family. They’re a sign of good luck and I could do funky things with my trunk. – Oh, it’s too big for riding
and too big for playing. I’m afraid if elephant with
a big nose hit me, you know? – You die. – That’s obvious. So I love the number three. (audience claps) Is the number three pick up the– – Dolphin. – Dolphin. Yeah, exactly. – If your houses is fired, what is the one thing you gonna grab it. – If our house was burning down, I would grab your wardrobe because I love the way you dress and even though the house is gone, I want to make sure
that you look your best. – Can I tell you what I
like when it’s a fire? – Mh-hm. – I like my computer, not my wardrobe. You can buy. – You can buy. – Yeah. Right. – I would grab the original copy of the Declaration of Independence because with you by my side, I will become the president of
the United States of America. Because we are a power couple baby. We’ve got to say what this
country was founded on. – Wow. – The Declaration of Independence I know. I know. – In his house. – I haven’t think about it. That’s that important for me. – I’m so responsible that I’ve already made backup
copies of all of our valuables. So as I was leaving
our burning down house, I’ll give you a smooch
and grab your booty. – What was it? – I would grab your butt. – Because we’re already so prepared. – Yeah, that’s a good answer. You know, you’re like saving
me, which is good answer. – So you think when
he’s grabbing your butt, he’s saving you? – Yeah, I think so. – I think he maybe a little sexual. – Oh my God. – No. No, I don’t think so. He’s like saving me. – Exactly. – So you like bachelor
number one’s answer, grabbing the butty? – Yeah right right. Life is short. You gone. Your life is important
than other material. – So grab the booty? – Yes. – All right. And the final question in our fun round. – If we want to invite to dinner, anybody who, live or dead, who will it be? – If I can have dinner with
anyone in the universe, it would be your parents. Because I want to meet
the wonderful people who created and most wonderful
woman on this planet. – I’m not very attracted to this answer. Because our family’s crazy. Are you joking? – If I could pick anyone through history, I would choose Benjamin Franklin. Not for the work that
he did for this country, but for all the work he
did for over in France. Romancing all the beautiful women. I’d love him to get some tips on how to make a woman in
France fall in love with me. – Wow, that’s a good answer. I like Benjamin Franklin . – I would invite Margaret Thatcher, because I like a strong woman
with lots of experience. And I think thee three of us would have a very
interesting conversation. – I’m not sure. I am a musician, so I like to invite like Beethoven, Bach. – Artists? – Yes. Artists that I value more. – You don’t care about politicians? – Yeah. I don’t care
about much politician. – None of their answers were very good. – Yes. Not very attractive for me. (audience claps) – Okay. Well, it sounds like
at the end of round two, my mom doesn’t quite like anyone yet. (upbeat music) Who right now is in trouble? Which bachelor do you dislike
the answers most so far? – Not particular, but
like the giant scene, putting in front of my window. – Giant snow man. – Yes, giant snow man. It doesn’t sound too realistic. Can I have water? – Yeah, do you have water? – Thank you. – Feel that cool water
rush through your neck. Oh my God. (audience claps) (laughs) – You think that was sexy? – Yeah. Pretty good. – Was that sexy? – Pretty good. – Now we’re gonna move
on to the third round, which is questions
directly related to my mom. – What is your favorite thing
about Korea culture and why? – My favorite thing about
Korean culture, are the dinners. So communal, so many
traditions, so delicious. – Oh, that’s good answer because we have lots of good
Korean traditional food. I love it. – My favorite thing about
Korean culture, it’s the people. Specifically, your son. (audience laughs) – Wow, that’s a good answer. Yeah. He’s very creative and he’s smart. – Wow. – I’m proud of you. – Thank you. – You like his answer? – Yes. I like it. – Ooh, that’s two for two. Bachelor number two can you impress my mom with what you love about Korea? – I love everything about Korea. But the thing that I love
the most is the culture. – Wow. I couldn’t hear well with that. – His favorite thing about
Korean culture is the culture. (audience laughs) – [Eugene’s Mom] Culture. That was his answer. Oh. (laughs). That’s very simple answer. – Very simple answer. – I’m not very impressed. (laughs) – Not specific enough. – Yeah, exactly. Why would you be the best
young man handling older woman? – Be very careful with
your answers, bachelors. Be very careful. – Well mama, I think I
would be a good young man to handle a more life-experienced woman because I don’t move too fast. I’m happy to just relax. I’m happy to sit next to
somebody reading a book. I’m happy to make some
tea in the afternoon. I just want someone to love, and someone to share my calm life with. – Oh, he’s very– – Settled down. – I know. I know. Most of the younger
men married older women are settled down. – For me, it’s simple. I listen. – Ooh, you listen. – He listens. That’s very important because the husband that doesn’t listen or raise a fight … Whatever I want to do, listen. (audience laughs) Wow, that’s good. – Not sure how it relates to the question, but it’s a good answer. – First of all, she’s not
older, she’s more experienced. And while the whole world
is filled with princesses, I want to treat you like a queen. – Wow. It’s a fantasy. Oh, I’m going to live in
fantasy with the best guy. – Treat you like a queen. – It’s not very realistic,
but I like this answer. (audience laughs) – Yes. Okay. Well it sounds
like bachelor number two was making up some lost ground here. This could be anyone’s game. – Okay. – With your best French accent, what is the sexiest answer you can give. – Yes. – What is the sexiest thing you can say because my mother lives
in Paris and Seoul, so we want to get the
French side represented. – Ho ho ho, mama. I want to take you to a
wine and cheese store. Together, we will eat the
cheese and the wine, together. And then we will of course
have sex with each other. (audience laughs) – How was (snickers) wine, cheese, sex? – They sound great. (audience laughs) – Imagine we are sitting
at a restaurant together, and you need … (laughs) And you need another napkin. I shall turn to the waiter and say, (speaks in foreign language) It means, “May I please
have another napkin?” – So, the sexiest thing he could think of, was getting you another napkin. (audience laughs) – When I really need a napkin– – It’s nice– – If he’s asking, it’s very nice but some I already have with me, you know it’s not necessary. – So wine and cheese
and sex was more sexy? – Yeah, I think so. Yes. (audience laughs) – With you, I only need one French word. (speaks in foreign language) Because I can never say no to you. And then we would have
wine, cheese and sex. (audience laughs) – Sometimes a man has to get his opinion. (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign
language) that’s right. – In relationships you don’t like boring? – Yes. Yeah. Exactly. – You’ve heard two very
interesting husbands. – Oh my God, don’t mention it. (laughs) – So, that is the end of our three rounds. We have one final question
before you make your decision on who you are going to
(beep), marry, and kill. – Okay. – Are you ready for the final question? – Yes. If you marry me, why will
you be the best for Eugene? – So who will be my best daddy? (audience laughs) Very weird question. – Yes. – I’m sorry mom. – I would be the best daddy to Eugene because I’m firm, yet fair, and I have lots of experience
buying Eugene dinner. – I’m not very impressed. There has to be something special. – Okay. – I will be the best Eugene daddy. He would know that his mother is the happiest she’s
ever been in her life. And, I will make Eugene
smile in every photo. – Well, I like this answer because I want my son always be happy. If we make you happy, I’m happy. – No, he said he’s
going to make you happy. – Everyone’s gonna be happy. – Do you think you like the answer that he’ll make you happy to make me happy. – Yeah. I like it the other way. – That’s what I meant. – Nice try daddy number two. – She’s already perfect. She’s so smart. – Sounds like you need
an impressive answer from daddy number three. – Yeah, right. – Daddy, number three, blow my mom away. – Well mama, I have to
say that if we got married and I became Eugene’s father, even though I know you
have other children, Eugene will be happy because
he will be daddy’s favorite. – I’ll be his favorite over my sisters. – Wow, it’s not necessary. (laughs) (audience laughs) You have to be equally liking. – Plus he has great
experience sitting in my lap. – References my mother might not remember, but the audience will be dialed in. – Oh, I didn’t very impressed
for three of the answer. – So they’re all bad answers? – Yeah, I think so. Not quite bad but not satisfying. – What a wonderful way to end the game. My mother, not quite bad,
but still unsatisfied. Okay, mom, after reviewing
all of their answers, which one of my best friends have you decided to (beep)? Get ready to make some love. – Wow. (audience claps) – Ned, wow. – Oh, hi. – Thank you so much. – Thank you so much. – You look so sexy. – Thank you. – Oh look at that outfit. – Out of all my best friends, you have chose to (beep)
the most married one. – Ooh. – Ned how do you feel? – I’m honored. I’m a little uncomfortable
with the whole situation, but like we’re just two people. – Yeah. Right. – Ned, we did this game
on tour in every city, you always had to be the host. – Yeah, that’s true. I never got to participate. This was, this is an
amazing feeling for me. – Oh yeah. – But not as amazing as
later is going to feel. – Okay. – Okay. All right. – Okay there cowboy. – Even I feel weird about it. (upbeat music) – What was your favorite answer he gave? – Is that you say with the butt. – That’s me. – Wow. – That’s me girl. – Wow. I love it. – Ned, who are you revealing next? – Up next, it’s who are we going to kill? – Oh, this is a fake flower. Oh, I’m going to kill you. (laughs) (Ned laughs) – Give me the whole one. – Anyway I’m joking. – Okay. – We’re having fun. – She really hates fake flowers. We’re gonna hold that. (upbeat music) – Funny. – Here we go. – Wow. – The Try Guy you’ve
decided to kill is … – Who is that? – You can unzip him. One, two, three – Ooh. – Why? All I did was pander. I wanted to treat you like a queen. I told you I want to make Eugene smile. I know how much that means to you. All I wanted to do was be
a good daddy to Eugene. – I know but I like who you are, and so for queen treat you like a king. But yeah, that was I love
it but you know your answer for like the bird, that I didn’t like. – Forget the rest. Who cares about it? – When I ask for Korean culture you answer very simple, culture. (Eugene laughs) – You could have been
treated like a queen. But I’m sorry ma’am. You have to enjoy your life with king. I’m getting outta here. See you later. – And may you live happily ever after. – Wow. – Hello, mama. – That looks so cute. – Thank you. – You are brighter. – Yes and future’s bright together. – Did you dislike any of his answers? – He said giant, you know– – The giant snow proposal. – Maybe that was too much. – That was too much and not realistic. – But what did you like? – I like the lots of flower,
with the walking to the beach. That I liked the best. A lot of family, Korean
barbecue and stuff. I love it. – It’s a big one. – Good answer. – It turns out that today,
I am daddy’s favorite. (audience laughs and claps) – Wow. – Yes. What a throw-in conclusion. – Keith congratulations. Not only do you get to get married today, but you’re also Eugene’s new daddy. – Ooh. – And what do good sons do? – That’s true. – Sit on Daddy’s lap. – No No. Too many callbacks. – Well I am just loving
it. The comments are crazy. – Well, the other one time before I saw– – I didn’t like it. – You didn’t like it but you can try. Yes. No, it’s okay. – Yeah? – With my permission yes, you can do it. – All right Mom. – Wow. – Two or three years. – You are a baby now. – Baby, baby, baby. – Whoo. – Yeah. – This is just wow. – I didn’t see this end coming. Did you guys? You guys see this coming? Wow. It’s always surprises me. – You wanna give him a hug. It’s your family. – Yeah. – Yes. And you all together. Try Guys game time. Is it not that? (upbeat music) – And Mom, since you did so well today, I have a special surprise for you. – What is it? (audience claps) – It’s Jonathan. – Oh, Jonathan I saw him. – Do you want to touch his hair? – I’ll touch his hair. – Ooh, so cute. (Eugene’s Mom, Eugene, and Jonathan laugh)


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