The Spirit of the Game – Full Ice hockey movie
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The Spirit of the Game – Full Ice hockey movie

All right What the fuck are you thinking? Seriously! Be ashamed of yourselves! What did I say this morning? Defence wins championships!
What the fuck are you doing? Pick yourselves out of that hole and every shift, you play hockey again. You think defence and when we get the chance,
we go and score a goal. One goal at a time. Let’s show them that we can play. Listen, I don’t wanna go outta here,
with this score. So let’s show them that we can score.
It doesn’t mean we will win, but at least we can show them that
we can play hockey at their level. Because we can. Don’t go three guys at the same time When he’s here, the next guy goes,
so we get a little bit of distance between the guys. Does that make sense? So you go… Pass… Drop pass… You skate up… pass…shoot, yes? Let’s go, let’s go boys The “Puckers spirit” is first
and foremost an Ice hockey team. But it’s a lot more than that. When I first started here,
I noticed there was something special. So we’re hockey players, but we’re more, beer drinkers with a hockey problem. That’s how I would describe the Puckers. Yes we have 19 different nationalities in
the Puckers team and that is really a lot. But what unites us is Ice hockey. It’s a way of life, a passion for sport. With us the average age
is more than 42 years old. You have players in their 20’s,
you have players like Peter who is in his 60’s. Because what also defines us
is this multi-cultural aspect. In light of that we
decided to add the flag of everyone’s country
of birth on our jerseys It’s a mix of players who
have never played before, Who want to learn,
that’s very interesting. And players who have
played at different levels, with different nationalities,
in different championships. So it’s a very nice atmosphere. The whole family atmosphere, it’s just a great
bonding experience to be playing with the Puckers. And the support that everyone gives each other.
It’s really a great atmosphere. Somehow we all speak the same language,
the language of Ice hockey. We’re very few Luxembourgers actually. But we stick together, we don’t see any difference,
we don’t talk about nationality. and everyone brings something to the
dressing room, something to the ice and something to the game.
So I think that’s part of the spirit You start in the corner, you go there… You start in that corner,
you go here, it’s 4 stations. It’s not that difficult. “Loisir” or as they call it in
any other country “the beer league” It’s basically a league
where the competition is ok. Players come from all different levels but this is the division where we don’t
play full checking, we try to play fair-play Now 4 seasons in, we are the favourites. We are expected to go to
the Championship round. It’s true we’ve won a lot of matches but, It’s not always been easy and often we
play in matches that we don’t have the lead. And we had to fightback. The average age of our team is 40+, the average age of the teams when we
get to the Championship is mid 20’s High 20’s, it’s really hard. But it’s fun, nothing will keep us down. Don’t tell any team that’s our special secret. It’s been invented in Bulgaria. And if they get too close,
we squeeze it in the eye. On the shoot-out our goalie has a special…. Actually I skated for the first time
in my life on an NHL ice hockey rink. So I was 3 years old, at the
Christmas party of the team that were there. That’s always the funny part.
That I started at the top, to end up, at a different
top with the Puckers. He brings a lot of enthusiasm,
a lot of joy, a lot of energy. He can simply unite people It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know
anyone in a large group, he’ll go there and in a matter of
minutes they’re all his friends. He can take a short story and tell
it for an hour and then keep talking. It’s fascinating, he’s just
such an unbelievably nice guy. Aho! The visor’s back guys! He’s not laughing. Momo? Momo’s Momo, Momo was
always Momo before I met Momo. Momo is the Duracell bunny. He’s 50 years old this season but
he’s still skating like a crazy man. Momo is just a beast. I call him the
Bulgaria bull. He’s a real fighter. Everybody loves Momo. Jonathan Laforge is my roomie. On the ice, this guy is a magician. The most skilled player on the team.
I think he’s fantastic. The first 3 steps that he does. “tick, tick, tick” he can pass everybody with only 3 steps. He’s got a little bit of
that sarcasm to him that I like. Big Fred, he is, I would say “The Giant” I’m happy to play next to a guy
that’s 2 meters tall because I’m not very big. So right away it’s a bit
more intimidating for opponents. But he’s got a booming shot. So when he
winds up for a shot, I just get out of the way. Misses the target most of the time but the guy can shoot, you don’t want to get in the way.
You don’t want to block a shot that Freddy makes. He’s so relaxed, so relaxed. Most of the time you’ll see
him in his shorts and flip-flops. So “Cap”? He is the most
serious guy in the locker room, on and off the ice. He is our captain and coach
at the same time which is always easier said than done because when you coach a team you have to first concern yourself with everyone else
and that they are where they need to be. Then if you have a
little time left you have to make sure you yourself
are where you need to be. He’s also a “worker in the shadows”. Whether its me or it’s Yves. You see the calculations he makes? We talk often amongst ourselves. To say “yes do this..”
and you get an e-mail like this! And you say “but he
spent 3 hours on an E-mail”! Sean is superb. To be honest with you. I’ve had maybe a handful
of centermen and Sean is probably my favourite one to play with. He is a pitbull on the ice,
it shows on the ice. He’s strong on the puck. I dunno how tall he is, he’s fast and he’s very smart.
He played a very high level of hockey in the States. He inspires me when I play.
I see how much he wants it. And I get that same type of energy. That’s a contribution that nobody
will talk about but it’s so important and Sean is the type of guy where, If I tell him
“this is what I need from you now” he will do it He’s American, we have
2 Americans on our team. And they are sort of polar
opposites in terms of their noise levels that they make in the dressing room. Well, I’m really a shy guy. I’m naturally born to shy
away from any spotlight. Puckers!! When I get into the locker room,
I walk in quietly and hide in the corner. The guy doesn’t have an off button. Mike? Die-hard alias John McClane,
wannabe at least. Well you could say he’s the
mascot of the team. Everyone knows him. You hear when he arrives,
you hear when he leaves. He’s very passionate
about anything and everything. Especially when it comes time for the Puckers. Mike is the soul and spirit of the Puckers,
don’t let it fool you. He can be intense,
everyone else makes mistakes. But I’ve been playing
with him for 2 or 3 years now So I can easily tune out his remarks. The Puckers are a big family. Boom! This is what it’s all about,
Puckers nation family baby. Woo! Oh not too long… Yeah they’re playing volleyball. Just go deep. Just get in the end zone.
I’m gonna chuck it up You keep running, I’m gonna throw it to you.
But don’t stop, just keep going. Oh! He beat the defence! – I’ve seen it before.
– Yeah? You were naked? Steady, easy Trevor, easy. Not touching that stuff Well I think challenges are two-fold One is… To manage family
time with Puckers time. If you have a family that don’t approve,
then you couldn’t play Ice hockey with us. Because if we have an away game,
it’s a whole day. We do have to travel
quite substantially so It’s always a bit of a
challenge with the family So I have a lot of
respect for the women who allow their men to
come and play with us. Let’s say its a negotiation every
single time there’s something going on. So yeah, obviously its not easy. But, you know, you gotta do it. If you wanna play hockey,
you gotta do it. Maybe it’s not healthy, to a certain degree
for marriages and parenthood and all that. Yeah, I mean, we had a newborn.
So I wasn’t thrilled. To be honest, it’s tough. I know when Evilyn was
first born I was just worried if something happens when John’s gone,
who am I gonna call? because there’s no one
to call, so you worry. But as Evilyn got older I
was happy John was going because I felt like he deserved a break,
he deserved to get out. Because he has just been
through having a new baby. The only thing that is
sometimes difficult is if you have children and you have… I mean
I’m working 40hrs per week. So if you have kids to manage and stuff
to do on the weekends, sometimes it’s difficult but at the same time
I’m very happy that he’s with his friends, enjoying himself,
doing what he likes. And I think it’s very positive for him,
so it’s positive for us too. I think sometimes, John being a man,
he’ll tell me when he has a game away for a whole Sunday,
on like, the Thursday. And then that’s not so good. But my wife has been fantastic for supporting me with the Puckers. I love you baby. Having the support of my
wife Silvana is critical. If it weren’t for her to say “Ok listen, I’m gonna put the kids to bed tonight.
I’ll take care of things all day long, while you wake up at
6 O’clock in the morning to go catch a bus to go to
Besançon for example and come back at past 10 O’clock when you don’t
even see your kids”. is amazing. I do support him,
I know he loves it and he also needs some time
for himself, like we do if we want to plan a trip or something. I think I’m probably getting away
with a little too much, frankly. You can edit that one out.
Don’t let me wife see that. A lot of the fun stuff. A lot of the relationships
that you make with your teammates as well, happen in the vans or
happen in the rooms. It’s not necessarily during the games. So it’s a lot of fun for me. Still has the smell of
brand new leather, luxury bus. We should just make this
the permanent Puckers bus. Playing Candy Crush I thought he was organizing the game.
– Yeah I thought it was tactics. We’re going to Besançon. Everybody in
Division 4 wants to know about this match. Good morning. Bon Apetite (Cyril) He’s suffocated.
(Liam) Who is he? (Patrick) Charlie, Chuck Winter socks made by my Mama. You don’t wanna go in there! (Miikka) You take a dump? (Nick) Drop the deuce? (Mike) Deucy! When a guy comes to the boards.
So I’m gonna be that guy today, On both sides. Got a coffee, Besançon style.
Ready to roll guys. (Peter) 20 minutes on the ice!
– Let’s go, let’s get ready Alban just to let you know with the kids,
we ban Nintendo, 1 hour before the match. We play the league leader today… so they’re a good team. They lost 1 game game.
We have 2 games in hand so if we win this game we get closer. I need you to focus. We have to play from the first shift,
to the last shift. That also means we have
to have a good warm-up Let’s get a good warm-up, we’ll do the goalie,
we start straight away. We do our 3 drills and we’re good. One more thing is. No complaining on the bench.
No matter what the score is. If they score a couple of goals
it doesn’t matter. We’ll be fine. Alright? This is championship now.
This is for 1st place, so we have to play. Alright? Let’s go Nice What happened to the penalty shot? The ref said he didn’t
have control of the puck. (Mike) Yeah that’s go a nice curvature to it. That was a goal How about a round of applause?
We got beer from Besançon! Thank you guys! Momo! Very very very nice.
Very very nice I said boys before the game.
We are the stars. We are the stars. We are beautiful,
young men. The whole team. It’s “Momo the Magnificent”. Al Pacino… “Puckers!” Very important is… Felt like it wasn’t gonna end,
so you keep turning and you’re flying around. He’s already asleep… The first 2 periods
were actually pretty clean. I would say, in Besançon. And they were tight. it was a
very tight game. And we were leading and then… Something happened in the 2nd intermission where,
I know Besançon, behind closed doors said “We need to come out and do
something to change this game up.” And the thing they did was to get
that much more physical with us. So there was something there that
Besançon captured which probably exposed us a bit and They brought a more physical style
when they came over to our home rink and it was a match, that we
anticipated was going to be a close one. It was really tough, they
really were looking for revenge. And we saw from a physical
standpoint they were a lot more present. (Yves) Ok Mike! Ok guys! You know what’s at stake here guys. If we win this game,
we’re practically in the play-offs We won by 1 goal, they said they dominated
us the whole game. So let’s show them
today what domination means. Let’s go out, play 60 minutes.
Full concentration. We play the line:
Matthias, you get the start. Then we got the “Boston line” “Boston Bruins line”
– (Mike) Boom! (Nick) Let’s go shatter some dreams
– With Cyril and myself. Short shifts,
let’s go rock this place. Puckers win north east division,
qualify for semi-final round Yeah, for the division the
rivalry is very very good. Because we need
to get challenged. They are very good
ice hockey players in that team. In regards to the Championship
it’s not a team to take lightly. So it’s nice to have a great team to face,
in order to have a great game. I think it’s healthy to have a
little bit of a brawl here and there. As long as it stays within,
not hitting anybody. But I think that the
rivalry stays on the ice. So, For me it’s healthy. No one got hurt, first of all. I tried to separate the players. And that was the same from Besançon. There were players that said “We’re sorry,
we just wanted to have a bit of fun” and to enjoy the game but for sure. There are sometimes
other players that exaggerate And that’s what happened. They did take some liberties,
this is why I told you I don’t want to play
contact hockey anymore because I’m not gearing myself for a contact game.
I’m not preparing myself. And they were playing a contact game. Which is dangerous,
because someone’s gonna get hurt. And obviously that
escalated throughout the game. Boiled over into the end of the game. It was a very close game We had trouble executing our game plan. Luxembourg started really well. We had the chance to tie the score. And finally Luxembourg re-took the lead. So the tensions of both teams escalated. And after a mistake of Besançon that upset a player from Luxembourg. We ended up in a fight that became a brawl. It’s clear it wasn’t exactly pretty. But in the end, that’s hockey. We felt that, a little fighting is not
necessarily the most interesting thing. I always find it better if the
adversity stays around the puck. Especially since in our
league it’s “non-contact”. It’s really ugly when we arrive at that point. Generally it’s just due to frustration, I find that a shame, but I think
adversity is a very good thing. Around two teams that
are at a similar level. Its something that’s more interesting
and raises the stakes in the match. I missed that a little at
the start of the season. It’s always fun. Ok its easier to say
that when we’ve won but, For me its something that was
lacking at the start of the season. Once you get off the ice, you’re still friends. And it’s still
a big family. Hockey’s a big family. But it’s interesting to see that… You know, it used to be Epinal.
They were the rivals for a couple of years and we didn’t even
manage to beat them in the first couple of years. And then it suddenly becomes Besançon.
Now there’s Strasbourg as well. It’s good if there are other teams that can play at the same level because it’s good for us,
it’s good for them, it’s good for the competition. Nick, he brings a lot to
the team just by his smile. This guy has the best smile on the team Joker that’s me. He’s always smiling He’s just a guy that you wanna be around.
On the ice, off the ice. If he’s not smiling, if you don’t feel that smile,
then you know something’s wrong. So that’s how you know that he
likes you and he’s in his happy place. If Nick has a good day… He can decide the game
by scoring a few goals. And he had a great season,
he was our best scorer. I spend as much time with
Nick just to be around his smile. It’s great. Cyril, yeah, one of the few
Luxembourgish team members we have. Cyril is young, he has a future. He can still evolve
compared to people like us. We have a two and a half hour practice.
As soon as it ends, Cyril is out there doing his sprints He is a very funny guy,
because he can be extremely annoyed What the fuck is that? and super happy and jumpy on the ice
when things go well He’s usually in fights,
many times I’ve seen him When he’s annoyed you really know it, then you will hear him on
the bench and on the ice. David Jozek! The seasoned athlete That is a musician too who
lives life to the fullest. There is a guy that you
really have to admire. He does all the dirty administrative work, that nobody else would want to do. He’s the guy that prepares
everything for the games, the game sheets,
organizes the referees Any kind of problem you
can always go to David and he will try and give you a solution,
so he is indispensable. He listens to others as well because sometimes he runs the
practices and he listens. “Ok, everyone wants that?
here we go, no problem.” On the Ice he sometimes
gives too much. I know I’m a “pincher”,
I have that fault. But its always a case of, pop,
something in my head says “you can do it”. and it fails..
and afterwards what do I do? Patrick, If you ask me
what I notice most about him. It’s how many people from
his family come to our games. Because there was once a game,
I don’t know how many people were there but half of the
spectators were members of his family. I called him Peter for the first
half of my first year with the Puckers, and it wasn’t till half way through the
season that he said my name is Patrick Very poised, very calm. Has great perspective “That’s it we lost, its not bad”. “We’ll do better next time”. Peter is our Fisherman.
He is the oldest Pucker on the team. He is a little obsessed about eating
well and doing sports so he can play hockey, until he dies probably.
He’s one of my idols in that respect. Because its in my blood,
you know since 5 or 6 years old in Finland, you get skis or you get
skates and you have a pond or you put water on a
football field somewhere and then you skate. He makes you feel
like shit for one reason. How does a 61 year old look better,
feel better than me as a 34 year old. So Fisherman here’s to you,
you sexy ass hole So Antoine is a little
fire cracker on the ice, he has a lot of jump, he has a good step. even when he finds
himself in a sticky situation he can get out of it. We call him the rookie because he is one
of the youngest guys on the Puckers team. He’s the speed that I don’t have. He was born in like 1994? 1993? When Fisherman was like 40,
yeah we need those young legs! And he is still young enough to the
Rookie for many years. Until we do get someone who is younger then
him then he will be know as the Rookie. Go Puckers! Ready to rumble! Socks appeal?
Socks it! Socks it! Just to let you all
know some sad news. Momo has not be able to make it,
he wasn’t here yesterday, he wasn’t here today. Unfortunately his son,
his older son is battling cancer again. And it seems that this time
around the condition doesn’t look good. Pretty much terminal. So let’s be mindful
of that, of Momo. We obviously
want to support him. He’s a no show because he has
more important priorities in life. I remember we had a friendly
game against Liege I think. We had this good news,
it seemed like Shorty was coming back and he was actually at the
rink and he was on the ice he put the puck on the ice. We were all full
of hope and happy. He had to do some
more tests I think. The week after, there was
bad news he had regressed. Then they said this is the end basically.
Fuck this is not fair. You come in with some hope and
then you take it away, it was so bad. I don’t think there are words to
describe how that affects the life of a parent. And sadly after a year-long battle, the illness won. From the moment that it
affects your children, I think that, Everyone is concerned, everyone. That was the case with Momo,
I felt a lot of pain for him. You are gone forever and I don’t know how Momo
kept the strength and courage and sanity to see
it through and help. to support That’s the love in Momo. He gives his love
unconditionally to everyone. You just believe,
You’re in your 20s and you believe We have a long time to live but
When such things happen You think, You realize, Life can end quickly,
You can very quickly lose loved ones. And you look at your
children and you have certain expectations,
you look to the future. You want to experience
certain things with your children. I will go in French for that one So the death of Momo’s son
is something that is very emotional. It touched me personally because, I don’t say it too loud
but I also lost a child. So the fact that Momo lived
through this situation, personally It touched me a lot. And I grieved a lot with him, Since I lived through it too Now, as a team, I think its very
important as a team, To have been together. I think Momo certainly appreciated
the fact that we were able to be there, For him and with him, in this moment because I
think the loss of a child is the most difficult
thing we can experience It was a very difficult time and
I’m sure Momo thinks of him every day But I think as a team its easier, To be together, that
helped him, I’m sure, The thing that, if we can say, helped, to be able to resist,
to be able to be by his side During this year of battle which
was extremely hard and complicated. I can say it was the sport. It was the sport,
the team, hockey in general. It was exceptionally
touching for me when Yves called me practically every day. To ask for updates, To say that everyone is with me. To say “don’t worry,
we are there with you”. “Everyone is with you,
everyone supports you”. It helped me. We obviously want to win
but the score doesn’t matter. Tonight we play
here with our hearts. For Momo and Anthony. I was pleasantly surprised
to see this camaraderie, Organised through this friendship,
this love, this support. And I think it was
a beautiful tribute from a team and athletes to pay tribute to another
athlete and I find that, it’s for that reason that, I love Ice hockey,
because its a people’s sport. I also thank the team from Strasbourg because
that shows we are not just rivals, We are all human. I say thank you. With all we have been going
through as a Puckers nation, as a family. We’ve decided to award
the hard hat to Alex. So the hard hat is something
that Johnny brought to the team. It’s not something that I
invented, it’s something that’s around in North
America through all ranks of Hockey. So the hard hat is basically an award that is passed
on from player to player For the hardest working player not
necessarily the one who scored the most goals, but the one who really,
“gut checked” The one who really did everything they
could for the team. and the interesting thing is that
the player who received the hard hat in the previous match,
hands it out after the next match. It’s also a way to
create a bit of a challenge, during the matches
that are not so tough. We say, “Ok, in this match
I will still give my best”, “In this match I
want the hard hat”. The only problem
for us is that the hard hat frequently
goes to the goalkeeper because he’s simply one of the
most important parts of our team. You can’t argue because 99% of the
time he’s the best player on the ice. Matthias is the wall Well he’s my buddy. You shared some pictures where we are
helping each other get ready for the game. An extremely friendly person. I don’t know if he can say “No”. A great guy in the locker room
A very reserved guy. But when he comes
to the games and he’s physically 100% there,
mentally 100% there. Then he’s always one of
the best players on the ice, that’s why he so
frequently wins the hard hat. Thierry Van der Kallen,
he’s a good goalie. He’s got this funny Dutch,
I’m not sure if it’s Dutch actually he’s quite
international in his approach. I try to be a little bit
of a joker here and there. I think you have a little bit
of footage of me being a turtle. I mean that’s just. There are already too many people
that have big mouths and talk a lot. So I try to keep it light
and try to make sure that even if things are tough,
I try to make sure that we lighten it up and that we get people excited and motivated
to get back on the ice and make it happen. He always gives good advice.
Sometimes we come there and you know what you should have done
when you are free against him, this is interesting information. So you can develop your own game when you
get some feedback, with those kind of things. Thierry is a nice guy.
– Ready! Miikka is our Finnish flash. The guy has got an
extra gear for his speed. You can see it sometimes,
in flashes of him. It’s why we call
him the Finnish flash, he’s just freaking
flying over the ice. Miikka on the ice is amazing,
he’s like a rocket. The one that we would say,
you know in Finland, shall we drink
or shall we talk? and the Finish would say,
let’s drink! Even though he doesn’t
drink in that sense. He makes great
observational comments. Sort of very – witty humour without
him even cracking a smile. Bird is cool too,
he’s not always with us sadly. But I find him cool, I know he
played a lot when he was younger. Bird is a guy that can score. He’s a great shot,
from any position. He’s a good play maker. He’s got a
little bit of a package that is interesting but it turns off an on,
that’s the challenge with Bird I hope he won’t leave us
this year, that ass hole Because I heard a rumour that he
wanted to move to Metz or something. So I’m counting on
our team to keep him. And Bosh? Bosh is Bosh.
There is a reason we call him the wall because he is usually
always in the right position. Unbelievable defensive player. He’s disputing the
“hobby spirit” I think. Yeah, that guy is amazing!
He is small, but he makes things happen no matter how big the
guys are on the ice. One of the first to
begin taking photos of us, So we had photos of the team, photos of
the matches so we could promote ourselves. He was a big reason why
the Puckers grew a lot It’s not to be underestimated
what he did. Alban is now a father,
so responsible. And he invests in hockey
what he can invest into hockey. I like to play with him,
he’s always funny, always teasing me,
bloody Alban. Very relaxed in a way, but gets very passionate
when things don’t go his way. Often to the point
where he gets very annoyed. Which I think I love
as a character trait, because you have that two
face which you need on the ice. Off the ice you can be the nicest guy but on
the ice you need to have that game face on. Yeah Alban is such a strong man.
He is physically a beast I realised that more by
partying with him than ice hockey because he can dance on
his back all night long and he will notice
something but nevertheless, he will carry
you like a puppet. Playoffs semi final round.
Briançon, Alps Season total distance: 4,758 KM 3 Games in 24hrs.
League format (Mike) Like that brown box tape.
(Nick) UPS. (Mike) UPS! Like he’s
packaging himself up. Cool Puckers We are doing this
for you too brother! Puckers nation! We’ll show them,
let’s go Puckers! Chuck with Momo and David with Antoine and Freddy We play the Boston Line with Cyril and me And we play John as centre man with Miikka and Peter and Bosh and Aini. We got to go play smart guys We’ve done this before
there is not much to say. Wait for my signal
before you go on the ice I’ll check what is going
on and I say which line. Alright? Let’s stay focused. Alright let’s go. Go Puckers Go!
Go! Go! Go! Oh nice play Sean!
In the “Gretzky Office” man. Play-off hockey!
Hockey IQ! Come on! Come on Cyril! Matthias! See our colours,
see our class! See our colours,
see our class! We just kicked
your fucking ass! We just kicked
your fucking ass! One more, push! Yeah baby! This it, Meudon! Puckers qualify for
final round in Meudon, France Preparation for a semi final
tournament and final tournament where competition is very hard and where it’s basically 3
games in 24 hours, every little thing
can make a difference. and one of the instructions was, let’s keep the beer and
alcohol consumption to a minimum I think everybody, got a little
more serious than the year before, after being second and third. You obviously want to get
to that gold medal finally. One of the downsides of Luxembourg,
is that our ice time ends at the end of April and you know,
when we have a semi finals to do some point in may,
latter half of may we need to stay fresh. Keeping the hockey in your legs during a one month period to
the finals is very important because you quickly get out of
the mood and feeling of the game I mean the speed and
that side of things it’s very important to keep that Between the semi final
and the final We trained a little bit more we played a few games in Liege. We played a couple of games, not games but trainings in Metz. and we also do
some floor hockey at the European School That really put us to a
physical level and also a mental level which is very important for us. To win at our age, with an average age of 44 compared to the winners of
last season and again this season the average age is probably
10 to 15 years lower than ours. You need to prepare.
You need to be ready. It’s the little things you can do better,
and we are getting better at that and this season was a very
big difference to last season. Playoffs final round.
Meudon, Paris Season total distace: 5,598 Km 25 Euro 25 Euros?
– Yeah should be! It’s a science! Look at the precision. There you go,
the work is done. We haven’t lost a
game in like 4 years. Well it’s about to happen. It’s about to happen,
yeah maybe. Alright.
Come on boys The final step. What’s this colour? This is what we aim for. Remember we make the lines Three lines play.
Mathias will start. We play the Momo line with Antoine.
One thing Respect each other It doesn’t matter
what the score is. I know this is important to us,
but more important is our friendship. Alright let’s go
out and show them. We didn’t know, this game,
this team at all. Where they are coming from and
they seemed to be very strong There is a bit of fear in
everybody eyes in the locker room. Maybe part of it was
due to the fact that this was a team that was the
talk of the town this season that they were supposed to be so good,
so much better than everybody else. I think everybody
had this feeling that, this is the Goliath game.
“Are we were going to survive this?” Go Puckers Go!
Go! Go! Go! Bird! Bird! Stay with your
defenders please, really. If we win the puck in the
corners and you’re ready, you can go. Come on guys!
It’s now or never! Go Puckers! Let’s go Puckers! Keep it going Puckers! This team is beatable. I’m sorry but we are a
better team than them. We are always
one step behind. The last step is missing. Give that last 10 percent.
I guarantee you we will score 3, 4, 5 goals. Don’t worry guys,
come on! Puckers, we need a win here.
We need a come back. It’s a little bit of Pucker thing.
We need to make ourselves the underdog and beat the impossible game,
that’s our game strategy for some reason. We are diesel cars from back in the past,
we need some warm up time and then it works well. Super goal! Alban, that was your
goal brother! Nice hustle. We got one back for you Mathias,
2 more baby! 2 more. Boom!
Boom! Number 2 in the making. Let’s go boys! We can’t play short
handed the whole game. When we started at the final,
we said “we want a gold medal.” So we give ourselves
a lot of pressure. We should just go as we are.
40 year old guys. Just have fun. Let’s go boys! It’s all about discipline. That’s hockey for you! Forecheck! No No No!
Go Go Go! We had two penalties
at the same time… – Yes but guys…
– Guys! Stop! Stop Talking! I love you guys,
no matter what happens. Brothers forever!
Wow! The defense won’t
let you go Patrick! You guys have a lot of heart,
this locker room has a lot of heart. Zero zero baby! Patrick, way to start
the flood gates baby. Nice snipe! They do not know what hit them.
Fucking Puckers Mack truck! We have to stay calm.
– Fucking hell. Cyril, great defence brother.
Excellent man. Guys 20 minutes left,
it’s an even game This is it 20 minutes. Now you’ve got to give it all. Every shift again.
Every inch this time, We have this. We got this! We’ve got those guys
right where we wanted them! So let’s go out and do it.
Let’s go out and win. Come on boys! Come on boys!
10 minutes, let’s go! Guys it’s not finished It’s not finished boys! Let’s go boys, 2 minutes.
You’ve got 2 shifts Johnny! Stay! It should be all leaving,
that guy was attacking us. (Yves) You got a penalty?
Yes A score like that, at the end,
you’ve gotta call it even. Too bad We made the Puckers
magic shine guys. We came back from 3 goals. At the end there
were many many chances. As Yves said it’s
defence who wins the game we were really,
really close so… The guy who takes care of our jersey drives and who takes
care of our beer. Brings the best beer! Nearly! It’s always the case of,
we could’ve done it. On paper for sure we
arrived at Meudon thinking, This year the level is high. We will just get massacred. But in the end,
we have our game plan. And we have the ability to bring
the opponent into our game plan. I think it was closer
than people thought, and that we thought
ourselves maybe. I think it really a shame that
we lost this game against ACBB. Because I have this feeling that we, are the better team,
that we could have beaten them. I thought it was actually a
good score from the standpoint of, It was just the first,
they were more than beatable. We were unlucky, we
lacked a little conviction but. nothing extraordinary and I
think that with a little more work and effort It’s really win able and I think it
was a good sign for the next game. We need the first goal guys. Meudon we’ve never beaten them.
I think that was a mental game. I don’t know exactly how to
explain it, its a bit like the “Black Beast” They have a style of
play that often hurts us. We really have a problem
to match up against them, we make mistakes, we crack. What the fuck are you thinking? Seriously! Be ashamed of yourselves! What did I say this morning? Defence wins championships!
What the fuck are you doing? Pick yourselves out of that hole and every shift,
you play hockey again. You think defence and when we get the chance,
we go and score a goal. We played a great match
this morning even if we lost. We all skated like madmen. And then we had very
little time to recover. I think we are above all tired. I think the only
thing we need to change, We know the mistakes
we’re making. I think what we need
to do is start skating, and its true, not 2,
not 3, but 5 people Let’s show them that we can play. Listen, I don’t wanna go outta here,
with this score. So let’s show them that we can score.
It doesn’t mean we will win, but at least we can show them that
we can play hockey at their level. Because we can. Nice ! Nice shorthanded goal 2 minutes! we need
a goal guys, 2 minutes! In a four team tournament you lose
one game you are basically out of it It becomes mathematics, you have to hope that
somebody beats somebody else, and then somehow you still win. How do you want to evolve? Congratulations, Well played guys! You can only evolve if you play
against better teams than yours. We gained an enormous
amount of experience playing against teams like Meudon. It’s funny, because the
more we get to know them, the more respect I think
we as we have for each other and I take my hat off to them with
regards to the preparation, the organisation. I appreciate all the hard work they
put into making the finals a reality. I like it a lot, specifically later on
when the kids like to come out on the ice We can show them what it’s
like when you dance around on skates and give them a little
bit of freedom as hockey gives you. I think sometimes we
thrive off of being down. Cleon may be the best team there,
really great team, they have really great players. I think they and everybody
else in the tournament, they pretty much thought
that we were over and done with. They won the gold medal last year.
They didn’t lose a game for 3 years. We have nothing to lose. Third game, we need to win. So I knew in my heart
that I needed to do everything that I could
possibly do to achieve that. This is the Puckers spirit,
we don’t quit! Go Puckers Go!
Go! Go! Go! It’s hot, it burns,
it will go in! It’s hot, it burns,
it will go in! That went in! It was in!
Right here. We will fight until the end. Until the end, yeah! You gotta get
your snipe back eh? Ill get it back. Let’s go guys, we’re gonna
score in this period, ok? Promise? Chuck you go! Should we remove our goalie? It’s gonna be 5 on 4. When the penalty
is over, you go on! Coming back to the season, you call it
a roller coaster ride in the playoffs, I think it was a roller
coaster ride the whole season. With the experience
we had with Momo, and the loss of his son, Shorty. I remember hugging
Momo afterwards and just saying you know? your son is looking
on us right now. and he helped us. You deserve this man this is for you buddy It was an amazing feeling just sharing that
with our brothers. So it’s it’s the Puckers man. Brotherhood there is no taking
that from any of us. After 3 games in 24hrs the
Puckers made the 420Km drive home. Ready to take their kids to school
in the morning and go back to work. Meanwhile Meudon defeated
ACBB to win the gold medal. As a result of ACBB’s loss the Puckers
finished 3rd and would earn the bronze medal. Subtitles by Liam McEvoy,
Rita Asmanova and David Thomas


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