The Spikes Play HIGH POWERED Commander in a Construction Zone (part 2) | The Spike Feeders S5E1
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The Spikes Play HIGH POWERED Commander in a Construction Zone (part 2) | The Spike Feeders S5E1

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where you can support us directly. And now, kick back and enjoy the show. (music) Alex: What’s up Spikes? Welcome back to the
double up, we’re about to go again. Hopefully this time I can cast some cards. We’re playing
the same decks, and for those of you who don’t know, a double up is an episode where we play
the exact same decks, right after we got done with the first game. For Patrons, you’re seeing this right after
the first game came out, but if you’re not a Patron, it’s already Monday. You wasted
3 days without seeing this excellent content. Jim: You could have been watching it. Alex: Is that 5 days? 5 days. That’s two more
days than I thought it was. Jim: What’s monday minus thursday? Alex: It’s 5. Thursday, friday, saturday,
sunday, monday. That’s as many as one hand. That’s too many days. Eliot: One hand’s days. Alex: Exactly, because for just $1 you can
save 1 hand of days. Bill: So 5 but 1. Alex: Exactly. Jim: 5 is greater than 1. Alex: So if you’ve got $1 a month. Jim: Did we just confirm Half Life 3? Alex: Oh god, I think that’s Half Life Alex
though. Bill: Anyway. Alex: Back to this. For just $1 a month you
could have already been watching this before you’re currently watching this. So think about
it. Also, you get access to the Discord. Where I am. (this might have the opposite effect,
Alex. JUST SAYING). Come say hi. Jim: Yeah. @ him. Bill: @mcpres. Alex: No I think it’s just Alex. @Alex. I
dunno. Jim: So we’re playing the same decks. Alex: Let’s start the game with this fantastically
lovely. (whispers: draw a card) Alex: Drawing a card. Because I remember how
this game works. And then with a Polluted Delta. Which I’m going to go ahead and crack.
Going to 39. And I’m going to go ahead and grab this Godless Shrine untapped. Going down
to 37. Eliot: This isn’t modern. Alex: It’s not? Man I’m playing this thing
wrong. And just to make things fun, fast and fair, I’m going to go ahead and Enlightened
Tutor. I’m going to get Golgari Signet and put that on top of my library. Eliot: You know man sometimes you gotta do
what you gotta do. I respect it. Jim: Draw a card. Polluted Delta. And I will
pass the turn. Eliot: I will draw a card. I’m going to play
a Command Tower. Ask me what it’s like to have a perfect mana base. Alex: No. Eliot: And then I’m going to cast Slither
Blade. Bill: *cringe* I didn’t like that. I think
just to have it officially on the record. I did not like that. Alex: Duly noted. Bill: Thank you. I’m going to play a Swamp
as my land for the turn. And I’m going to tap the Swamp for 1 black mana. And I’m going
to use the black mana to pay the cost for this spell, which is called Tenacious Dead.
(Thanks Bill for making me caption in that painstakingly long sentence.) Jim: Tenacious D. (And the Pick of Destiny) Bill: Pass the turn. Alex: Alrighty, I’m going to draw this totally
secret card that none of you have seen. Bill: Does anybody know what he just drew? Eliot: No. Jim: That card. Eliot: Tenacious Dead was in my very first
magic deck. Alex: Play this Swamp Jim:…he was in the Pick of Destiny too.
(You’re too late Jim, I got to the joke first!!) Alex: I’m going to cast Dark Ritual, add 3
black to my mana pool. Eliot: You certainly are. Jim: We’re like actually dead though. Alex: You are vastly overestimating both my
skill and my ability. I’m going to cast Golgari Signet. Eliot: You have a black floating. Alex: Use that black floating to add black
and green. So then have black floating again. Jim: …to cast Dark Ritual! Alex: And then I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: That’s like ramp though. I’m going to
crack this Polluted Delta on your end step. Blood Crypt into play tapped. And then I’d
like to untap it. Bill: For free? Jim: Draw a card. Then I think I’m going to
play this Mana Confluence. And then I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: Untap. I’m going to draw for my turn.
That’s a good card. I’m going to play a Misty Rainforest. And I’m gonna save myself some
time kind of, not really, but I’m going to crack this. I’m going to get this Underground
Sea. Bill: You would. Eliot: I would. I’m going to move to combat,
and I’m going to attack Bill, and if he’s not blocking, which he can’t because this
can’t be blocked, I’m going to Ninjutsu Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow. Bill: I would really like to block though. Eliot: Yeah I bet you would. Jerk. So Bill’s gonna go to 39. That’s going to
trigger Yuriko, and I’m going to reveal a Preordain. So I’m going to have everybody
lose an additional one. So I have Bill 38, Alex 36, and Jim 38. Alex: Approved. Eliot: I must move to discard. Jim: You know what would be a fun un-card,
instead of PreORdain, PreANDain. Bill: It’s a split card. Eliot: Thanks, I hate it. I’m going to discard… Alex: Dain just counters a counterspell. I’ll
Dain to allow it. Jim: Dain to allow it, Pre And Dain. Alex: I don’t wanna touch what the other one
does. Eliot: I’m going to discard Hope of Ghirapur. Bill: There’s no more hope. Eliot: It’s all gone. Bill: I’m going to play a Swamp. Betcha didn’t
see that one coming. I’m going to play a Guardian Idol. It is a mana rock that comes into play
tapped, and I can pay 2 to make it into a 2/2 until end of turn. I will pass the turn. Alex: Draw a card. I’m going to play Fetid
Heath. Bill: It’s so Fetid. Eliot: So Heath-y. Alex: It is moderately Fetid. Jim: He’s at 4 mana with 3 black sources right
now. Eliot: 5 mana even. Alex: Using the black to pay into Golgari
Signet, and generating white, to cast Idyllic Tutor. Eliot: Uh oh. Bill: I like that card. Jim: Just as he predicted. Alex: So I’ll grab Phyrexian Unlife. And that’s
going to go to my hand. Eliot: That is going to go to your hand. Alex: Then I’ll pass the turn. Bill: For the record, I’m a very big fan of
Idyllic Tutor and Phyrexian Unlife. Eliot: You would be. Jim: I’m going to draw a card. I’m going to
play this Swamp as my land for turn. And then I think I’m going to cast (counts) I’m going
to cast…take a damage off my Mana Confluence. 37. I’m going to cast Idyllic Tutor. Bill: I really like Idyllic Tutor. Jim: Same. I’m going to get this Smothering
Tithe, off of the Idyllic Tutor. Then I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: These are some hard hitting enchantments
we’re getting off Idyllic Tutor. Eliot: I’m going to untap. I’m going to draw.
I’m going to start with this Drowned Catacombs. Then I’m going to turn it into a Dimir Cluestone,
along with my two other lands. And then I’m going to tap the Dimir Cluestone to cast this
Preordain. Effects? I’m going to scry 2. Bill: I’m a mono-black deck. Eliot: You are. I’m going to put both of these
directly onto the bottom of my library. Bill: That’s a good sign for us. I think? Alex: Either that or he just got 2 lands out
of the way. Bill: There could be a 3rd land though. And
a 4th land. Alex: That seems unlikely in a commander deck. Eliot: I want this one. I changed my mind. Bill: Is that cheating? Eliot: Yeah. Jim: That’s what PreANDain does. (laughs) Eliot: And then I am gonna draw this card. Bill: Put the top two cards of your library
on the bottom of your library. Alex: And then take the 2nd bottom card from
the bottom of your library and put it in your hand. Eliot: I’m gonna move to combat. Bill: You got it. Eliot: I’m going to attack James. 36. Trigger
Yuriko. Ooh. That’s the one. Jim: Take 10. Eliot: Bill to 28. Alex to 26. James to 26.
Put that number in my hand. I’m a genius. Pass the turn. Bill: I’m going to draw a card for my turn.
I’m going to play a Swamp. And y’all know what happens next. He’s back. Back again.
Yawgmoth’s back. Jim: Shows up to party. Bill: That’s his son. Pass the turn. Alex: I’ll untap, and I’ll draw. Jim: You notice how it doesn’t say like Yawgmoth,
Father of K’riik? Alex: Who’s K’riik? Bill/James: He’s the son of Yawgmoth! Alex: Wow, that’s nice and cyclical. Bill: Succinct. Alex: Gonna go ahead, after I play my Inventors’
Fair. Eliot: More like… Jim: Inventors’ UNfair. Bill: Why didn’t you finish the joke Eliot? Eliot: What? I blacked out I’m sorry. Alex: I’m going to play Phyrexian Unlife. Bill: You certainly are. Alex: So just keep hittin them 10 bombs bud. Eliot: Hey, it will eventually do something. Alex: I’m sure. Pass the turn. Jim: Okay, untap. Eliot: He has to have negative life to start
taking infect. So. Alex: Actually, I could have 0 or less life. Bill: He could have exactly 0 life. Jim: I’m going to play this swamp. Does Yuriko
make you draw a card? Eliot: It is “put into my hand”. Jim: Nice Smothering Tithe. Alex: I have commanders! Eliot: Gosh do you. Bill: Did you forget? Alex: Yep! (laughs) Jim: Go to 25. And cast the Smothering Tithe,
and pass the turn. Eliot: I will untap. I will draw a card for
my turn and not pay for Smothering Tithe. Jim: Ooo We did it. Make a Treasure Token. Bill: Thats a nice treasure token. Jim: Thanks. Eliot: It’s not. I’m going to move to combat,
I’m going to declare attackers, wait, maybe I’m not, I have to do math. Ok, I’m not. I’m
going to cast this first, Uhhh I’m going to cast Vampiric Tutor. I’m going to put this
card on top and I’m going to lose 2 life, is it as an additional cost? Jim: Eliot goes to… Eliot: Did that get changed? Jim: No, it’s on resolution. Eliot: Perfect, I’m going to go to 37. Move
to combat, James. Jim: Go to 25, 24. Eliot: 24 for James. I’m going to reveal… Bill: Draco. Eliot: A SOL Ring. Jim: Take 1. Eliot: Uh Bill to 27, Alex to 25, James to
23. Woop. I’m going to play this Polluted Delta, I’m going to crack the Polluted Delta
going to 36. Jim: 36 Eliot: I’m going to find this Island off of
my Polluted Delta, I’m going to tap this Island and I’m going to cast a SOL ring. Bill: I didn’t see that coming. Eliot: Nobody knew that I had it! It’s Crazy!
and then I’m going to cast a Time Warp. Bill: Uh oh Alex: Again? Eliot: Lets do it again. Bill: Lets do… Eliot: I’ve only done it the one time. Don’t
get excited Bill: The time thing some more. Eliot: Any effects? Jim: Nope Bill: Nope Alex: Can I put Sadness on the stack? Eliot; You May. Resolves Alex: *Cries with sadness* Eliot: I’m going to pass the turn to myself.
Much like Shaquille O’Neal. Kobe Bryant. I’m going to draw a card. Jim: Sportsball. Bill: Larry Bird! Tiger Woods! Eliot: Larry Bird? Jim: Detlef Schrempf! Alex: You only know that because of Parks
and Rec! Jim:Hahahahaha. Bill: Detlef Schrempf! Jim: Are you paying for the thing? Eliot: I am not. You may have a thing. Alex: Wow. Eliot: I’m going to move to combat. Alex: Good Eliot: I’m going to attack James. Detlef Schrempf: What? Got to 22. Eliot: 22, Trigger Yuriko, Ooo, Ink Eyes,
Servant of Oni. Uhh Jim: Go to 16 Eliot: Bill to 21, Alex to 19. Alex: Cool Story Eliot: James to 16? Jim: uh huh Bill: Potentially bad for us. Eliot: This is a six mana creature. Alex: I’m doing ok. Jim: This is not looking good for our heroes. Bill: *mumbles some stuff* Eliot: Uhh. Alex: Who’s the hero? Jim: Me. Alex: Oh! My bad I’ve been doing the story
the whole wrong way. Eliot: A Slither McBlade, and I’m going to
cast, A walk the Aeons, targeting myself. Bill: Are you sure? Eliot: I cannot sacrifice 3 Islands as I do
not have 3 islands. Jim: Yeah, do it. Bill: Yeah Eliot: I would like to untap. Uh I would like
to draw a card, I will not pay for Smothering Tithe. Bill: As long as he doesn’t draw lands or
acceleration, he’s not getting up to Time Stretch. So… Eliot: These are all accurate statements.
I’m going to move to combat! I’m going to attack Alex and James. Alex is shocked Jim; Alex goes to 18. Alex: Yup! Jim: I go to 15. Eliot: James goes to 15, uh just a single
Yuriko Trigger, the Slither McBlade is not a Ninja currently. A Verdant Catacombs. You
take 0. I will play this Verdant Catacombs. 8! That’s not enough. Jim: Good. Bill: 8 is not enough. Jim: That was a James Bond Movie wasn’t it?
I think Garbage did the theme song. Eliot: I’m going to crack this Verdant Catacombs
I’m going to find this watery grave and I’m going to send myself to 33 to have it come
into play untapped. Alex: That’s not the Shadow Realm. Eliot: You’re right, unfortunately for you.
*Eliot counts to 8* Still not enough. Bill: 8 is enough.. I don’t know how the theme
song goes. Eliot: I’m going to tap this Watery Grave
for a Triton Shorestalker. It’s another unblockable guy. Bill: Shore. Alex: Get out. Eliot: *counts to 6* I would like to cast
Karn’s Temporal Sundering! All: Uggggggh Jim: Targeting? Eliot: Targeting, Phyrexian Unlife. Bill: Returns it to your hand. Jim: That seems pretty good. Eliot: This one gets exiled. Bill: It does get exiled. Eliot: Don’t get excited. Bill: Don’t get exiled. Eliot: I’m going to do the thing where I pass
it to myself again. Are we having fun class?! Bill: today was gonna be the day Alex: That I was gonna get to take a tuuurn. Eliot: I’m going to draw a card and not pay
for Smothering Tithe. Alex: Instead I sit here wishin’ I had a counter
spell. Eliot: I’m going to move to combat, I’m going
to attack Alex. Jim: I just unlocked my 4 mana interaction
that I was holding up. Eliot: That could have happened! And James. Alex: Go to 16 Jim: I’m going to go to 14. Eliot: A single trigger from a single Yuriko.
Hiyah! Ooo Serum Visions. Bill: Show me Potato Salad! Jim: I’ll go to 13. Eliot: 20, 15, 13 Jim: Alex goes to 15. Alex: I don’t want to go back to 2015, that
was a bad year. Eliot: *Counts to 8* Bill: Yeah, the world had been over for 3
years at that point. It was a rough time. Alex: I have a shirt from that night. Eliot: 8 is a convenient number cause I’m
going to cast this Beacon of Tomorrows. All: Uggggggh Eliot: That happens to cost 8 mana. I would
like to target myself. Does anybody have any effects? James? Jim: I’d like to flip up a Will Bender. Bill: Oooh, Will Flexo. Pass Jim: Yeah, Yeah, do it. Eliot: Ok, I’m going to shuffle this into
my Library, I’m going to pass it back to myself. Bill: I was hoping you’d forget: Eliot: That’s how this continues to work unfortunately
for you guys. I’m going to draw a card for my turn, and not pay for Smothering Tithe. Bill: 5 Mana interaction Online. Eliot: Yup! Jim: If Eliot doesn’t kill us this is great,
I’m going to untap with like 30 Mana. Eliot: I’m going to play a Basic Island. Bill: Uh Oh. Eliot: Yeah, that ones you know, not not good. Alex: Still not 10 Bill: Still not 10 Jim: 6, 7, 8, 9? Eliot: Yeah. Bill: Cannot Time Stretch. Eliot: Cannot Time Stretch, that’s accurate. Bill: I cannot stretch enough. Alex: I cannot stress enough how much I don’t
want to stretch that much. Eliot: I’m going to tap, uh maybe I should
do this first, I shouldn’t do this first right? Hmmm. Bill: Why are you asking us? Eliot: Shut up. I’m going to cast Serum Visions.
I’m going to draw a card and not pay for Smothering Tithe. Bill: *gasp* That’s drawing a card! Jim: Look at this, look at this! Eliot: And then I’m going to Scry 2. Jim: Lines up so nice. Alex: I love those dice. Bill: Where can you get those even? Alex: I dunno. Bill: Jim: I found these ones. It’s a shop now? Bill: I dunno, I’ve never bought any of our
merch! Eliot: Wow, it shows. Alex: Maybe that’s why you’re not winning
this game. Eliot; I’m going to put one on top, one on
the bottom. Bill: That’s bad for us. Eliot: It’s not that bad, it just has to happen
is the unfortunate part at this point, I’m going to move to combat and I’m going to swing
these at Bill and this one at James. Bill: Uhhh I’m going to sacrifice Tenacious
Dead to give this one -1/-1. Eliot: You got it. Bill: And I’m also going to draw a card by
paying a life. Eliot: Uh yes so you go to 19. Jim: Are you paying for Smothering Tithe? Bill: I am not. Eliot: 7 of those. and then any further effect? Bill: Nope. Eliot: So Bill still goes to 18, James goes
to 12. Jim: I’m at 12. Eliot: Yuriko will trigger and everybody is
going to take 0 off of this Swamp. Uh Now I’m going to cast a spell. That you guys are
probably going to continue to not like, because it is. Alex: Siege Rhino? Eliot: Beseech the Queen. Alex: Oh. Jim: Besiege the Queen? Eliot: Besiege the Rhino. Bill:Yeah, you got it man. Eliot: I”m going to search my Library for
a card with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of lands I have. Jim: How many lands do you have? Eliot: 6. Bill: You got it. Alex: Give er. Eliot: So off of my Beseech the Queen, I’m
going to get this Temporal Manipulation. Bill: Does that cost less that 6. Eliot: Which you notice does cost 5, you will
also perhaps notice that I can cast it. Bill: You can. Alex: What if I refuse to notice, what happens
then? Eliot:Hmm, irrelevant. Alex: Oh. Eliot: Game Loss. Alex: Just like my next turn. Eliot: I’m going to take and extra turn! Jim: You do it. Bill: Alright. Alex: Oh wait, aren’t you going to pass it
back to yourself? Eliot: Yes that. Bill: Gonna pass it back to meee Eliot: Then I’m going to draw for my turn
and I’m not going to pay for the Smothering Tithe. Bill: 8 Mana interaction, you can cast Ember
Shot now. Jim: I can cast Scour From Existence. Alex: hey Bill, did you bring Pioneer? Bill: No But, Alex: I think we could probably get a game
in. Bill: Yeah Eliot: Uhh, I have good news for me and bad
news for everybody else. I’m going to play this swamp. Jim: Is that news? Eliot:It’s news Alex: That’s 10 mana Eliot: Because I have 10 Mana Jim: We knew about that last turn. Bill: Yeah, yeah, that’s not news. Jim: That’s not news, that’s olds. Eliot: He is singing the newsss, hows that
song go? Jim: Not like that. I’m going to cast Temporal Stretch… Time
Stretch. Bill: Yeah you gonna to stretch some time? Eliot: I’m going to stretch some time and
I’m going to target myself. Bill:Time stretch again Eliot:I’m going to take 2 extra turns after
this. Jim: Yeah do it. Eliot: That’s how that reads. I’m going to
go to combat, I’m going to attack Bill and I’m going to attack James. BIll: Sure Jim: I’m at 11, Bill goes to.. Bill: 17 Jim: 17 Eliot: Trigger Yuriko, Ooo Tormented Soul. Jim: How Much? Eliot: 1 Jim: 10 Eliot: Bill to 16, Alex to 14, James to 10.
I’m going to untap for my first turn. Bill: “First” Jim: This is not your first turn. Eliot: First Extra turn from Time Stretch. Alex: This is your 9th turn. Eliot: Draw. I will not pay. Jim: It is your 9th turn. Alex: No it’s his 8th turn because we got
1 off of Serum Visions. Bill:Yup Eliot: I’m going to play this Scalding Tarn. Alex: *As Ray Romano* Oh no it’s an 11 mana
turn. Eliot: I’m going to cast a bunch of stuff
cause I don’t have to cast another extra turn spell this turn because I’m taking another
turn cause Time Stretch. I’m going to cast Arcane Adaptation. Alex: That’s bad Eliot: I’m going to name Ninja. Bill: That’s good. Jim: Ninja’s are also cursed. Bill: Can I go now? Eliot: I’m going to move to combat. Bill: You got it. Jim: Do it Eliot: I’m going to attack Bill. Bill: I would like to block Yuriko the Tigers
Shadow. Eliot: and James. Bill: Damn. Jim: I got to 9 Bill: It didn’t work. Eliot: Bill will go to 15, James will go to
9. I have 2 Yuriko triggers, and I would like to respond to the first one by sacrificing
my Scalding Tarn and going to 32. Alex: Alright, we only need him to fetch 32
more times. Bill:Yeah Eliot: Off of my Scalding Tarn I’m going to
do something really strong, and I’m going to find this Mystic Sanctuary. Alex: A what? Eliot: It is an Island. Alex: K Eliot: Riddle me that Batman. Who thought
this card was printable. Then it enters tapped unless I control 3 other Islands, not necessarily
basic, but I do control 4 including my Watery Grave and my Underground Sea. Jim: What else does it do Eliot? Eliot: And when it enters untapped, which
it was, I may put target instant or sorcery card from my graveyard on top of my Library. Alex: So like Preordain, right? Jim: Can you please target something? Eliot:I’m going to target this handy dandy
Time Stretch, in my graveyard. Jim: This is bad for bit coin. Bill: You know what’s really funny? The Blue
one is regrowth and instant or sorcery, the white one is put a +1/+1 counter on target
creature you control. Jim: Yeah. Eliot: Hey the red one is make a 1/1. Jim: I’m Surprised.. Bill: That’s like fine! Jim: I’m surprised the white one wasn’t like,
target creature you control get +0/+2 until end of turn. Eliot; You gain 3 life. Alex: White one just says “Tap all other Lands
if this comes in untapped” Jim: Yeah, uuuuh Bill: Even the green one makes a food, that’s
relevant in standard. Jim: Yeah, yeah. Eliot: Yeah BIll: Anyway… Eliot: So I’m going to do that, then I have
2 Yuriko triggers because he’s a ninja from Arcane Adaptation. Jim: I only care about the first one. Eliot: I’m going to have everybody lose 10
to this Time Stretch. Jim: Yeah, I’m going to go to -1 Eliot: You are Bill: -1 Alex: hey Jim, do you want to borrow my Phyrexian
Unlife? Jim: No. Alex: Oh. ok. Eliot: It’s in your hand! He has to flash
it into play with this 9 mana. Bill: Cheaty Face. Eliot: And then the second reveal is a Sensei’s
Divining Top. Bill: We’re still in it! Eliot: So Bill goes to 4, Alex goes to 3.
I’m going to cast, off of this Mystic Sanctuary cause it entered untapped, a Flying Men, that
is also a Ninja. Jim: Flying Men? Eliot: Flyingmen. Bill:Yeah it’s his last name. Jim: Like Goldman? Bill: Yeah, Spidermen Eliot: I’m also going to cast this Tormented
Soul, that is also a Ninja and this Changeling Outcast that was already a Ninja but now it
is still a Ninja. Jim: Ultra Ninja. Bill: It is as well a ninja. Eliot: And then i’m going to play this Sensei’s
Divining Top, and I’m going to look at the top 3 cards of my Library for a good time
call, Wow. Jim: Just 3 Time Stretches. Eliot: It’s Nexus of Fate, Temporal Trespass,
Xenograft. Bill: Oh, yeah. Eliot: I’m going to untap and go to my next
turn. Bill: Just, just attack us. Eliot: I’m going to draw. Bill: Just Attack with one thing. Attack with
the Changeling Outcast. Eliot: I’m going to attack with 5 Ninja’s
all of them at Alex. Alex: Excellent, I’m going to cast Rout. Bill: Woah! At instant speed no less! Eliot: That’s very good. Alex: Yeah no I got nothing. Jim: So explain what happens. Bill: So well, hang on, so Alex dies from
combat damage, I’m still alive, I’m at 4. Eliot: Yes. So Alex dies, I guess he can block
the Yuriko. Alex: I choose not to. Eliot: Ok, he goes to -2 and I have 5 Yuriko
Trigger. BIll: Do the first one. Eliot: Ok, Bill: Resolve the first one. Eliot: ok, the first one reveal Temporal Trespass. Bill: Ok I’m dead. Eliot: Please take 11. Bill: Yeah I’m dead. Eliot: Ok, in response to the second one I’m
going to… Jim: Nope. Eliot: Spin my Diving top. Jim: There is no priority at this point. The
Game is over. Eliot: Um yeah. Jim: Nope, nope. Eliot: I had Time Stretch next… Jim: Nope, the game is over. Bill: We are no longer allowed to talk about
Magic the Gathering the game is over thank you. Jim: Good Bye. Jim: Yeah wow. Alex: So how bout them Blue Bombers? Bill: Yeah! For people that care, the Bombers
won the Grey Cup. Jim: They sure did. We live in Winnipeg and
that is our Local Canadian Football league. Alex: Which I found out was a thing, imagine
my surprise. Jim: Squadron. Bill: They have not, is it that they haven’t
won or they haven’t actually been to the. Jim: They Haven’t Won. Alex: They’ve been to a couple of Grey Cups
is my understanding but they kept losing them. Jim: Yeah they haven’t won since the the last
time they were good. Which was a long time ago. Eliot: They haven’t won since 1990. Alex: 1990, with a league of 9 teams they
should have won at least twice. Jim: One would think. Eliot: One would think. Alex: Anyway… Magic was fun! Bill: Yeah Jim: Yeah Eliot, holy Eliot: So umm Mystic Sanctuary I’m going to
shout out MVP Mystic Sanctuary. Jim: Yeeh. Eliot: Unfortunately for the people that I
play this deck against sometimes, that is what this deck does when it is winning, so
I guess either unfortunately for me. Jim: I mean you won right? Eliot: Yeah but it happened over what? 11
turns or something? Alex: 10. Jim: We were taking actions right. Bill: We were, we were actively dying on you
turns, you weren’t just like taking extra turns, untapping, humming and hawing and passing. Jim: Yeah you dealt like 90 damage over the
course of those turns. so like I’m willing to give it a pass. Eliot; Uh yeah, if you look at the decklist
in the show notes I guess, when I said that it was timewalks, ninjas and 1 drops I was
not lying. Jim: And Arcane Adaptation. Eliot: Yeah, Arcane Adaptation, Conspiracy,
Xenograft are… Jim: And Serum Visions, we saw that one. Eliot: Are like, they’re like the super MVPs
of this deck because turning all these dinky 1/1s into Ninjas. Jim: Getting more than 1 trigger. Eliot: The damage output goes. Bill: Through the roof! Eliot: Astronomical. Jim: Astronomical. Bill: You could say that the stars are through
the roof. Yeah. Jim: What did you have going on, anything? Bill: Not really. I had like some 4 drops
in my hand, I was gonna hopefully be able to cast like an Undying creature and maybe
start to ping off some of his guys but uh, I don’t think I really had a whole lot. It
was a much slower hand and a much slower draw as well, but, again getting down Yawgmoth
was pretty important, as well, just for, even pretending to have a game plan, like yeah. Jim: Well you would have had a game plan,
is it like stuff. Eliot: Yeah, I thought it was interesting
that you didn’t fire off the Tenacious Dead killing the Shorestalker Earlier, but I don’t
necessarily know that it mattered when it was only dealing the 1 at a time. Bill: Yeah it only dealt 1 damage and didn’t
give you a trigger so it just like didn’t really matter. Alex: I was just sitting there waiting to
draw. Jim: Ok so what did you have with the, cause
you tutored the Phyrexian Unlife right? Alex: Yeah. Jim: What was going on with that? Alex: I was just looking to get some protection
against all the damage that was coming out, especially the life lose because especially
once I’m under 0 at that point, well unless you’re gonna hit me. Jim: Yeah! So if it wasn’t for the Karn’s
Temporal Sundering, it would have kept you around at least for a while. Alex: yeah I might have been able to get through
the turns. Eliot; I Changed my mind, that card’s the
real MVP. Jim: Yeah Karn’s Temporal Sundering is so
good. Eliot: It’s absurd. Jim: It’s so good. Bill: What did you have? Jim: Ok so I had, 1 thing that I could have
cast that game but I didn’t, I have a Wheel of Sun and Moon in my hand, and I could have
cast in on Eliot, which would have prevented him from rebuying his Time Stretch, um that’s
probably the only thing that it would have done though. Eliot:It puts them right on the bottom right? Jim:Yeah Eliot: That’s interesting. Bill: I don’t know that it would have been
totally relevant because you were going to draw into like 2 more time walks anyway, kind
of. Eliot: Ummm Bill: Although it would have stopped you from
drawing an extra card at one point. Eliot: Yeah specifically.. Jim: Yeah I don’t think it like super mattered,
I had a Vexing Devil and an Impetuous Devil in my hand, I had the Idyllic Tutor and could
have gone for Wild Pair with the Idyllic Tutor but because I didn’t have any lands, and other
lands in my hand, and no other ways to ramp, I’m like “well, I could get this Wild Pair
and then I’m just going to brick on lands for like 2 or 3 turns and just do nothing.:
So i’m like “you know what, we’re just going for the Saskia plan, right? I’ve got Impetuous
Devils in my hand, I can cast Saskia, I’m just going to cast Smothering Tithe, amass
like 6 or 7 or 8 mana, and just like. Eliot: Crunch Jim: Like Swing in you know, I’ve got Eliot
dealing with people’s life totals so why not right? That’s like the hidden secret mode,
that this deck is still a Saskia deck. It still does lots of damage. Bill: It still does Crunch. Jim: Yeah, it still like Saskia doubles damage.
So whatever. right. Yeah I didn’t have a ton aside from that, going on. It would have been
nice if I actually had interaction, like instant speed interaction in my hand. I run like Utter
End and, Anguished Unmaking and a couple other things. Bill: You had access to so much Mana. Eliot: That was why I was like, trying to
kill you first, I was attacking Alex with the Unblockable dudes because he, even past
the Unlife, had the highest life total for a while there, and then. Jim: And well like Alex is a life manipulation
deck, right. Eliot: So like if I didn’t keep going there.
But yeah, you needed to die cause you had 9 treasures at the end there. Eliot:Yeah something, I mean once we got past
like 4, I don’t think it really makes a difference cause I would have like Anguished Unmaking
something or like, Eliot: Or Utter End. Jim: Or Utter End or whatever, once it gets
past 4 it’s pretty, you know, I don’t have anything at that point. Yeah it was a good
game. Bill: yeah Jim: Good Double Up, a couple quick games. Bill: Yeah Eliot: 2 quick ones for the boys. Jim: Yeah. Bill: For the Lads. Eliot; For the Boys and Girls Jim: And this was a great way to break in
the new Studio. Bill: Yeah Eliot: Yeah Jim: So this was like our first time ever
filming a full game in this Studio, so Alex, like thank you for joining us for this. Alex: Happy to be here. Eliot: Do you want to shake my hand too? Jim: What did you think of filming here in
the luxurious Spike Feeders World Headquarters? Alex: You know I can see the potential, honestly
this space looks amazing, like I know it’s hard to tell from the Camera but like the
entire set up looks super ready to be done and so as soon as like you get the walls up
in here, you get the art going it’s going to look amazing. Jim: Having walls in going to be nice. Alex: More than anything else what I really
enjoyed today was first of all, the games were fantastic, it was a good time, but um,
what I really enjoyed today was seeing sort of the behind the scenes, like all the work
that went in here, you know you see 40 minute games show up and you don’t realize exactly
how much work’s gone into it. Jim: Yeah it’s actually like 2 hours of filming
and then there’s also like 2 hours of setting up to film and then like, after we turn the
cameras off there’s going to be another hour of taking down all this equipment and like. Alex: Not to mention all the editing. In any
case this was a fantastic time, thank you guys so much for having me. Bill: Happy to have you. Jim: Hopefully this won’t be the last time
you’ll be on. Eliot: yeah no spoilers, we might want to
have him back. Don’t tell him I like him, I’m trying to be cool. Jim: Let us know in the comments if you like
Alex, and then if you don’t like Alex, don’t let us know in the comments. I don’t want
to talk if you don’t like Alex. Alex: Just let me know in the comments, yeah
I don’t want my ego to. Bill: Just Message him directly with your,
mailing address. Eliot: Join our Discord, @ Alex you sucked
today. Jim: Follow us on Twitter, spread some positivity,
and like say something nice in the comments. Eliot: Yeah, there you go. We’ll catch you
next time! [Voiceover] hey thanks for checking out the
Spike Feeders on YouTube if you’re not subscribed yet make sure you click the subscribe button
and you can click this link to check out our other great videos


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