The Most Extreme Party Games You’ll Ever Play – Tosh.0

– Aw!
– Light it (mumbling)! Woo! – [Woman] No, make
it move carefully! Don’t get–
– Here we go! (people cheering) – [Man] All right,
all right (mumbling). – Wow.
– Wow. (mumbling)
– Yep. Just like that. (mumbling) (laughing) (all cheering) – Texas A&M has really
scaled back their bonfires. (audience laughing) Flaming Jenga. That was my old
college nickname. Here comes flamin’ Jenga,
that’s what all the boys would yell in shower,
old flamin’ Jenga’s here. Party games are fun, but the
stakes are always so low. That’s why I took some
boring old classics and made them disgusting,
and or dangerous. (upbeat music) Come on. Ah! – All right, all right.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Batter up. (people oohing) – That’s not bad. (audience laughing)
Not bad. (upbeat music) Marco. – [Children] Pogo. – [Tosh] Marco. – [Children] Pogo. – [Tosh] Marco! – [Children] Pogo. – [Tosh] Marco! – [Children] Pogo. – [Tosh] Marco! – [Children] Pogo. (soft music) – Zack, I need you
to do left hand blue. (audience laughing) Garret, right hand, green. (audience laughing) TK, right hand red. (audience laughing) Come on guys, hold
your positions. (upbeat music) Okay ladies. (whistle squealing) That’s actually less dangerous than the regular
spin the bottle. Everyone’s got the
herp these days. Not me though! There’s nothing
better than having a sleepover with your bros. The problem is
there are no ladies to play truth or dare with. All you got is a basement
full of flacid wieners. (audience laughing) That’s why I came up
with a manlier game called sports or consequences. (upbeat music) Triple 20, or you need
to cut one item in half out of the losers wallet. You’re up first. (soft upbeat music) Oh! Ugh. (mumbling) Driver’s license is
a huge inconvenience. Chase Visa. Another Visa? University of Alabama. National Alumni Association. I think what I’m gonna do is cut so that you have
an adult wallet. Now that’s a normal wallet. Make a three pointer,
or eat a creamy rich pasta dish
out of the sandbox. – Okay. – Tonight’s special
we have a penne pasta with a vodka sauce
with some salmon. Would you like some
fresh Parmesan? – Yeah, probably it’ll help. – Okay, there you go. – That was not Parmesan. (sand crunching softly) You know it’s not
good as the sand. (laughing) – 30 yard field goal, or you
have to submerge your head in lukewarm, stadium
grade nacho cheese. – You’re on. (upbeat music) (audience laughing) – Oh! You always remember wide right. – It’s so heavy. – Throw a vortex football
50 yards into this trashcan or break one of your car
windows with a s;edge hammer. – I just got a new car. – Then don’t lose. – What! Who’s the greatest athlete ever? I can do it at any distance! (audience ahing) Come up with your own
sports or consequences and send them to our blog. I cannot wait to personally
watch every single one of them. Keep it PG13 and keep it safe. He’s training for the next time he gets pulled over by the cops. Boxing and gymnastics,
knockin’ out two sports at once is a real time saver. And I say, we should do the
same thing with the Olympics. Cut it down from two
weeks to one week. That means 50% less Zika. And half off your stay
at the Olympic Village. That’s gonna be great for
poor third world countries like Canada that
never wins (beeping). (audience laughing) You can call it
the combo Olympics brought to you by combo’s,
the official stuffed crackers, snack of athletes. I’m just spit balling guys. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) (triumphant music) (audience laughing) – [Woman] Ow! Ow! (audience applauding) (groaning) – Woo! Still working on the
equestrian trampoline combo. It’s tough gettin’
the horse up there but once you do, it
is a sight to behold. And there’s only one
medal ceremony at the end with a mashup of all
the national anthems, spun by the one and
only DJ Steve Aoki. (horn blowing aggressively) Patriotism.

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