The Case of Patrick Spikes / The Walt Disney World thief
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The Case of Patrick Spikes / The Walt Disney World thief

In August of 2018, an intruder entered the
retired “The Wonders of Life” attraction at Walt Disney World. While in the backstage area, the subject stole
clothing to an animatronic known as “Buzzy”. The stolen items included, A green cap, A
red bomber jacket, and hands. In December of the same year, Buzzy vanished
entirely, leaving behind only cut wiring. WIthin days, there was a person of interest. Patrick Spikes, also known online as “BackDoorDisney”,
is a former Disney employee and youtuber. According to a video that Spikes made, he
was quickly notified by authorities and had his house searched in hopes of finding any
stolen items. “-end of the phone call. Uh, like an hour later, I get another call. Picked up, and it’s, uh, it’s some detective
from Orange County and the guy said “Hey there, what’s going on?” He was nice, asked me a few basic questions
then he said “Well, we, we know you had something to do with Buzzy. And if you didn’t steal him yourself, you
know who did. And it wouldn’t surprise us if you got a cut
of the money, we know you’re involved.” They accused me, and literally said I got
a cut of the money from the “heist”. I was like “really?” Like this isn’t fake? This isn’t a prank? Like, it blew my mind I was like you cant
be serious right now. The actual animatronic gets stolen. Well, the guy continued to call me like every
other day for like almost a month. And I was just like OK, whatever. He’d leave me a voice mail and said “hey man,
we can’t finish this case without you. We need you to help us figure out who this
is, we know you know people” December 19th, I get a knock on my door at like 8 AM. It’s this guy, and he pulled out a case file. And he had pictures of inside Cranium Command,
showing all the hydraulic lines that were sliced and amongst that bundle, which you
can find pictures of online, is also electrical lines too because he had lights on them. And I said “Well, it had to have been an inside
job, y’know, you can’t just cut through electrical lines, are you crazy? Y’know that’s how you die.” Spikes, for months, continued to voice his
innocence as the Disney community blew up over the disappearance of the beloved character. Spikes was called into a police interview
room and questioned about the disappearance of the animatronic and other items. The detectives were able to link images that
were either posted online or sent directly to users to his phone. They were also able to positively identify
his car and other belongings in the backgrounds of said images. “No.” “Ok.” “That’s your car.” “Is it really though? “Yeah.” “How do you know?” “Lot of BMWs out there.” “Ok.” “So, those pictures are on the internet right
now and they’re attached to your phone number. You didn’t send those pictures out?” “Nope.” “Ok.” “When’d you get that phone?” “Probably like 2 months ago.” “You’re guessing or you know?” “I mean, I could go back and look at my drives
account and figure it out.” “So that’s not your car? You don’t own a bag like that or have ever
possessed one like that? This isn’t Disney World back stage? This isn’t your leg? I just want to get this all out in the open
so that later on, because obviously you’ve realized now I know more than you think I
know, ok? I wanna make sure all of your lies are straight
right now or you wanna come forward right now because I know a little bit more than
I’m telling you, Patrick.” “What do you know?” “I just told you I’m not telling you.” Spikes continued to deny involvement and eventually
stopped the interrogation. The detective began wrapping up the interview
and once he mentioned that the phone of Spikes was to be seized, Spikes grabbed for his phone. “Ok. This is your car.” “How about this, I’m about to walk out. “Ok.” “And if you guys wanna talk, I’ll come back
with my attorney, how about that?” “Ok.” “Keep the car there, and we’re keeping your
phone.” “And thats- no- give me that” “Damn it.” Spikes was eventually charged with burglary,
grand theft, and dealing in stolen property. It was also discovered Spikes stole $7,000
worth of costumes from the Haunted Mansion. Evidence was found on his phones. A few weeks after he was charged, Spikes posted
this on Twitter. In February of 2020, Spikes plead no contest
to dealing in stolen property and was sentenced to 10 years probation and 250 hours of community
service. While leaving the court room, he said this: “I’m going to Disney World.” At the time of making this video, Buzzy has
not been found.

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