• Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout
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    Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout

    Assembling section 3C now. Copy that. Do you think we’ll finish construction anytime soon? With the Council claiming more supplies each week? I doubt it. I’m surprised we got this past McArthur in the first place. Yeah Listen, I’m getting strange readings here from the lunar surface. Are you seeing anything? Just wrapping up What the hell?! All the lights, they’re shutting down..! Are you alright, Rolf!? What just happened? I can’t see a thing, everything is dark out here! We lost power from the MPT, the whole station is down. Can you find your way back to the airlock? Negative, I don’t have a visual. I’m sending ALEX to…

  • Moons of Madness Launch Trailer
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    Moons of Madness Launch Trailer

    (Disturbing static) [Shane] Oh my God! What was that? [Cmd Wilcox] Is everybody OK? [Declan] Oh my gosh! That may have been our biggest quake yet. I almost spilled my coffee! [Cmd Wilcox] Newehart, you know what to do. If there’s any critical damage to the base, let me know. [Shane] Yeah, no problem. [Declan] I’m getting some odd spikes in power as the batteries kick in. [Shane] I’m going to hit up the solar array. The quake probably knocked the panels out of alignment What the hell is going on? (Ominous music intensifies) [XBOX SOUND]

  • Review do game Pure no Xbox 360 – English Subs
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    Review do game Pure no Xbox 360 – English Subs

    What’s up guys, I’m bringing you a review on the game Pure. Which was released in 2008 for the platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Pure has a great gameplay and amazing graphics still the release date . It has two game modes: the race mode, that you can play World Tour mode that’s the Championship mode, and Freestyle mode that’s where the goal is to get the most points running amazing stunts, when you perform a stunt correctly, you fills up your turbo bar, releasing new tricks. When the bar is completely filled, you release a special trick. That might work … or not You can choose a…

  • Xbox 360 E 4GB Console
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    Xbox 360 E 4GB Console

    Xbox 360 E 4GB Console Review The Video Game Industry is definitely one of the most profitable industries in US today. They are always trying to update what they can offer, and various companies are always trying to one up each other to be the first one to deliver something new. There are new systems coming out each and every year, and with every new system, comes lineups of people wanting to buy it first. Whether it be through Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, video game systems are a billion dollar industry that just keeps getting bigger and better. Graphics are top notch, virtual reality is on the horizon, and they…