• CGR Undertow – BAD CATERPILLAR review for Xbox 360
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    CGR Undertow – BAD CATERPILLAR review for Xbox 360

    Oh, crap. The galaxy is under attack from…bugs. Not just any bugs. Massive bugs. Segmented bugs. Fortunately, we have a spaceship with a rapid-firing laser beam. So, uh…time to shoot some bugs. Anyone ever done this before? It’s Bad Caterpillar for the Xbox 360. So this indie game was just released to Xbox Live. And obviously, it’s inspired by a somewhat famous arcade game, the Atari classic Centipede. Of course, there’s not much to improve in a game like Centipede—that’s not the point. Bad Caterpillar is instead putting that classic gameplay into a more contemporary context. It’s like a tribute album, you know? But with more spread shot. If you’ve…

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    CGR Undertow – SEAL TEAM 12 review for Xbox 360

    I should probably tell you right up front that…if you find yourself on the right side of the political spectrum, you’re probably going to hate this. I mean, unless you have a sense of humor. It’s SEAL Team 12 for the Xbox 360. You know, I gotta give credit to the team at Social Loner Studios. These dudes are relentless. The Xbox game, Bird Assassin, that mocked gun culture? Yeah, that was them…those little devils. And now with SEAL Team 12, they’re taking aim at religion, militarism and neoconservative foreign policy. I half expected to see a boss battle with Ronald Reagan. So in gaming terms, this is a indie…

  • The Adventures of Tintin: The Game Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii) 100% Movie Chapter 1 to 5
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    The Adventures of Tintin: The Game Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii) 100% Movie Chapter 1 to 5

    during typhoon where are we going what am I doing here whoo Annette are you again just calm down ten thousand I burn hold on I need to be back on the water I feel funny get me down from here captain way you stop yelling please I’ve got to stay focused we’re going to die out of the question boy sister Chloe it’s about time we grab this a quick boy dice ah there you are you little rascal you’ve been chasing cats again eh what do you want to show me don’t sell him easy snowy ah is this what you want me to see easy boy good…

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    Resident Evil Revelations Episode 4 A Nightmare Revisited

    alright friends so welcome back to my channel I’m just looking my flight my name’s Joseph so welcome back to another episode of where’s evolve a relation this is still part absolute three don’t know when I get to it so for so on my last episode a very scary one monster ever fight before so so searching solo case of psycho through here all right go so we got a key the eyes are the OBS one yeah like my leg I’ll go catch it connected to it Raven looks like we both were too late what are you talking about virus his herd of Guppies in a Josh…

  • CGRundertow WIK: FABLE OF SOULS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
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    CGRundertow WIK: FABLE OF SOULS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

    Well, if this isn’t one of the creepiest-looking things I’ve ever seen… So this dude’s a… frog? Kinda? Or a person turned into a frog? And magic happened and he’s trying to save his family, because… there are worms? And a weird bipedal thing that eats the worms. And flies trying to carry the worms away. Lots and lots of bugs. Only adding to the creepyness. I’m gonna go grab a can of raid before I continue with this review, ‘kay? ‘Kay. Another one of those early XBLA games, Wik: Fable of Souls is the story of… this frog dude. I realize Kermit was taken, but can we go with…

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    CGR Undertow – RAD RAYGUN review for Xbox 360

    The eighties kind of sucked. I mean, the crime rate was high, people were out of their minds on cocaine… But you know what’s funny? Despite all the things that made the eighties suck—the politics, the culture, the pollution—the nerds somehow made the best of it. It was, like, as the real world fell apart, the nerds just…burrowed into their basements and made awesome sh*t. I mean, it was a golden age for video games. Mega Man alone was worth dealing with…Belinda Carlisle. Heaven’s not a place on Earth. It’s Rad Raygun for the Xbox 360. What’s great about Rad Raygun is that…it takes what was good about the eighties,…

  • Ring Fit Adventure – My Way to Play – Nintendo Switch
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    Ring Fit Adventure – My Way to Play – Nintendo Switch

    [Nintendo Switch Snap] -OK. [cheery minimalistic beat][In-game announcer] -Alright, let’s go! -OK, lift knees.[panting] [In-game announcer] -OK, let’s move![In-game announcer] -Nice improvement!-Oh let’s do this. [In-game announcer] -Shake your hips!-Whoa![In-game announcer] -Nice![female VO] -Going on an adventure, while getting in a workout?That’s my way to play.

  • CGRundertow A VOXEL ACTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
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    CGRundertow A VOXEL ACTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

    We’ve covered voxels before. Just check out my Pulitzer-ignored coverage of this generation’s most overlooked zombie-shooting sensation, Block Zombies, for evidence of same. But with such potential in the medium, and by medium I mean a hell of a lot of cubes, there are so many more places we can go… like, right back to the beginning of gaming itself, with platforming action reminiscent of a Mario or Mega Man. A Voxel Action plays like a love-letter to this rich history, combining classical gaming concepts with new-school shinyness. And filters. Lots and lots of video filters. Looks kinda like a photoshop project exploded in here. What struck me immediately about…

  • CGR Undertow – CONSTANT C review for Xbox 360
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    CGR Undertow – CONSTANT C review for Xbox 360

    Well, might as well get the obvious question out of the way first. No, this is not some crazy, never-ending game of Contra. Disappointing, I know, but…this is, like, the next-best thing. It’s Constant C for the Xbox 360. So this game combines a bunch of awesome things into one awesome thing. You’ve got cute robots in space, a la WALL*E; some clever gravity-based platforming, a la Metal Storm; and a story about the perils of messing with time, a la Back to the Future. And those are awesome things. Those are, like, three of my favorite things. And it all comes together to create this fantastic puzzle-platformer on Xbox…

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    Video Game Memories: PS1, PS2, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360

    my first console oh hey I’m seated Umbra i think my first council was a playstation 1 ok so the first like concert you actually have any memories with ya and a game I remember most was fire spyro the dragon I played that more than anything yeah I i remember with ps1 we had one for a brief period i don’t know what happened to be with ps1 anyway i remember playing a lot of mo discs because you get a leg in the mail and lay in magazines ever playing final fantasy 7 demo spyro demo dress plain tony hawk demo file basically all devil that’s all my…