• Football – Keith Carter Press Conference (12-2-19)
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    Football – Keith Carter Press Conference (12-2-19)

    Good morning. Obviously this is a hard day, but as we announced yesterday we’ve decided to make a change in our football leadership. With the support and consultation of Chancellor Boyce and after meeting with coach Luke, we felt that we needed to move forward in a different direction and inject new energy into the program. Following Thursday’s game I spent a couple of days taking a hard look at the totality of Matt’s tenure as head coach. While you can see progress in certain areas, we’re not experiencing enough success on the field from a recruiting academic and overall culture standpoint. Matt did a tremendous job and we will…

  • Playing Crossfire
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    Playing Crossfire

    – ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roarsWelcome to “Good Mythical More.” The wheel comes to a gentle landing, just like this episode. Thanks for hanging with us. – Don’t Google That! – Mm-mm. Whatever you do, don’t Google… How do you spell that so I can not Google it? H-A-M-A-D-R-Y-A-S. “Hamadree-as”? Baboon butts.” “Hama-Dryas” baboon butts? That’s probably not how you say it. We probably haven’t said it right yet. I’m saying it phonetically so that they can not Google it. We’ve already shown– we’ve already shown them how to spell it, and they’ve already Googled it ’cause they can’t help themselves. That’s why the robots are going…

  • You Should Play This FILIPINO-Made Video Game!
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    You Should Play This FILIPINO-Made Video Game!

    [ rock music playing ] Man, rocking out is tiring. *#! you, Charizard! What’s up guys? Extra Rai here Welcome back to the channel Today in this episode, I’m very proud to introduce to you a Filipino-made game called Good Knight. A Filipino metal one button bullet hell Guys I’ve been eyeing this game since 2017 and this year I’m so thankful that that sent me a demo of this game for me to try out and give out my first impressions. So guys, the game is going to be released on December 5 at 5 PM and you have two options on how you can score a copy. It’s…

  • How to: Dress Your Child In Their Hockey Gear | Source For Sports
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    How to: Dress Your Child In Their Hockey Gear | Source For Sports

    Congratulations! your son or daughter has chosen to play hockey, well you’re now hockey parent. There’s a few things are gonna need to learn how to do; number one you’re gonna have to learn how to dress your child. We’re gonna start with the entire lower half of the hockey equipment, that way our upper body is still gonna be free to move properly and it’s a lot more comfortable for the child. your gonna have a lot less trouble with them being fidgety. Now I want to make sure that we get those skate liner socks on properly. The best way to do it is to bunch them up…

  • The alternative App Store for iPhones
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    The alternative App Store for iPhones

    – Since the rise of the modern smartphone 10 years ago, one thing has remained constant: Apple’s approach to iPhone apps. The App Store launched in 2008 and, with it, Apple laid out how it was going to let third-party apps onto its platform. And not much has really changed. You still have to develop your app according to Apple’s rules, submit it to the company for review, and then pray Apple lets it onto the App Store. Anything that crosses the line, especially around copyright or privacy, isn’t allowed. And those rules are extensive. The guidelines document is more that 12,500 words long. But, if you’ve been following the…

  • Alexe Gagnon spends a day with the Habs
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    Alexe Gagnon spends a day with the Habs

    Hello, my name is Alexe. I’m from Boisbriand. I’ve been skating since I was very small. I signed a contract as a figure skating consultant, something like that, for one day. How’s it going? -Good, and you? Good. When I arrived in the dressing room, I saw everything, and I saw my name. I was really surprised, I wasn’t expecting that. Skating with the players, that’s memorable. You don’t get to do that very often in your life. I skated with them, and we did a little pirouette. That’s not too bad! Bye, thank you very much! Bye. Her brother is a goaltender as well. He’s a really good goalie.…

  • COD Mobile Download without Play Store | Early Access | Tencent | TiMi | 2019 | HD
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    COD Mobile Download without Play Store | Early Access | Tencent | TiMi | 2019 | HD

    hello friends my name is bigger smile and welcome to bigger smile sj. here is an another tutorial video in my channel. and in this video i am going to show you how you can install COD : Mobile in your device without play store register program. you have to download zip file from the description. add me in COD for play with me “BiggerSmileSJ”. so without further due lets start the tutorial. first i am showing working game. uninstalling for reinstall. now extract that zip file and in that zip file you will find 1 folder and COD apk. copy that whole folder to Android/obb. after that install the…

  • Kent State’s Ice Hockey Club
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    Kent State’s Ice Hockey Club

    I would say one of the biggest difference between a varsity sport verses a club sport is there’s no athletic scholarships involved for our players. They come to Kent State and any kind of academic money they can earn is all through their own. And what kind of grades they have coming out of high school. We pretty much are a collegiate team. We practice everyday,we have to go to the gym twice a week. We do basically the same requirements as them. We have GPA requirements just like a SAA,stuff like that, so we treat this just like it is a normal sport normal SAA team. We are a…

  • Denison Football Wrap-Up vs. Ohio Wesleyan (2018)
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    Denison Football Wrap-Up vs. Ohio Wesleyan (2018)

    [Brandon Morgan] It was rivalry week here in Granville, Ohio with your big red football team defeated, Ohio Wesleyan 27 to 10. We caught up with Sam Ray, Alex Minton, and head coach, Jack Hatem. [Sam Ray] We had a very tough week of practice. We got challenged every day by the coaches and what we wanted to do was just come out and hit these guys in the mouth and just show them that we’re a better team. From them or than them that at the very beginning of the game. I think that’s what we did. [Jack Hatem] This game is alway close. It’s always tightly contested. I…

  • RIT Hockey Media Day 2017
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    RIT Hockey Media Day 2017

    [MUSIC]>>All our scoring comes back, really the meat and potatoes of our defense come back, our goaltending is really the unanswered question. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, but I want to wait until we start playing games and see where they develop and where they go. And I think if that can be solidified, the earlier the better. I think we’ll be in real great shape with the group that we have. Every time we’re picked for first, we don’t finish first. And every time we’re picked for fourth or whatever we end up winning something. So I guess from that stand point I’m hopeful.>>I think what our…