• DAY IN MY LIFE | Work, my struggles, Disney, & meal idea ✨
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    DAY IN MY LIFE | Work, my struggles, Disney, & meal idea ✨

    Hello friends it’s Allison I hope you’re having a super happy and cozy day so far I know I always say cozy this time year why is my voice like this do you hear this you see today I am filming a little day in my life video I absolutely love doing these they just feel so chill and I feel like I really bond with you guys but today is gonna be extra fun because we’re about to pop over to Walt Disney World for a little bit um I’m meeting my friend Caroline and she helps me take a lot of my Disney photos for my Instagram and…

  • My Disney Hangover
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    My Disney Hangover

    Hi everyone! So this week is pretty much the same old, same old. You know, whatever, blah! Oh, uh, except… I went to Disney World! Whaaaaaaa– It was the best, but I’m having a bit of a Disney hangover. The past few days, uh, I’ve been back, and it’s been… hard. It’s my birthday! Why aren’t strangers telling me happy birthday?! “Where… you… at?” God, texting is harder than I remember. [GRUNTING] Are you guys — is there a broom, moving? Minnie’s, Minnie’s kinda like… [HIGH VOICE:] Oh… ooh, I’m Mickey Mouse — Minnie Mouse. Ooh! … Donald. I’m, I’m a… I’m a really good imprestionist. [LIGHTSABER TOY TURNS ON;…

  • a melhor razão pra filmar sua viagem pra DISNEY
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    a melhor razão pra filmar sua viagem pra DISNEY

    Hey Ma. Fa. Go Ahead. I think the next Vlog should be about Disney. A Disney tips video? It won’t be that …a video to show how my experience was when we went there. I’m not a big fan to tell you the truth. I don’t know, I think it might be cool, I think there are people who would like it. If you think it’s cool, you can do it But I think we have to post more adventures… This adventurous travel thing is not for everyone, I wouldn’t go to the North Pole like you. I think it’s a waste of time. I don’t think people will like…

  • First look: Disney’s new Star Wars ride ‘Rise of the Resistance’
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    First look: Disney’s new Star Wars ride ‘Rise of the Resistance’

    Daniel Figueroa IV here with the Tampa Bay Times. We are back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge for the grand opening of Rise of the Resistance. Brand new attraction, brand new undertaking for Disney. It’s been a few months since we’ve been here. The park opened in August. It’s now December. We’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting patiently. But I’m very excited to once again join the Star Wars universe. So we’re going to see what this ride’s all about. Here we go. We are fortunate enough to be among some of the first few to to ride this. If you have followed Star Wars at all,…

  • Disney Yacht Club | Room Review
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    Disney Yacht Club | Room Review

    So here we are a Yacht Club Resort… Disney World. This is a Deluxe Resort. Can you hear those angels singing? They are singing because this is the most beautiful resort I think that Disney has to offer. It is stunningly beautiful. You have a desk there so that way you can do any paperwork or the kids can draw. Whatever. You can do computer work. A couple nice beds. The sofa is incredibly comfortable. I can’t believe how comfortable it is. I Believe it is a fold-out bed. Although it must be maybe a twin because there’s not gonna be enough room to fold out too much. Really good…

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Avatar, Lion King, Yeti & More At Walt Disney World 🇺🇸
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    Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Avatar, Lion King, Yeti & More At Walt Disney World 🇺🇸

    Good morning everyone! It’s time for park 4. Animal Kingdom, I’m back! I’m so excited! And guys.. I’m not alone today.. Look who arrived yesterday.. Wesley from Wezzvlog and his sister Stephanie. The Tree of Life.. It’s so good to be back. After the castle, I think the best park reveal ever. You see I’m with real influencers today, they’r very busy with their Insta-photos. Real influencers, unreal. – I’m infuencing like a pro! But we have a tree picture. Let’s start the day. I want a second opinion, because I’m telling you for three days now that it’s bloody hot! Wesley, am I right? – Yes it’s so hot!…

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Walking Tour
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    Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Walking Tour

    Hey everybody! I’m on Generation Gap bridge heading into the Art of Animation. I’m not sure what’s about to happen because I’ve got an hour and a half to try to do a resort tour and eat so this is either gonna be awesome or a total disaster. We’ll find out Once you come across generation gap bridge into the resort, you find yourself in the Finding Nemo section. The rooms in this section are family suites so they have inside entrances and then they have a separate bedroom from the living area. Now on this end, there is this little playground area. It’s got Squirt up there as you…