• Disney Springs at Night 2020 – 4K
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    Disney Springs at Night 2020 – 4K

    The complex opened on March 22, 1975, and has been expanded and renamed over the years. In 2013 plans were announced for a three-year renovation and expansion of the complex, and on September 29, 2015, the name officially changed to Disney Springs. The 120-acre complex includes four distinct areas: Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center, and West Side. Buses and water taxis operated by Disney Transport provide transportation between Disney Springs and other areas of Walt Disney World. The Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, which opened on March 22, 1975, was originally envisioned as an area shopping mall. wo years after its opening, the complex was renamed Walt Disney World Village.…

  • Disney Backstage Photos
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    Disney Backstage Photos

    Haunted Mansion Organ Player Jungle Cruise Tiger Journey Into Imagination Maintenance Great Movie Ride Construction Stitch’s Great Escape Animatronic Haunted Mansion Ballroom People Mover Vehicle Storage Space Mountain Lights On Stitch’s Great Escape Animatronic Cranium Command Buzzy Removed Pirates of Caribbean Ship Captain Haunted Mansion Control Room Cranium Command Hypothalamus Cranium Command Buzzy Stitch Animatronic Peter Pan Maintenance R2D2 Storage Alien From Buzz Lightyear Ride Tower of Terror Vehicle Sarge from Stitch’s Great Escape Hollywood Studios Club 33 Body Wars Control Room Imageworks Rainbow Tunnel Remains Great Movie Ride Figure Beast Costume Epcot Tunnel Map Splash Mountain Water Storage/Filtration Country Bear Animatronic Hollywood Studios Earful Tower Sarge’s Desk from Stitch’s…

  • *RAPUNZEL* at Disney World! (2018)
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    *RAPUNZEL* at Disney World! (2018)

    Look at this dress! It looks absolutely amazing on you! Wait come over here. Give me a twirl. Can I see what it looks like? Give me a spin? Spin, twirl! Oh we’re still going! Oh more! Oh we’re still going! And again! You’re gonna get dizzy if you keep doing this. Okay, one last one? Okay, last one? Wait, okay, now this is the last one? Ha ha. Okay, we’re done! Hi. You know purple is one of my favorite colors, too. Is it your favorite as well? Pascal and I have 147 different colors of purple in our paint collection. It’s pretty exciting. She wanted to match you.…

  • Doing Disney: MyMagic+ and MagicBand Technology
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    Doing Disney: MyMagic+ and MagicBand Technology

    Hi Folks — this is Sid from 3 Minute Travel Tips. Walt Disney World Resort is now testing a new technology that will soon be available to all guests. It’s called My Magic+ service and it uses a handy device called a MagicBand. This is one of the most ambitious steps Disney has taken in more than 30 years. Ready to find out more? I’ve got the lowdown in 3 minutes or less! What if you could use a single source for tickets, room keys, credit cards, PhotoPASS cards & even FastPass tickets while you’re vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort? That’s where the MagicBand comes in. And it…

  • We Visited Oga’s Cantina – Best Drinks In Batuu At Disney World ‘s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!
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    We Visited Oga’s Cantina – Best Drinks In Batuu At Disney World ‘s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

    We’re getting to go into the Cantina. Extra Magic Hours…you don’t need a reservation. Thank you. There’s a menu. They have a lot of different drinks here. Some very cool-looking drinks. There’s the DJ. There’s the menu. I’m gonna get the Blue Bantha Blue Milk There’s concoctions with alcohol. Beers on tap. Cider and wine. Snacks. I like the names of some of this. The Jedi Mind Trick. T-16 Skyhopper, The Outer Rim, Jet Juice. Dagobah Slug Slinger. There’s our blue milk. Its got like a little cookie on top. There’s the red one – kinda tart. I’m gonna try my blue milk. It’s not too bad. Kind of a…

  • Everett’s First Disney Trip / Wine & Dine
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    Everett’s First Disney Trip / Wine & Dine

    Morning! It’s… 3:18AM And it’s time for me to go race! Bye it’s just a little early… in the morning… I’m the only one out here It’s fine. I already have to go back to the room because I forgot my goat. I need my goat. Alright. I’ve got my goat. I think we’re set now, I cannot race without my goat. You know, he’s just. He has to come. Alright, bye. It is 3:00 a.m. again and a cloudy 66 degrees Pretty good for a run. I might be a little cold in the corral, but I will feel it when we start moving so it’s all good

  • Disneyland Secret History:  The Ghosts of Walt Disney Land
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    Disneyland Secret History: The Ghosts of Walt Disney Land

    DISNEYLAND SECRET HISTORY: THE GHOSTS OF WALT DISNEY LAND Walt Disney Created one of the most magical parks on earth, Disneyland. He also created a park with a secret history. This is the top 5 ghost stories of Disneyland NUMBER 5 The Haunting of Walt Disney The creator of Disneyland, Walt Disney, had an apartment hidden above the Disneyland fire department inside the park. Each time he was in the residence, he would leave a lamp turned on so that everyone knew he was there. After his death, many employees heard noises coming from the apartment. One day, a cleaning lady saw the light turned on, even though there was…

  • Christmas Eve ~ Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom ~ 3 HOUR LINES!
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    Christmas Eve ~ Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom ~ 3 HOUR LINES!

    here comes the monorail good morning everyone from Orlando Florida it is Christmas Eve here for me and I had the bright idea to come to Disney World in fact we’re gonna do Magic Kingdom for the first time ever for me on Christmas Eve it’s gonna be really busy first of all we got to up on a monorail to get over to Magic Kingdom all right we made it and that really wasn’t that bad there were several more lines because of the monorail system but I’ve never had the monorail in I’m always used to Fort Wilderness not staying at Fort Wilderness this year next time maybe…

  • Disney Christmas Tag!
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    Disney Christmas Tag!

    Hi everyone and welcome to a new video here on the channel and I should probably say because this is gonna be the last video before Christmas, Merry Christmas! It’s a time for giving thanks and we just wanna say a massive thank you for all of your support throughout the year. For those of you that have been with us for longer, thank you for your support since our channel has begun. It has just been overwhelming the support this year so thank you so much. We thought we would bring you a video today that was inspired because we got tagged by Emma and Jon to do the…