• CGRundertow PUDDLE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
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    CGRundertow PUDDLE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

    Man. Puddle is a hard word to say on mic without something going absolutely haywire. Two plosives and an alveolar lateral approximate. All of those words? Easier to say on mic than Puddle. So I’ll boil it down to its basic components: This is a game about fluid dynamics, one which looked at LocoRoco’s mechanics and said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” But it decided to do without the pervasive cuteness of the LocoRoco series. All that adorable false-language babble is thrown to the curb. This is a more stylish and elegant game for a more stylish time. Even if you’re dealing with… erm. Wastewater. Your goal concerns a fluid,…

  • SUB) Disney 엘사 커버 메이크업❄️Frozen2 Elsa makeup☃️
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    SUB) Disney 엘사 커버 메이크업❄️Frozen2 Elsa makeup☃️

    Hello, I’m twoyoona. Today is Queen Elsa’s makeup. First, Elsa has a pale skin, so it whitens skin tone using white cream. For Elsa’s flawless skin, a concealer kit with three colors, dark circles and blemishes, And I’ll cover my eyebrows because they’re going to draw different shapes. Next, narrow down the jaw line to make it look smooth with stick-type shading. I’ll put a puff on it to make the boundary look natural. And with a cushion factor of a bright lake, tap the entire area to complete the skin. Elsa’s eyebrows are very thin and long. Draw the border with a thin brush pencil first. In the photo,…

  • Christmas In Orlando: Disney Springs and Disney Resorts
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    Christmas In Orlando: Disney Springs and Disney Resorts

    I wouldn’t be the Orlando Guy if I never took you to visit the places that has made Orlando famous. So, today is a Disney Day! [Spanish] Por favor, manténgase alejado de las puertas! ♪ One look! ♪ ♪ And I’m free ♪ ♪ One touch ♪ ♪ Feels skin deep ♪ The very best time, in my opinion, to visit Orlando is during the Holidays. From September Thru January, Orlando is in full-on holiday mode. Beginning with Halloween events at the theme parks all the way to New Year’s Eve – Orlando transforms into party city. Today we’re going to Disney Springs to check out the Christmas Tree Trail,…

  • DIY Light Up Disney Art (Anna & Elsa + Beauty & the Beast) – Room Decor (Requested Video)
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    DIY Light Up Disney Art (Anna & Elsa + Beauty & the Beast) – Room Decor (Requested Video)

    Hey guys! So I hope you’re not getting too tired of these light up canvas videos, but I wanted to make one more because it was inspired by you! So I decided to make two light up pictures this time, one with Anna and Elsa on it & one with beauty and the beast on it. Like always I started with a very thin canvas & it’s nice that they are so thin, because it makes it a lot easier to poke holes into it. I painted the whole canvas black & drew out a design that i wanted to use as my pattern, but you can also print it…

  • Disney Secret: Tips Tricks Hacks You Need Planning A Disney World Vacation
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    Disney Secret: Tips Tricks Hacks You Need Planning A Disney World Vacation

    what did that kid just say hey everyone thanks for stopping by today I’m going to share some tips and tricks we’ve learned that can help you make the most of your visit to three Disney parks Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom and Epcot securing fast pastures arriving before opening the best strategies for character memory enjoy let’s get started our favorite method for fast passes is securing them as far prior to your trip as possible and focusing on your three must-see attractions now here is the secret we like to schedule Fast Pass turns to start after lunch around 12:30 to 1:00 and later. We’ll explain why in a…

  • Miss Americana | Official Trailer
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    Miss Americana | Official Trailer

    Just gonna go have fun. No one out there that I know of in the audience actively hates me. Not get dead faced. -Ready to do this? -Ready… Totally ready.Throughout my whole career,label executives would just say,“A nice girl doesn’t force their opinions on people.A nice girl smiles and waves and says thank you.”I became the person…everyone wanted me to be.I think that Taylor Swift, she is annoying.All of her model friends–-…going through guys like– -She’s too skinny.Nobody physically saw me for a year. And that was what I thought they wanted. I had to deconstruct an entire belief system. Toss it out and reject it. It woke me up…

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    Sure, it’s nice to open a gift That’s tied up with a perfect bow But the greatest present of all Was given to me long ago It’s something I would never trade It’s the family that we’ve made ‘Cause when we’re together I have everything on my list And when we’re together I have all I wished All around the Christmas tree There’ll be dreams coming true But when we’re together Then my favorite gift is you I would travel miles and miles And I would follow any star I’d go almost any place If it’s any place you are ‘Cause when we’re together I’ll forever feel at home And…

  • Tangled vs Moana vs Frozen and more! | Disney On Ice 2019 Utrecht
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    Tangled vs Moana vs Frozen and more! | Disney On Ice 2019 Utrecht

    hi guys welcome to another episode of pinay mom’s blogs where we share about the things we do and the places we see here in amsterdam and beyond and today we are on our way to watch disney on ice for the very first time this year’s Disney on Ice is held at the convention center in Utrecht about 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam but before we continue we just want to thank our returning subscribers for your continued support and to our new viewers out there and new subscribers thank you so much for watching pinay mom’s blogs it’s always tempting to buy some merchandise on shows like this…

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    Walt Disney Documentary – Disney’s Success Story

    Hello, and welcome to another edition of modeling the masters. My name is Evan Carmichael and today We’re going to be talking about the famous entrepreneur walt Disney and how you can model his strategies to achieve success with your business Everyone knows walt Disney for his movies theme parks and cast of characters. What most people don’t know is when he first started out? He had no money he had to live in his office because he couldn’t afford [write] for an apartment And he survived on a diet of cold beans because he couldn’t afford food By committing to his business and sticking with it He was now…

  • As Fast as Her | Chicago Blackhawks
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    As Fast as Her | Chicago Blackhawks

    (gentle music) – [Commentator] Our the first event will be the Bridgestone Fastest Skater. Up first will be the 2018 gold medalist from the U.S. Women’s Olympic team, Kendall Coyne. – [Kendall] I think we’re still figuring it out, what it meant. We’re learning new things every day. New developments, new barriers that are being broken because of that moment. – Watch the feet move there. The angles are terrific, the edge work is outstanding. – Having a moment like that, it’s teaching the future generations of our game that gender doesn’t matter. Everyone plays the same game, and they love the game. What was so special to me, was…