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Spotlight on Pinocchio | Disney

NARRATOR: Hi-diddly-dee. It’s the 1940 epic
adventure, “Pinocchio.” [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Carved from wood and
brought to life by a wish, Pinocchio is the son
Geppetto always wanted. In Carlo Collodi’s
original story, Geppetto’s cat was
barely mentioned, but Yasha Frank’s stage
adaptation expanded the role from which Disney filmmakers
drew their inspiration, making Figaro a kitten. After Pinocchio, Figaro
went on to appear in eight theatrical films. Designing Pinocchio proved to be
so challenging that production was halted until
the filmmakers could find a more appealing design. Finally, Disney legend Milt Kahl
suggested designing a real boy and adding wooden
puppet joints after. Talk about a magical
transformation. Pinocchio was a
cinematic achievement in the world of character
animation and visual effects. In the Monstro chase
sequence, effect animators spent a full year
focusing on how the water, raft, and
wreckage would fit with the character animation. Pinocchio invites us to imagine
what dreams may come true if we wish upon a star,
listen to our conscience, and have the courage
to face our fears. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ETHEREAL CHORD]


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