Sophie in Disney World: Five Years Later…
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Sophie in Disney World: Five Years Later…

Toothless is keeping an eye on this video
over my shoulder. Hi everyone! My name is Sophie, and if you’ve watched some of my videos
before, you know I’ve been working at the Disney Parks on and off for the last five
years. I used to do vlogging much more regularly when I was new to everything – when I was
a first College Programmer five years ago – and I’ve slacked a little bit on it since
then, but I have loved every minute of this. It’s very late while I’m recording this, it’s
nearly midnight on March 15th… I probably won’t be posting this tonight, so you won’t
be watching this on March 15th. A lot of College Programmers’ programs just ended today very
suddenly, and so we kept the rides open for a little bit late tonight to let everyone
have a chance to ride it again before they all have to go home. I was wandering around
– I work in the moon of Pandora, if you can tell from my Alpha Centauri Expeditions logo
here – and we were walking around, enjoying the beauty of the bioluminescence at night
under the mountains, and I saw some College Programmers chatting with Djuan Rivers. Djuan
Rivers is the Vice President of Animal Kingdom, he has been since before I started working
there. My first role five years ago was in Animal Kingdom as well, at the Festival of
the Lion King theatre. And I hadn’t seen him in a while, so I stopped there, and I waited
for them to finish their conversation, and then I stepped forward. And I shook his hand,
and I told him – this is a true thing, if you’ve watched my videos before then I talked
about this five years ago – but I told him, five years ago, when I was a College Programmer,
I worked at the Festival of the Lion King. You came up to me when I was outside at the
Greeter position, and I had no idea who you were, but you chatted with me, and then you
shook my hand, and told me that you were the Vice President of Animal Kingdom and that
I was doing a great job! And that my family loves this story, my grandparents love to
tell this story to people over and over. It’s this sign of how welcome they made me feel
there. And I told him, I have felt welcomed in every role I’ve been here at Disney – in
Attractions, in Custodial, in my internships. And in a few weeks, I will be beginning an
internship with Walt Disney Imagineering in California, and I am absolutely thrilled to
be doing it. I would not be doing this, I would not be pursuing my dreams if I had not
felt so welcomed in all of my roles, and he was definitely a part of that feeling welcome.
I’m just really glad I had the chance to see him again and tell him that story, because
I didn’t know if it was going to happen before I head off, and everything right now is very
uncertain. I know a lot of people are scared right now, not only here but everywhere else
in the nation, everywhere else in the world. I have had the honor of working with a team
of people whose job it is to take the scary parts of reality and make it so that we can
forget about them for a while, that we can see the world in a nicer, happier light and
create memories for everyone, memories that you keep with you, that you keep in your pocket
for a rainy day and when you need it you look back and smile. I look back and smile at nearly
every single second of the time that I’ve worked in the Disney parks. And this is not
the end! This is by no means the end. If you love it, you find it again. Disney isn’t going
anywhere. To all you CPs – you’re gonna find your way back here. And to all of you who
haven’t been a CP, or ICP, or PI, or Full-Time, Part-Time, anything, and you want to make
this your dream – it can be your dream, too. Everyone stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay inside.
Do what you gotta do to take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Pamper yourself.
Put on your favorite movie. Read your favorite book. Play your favorite music. Make your
favorite food. Whatever you gotta do to make yourself feel better these next few weeks.
Because you deserve it. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to have happiness. Take
it from me, someone whose job description is “to create happiness.” You deserve that
happiness. Be good to yourself, be kind to each other, and you’ll hear from me again

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