Sonic Unleashed is a Fantastic Sonic Game! (5K Special)
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Sonic Unleashed is a Fantastic Sonic Game! (5K Special)

SMT here and today, I want to talk about an
awesome Sonic game. I genuinely believe it holds plenty of qualities
and that’s Sonic Unleashed. Yes, your ears are not deceiving you, I’m
not trolling, I really love Sonic Unleashed and I think it’s a fantastic Sonic game. “But it’s got the Werehog, Sonic’s a
slow beat ‘em up and it’s not what Sonic is supposed to be, hurr durr.” Sonic by no means should be a slow thrasher,
Sonic is a fast-paced platformer. I can agree the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed
is not what Sonic should’ve done. That being said, the way the Werehog was implemented
wasn’t even bad. Sure it was slow, but combat-wise, in both
the inferior and superior builds of the game, Sonic the Werehog had a variety of button
and motion combinations for a variety of attacks. Dare I say it was even fun fighting baddies. The only annoyance is hearing that battle
theme every time you throw a fist at just one of the dark gaia minions. Sonic was still agile and nimble with the
stretchy arms and the platforming somewhat. You can get some enjoyment out of it, overall
it didn’t bother me. A common complaint is the nighttime stages
being significantly long, especially compared to the daytime stages and yeah I can vibe
with that, if I was talking about the Wii and Playstation 2 version. There were more acts and the stages were longer
in those versions. The Ps3 and Xbox versions however, are a little
more on the shorter side and are overshadowed by the number of daytime stages and how much
fun they are. Even still, I didn’t find it that big of
a hassle. And really, that’s the only complaint I
can pick out from Sonic Unleashed, which mostly stems from the Werehog gameplay and despite
that, I still enjoyed it. But the one thing everyone claims to be the
highlight of Sonic Unleashed is in fact, the daytime stages and lord are they still a blast. You have a variety of stages to boost through,
architectures paying tribute to the Cyclades of Greece, Italy, Africa, China, Saudi Arabia,
Thailand and more, the world you travel around reminds you of how Sonic could work in the
real world. This game is one of the first to emphasize
one of Sonic’s well-known gameplay styles, the boost. Taking down foes or collecting rings fills
your boost gauge is how its done and people loved. After the low ratings Sonic got after Shadow,
the Secret Rings, and especially 06, Sonic Unleashed was commended for this new gameplay
style that was fun and innovative at the time, the emphasize on his traditional platforming
roots in the 3D and 2D sections, and the charm the overall game brought to the table. The game is also known to be one of the most
gorgeous Sonic games to date, in terms of gameplay AND cutscenes. It’s always amazing to go back to a game
in 2008 and still be amazed at how stunning it visually looks, with each world looking
aesthetically pleasing to the eye, looking as faithful to the source material as possible,
and just looking like a movie. Speaking of which, I mentioned before how
this game has a lot of overall charm. In many ways is that salvageable. For one thing, the cutscenes in Sonic Unleashed
make me feel like I’m in a movie theater. There’s no other Sonic game out there that
can come close to the visual appeal and cinematography Sonic Unleashed has. I seriously wish the Sonic movie that’s
in development for 2018 was being made in this CGI animation style instead of a hybrid
of live action and CGI. Either way, it’s still drop dead gorgeous
to look at. But enough about what’s on the outside. The inside of this game can sell as well. The story begins in a cold open, which is
jumping into the story at the beginning, where Sonic assaults Eggman’s battle fleet in
space. Laying waste to Eggman’s robotic army, Sonic
transforms into Super Sonic and seems to have been victorious. Until Eggman tricks and traps Sonic, extracting
the Chaos Emerald’s power and draining the gems of their life energy. He uses that power to fire a ginormous cannon
to break up the Earth into seven pieces and release a dark, evil entity within the planet’s
core, Dark Gaia. Dark Gaia prematurely wakes up from this,
which is fabled to be revived after several millennia to cause destruction, and his energy
seeps out of the cracks and spreads throughout the Earth, turning inhabitants into his spawn
and releasing more dark energy. Through an unforeseen side effect of the ray
and Chaos Emerald’s drained power, Sonic absorbs this energy and transforms into Sonic
the Werehog, a werewolf beast form with greater strength and abilities than what Sonic is
normally capable of, but can only be triggered when nightfall occurs. He’s then flown back down to Earth surviving
a massive fall, and stumbles upon a friendly creature of some sort who’s unfortunately
suffered from amnesia. Sonic assumes he’s fallen onto him and decides
to help him regain it back and make up for his misunderstood accident. Because I’m gonna get people watching this
who haven’t played the game, I’m going to avoid going any deeper with the story. Even still, as you progress, there is a sense
of danger and tension in the story, especially compared to Sonic games after this one. I believe Sonic Unleashed was the last serious
story we got that actually worked and was pretty good, especially considering the character
interactions and personality are on point. Most gaming fans out there believe Sonic’s
lost his cool edge he had back in the Genesis and Dreamcast days, especially, again, looking
at games after Sonic Unleashed. But Sonic Unleashed, in my opinion, capture’s
Sonic’s character and personality pretty damn well. Sonic doesn’t act as cocky or egotistical
as he is in his future installments. Sonic still has a sense of justice and freedom
like he used to in past Sonic games. Take Sonic CD for example. Most, if not every fan out there believes
the cutscenes capture Sonic in his philosophies, character and personality to near perfection
and I can most definitely agree. Sonic is shown to be fast, eager for adventure,
always on the move, and is free-spirited. Easygoing, carefree, “cool”, always standing
for truth and justice and freedom and despises the hell out of lies and evil in any form. Sonic has a big and kind heart and is willing
to help anyone in need. Sonic is confident and cocky at times, but
in games like Lost World and Colors, Sonic’s personality treated more to that cocky easygoing
and self-centered side of Sonic more than his adventurous, more mature, and somewhat
more humble side of him, making him less beloved by Sonic fans far and wide, on top of corny
jokes and lines that just make Sonic seem he’s trying to hard to act cool. In Sonic Generations, apart from his interactions
with Eggman, not just Sonic but every character lacked personality and just looked as static
and lifeless in the cutscenes as the white space they were stuck in. Same could be said for Colors as well, though
to a lesser extent. Lost World on the other hand, did have more
life and character into the characters, though some were still out of their respective characters
either way. It was the wrong personalities injected for
the wrong reasons. Looking at Sonic Unleashed, similar to Sonic
CD, it still manages to capture Sonic’s overall demeanor pretty damn well. In every Sonic game, most of the cocky jokes
and boasts of confidence Sonic cracks at is at Eggman, which is understandable and accepted
by many Sonic fans because despite being a villain, Sonic doesn’t consider Eggman to
be one in a literal sense. Outside of that, he’s not really that cocky
or self-centered. He’s quick to help his amnesiac friend nicknamed
Chip when not only was he not certain of causing his amnesia, but he wasn’t hesitant on helping
him or wanting to leave. He’s as keen on stopping Eggman’s plot
as ever, whether it be stopping him in a flash, or breezily acting like he’s a joke at times. Eggman attacked a village reminiscent to Africa,
but as Sonic arrived and took out some robots, he wasn’t keen on chasing after Eggman,
but more so confirming the safety of the villagers that were attacked. That sense of justice and righteousness, adventure
and comradery, while still retaining a confident ego that’s not as overplayed as it is now,
is still within Sonic in Sonic Unleashed and it’s still very enjoyable. The bond and character development shared
between Sonic and Chip is what can really define seriousness meshed well with light-hearted
moments and natural, charming comedy. With the story, the beginning of it all, the
truth, the climax and other instances, Sonic and Chip’s growing friendship can separate
and blend the tension and action with soft, interactive, endearing down to earth moments,
no pun intended. And some of the comedy, which is mostly provided
by Chip, is not only not overdone and pushed, but also decently humourous. I got a couple chuckles between the borderline
silent cutscenes, Chip’s bubbling, carefree and lovable personality, and some of other
side character’s moments even, like Professor Pickle and a little bit of Tails and Amy. Sonic Unleashed so far, was the last game
to capture the seriousness and carefree tone of a Sonic game as well as the irrefutable
traits and personalities of the Sonic characters in a Sonic game. Hopefully Sonic Forces will prove me wrong
but we’ll see. And one other thing, the soundtrack for the
game has so much variety and so much beauty. The soundtrack in Sonic Unleashed is easily
one of the best soundtracks out there for a Sonic game. Either way, I feel the Werehog overshadows
a lot of the good Sonic Unleashed has for a lot of people, at least back then. And even then, there was still a lot of good
that came out of Sonic Unleashed plus the Werehog’s gameplay still being decent in
its own right. Bottom line, with the great gameplay Sonic
Unleashed provides, beautiful landscapes and graphics, magnificent cutscenes, great story,
nice script, amazing soundtrack, and great characters, I believe Sonic Unleashed is a
fantastic Sonic game. Let me know if you guys agree down below. Do you think Sonic Unleashed is a great Sonic
game? Or do you still think it doesn’t hold a
candle to other titles, even the modern ones? Let me know down below. As of Monday night, May 22, we hit 5000 subscribers
and I seriously thank you all who’ve supported me thus far and hope will continue to do so. It seems we might be on a steady path to 6K
already because we’re still growing and growing at a fast rate now so let’s try
and keep this flow going! I hope I’ll be able to provide as much enjoyable,
insightful and entertaining content as I can and maybe you’ll wanna hit that subscribe
button if you’re new. I do Sonic videos discussing Sonic games and
ideas as well as Mario, and sometimes other Nintendo games and franchises. Very soon I’ll branch out with anime as
well, but gaming is the main thing we do here on this channel though you might like what
you see. I’m currently doing a Road to Sonic Mania
series and have played through Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and have started uploading Sonic CD so maybe
you’ll want to check that out if you haven’t. Also, be sure tuned later today for a livestream
I’ll be doing probably super soon when this goes up. But enough self-promotion. Thank you all again so much and I look forward
to the future this channel holds for all of us. Stay super.


  • lnsflare1

    Honestly, I just started playing it and it does feel like Mario Odyssey is a variation on this hub-world action/adventure collect-a-thon gameplay, though they did integrate the adventure and collection with the actual combat stages more fluidly.

  • Danwal

    they probably use a lot of budget in this sonic game, and surely fans still didn't like them (most of them), like dude, the best 3d sonic game i've played so far and yet people hate it, hell you can even tell the use a lot of effort and love making this.

  • Grumble Mumble

    Sonic Unleashed is utterly the BEST Sonic game still to this day for me and is EXTREMELY underrated. The daytime stages are amazingly open and vibrant and it's like going around the world in the comfort of your own home. Sonic Team has done an amazing job on the boost formula for this game as where it feels like you're going faster than the speed of sound.

    Now, Sonic's character is absolutely on-point as suggested in this video. Sonic is an adventurous and speedy while being cocky at times. Unlike future installments, Sonic is more mature on this game as he is focused on the problem at hand, which was helping Chip find his memory as well as repairing the world in the process. He was WAY more serious on his mission while showing his light-hearted side at times. This game captivates his character way better than I anticipated when I first got this game for the PS3.

    Ah, the Werehog. It's apparently the reason for the games' underratings. The Werehog, personally, was the reason I even got this game in the first place. When I saw the box art, I knew I needed to buy this game. As soon as I played the Werehog section, my mind was blown. Sonic's moveset was very new and it gave a wild new adventure as you entered the night. The ratings were so low for this game because of these sections. I understand. It's a Sonic game. He's supposed to go fast. However, that will lead to boring gameplay.

    The opening sequence is heaven. It was so well animated and made Sonic badass. So fluid. The transformation from Sonic into the Werehog was like watching a Hulk transformation. His hair changed, he just tears through his gloves, and the close-up of his teeth growing then him roaring like a lion. Absolutely stunning.

    This game was the best Sonic game ever made (close to Sonic Mania) and it's a shame to see Sonic in these conditions today.

  • Aubrynobi

    Its great it dose what is good its sonic sonic collors and generations are not sonic and its strange that peopole hate this one but love sonic generations and collors this game however is sonic

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي

    Fuck 4kids, they ruined everything , removed Ryan with Barney the dinosaur, removed tails with a gender confused woman, gave eggman a bad actor, gave rouge a horrible voice , gave shadow an edgy and emo voice which is stupid, have vector a historicaly bad voice,and it goes on, if 4kids didn't take over we would have Ryan Drummond and the others still here, except maybe tails and eggman

  • Anan Muadi

    This is the best modern Sonic game I've ever played through my entire life (the only modern Sonic game that I've never complained about it a single time) and I agree with every point you say👌

  • LegoFan246

    Sonic Unleashed is the most underrated game in all of entertainment history. Seriously, how can a game with good gameplays (Yes, the Werehog gameplay is good. Just because it's slower, doesn't mean it's bad. It's extremely fun, especially for beat-em-up fans, and is also a solid gameplay.), great graphics, amazing soundtrack, awesome story and characters, get such bad reviews? Especially since the Unwiished version got better reviews. Like what?! Unleashed isn't perfect, but it's still my favorite Sonic game. Sure, it can be unfairly hard at times, especially for inexperienced players, ESPECIALLY FOR PLAYERS WHO JUST PLAYED THE NEWER GAMES THAT ARE ABSURDLY EASY! (I literally got S-Ranks in all levels from Sonic Generations from Green Hill to Seaside Hill on my FIRT TIME! Whereas in Unleashed, I replayed Rooftop Run about 7 times before getting my first S-Rank in that game. It was harder, but it felt so much more rewarding! It really is an acheivment to get an S-Rank, and really inspires players to better themselves. Btw, Eggmanland is now probably my favorite Sonic level ever. It's the best challenge I had with a game in years!)

    But overall, I really love Unleashed, and it's my favorite Modern Sonic game, and likely favorite Sonic game as a whole.

  • EnderNews46

    The Wii/PS2 versions actually have shorter night stages. The 3 acts where short because the Wii/PS2 couldnt put all stages in one due to limitations. In the Wii/PS2 version the fighting was fun, heck there was less fighting as well. The 360/PS3 versions put all 3 acts in 1 despite the stages differences, thats why they where long.

  • Sidney Titus

    Also, for the love of GOD, Mario is NOT ripping off Sonic! Who would want to copy off of the franchise that gave birth to the worst game of all time?

  • {Bon-Bon}

    People really lacked an open mind when they criticised the werehog, although the concept may be silly the gameplay itself is a lot of fun, doing combos is actually satisfying in this game.

  • Corey Bookman

    I love sonic unleashed. To me I consider sonic unleashed to be sonic adventure 3 and I mean that in the best way possible.

  • Lord Lui

    This game is honestly everything what I want from a 3rd Sonic game good voice acting (I fucking love Jason) good character arcs good gameplay and fucking god tier music this game should have been what forces should have ended being this games plot is simple Clean but filled with actual fucking tension you know something that forces failed to deliver, and Sonic honestly was the best he felt nice caring calm and Energetic not “WOAH SLOW DOWN THERE BALDY MCNOSEHAIR LOL I AM SO RADICAL” he felt like a genuine character hell his interaction with Amy was great and chip is honestly my favorite sidekick character ever and honestly this game has so much fucking creativity it’s just so beautiful

  • J-Breezy 0819

    Sonic Unleashed is my Favorite Sonic Game
    1:Jason Griffith Playing Sonic
    2:Fun Stages
    3:Hub Worlds
    4:THE MUSIC!!!!!!
    5:CGI & Ingame Cutscenes Were FANTASTIC
    6:Long Spined Sonic,Better Than The Short Spined Sonic Like In Forces

  • Blair

    This game is my childhood favourite childhood game this game was the first game I ever played on ps2 and introduced me to the world of gaming which back then I thought the werehog was cool but I was 8 and still think that where the night stages are good the day ones are the shit

  • Fwuffycodbunny

    My only problem with the game is the word werehog it makes zero sense he is supposed to be a werewolf hedgehog were means man so werehog means manhog i think wolfhog makes more sense.

  • Striver of Strength & Beyond

    Sonic Unleashed was pretty grand if you ask me. It had the perfect balance of everything including the nature of the plot and the gameplay (cmon y’all, the werehog wasn’t THAT bad). In fact if Unleashed was announced by Sega to be the last Sonic game of any kind in the series, I would gladly be satisfied playing it all the way through to the end. But then again, I probably would’ve said the same for Colors and Generations (should’ve made that game longer though).

  • Krishna Nayar

    Lemme say this. I only HALF agree with you. I personally just don’t enjoy the werehog stages. Day stages are godlike, but unfortunately, the werehog detracts from my experience and keeps me from calling it good. If it was just day stages, I would be PROUD to call this game an amazing game.

  • X Scythe

    This is also the last time Sonic games actually did have a challenging final stage (Lava Mountain Act 2 not included)

  • Bey

    To me 2007 and 2008 were the peak of games such as Mario Galaxy, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and Sonic Unleashed of course those are only a few though

  • hegilbert

    Yes, yes, yes, thank you! I couldn't agree any more. Unfortunately, I only ever had the chance to play the Wii version, but most of the thoughts articulated in this video still ring true, even in Sonic Unleashed for the Wii. The day stages are exhilarating, speedy experiences with genuinely engaging gameplay mechanics such as the boost and drift. The Werehog stages could bog down the experience by their relatively tedious combat and overall slow pace, but they still had their own sense of enjoyment. The platforming could be fun and the variety of combat options was pretty great too. Still, the speedy action of the daytime stages was indeed the highlight. You also hit the right notes on the presentation and technical aspects of the game. It's absolutely teeming with delightful atmosphere and gorgeous recreations of realistic locations. It's just a shame that the Wii version didn't have a proper Mazuri stage and Empire City was altogether absent. After having watched videos for the HD version of the game though, I am genuinely impressed by how consistent with time these visuals have managed to be. The soundtrack is extremely robust here too, each track very fitting for where they were used. Even the battle music for the Werehog was enjoyable, even if it got old after ten or so battles. The story was also extremely remarkable. You described it yourself, the personalities were on point and the overall atmosphere of the managed to find a solid balance between the overly dark stories of the games before and the blabbering nonsense of what would come after. Sonic Unleashed is a fantastic Sonic game that I hope gets a remaster or even a remake in the near future. I know this video was posted around a year ago, but I couldn't help but share my input. Thanks for an enjoyable video

  • Husarius pl

    Sonic Unleashed is my favourite Sonic game. I love (nearly) everything in this game, one of those thing I don't like is EGGMANLANG. Soundtracks in this game are soo awesome. Chip is one of those in one game charakter who isn't anoying (like this fairy from Link and Ocarina of Times. "Hey, Hey", "Listen" ,"Watch Out", "Look"). Story is Soo Awesome. Werehog stages are a little too Long but I still like them. When I play as him I feel like me When I play as Kratos in God of War. I Don't Know Why Wii and Ps2 versions have highter opinion then Xbox360. Xbox360 is deffinitly Way better then those garbage versions.
    Searching sun/moon medals in Werehog stages is funny and easy but in Sonic stages you running soo fast and you can easly miss them. But hey you have a reason to play those amazing looking levels again. Voice acting in English is not the best but I don't have a problem.
    Sonic Unleashed is Underrated.

  • Divine Wix3029

    I think sonic unleashed is one of the best sonic games.
    It has great music.
    Probably has the best graphics.
    Sonic actually feels like he is running fast because in colours he felt a little bit slow and in generation, well I don't know it just doesn't feel as fast.
    The werehog is actually pretty fun.
    The bosses are fun to play.
    The levelling up system is cool and uses some replay ability.
    And the cutscenes are probably the best cutscenes in a sonic game.

  • Krishna Nayar

    Lol no it isn’t.

    But here’s why I think so:
    Slippery, unreliable and borderline atrocious day controls.
    Relatively polished night controls are weighed down by being tedious.

    Hope you aren’t THAT triggered anymore by what I said up there.

  • Indigo Rose

    Dude I completely agree. After this game I was no longer interested in Sonic's character. I found him to be an annoying, and cocky jerk who would always tell dumb jokes. I also miss the genuine cut scenes and story sonic games had. I hope Sega will get new people to do Sonic's script, and change the vocal direction they do with Roger or get someone different. I do think modern games should be light hearted, but also some seriousness. This theme is what help separate modern sonic from classic sonic. I also think having sonic in the real isn't bad if it's done in this way. It could also help separate sonic from classic sonic. Because I would rather not have to look I green hill zone in every game if that's where he lives 😅.

  • The Strunt's Plush Movies

    0:32 to 0:43 I have to disagree with that statement Sonic at the time of this game release had no defining play style… the Werehog play style was put in this game to test what Sonic was like as a beat em up.

  • TheSojoboUchiwa

    I would love a Sonic Unleashed 2. I do believe it is a great game, the fastest (day) and slowest (night) at the same time. great visuals, great music, it is just great. Colours was also a great game but still something is missing

  • Papi Duarte

    People who complain about the werehog need to stop being pussies, don’t just look for a good sonic game, look for a good game period. Just because it’s not sonic doesn’t mean it’s bad. Try something new You nostalgia based ass bitches

  • Student Zachary Torres

    Yeah… But it's not encouraged that much in combat, but is otherwise good. Also, sonic generations is still MILES better than unleashed in most ways.

  • Hynotama

    I would love Sonic Unleashed too (werehog and all) but that horrible night time battle track really kept me from enjoying the game. Especially with the game expecting you to grind for EXP. I really wish they would port it on PS4 with an option to turn off that one track.

  • Sonic fan boi

    Sonic is weak in werehog mode. It takes a bunch of slaps to kill a robot. In daytime it takes one hit to kill an enemy

  • finaf crazy!

    I'm in 2019 and I still play it that's how much I love unleashed it's a great game with great graphics and introducing a new kinds of enemies like dark Gaia or the minions and I loved robots humour great game can't believe it's over 10 years old and it's a great game unlike there fail sonic 06 look at the graphics in that compared to unleashed a 2 year difference love unleash stay the same

  • Hypershadic23

    Sonic Unleashed was my first Sonic game and my favorite game. The boosting was fun and even enjoy the werehog battles at times. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Fire Dust

    SMT: No I'm not trolling. I love "Sonic Unleashed".

    ME: Actually general consensus is that its pretty much manditory that you like "Sonic Unleashed". Meanwhile I point out this games flawed mechanics, and I get fucking destroyed for daring to dislike this game.

    SMT: The werehog stages in the Wii/PS2 versions were twice as long,

    ME: ………………..Did you even play the Wii/PS2 versions? Those stages only lasted for about 8 to 10 minutes, whereas the werehog stages in the 360/PS3 versions could drag on for almost a little half an hour, which is only made worse with the millions upon millions of enemy encounters.

    SMT: The werehog just seemed to overshadow everything good about Unleashed.

    ME: Like I said, the werehog stages don't suck for simply existing. Their terrible cause like I said they go on for way too long, the overly high amount of enemy encounters become super tiring, that stupid battle theme playing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Or what about those stupid sun/moon medals, and how you need an unfairly high amount just to progress one stage? There's no radar to indicate where one might be hiding, and in the case of the daytime stage. The only way you can even find a medal realistically is if you slow down to a snails crawl where suddenly Sonic feels incredibly slippery to control when your not boosting. Speaking of the boost stages, those could've been great if the controls were better designed with the boost controls in mind. Its like the wanted "Sonic Unleashed" to have "Sonic Adventure" style level design, but the boost controls don't compliment the daytime stages at all. Also would it have killed Sonic Team to map the air boost to a different button? Seriously the fact that both it and the homing attack are mapped to the same button is bullshit cause you wanna do a homing attack and you air boost by accident, which leads to a lot of cheap deaths. Also I know Sonic is supposed to go fast, but honestly Sonic is WAY too fast in this case. It often makes it difficult to a lot of obstacles quick enough, which can often lead to a bunch of cheap deaths cause Sonic's going way too fast and gets killed by road blocks you couldn't react to quick enough. There's a difference between trial and error, and just plain dickish design. Its like a large majority of the daytime stages in this game looked at that one stages in "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" that had that one spike pit that you can't escape from, and they said "Lets do that!". Or what about the fact that S ranking is also super cryptic as its never made clear what the criteria is. It keeps changing with every stage, and with the already somewhat slippery controls and the barely working drift feature, S ranking is almost impossible. Also S ranking basically requires you to do damn near everything in a stage. Collect a certain amount of rings, beat a certain amount of enemies, clear it in a certain time limit, but it doesn't tell you ANY of that til the stage is over. Or what about 100% completion? If you do manage to get all the hidden collectibles, S ranked EVERY stage, including all the DLC, and you get NOTHING!! YOU LOSE!! GOOD DAY SIR!! Seriously even "Super Mario Sunshine" gave you something for 100%. Yes that something was a post card and Hawaiian t-shirt and sunglasses, and it wasn't much but it was SOMETHING. "Sonic Unleashed" just offers bragging rights and that doesn't count as a 100% bonus.

    takes a deep breath Look. I'm not attacking you for liking "Sonic Unleashed", and I'm deeply sorry if it sounds like I am. If you do, that's perfectly fine. I'm just so tired of this fanbase berating me for disliking "Sonic Unleashed". And the weird thing is, the issues I stated apply to the PS3/360 versions. The Wii/PS2 versions (the versions people either forget about, or shun for not being the HD versions), actually fixed the problems I have with the HD versions. The controls in the daytime stages feel tighter, the drift is tighter, the levels, while a bit more linear and more hallway like, actually work better with the boost controls while still offering some substance. Sure they aren't as flashy as the HD stages, but mechanically they feel better to play. Sonic is still pretty fast, but I can still see what's up ahead and react to it.The sun/moon medals are also better designed as they are mission based. The better I perform in a stage, the more medals I get. Still encouraging replay value, without it coming off as a tedious fetch quest. S Ranking is also less cryptic. You just need to beat the stages in a certain amount of time. Simple? Sure. But you still gotta play the stages like a pro to meet those time limits. The werehog stages also don't feel nearly as tedious. Generally lasting for about 10 or so minutes which given the slower pace of the werehog, makes it much more reasonable.

    So in the end, it feels like the HD versions were made with the mindset of "Lets see how much flashy stuff we can cram into this game!". And cause of that, the HD versions suffered greatly. Not just in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of performance. Seriously "Sonic Unleashed HD" chugs like a motherfucker. Arguably having more performance issues then "Sonic 2006". Yes "Unleashed HD" isn't nearly as much of a buggy mess, but at least 06 was able to keep a consistent framerate. The Wii/PS2 versions meanwhile may not be as flashy, but they feel mechanically better designed as that version was made by Dimps, who had previously worked on the "Sonic Rush" games, so they certainly had a much better understanding of how to properly use the boost gameplay in 3D then Sonic Team did. So really its the HD versions I can't realistically recommend to anyone for reasons I already staged. If you wanna play the HD Unleashed stages, just use the "Unleashed Project" mod in "Sonic Generations". A much better framerate, better controls, better graphics and a higher resolution. As for "Unleashed Wii/PS2"? I can easily recommend that version to anyone as its easier to pick up and play, while still offering a quality experience. Even then, I'd still recommend games like "Sonic Colors" and "Sonic Generations" over either version of Unleashed, as those games may not be as grand or epic as "Sonic Unleashed" in terms of story, they make up for it by having refined level design that compliment that boost controls, mechanics that that enhance the gameplay rather then detract, they actually give you rewards for 100% completion, and overall they took what elements worked in "Sonic Unleashed" and refined it…………………until "Sonic Forces" showed up. Now if only Sega would remaster "Sonic Colors" for the PC, PS4, XBOX One, and Switch. Imagine how gorgeous that game would look in HD. Also thankfully the 360 version of Generations is playable on XBOX One with X enhancements, and the PS3 version can be played digitally on the PS4.

    That's all I have to say, I apologize if any of what I said sounded forceful. I did not intend for them to sound forceful, I just had to get it all outta my system. Thank you.

  • ItsJxcob

    personally, I preferred the night stages it added balance to the game it wasn't just the same boring day levels over and over again

  • Chainsmoked Deigo

    Most Sonic fans are just unappreciated whenever they actually get a good Sonic game no hate to them but they need to stop looking at all the bad things in the game and look at the good side of things just saying

  • angry lolbit

    I LOVED sonic unleashed its like a masterpiece it had combos the quality is perfect I love the werehog way better than sonic forces

  • Declan Griffin

    I wish that SEGA would listen to people's opinions more often. Sonic Unleashed is my favorite Sonic game to date. I hope that all other games after it (except mania) are made non-canon and that Forces is redone to be better. It won't happen, but it would be nice.

  • Ethan MasterCrafter

    This video was 3 years ago but who cares. I love this game. by far my personal best sonic game. from the speed, the graphics. the combat and story. it's just a great game and i love the modern series

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