Sonic Generations (Xbox 360) Part 5

hi everyone its Alejandra to song in
here and today we are going to be playing through some more songs ever
since the last time we got all three boss keys by playing jacks and now we’re
going to use them to unlock the boss gate so we can fight the bosses so first
we have to go to the chemical plant and face arrival which is Metal Sonic from
the it’s from the 3ds version trying to thank you basically if you wish to have
to Cal some room main stage let’s go oh it’s green load screen screen screen
screen screen screen screen screen screen well it’s green blue screen loads
green cutscene load screen cutscene turn an adult so yeah we’re fighting
melts on top of this joy again yeah boy so the grounds falling behind you and so
you want to run as fast as you can so you don’t fall into the bottomless pit
below but you’re running above the bottomless pit and you don’t want to
slow down and fall into the fall with those platforms I have to be really
precise with my movement here to dodge all those pellets or stuff right yeah so
now he’s going so now Bella’s signs going to go
so now those eyes going to go tell tale times to hold them here are you gonna
start breaking a bunch of stuff really fast and then get the final hit on him
and cutscene that you’ll blow out of here oh yeah boy and of course we got an
s-rank so now it’s time to play the actual boss of the level I mean of this
era so they’re so Sonic Generations is split into three errors Dreamcast modern
and classic so we’re in the classic era we’re about to finish the classic era
because we’re about to fight the boss which is you’ll see all mojo I don’t
care about you know me yeah first cutscene yeah there’s no there’s no sound right
now hold on okay how to fix the sound so this is a difficult
so I talked to you see so what you have to do in this first part my doctor like
spin – under his feet when he jumps and then you basically just have to get
behind him and hit his boot any so
so right now you have to let him what the heck so got to let him stomp on the ground so
now have to fit these but got to hit these balls
Oh No so you got to hit these bones and then basically just go on to another
platform pick his arm hit the bombs and then just you can strike it hard to
repeat this process twice and sometimes it’s real hard it’s actually you know
make Eggman hit the bombs like where the controls can fire screw up the Hat what
the heck come on come on hit it hit it hit it
yes yes all day all day home Yeah right son he can’t slip this it’s kind of code influence but you
can’t commit and of and we got we got a man our best so yeah that was the video this is my
rich uncle nacho – you don’t forget to comment rate subscribe bye

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