Should DISNEY Do The Ninja Turtles?…They Already Have
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Should DISNEY Do The Ninja Turtles?…They Already Have

So a while back we saw kevin eastman posts an image on his twitter of the turtles with Mickey Mouse back in 1990 now I’ve seen these Turtles before and passing on the net here and there and I always wondered what was that all about? The turtles over at Disney what was going on? I don’t remember that as a kid and to be fair I never really went to Disney World or anything like that as a kid So I didn’t really know what was happening back then now there is a little bit of information about this whole disney-mgm Studios Ninja Turtles crossover thing on the web so I kind of want to go through some of it here in a quick video with you guys and just kind of talk about It so grab a pizza because we’re gonna take a look at the Disney and MGM Studios Ninja Turtles So, like I said, there’s not too much on this subject But I’m gonna do my best to paint a picture to you guys of what was going on here. The year was 1990 the place was disney-mgm Studios, which is over at Walt Disney World in Florida The turtles were hot the 87 cartoon was poppin a live-action Movie that would change the world now wikipedia says this whole disney-mgm Ninja Turtles thing started, June 30th 1990s. So after the release of the first live-action movie and you can tell this was an inspiration to the look of the Turtles and This Disney thing you can tell by the pads and belts on the turtles being that brown leather color that they were in the movies the cartoon at the time had their pads in Color as we all know and also on the stage show Leo and Donnie have their diagonal stretch Which is also not the case in the cartoon But it was the case in the movie now If you look at the stage behind April You can see that the second time around antique shop sign which was made famous in the 1990 movie and the comics so so yeah definitely inspired by the movie in some way but you do have elements of the cartoon there Too the turtles have friendly faces like you would see in the cartoons the initial belt buckles It was a a mix between the two which is kind of cool We don’t really get to see that much now over at Disney You could tell that they were watching what was going on with the turtles so much so that by the looks of things they struck some kind of a Licensing deal to have the turtles appear there at the park during the height of turtle mania that was going on It was off the charts back Then it’s been said that they appeared in a number of different ways one being unlike a staged Show type thing where the turtles showed up in a party wagon thing that kind of looked like the van from the cartoon But mixed with that one weird-looking van that your uncle had April would get on stage and sing the theme to the cartoon as the turtles ninja dance guess dancing while incorporating ninja moves Apparently the show was only a few minutes not very long The turtles would get introduced and Mikey would order a pizza on a phone or something. That’s pretty much all there was to it They would do some autographs and photos and stuff after the show for a little bit But that was pretty much it now this stage show apparently is not the only thing the turtles did apparently it has been said that the turtles for Christmas would sing their Own version in a parade of Santa Claus is coming to town Looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and look who’s joined the party You know Everything Okay, so it looks like this was part of the parade and they also had been known to been part of like an Easter time Parade where they sang a song called pizza power and I also believe they appeared on a televised fourth of July spectacular special where this kid introduces them Heck was that kid. Anyways, they just end up performing the theme song like they did on the state show Only April’s not included in this version for some reason there Is this one part where the turtles names pop up on the screen and the turtles go ham with their weapons? Which was pretty awesome. Now. The question is, you know, why were the turtles at Disney to be honest? I’m not sure must have just been a way for both the turtles and Disney to make some extra cash for a little bit on the side as I believe this was the only thing Disney did with the turtles this would end in 1996 and Disney would go on to do something similar later on down the road with the Power Rangers In fact, which is kind of funny because it’s what happened on TV as well The Power Rangers were beginning to take over but but that’s the topic for another day We’ll definitely go ahead and talk about you know That the turtles Power Rangers dynamic and how that all went down on a separate video But yeah, I just wanted to go ahead and talk about these Disney Ninja Turtles with you guys for a little bit that’s pretty much all I got let me know down below as this question just Seems to come natural and discussing this type of subject. Do you think Disney nowadays would do the Turtles? Well, if they had like full control of them, let me know down below if you’d be down for Disney Turtles But that’s it for this one if you’re not subscribed and you want more turtles content in your life Go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Also, if you enjoyed the video go ahead and hit thumbs up. Thanks everyone for watching I’ll see you in a little bit with another video. Take care You


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  • Tarlo The Boar

    I'd be worried if Disney got TMNT. I'm a huge Star Wars Fan and Disney retconned tons of stuff like The Books,The Comics,The Games and even the 2003 Clone Wars Cartoon. It's pretty worrying to me as I'd be worried they'd scrap almost 30 years worth of content.

  • Fiama98

    If Disney got TMNT we would probably see them disappear and only be seen in merch. Thats what they do with properties that wont get them billions at the box office

  • Richard garrison

    With the exception of the 2 movies that Nickelodeon did with paramount all the ninja turtles cartoons stink especially rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles so let Disney try a teenage mutant ninja turtles series

  • clockstomper

    I'd love for them to do an animated Turtle movie in the Into the Spider-verse style. If they could replicate the inking from the original comics that would look amazing.

  • Fiama98

    What Disney did with Power Rangers was not the same as TMNT. They flat out owned power rangers and produced a few seasons show the show. It was a terrible fit and they almost killed power rangers as a franchise. It was far from the height of Power Ranger's popularity.

  • Voyage Iguess

    I wouldn't like Disney doing tmnt because of some of the bad stuff they have been doing its unpredictable it could be really bad or good but its still pretty risky.

  • St3phanieCute

    Depends if they could make them as successful as marvel is right now id yes. It just depends which route they would take with the turtles

  • TheHeroesOfCRASH

    I was fortunate enough to see the Turtles when I visited Disney as a kid. I got April's autograph, while the Turtles had custom stamps for my autograph book (which incorporated their signature weapons into the lettering of their names). It wasn't a long show, but it was fun for a shellhead like myself. 🙂 They even had giant cutouts of Ninja Turtles in scenery, like a giant diorama you could stand in and get your picture taken.

    I'm not sure how Disney would handle the Turtles franchise, but I wouldn't mind them creating a Disneyworld-quality TMNT ride. 🙂

    Also, fun factoid; at the ending scene of the first Wreck-It Ralph movie, you can see the Turtles arcade game is right next to Sugar Rush. 🙂

  • Isaiah Simmons

    No they should not have it they would censor it way too much just like they did with Naruto Shippuden to the point where it wouldn't be tmnt anymore if anybody buys the rights I hopes it's somebody like the CW network or fox and distribute it to FX or maybe even DC comics should buy it and do something amazing with it I don't know but I wish they could do a spin off of the 03 series but under no circumstances dose Disney need tmnt

  • faye witt

    I have to be honest I didn't know anything about this whole Disney Ninja turtle thing but weither it would work today I don't know! Maybe, maybe not! I mean I can't speak for everyone but it's something weither concerting, very interesting thought in my opinion!

  • NinjaTurtlesFan89

    I really don't see Disney needing the TMNT of all things. They're already making millions with their animated movies, their live action reboots of their animated movies, Theme Park ticket sales, Pixar movies, Star Wars, and Marvel movies what would they need with the TMNT? Also it would really be impossible for them to even own the turtles. A main reason is that the film and TV show rights are owned by Nickelodeon, which in return is owned by Paramount, which in turn are owned by Viacom. And if you know Viacom, you know that they're extremely protective when it comes to their Intellectual Properties. Which includes the TMNT. And you can't really fault them for that, because the TMNT is literally their equivalent to Marvel's The Avengers or DC's Batman.

  • tyrone kinard

    No just no Disney should keep their mits away from the teenage mutant Ninja turtles if you think viacom is worst a Disney tmnt would be ultra crap.

  • Trevor M. Greene

    The kid introducing the turtles in video is the kid Jack from "Hook". Great video I remember that from when I was a kid I have all the autograph in a Disney signature book.

  • Nicksolo85

    Should Disney own TMNT?

    No way.

    At least with Viacom (not Nickelodeon), there is still a possibility of a darker, grittier & more violent TMNT animated series geared toward adults someday further down the road.

    With Disney…

    If that idea were like a sheet of paper or something, they would just light it on fire, throw it in the garbage (after it smolders) & never speak of it again.

    They would just make the family friendly stuff with some violence & probably little to no adult language.

    I like the new Star Wars movies & the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Disney should stay away from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    I'd feel better if they were in the hands of Warner Brothers where they have some dark & gritty stuff like the Mortal Kombat games from Nether-Realm Studios.

  • wespozo

    Keep Disney FAR away from the Turtles Please!!!
    Before we know it, we might have Rian Johnson mess the franchise up as he did with The last Jedi.

  • Joao’s World

    The only thing I can think about is that the turtles were in that drug safety cartoon special and ducktales was too and or more likely Jim Henson worked on the film and Disney was trying to buy the Henson company and the muppets

  • Aviel The Alien From Planet Mexico

    Blumhouse could do the Turtles.

    Make it hyper violent, make it dark as fuck humor, make it unapologetic, make it about keeping the team together, but don't make it an origin story. Every generation knows who the fuck TMNT are for fucks sake.

    Kill off Leo, make that the jump point, and don't hold back. Show the death, don't hesitate. Make them see Leo die. The kids had their shot with Mikey Bay, now give the first generation their turn.

    Make sure to kill off as many complainers off as possible in the movie, I'm talking "Meta Murder". This doesn't have to be about taking a trip back to memory lane for the Turtles community. Kill their childhoods, and serve it to them for lunch. I talking TMNT lunch boxes with claymore sandwiches and no crust trimming.

    I want to see crazy looking lazer guns blowing heads, arms and legs off. Bring in the the X dimension bad guys, bring in Slash, bring in the pizza monsters, bring in the Utroms, and bring in Kirby (the 5th Turtle).

    Take it back to the comics, make it weird, and leave it open for a sequel. Make the sequel the origin story. Oh and don't forget to bring in the psychopath with the hockey gear.

    The sequel can be the worm on the hook, make the first film the can of worms bursting open.

    Show, don't tell. You can show flash backs of Leo after his death to lure in sequel ticket sales. Show'em what they want to see and trust me they'll all bite. But first give them something they haven't seen yet.

    The first 5 minutes should tell all the parents who brought their kids with them that they made a big mistake. Make the movie a hard R. Give them something to cry about.

    If they don't make this movie now, then it's always going to be the same shit. Make the kids sneaking in to see this movie feel like they just saw something they weren't supposed to see, and you'll keep selling tickets for months.

    Take it or leave it, this is the movie of TMNT I want to see. If you don't like it you can take a nunchuck to the nose, and a bow staff up the ass.

  • Jshaw71

    Hey, just found your channel, send went through a few of your vidoes, I'm not sure what they would do with a tmnt attraction, I'd like to see a stage show, kinda like what was done, but with a staged fight, with footsoliders, shredder, bepop and rocksteady, and close it out with the theme like they did, but that's just me…


    As long as they don't use those creepy face costumes ever again, I'm fine with that, but I hope they make the Turtles good at least!

  • s rico

    This although geared towards kids is way more coherent to what we have now. Rise of the retards. Let's hope the new reboot takes inspiration from the new comics . That way they could make a turtle movie every 2 to three years .

  • Benitha Bonthuys

    That’s a no – TMNT should be kept far away from DisMarvel in film or print – they’d just get tossed into the MCU whirlpool of “meh”. (Admittedly, they did do some good stuff with the Daredevil show). Now if DisMarvel wanted to hand over the X-Men to IDW and Tom Waltz….;)

  • justin langle

    No I would do a better job cause I would make a straight up R rated movie based off the original mirage comics

  • justin langle

    As long as charlie cox aka daredevil gets the crossover he mentioned in an interview than OK but daredevil was canceled so …noooo

  • Darksnovia

    Keep Disney as far away from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as possible. I don't want them ever touching them after what they have done to Star Wars fuck that shit.

  • Shepherd of the West

    Alan Thicke is the Casey Jones of Disney. And I don't know about Disney owning TMNT. Doesn't seem like Viacom, or Nickelodeon are doing much with them either.

  • SupraSanicsKrublAwrD Yee

    I’d say it probably be the same way with the almost disney like company nickelodeon who has a sponge instead of a mouse with of course a shitty live action cgi movie so but I can say the only company that can do the turtles justice would be warner bros if anything

  • berwood2001

    I came from England to Disney and I remember seeing the Turtles at MGM as it was. I have photos of them. I loved it being a massive Turtles fan.

  • JurassicSmackdown

    also, if the turtles are gonna have a van, its gotta be a '69 VW Bus.. or maybe a VW Vanagon, maybe some sort of GMC truck-turned-van?

  • Spencer Toone

    I’d rather Warner Bros got the rights. It would be cool to see an attraction at a theme park. Last time I was at Universal they had some TMNT statues so that’s probably where they’d end up now.

  • Mike Phalin

    I saw that TMNT show at MGM. It was pretty underwhelming. The turtle van looked cool, but the derpy smiles on the costumes were comically bad.

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