Selena Gomez And The Cast Of “Hotel Transylvania 3” Play Monster Would You Rather
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Selena Gomez And The Cast Of “Hotel Transylvania 3” Play Monster Would You Rather

^- Let me put this away. – I wanna play a different game. (laughing) – And then Yahtzee, Yahtzee, Yahtzee! – Alright, so Would You Rather guys. – Okay.
– Nice catch. – Thanks guys. – Wait who wants to go first? I don’t wanna–
– Kick it off. You got the bucket. – Yeah you do it, you got the bucket. – I see nothing but confidence with you. ^- Okay thank you. ^I think I’d rather be single for the rest of my life though. (laughs) – I could do the vampire thing. It sounds kinda sexy. Wait Andy didn’t answer that. – It doesn’t, no one cares (laughs). – I care, I care. (laughing loudly)
– I care. ^- I would do the single one–
– The single one, okay. ^- That one. ^- Oh wait. ^- Are you kidding me? ^- Never have pizza again. – Never have pizza again? Never have pizza– – I would never, ever have pizza again. I don’t wanna be a gargoyle. – I don’t need to eat pizza guys. I am undiagnosed lactose intolerant so I think I can let go of the pizza anyway– – You could let go of the pizza, okay. – Yeah I don’t need it. – I don’t know.
– You like pizza a lot. – I do.
– You do really enjoy pizza. – Yeah I do. – What would you do as a gargoyle for 24 hours? – I would love to not do anything for 24 hours. – But that’s the best– – Are you afraid of heights though? – No.
– Oh, well then. – And is it like a living gargoyle? Do I get to fly? – What do you mean a living gargoyle? – Like you’re not a gargoyle statue. – Oh. – Wait a minute, how’s the gargoyle go? (caws like a crow) – So are gargoyles crows? They’re really just fat crows. If I get to fly, I’m in. ^- Oh.
– Oh that’s tough. – I don’t think I’d wanna live forever. – If you could look like this forever. – Yeah.
– This is good. – Thanks.
– Right? If you could do this forever– – That’s so nice. – You wouldn’t do this forever? – No. – A little bit like there was a question mark in there. – I could barely do it now. (laughing loudly) – Listen there are humans that live in 150 degree heat. – That’s true.
– Yeah I was born in Texas so it’s just kinda close.
– This is not, you’re doing it you’ve done it anyway. – Yeah.
– You’ve already done it. – I could do it. – Vampires technically can be killed. Stake through the heart.
– Oh. – Flaw in that question. Who wrote that question? – When you knew it was time to call it. – You could just go “hand me the stake”. It’s just the summers. It’s just the three to four month big deal. – Oh 150 degrees. – It’s 150 degrees. – Glad we got to the bottom of this guys. – Thank goodness. – You know what it was is I was trying so hard to read the question really well that I didn’t really focus on the details. – That you didn’t take in the content. – Happens a lot at my Passover seder. ^- (laughs) Totally. ^- Oh that’s too much work. To do this. – This, yeah yeah. Nobody needs that big of quad. – One eye on the bottom of my foot no question. – Yeah. – I don’t know I’ll try all of the eyes. – I’m going one on the bottom of the foot because otherwise you’re just bumping into stuff ^and you’re getting jacked in your eyes all the time. ^- I would say my most recent ex hands down. – Yeah, me too.
– Yeah. ^- Me too. ^- Oh God I can’t take it in. ^- Werewolf. ^- Werewolf and I would exclusively hook up with wolves so that when I changed they’d be like now we’re talking. – Exactly, wait a second. – It’ll be like a surprise. – Oh this human person I guess I’ll do one kiss. – Oh I didn’t know. (singing) – That’s good. You and I are the best singers here. (laughing loudly) – We could teach everyone here a little thing or two about singing. – Ooh! ^- Oh.
– Oh the blood for sure. – Ooh.
– What? (group gasps) – Whoa whoa whoa, the blood? – That was a surprise, I love it! – I’ve been to the hospital so much so it’s kind of comforting in a weird way.
– Really? – Yeah, yeah. – To drink your own blood?
– Yeah why not? – Forced to sleep upside down? – I don’t wanna sleep upside down. That’s probably gonna be bad for me. – Well it’s like drinking your own blood cause it’s all gonna go to your head anyway. – I just think of like hot blood. – Can I chill it with some ice? – Yeah that’s what I was gonna say. Can we drink it with ice? – Add water, balance it. – So maybe it’s like everyday I know I’m gonna barf blood but then I’m gonna sleep really well. – See?
– You were right. ^- Thank you.
– Yeah, no you’re right, yeah. ^- Graveyard. ^- Oh God.
– Graveyard. ^- Yeah.
– Graveyard, graveyard. ^- For sure.
– Graveyard. – And it would be very respectful of those around me. – Absolutely yeah. – Oh I would sleep in a graveyard. Actually it feels very, it sounds very relaxing to me. ^- Oh we have one more. ^- Zombie apocalypse.
– Oh yeah zombie apocalypse. ^- I love zombie movies. – We’ve got all the rules. We can handle a zombie apocalypse. That’s not even an issue. – Are you guaranteed to survive it? – It’s not details you’ll also survive everything. – It clearly implies that you would. – I’m saying that if there’s any chance I’m gonna get attacked by zombies and turn into a zombie I might choose no music. – There’s only 723 movies. Like we just have an instruction manual out there already of how to handle zombies. There’s a whole TV show. – But a lot of those movies end with most of the characters as zombies. – That’s true. They get eaten, they get eviscerated, or zombified. – Except for like a cute couple and they’re gonna start a family and that’s gonna begin again the human race. – Yeah I could be that. – That could be you, Selena, that could be you. – Well we did great here. – (laughs) Oh you guys. – I think we’ve solved some problems. – Riveting.
– We got through it guys. – Think tank, think tank. – Can we keep these lobs? – (laughs) These are ours right, to keep? Thanks guys, that was awesome! (fast techno music)


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