Savings at Disney Part 1
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Savings at Disney Part 1

[MUSIC]  Hi everyone, I’m Erin Brooks. This is my co-host
Bitsy Jennings.   Hello.  And welcome to the Frugalicious Show. Now
we’ve got an amazing show for you today,  and I’m a little scared to say what we’re
going to be talking about. Because whenever   Bitsy overhears the word Disney…  Ahh!  She…  Disney? Did you say Disney?  Yes Bitsy I did.   Ah! It’s one of my favorite places on the
planet.   Do you know what I love about Disney?  Hmm?  Knowing that I paid less than anyone else
to be there.  So now if you jump on the Frugalicious magic
carpet, we’re gonna save you a lot of   money on that trip.   Stick around. We’ve got some great information
because we are going to Disney.  To Disney World!  Ah! I can’t wait.


  • TheFrugaliciousShow

    @Wayneman117 It's definitely true if you weren't planning on going to Disney…but then you do – you would definitely spend more than if you didn't go at all. I always say I only try to "save" money on things I was going to do anyway! Thanks for watching!

  • TheFrugaliciousShow

    @equinedentist72 Hi! I'll be honest it was when we first started the show and we weren't sure how many clips/how long they should be. Now we've realized that they were waaaay too short, so now we're doing two longer segments (with more information), and our collaboration videos are only one longer segment. Take a look at some of our newer stuff and let me know if you think it's an improvement! Thanks for watching 🙂

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