Saints Row 2 Gameplay Part 11 burning down the house (PS3 Full Game)
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Saints Row 2 Gameplay Part 11 burning down the house (PS3 Full Game)

fellas so welcome back to the gameplay
of Saint row – my name is Joseph so welcome back to my channel of Jessica
Murphy life so welcome back welcome back to Saint row – so welcome back welcome
back and they so welcome back they welcome back all right you so we go
ahead do another mission yeah by you this one so how you guys doing hope you
guys – doing good it’s a loss like – subscribers like
every time I keep the some subscribers but I gained a little bit more so it
kind of freaking we’re like are you guys – keep playing around like oh let us cry
chenna oh no yep subscribe to the channel like seem how I live all annoyed
by which might go so yeah see pal all right oh yeah I was about play on
st. roll to ESA but I had to get some sleep I’m very tired from work so that
day up tomorrow and Sunday but tomorrow I hike up early to deposit my check to a
bank account because I’m put my test money in my same account so I life is so
I try to make more money try self all the way up best I can to get my own
place and well get yes bye ah you copy kid all right it is strong you know activities
activities I tried that before there are other activities I can’t do buzz no it
gotta be something I can do drug about that
oh boy huh no I can’t do this one ha ha have fun fun no better with that so yeah I try not use I try to avoid music
because copyright copyright in the copyright be the break girl short art got me my turn so oh my god oh there we
go man gain Lee are some gang just follow me
like stop following me Jesus Christ stop following me
whoa back up haha here we go so be going back this way
I like it’s harder gold our absentee darling
so I check on Facebook that scooby-doo live on stage today I check when they
come to Fort Lauderdale in June 20 just like during night dollar a ticket
cost $39 that that’s kind G p– I don’t know I should go or not I don’t know
Fred dice move down my way please hey move jackass
got my way jackass I don’t know I should go see ya
oh no because other girlfriend no wife no kids
I’ll no be so freakin weird like Maya is how long had no girlfriend no date no
wife you seemed a long I’ve very same on him
Wow oh hi I bet people will say that hey watch it Oh Shakalaka area all right there we go
I trying to go through like a lot right now if I jump it’s a pleasure to finally
meet you so what’s this business proposal you
mentioned you know a woman getting ahead in medical fields is an uphill battle I
don’t care what anyone says I may be a badass but I don’t think I can change
the way an entire profession things about gender if I get in the brilliant
book of world records for most patients served I think that would send a message
that women are just as proficient if not more so than their male counterparts
what the fuck where are you going you said you were planning on treating more
patients so I figured you wanted me to hurt some people
no God no surgery takes a lot of time I need you to fake multiple injuries so I
can treat you faster than I normally could doesn’t cheatin to get a world
record kind of undercut your point well let’s just check in okay $50,000 do I
wish I got money $50,000 happy so fucking awesome indeed I am beat
I’m rich oh no no no I mean like Bobby I got a $50,000 bar so I’ll come out got
my way oh my gosh what the fuck you guys saw that oh my god what the fuck is that all
right go so Lisa got 1000 oh come on don’t
go see how far ready go there we go take me home Wow I don’t know do all
right oh my gosh I don’t know I do it right
how they view oh my oh my gosh it’s a glitch do a look at that oh my god
it’s a fucking good like oh my gosh dude look at this I can’t keep me out like
come on they’re right over there got ads oh my gosh oh my gosh oh there we got
16,000 dollars oh my gosh what the fuck is that what the fuck is that
oh all right $20,000 come on oh come on now hit me
you dog damn it so I call like Dodger yeah come on hit me are you fucker the best to goo come on hit me hit me
you sumbitch oh my god he’s a fucking moron baby
bitch hit me there we go Aereo oh my gosh doo doo there we are
oh wow oh oh my gosh there we go what we met we met I met a bad eye man oh yeah
okay continue I’m do some more all right oh my God look at my car what the fuck
is up all right oh my gosh this thing’s good this ain’t safe Oh – what the fuck
Oh Oh we’re cutting go up Django to Martin I’m coming
alright boy got my way motherfucker got my way I’m
walking on sunshine whoa area Oh perfect
No oh my god oh oh my gosh granny guy oh my god take me with you take me with you
aw come on now sumbitch Dave be real oh my god that glitch I’ll come I doubt
it be rude come by now please come on hit me come by now
hit me people hit me hey baby with all my gosh boom Shakalaka
Doo oh oh my gosh oh my gosh dude it’s nonstop oh my gosh oh my god dude Wow yeah I mean all my oh wow so mod take me with you
boom oh my god there you double to complete awesome do
one more my back a working darn it
so forgot stop oh come on people oh my back my back oh my gosh my bad my bad my bad my bad
oh I got her shut up doctor I’ve shut up shut up shut up all right so this what you all
say I thank you I think so so fried I thank you hey Soph
oh yeah i’ma go this way ah oh oh my god area yeah sorry oh my gosh come on stop it
Oh all right come on bringing my friend my bread bring it
come on people I’ll be waiting come on oh that nice boy and I hit me oh gosh my people hit me some more I can
do this all night all day long where are you people
aha ah come on I walk on tons I whoa oh my god oh come on aha I worked on sword
Oh area I see the light Oh oh my god do really all right come on
uh-huh oh come on ow damnit come on oh my god already my god
screaming dad like Ariel there we go perfect almost like
different version of black out right now so it’d be your law take me alive oh my god Oh Oh take me
alive so it meal you know to make me alive come on now
people take me they’re y’all to my people
hit me comment on to my side my people hit me ah come on darn it I say all right so we
got all no respect so let’s go over here on TV go I’m sorry shut up brother all my path all right so I got this right all right cool whoa hey real what
cool come on man got my way oh fuck go gather war what is it good for absolutely
nothing oh I Drive like a maniac Oh God
almost made it Oh oh I pass it may I’m a shit iPad Ariel there we go hey booboo father no shit I mean why we are a part different acts chandi Babli what you got white we don’t
I was talking about the info you caught me about how does the piece earlier
today I went to Chivington to find party favors for tonight while I was buying I
noticed some Southie we landed a bunch of chemicals into a building you sure I
know what drug lab when I see one we’re gonna blow up some dust lands
you’re gonna come you go have fun I think I’ll stay here
suit yourself all right hi area I have that’s that better aerial my back every
time I go this way are we almost there so Weber down for location so the house
welcome to the house welcome to my house I forgot salgo area
oh shit I’m die awesome barf it
one down No ha ha Canada one down three to go I head to the location all right I’ve a
boo bitch got away but this there you go perfect
I’ll pay somebody hit me yeah take that anybody else there you are fit so we go third
location their location oh good all right oh my god it’s a more location to go it
could be good probably here Aereo hey fish what’s up that hello I’m
home honey I’m home what’s up oh sorry you’re very sad little man oh you’re
very sad little man but take a deep breath assholes
there you go bro yeah what okay screams that I thought I’d kill you
so one more to go haha oh I tell you thank you very much yeah
yeah and nothing so you’re both fucker oh I take with her she by tomorrow Oh Oh not all what oh my gosh there we go anybody else good okay I got
the key all right Oh Chris right here oh my god Oh get away get away damn it got my way people oh my god here we go this way dammit fucking people come on suits right goddamn it got my
way oh my god yes Ritter is born what are you thinking my friend it’s
beautiful and expensive more money will come you had best be rights between the
farm and this fire we cannot afford to have anything go wrong with our next
shipment don’t worry general the shipment will be
safe the Saints are proving themselves to be quite the nuisance then perhaps
it’s time we speak to their leader oh my gosh ah all right friends fellow
so no supper right here so thank you for watching the st. roll to Irish a dough
Fiat put the like subscribe comment share and thank forward to check out my
channel don’t forget my for life alright see ya


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