Ryerson hockey captain ‘Krash’ Green breaking racial barriers in sport
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Ryerson hockey captain ‘Krash’ Green breaking racial barriers in sport

There’s a lot of black fathers that
come to the games and they usher their daughters down to take a picture
with me because they’re proud of the process of the game and how its
progressed and they want their daughters to aspire to be captains of their
university teams. Playing in the same building that my
grandfather played in, it just speaks volumes. He did so many things here. He
let me know he scored a goal here, and so whenever I hear things like that I
think, well I got to do better and so it’s very inspiring but at the same time
it keeps me competitive to beat whatever he did. I actually had an experience
after a game when we were shaking hands. My team had won and I was first in line
and the first three people in the opposing team, actually, each of them
called me the n-word going for the handshake. I couldn’t really handle it to be honest. I fell out of the line, I immediately got
off the ice, I didn’t finish the handshakes. In that moment everything
changed, actually, everything about hockey changed for me. I’d say if there’s one trait that really
has made the difference in Krash being the leader that she is, is the confidence
that she has and not just in herself and her own abilities, but also in those
around her and and what we’re capable of as a group and as a team.
What Krash has done with our program is remarkable. We’ve gone from a last-place
team, to a team that feels like we can contend with anybody, and now we expect to win hockey games. And that confidence that she had from the from the very
beginning, that’s spread through our entire
team now. Young black girls, they’ll look and say “you’re captain?!” It’s like unfathomable, so it’s really nice to be put in a position
where I can be visible for them and be a good role model.

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