Resident Evil Revelations + Cheat Part.3 End Sub.Indo
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Resident Evil Revelations + Cheat Part.3 End Sub.Indo

previously on Resident Evil Revelations were approaching the Queen Zenobia now, Rendezvous at the ship’s hall everything about the Queen Zenobia and the secrets she keeps what secrets Jessica, why did you fire Raymond what why why play the part of Veltro what do you mean find the truth about Terragrigia so, this is the secret of Zenobia episode 9 no exit 2:50 A.M Crash Site well, well, well,, this things amaazing what the so what the hell did you do i didnt do anything aww, don’t tell me the battery’s dead, this blows the upside is this whole conspiracy is becoming clearer we have to get back to the airport on the double hey, man, hold up nobody’s home, even the other team has packed it in so what are we doing here he,he,he, it’s OK, i set up a back door, i can use any PDA to get us in well, why didn’t you say that earlier if my theory is correct, then the truth about Veltro is really too early to say are you kidding me i don’t want to jump to conclusions i need more intel alright, let’s find that computer there’s an area we haven’t explored over here my only hope is that it has a high powered CPU, that would be tits it’s a B.O.W, i knew Veltro was involved thing is, they haven’t been the whole time what, who cares, just shoot, god damn it there’s someone they didn’t want around if Veltro came back so they had to shake this up nope, now,s not the time for conspiracy theories hrm, is that a real, in the flesh MB-28 grinder, it’s what i always wanted you take to gadgets like a fly to horse shit, it’s just a computer ok, down to brass tacks uh, whatthehell, nothing’s happening what did you do, Quint it’s not me, i need more power the MB-28’s a real gas guzzler there’s gotta be generator around here, i need it ok, you stay here and spend quality time with your girlfriend star up power generator here we go, i hope this rusty piece of crap works there’s not enough power to fully charge the MB-28 are there any other generators alright, full power, initiate analysis so you get anything no, i gotta get through the layers of encryption on this thing first but that should only take a few minutes with me and my baby MB-28 uh, Grinder i’m on it, leave these guys to me neutralize enemies shit, i think they’ve been after us the whole time i don’t think the FBC liked my unauthorized access the FBC, what are you talking about i’m hacking into their secret servers i found them by chance when we investigated the crash but this attack proves they’re involved i’m telling the truth here, you gotta give me time to get the whole enchilada how much longer let’s see only, 28 percent finished your girlfriend is the slowest, you know that, Quint oh no, no what now the buffering is dropping like a stone, i think one of the gennies is out this blows, wait here, i’ii go fix it restart power generator Quint, did that do it, you good now yeah, all good, thanks we’re at 54 percent ok, we’re in it win it now a lot of enemies today thanks for the report, Captain Obvious they must have been alerted when i tried to hack my way in you gotta hold them off i will, but you’re gonna owe me big time how much longer, you don’t know how much this blows just passed 80 percent, almost there it’s another invisible monster, watch out, er, um, be careful shit, this is enough to make a grown man cry there’s more over here it’s done, 100 percent, baby finally, that took forever ok, i think it’s safe to have a look at this data now, ready right, right, that explains it explains what, who’s behind Veltro yeah, probably, there’s only one way to find out let’s ask him ourselves this if Forkball O’brian here huh, what the hell, O’Brian’s our man director O’Briah, i think i’ve put it all together Veltro was never back in action it was all smoke and mirrors orchestrated by yourself your own little Veltro production all to get into the head of one certain somebody you’ve pretty much got it, i’m glad i’m not paying you for nothing i analyzed his logs, sir, and there’s something you may want to see then let me see it yes sir, i’ii send it immediately what’s going on connection error, we’ve been detected hey, Quint two boys, uncovering secrets, wanted dead or alive just like, the falcon and the snowman you wanna die with your machines, idiot dude, hold up, i’m almost sending data Quint, Keith what a disaster that’s the virus we need to stop the virus from getting out i know, the control system must be in the lab stop the virus Chris press the button yes or no it won’t open press the button yes or no now we’re getting somewhere i think this is the lab’s control system does it work we need a passcode to activate the neutralizing agent ok, i’ii sweep the lab, see what i can find good, i need some time to figure out these controls search for passcode i cracked the code on the door, opening it now careful in there will do, you can count on it i told you to be careful, who knows what kind of B.O.W.S we’re up against there must be some kind of locking mechanism now we’re getting somewhere i can copy the passcode here, but i need an employee number first this device is used for inoculations infection log for Queen Zenobia recearcher : Ryan ID : 503321 picked up prototype Vaccine Chris, you’re not gonna believe what i just learned Morgan Lansdale of the FBC was behind the attacks on Terragrigia so that’s what Raymond was talking about seems like it all i have is circumstantial evidence nothing to nail him for it yet entered employee ID downloading data, please wait prototype Vaccine inserted downloading complete vaccine has been injected picked up Authentication Code jill, jill, come in, do you read me, answer me, dammit this is an emergency, get back here now go back to Chris jill, are you ok yeah, for now i got the passcode good work, now let’s neutralize that virus used passcode authorization confirmed, initiating virus neutralization program well done, BSAA, your activities have been eye opening Morgan Lansdale i knew O’Brian and his dog Raymond were sniffing around my business i didn’t account for your involvement, however, that was my only mistake so it was you, you attacked Terragrigia jill, look out it looks like my mistakes are about to be remedied you are stowaways aboard the Queen Zenobia i hope you don’t mind me watching you die make the area safe jill, i need you in this fight virus neutralization complete ah, i should have expected as much from the duo who brought down Umbrella however, your days of playing cops and robbers are over i do hope you understand the gravity of my making a personal appearance i have a great weakness, i am fearful of things, even little things and must clean up every last imperfection the BSAA, my dear director O’Brian your whole organization you cause nothing but trouble surely you didn’t expect me to just let you snoop around unbridled don’t kid yourselves, have a look your destiny is in my hands what the the Queen Zenobia Episode 9 No Exit end Episode 10 Tangled webs he never got the hint, what a drag maybe he’s already taken, Jessica yeah, sure, can we get started already sure, we’ve been through hell before it’s nothing new for us yeah, just like old times, the good old FBC so, what’s the plan get to the bridge, activate the bulwarks and pray the ship stops sinking now that the power’s back, we should be able to access the maintenance system ok, we should split up them there;s something i need to check on first ok, fine, i’ii see you on the bridge head for the bridge great, you again i’m really sick of seeing your face no, i have to get to the bridge, no time for getting lost parker, where are you i’m almost at the bridge i’m already here, i’m going to start lowering the bulwarks that was fast you’re just slow, and you owe me another dinner that reminds me, i never got you that drink, that was a year ago that’s fine, you can make it all up to me in one big spending spree ok, fine, just sit tight and i’ii be there soon hold it right there Parker a spy has infiltrated the BSAA Morgan’s mole, and it may be you that’s what Raymond told me what are you talking about we don’t have time to Parker, subdue that woman Raymond, how but, you, you were she’s trying to activate the ship’s self-destruct mechanism to destroy the evidence what guys, this is getting out of hand, not funny come on, say something Parker, it’s me i can’t trust you completely not yet, put your gun down, Raymond you’re to soft, don’t be fooled, Parker Parker stupid men i knew O’Brian had a lapdog i’ii tell Morgan it was you Jessica don’t worry about dinner, now we’re even i’m sorry, parker go after her but, you Raymond, go well, the proud Queen Semiramis she chooses death rather than suffer indignity as will the Queen Zenobia self-destruct sequence initiated, all personnel, evacuate immediately this sequence cannot be aborted checkmate it appears my bright young assistant has made the last move now, have i made things clear to you Clear as day now we finally have a target start counting, Morgan not the most original last words, but best of luck, gentlemen right, first we gotta get outt’a here get off the ship this is Hat Trick, kirk here, at your service i’m on standby over the Queen Zenobia, Rendezvous on the foredeck there’s not much time, so get moving, repeat, this is Hat Trick Jill, the foredeck is this way the explosions have started, we’re out of time i’m jumping down Jill, this way Chris i’m ok, but i can’t get through, i’ii find a way around and meet up with you Parker oh, hi, Jill can you stand, Parker thanks, Jill get Parker off the ship Jessica shot me, she’s working for Morgan Jessica we’re not getting past that shit, can’t we turn it off or semething dammit, don’t get cocky Chris, i’ii explain later, just back me up for now roger that i’ii take the lead, follow me Raymond, i’m sorry, i should have trusted you Chris, we may not yeah, i know, but we’re not leaving anyone behind i’m really slowing you down, damn damn it, just not my night damm it good times, Jill, it was a nice ride what see you, guys Jill, we have to go yeah, Chris, i know beginning countdown for self-destruct sequence we’re out of time damn let’s just take care of it Jill, this way almost there, Chris let’s gun it Kirk here, are you both good i’ii fly around to the foredeck, hurry Jill, look out Jill, run, the ship’s gonna sink hurry up, you guys the pilot worry about her later Episode 10 Tangled webs end Episode 11 Revelations this is Hat Trick, do you read extraction is not possible at this time i’ii execute a holding pattern, Hat Trick out what have they created we can do this, Chris repeat, unable to make an approach, can you deal with that thing aim for the parasites, they’re the target you mean that big-ass thing is being controlled by a parasite, god damn damn, what can we do i dropped off some ammo for you fire, Jill there, that’s working i dropped off some ammo for you i dropped off some ammo for you i dropped off some ammo for you i dropped off some ammo for you is it over incredible, both of you i’ii drop down a ladder, come on up hold on, i’ii get us out of here no, not yet we can’t let this thing roam free agreed ready, Chris we can’t hit from here, take us closer i can’t, too many bogies trust me ok, fine, hold on to your seats that’s it, take’em out how many are there, they don’t let up careful, watch it watch out we’re going through, hold on fire, Jill watch it, we can’t take any more are you serious, damn it did we kill it hey, guys, i got a present for you, take this you know how to treat a girl, Kirk aim for its mouth and that’s all she wrote for the Zenobia it’s me, what’s happening on our way out, we lost Parker Jessica took the whole ship down the PBC, well, Morgan, he was one step ahead of us the whole way yes, i see i hate to think this all could be a mistake, my mistake come clean with us, O’Brian, don’t leave anything out alright, it all started one year ago right there, in Terragrigia one year ago Terragrigia are we in hell yes, they call it Terragrigia this place won’t last much longer right, we should get to the command room there’s hunters here too we have to hurry or HQ is done for commissioner Lansdale was right yeah, the boss has pushed for an expansion of the FBC’s purview this is just the kind of thing he was warning the world about and this incident will bring the crisis to the limelight it could be good PR, really yeah, maybe the international community will finally get the message the FBC has a lot of growing to do damn damn these things Jessica, help him roger there’s no end to these things if we want to help the Cadet, we have to get rid of them i think that’s the last of them it’s okay, i’ii be fine you’re hurt bad, don’t try to act tough all right, somebody lend him a shoulder, Parker HQ has told you to leave but i can still fight you are not convincing me, C’mon, grap on we can’t pull out yet, there are civilians out there we have to do something we’re heavily outnumbered we have to regroup how did they pull this off with just a few dozen men who armed them, and the B.O.W.s these torrotists, must be brought to justice, blast it damn, more of them it’s alright, i can buy you some time, go on without me you’re too young to play hero, earn some stripes before you get yourself killed not good, you’re losing blood it’s too dangerous to move him, he needs immediate first aid we should be ok here the med unit’s on the fourth floor, we might find something to bandage him up we’ii be back, Cadet dont’t go anywhere everything will be ok, alright, let’s go, Parker obtain tourniquer so, Parker, it’s nothing new, but aren’t you a little hard on the new guy you mean Raymond the only way those guys will grow up is with a little towel-snapping ok, fine, guys and your little games damn, this is endless this is serious, they’ii take the command room in no time the med unit should be down here here we are, just what i needed this should do for the meantime tend to Raymond god, more hunters, if you can hear me, get back here now Raymond’s in trouble, we have to go back i knew that rookie would be a pain in the ass don’t take it out on him, it’s not his fault damn, i’m surrounded, i don’t know if i can listen to me, Cadet, you are not going to die i order you to stay alive, we are coming they just keep coming i’m fine, but they might hey, you held out good there just leave the fighting to us, we,ii show you how it’s done all right, safe and sound now we can take care of our little Cadet how bad are you hurt alright, Cadet, now you owe me one ok, i get it, you want justice served, but no more heroics you’ii end up getting the whole unit killed welcome to the real world yes, sir ok, that should ease the pain i should be able to walk then follow us, the elevator to the command room is right there go to the command room think you can move, Cadet i can fend off anything that comes our way something is off what now think about it the dilevery and dispatchment of these B.O.W.s it’s too professional and how did they manage to evade the FBC’s vast intelligence network it just doesn’t add up unless, somebody wanted this to happen Cadet, you’re stepping out of bounds we’re not here to investigate this thing, we’re here to resolve it but everything i’ve said it’s sound for the love of god, there’s hunters everywhere the command room’s close by, just keep our Cadet alive i know you’re hurt, but try to keep up, Cadet he hasn’t made it yet, give him some cover he hasn’t made it yet, give him some cover we’ii take care of this, Cadet, you find shelter in the command room yes, sir, i’m on my way looks like Raymond got through kill the hunters are you trying to leave me behind or what that should be the last of the hunters i would hope so, let’s hit the command room yes, i understand, and i can hear you just fine that is simply splendid news everything is in perfect order enjoy the rest of the celebration on the Queen Dido, Norman Morgan you intended for the virus to break out on our ship well, we’ve certainly been had i’m not done yet, you still have an important purpose the ship serves as a controlled environment and the data on your mutation will serve a venerable purpose the boldness of your self-absorbed ambitions is impressive i am always disgusted by what you Americans san dream up i will take that as a compliment we knew that you could end up being a liability so we have kept vidio records of all of our interactions if they go public, your life is finished you may do as you please use of the satellite has been approved the new virus will be completely eradicated you bastard full soon shalt thou be where thine eye shall answer make to thee of this seeing the cause which raineth down the blast how could you Jessica has escaped we were so close i’m sorry, Raymond you were right, all along thank god somebody was on top of things don’t be so hard on yourself, Parker now it’s my turn to save you c’mon, we’re getting out of here that’s the spirit, Cadet Raymond realized that Morgan was not who he seemed so, we set this trap together the whole Veltro revival act the mountain hideout, and the coordination of the ships all to put heat on Morgan but, sir, couldn’t you heve at least told us i couldn’t risk it, not with a mole inside the BSAA my apologies all that work and both the Zenobia and the Semiramis yeah, i know, but i haven’t given up yet Keith and Quint they’ve left us with an ace in the hole the data analysis they sent us, the results are in well, what were they we assumed Veltro made use of two sister ships in the Terragrigia Panic but there was a third the final queen episode 11 Revelations end episode 12 the queen is dead the final queen yes, Queen Dido she’s been resting on the ocean floor since that day which means we’ii find her at Terragrigia exactly we have a responsibility to see this mission through O’Brian out FBC, everyone freeze all of you, put your hands in the air-slowly Morgan Lansdale we’re taking this show over the BSAA is hereby under the direct supervision of the FBC Clive R O’Brian you are under arrest for collaborating with the terrorist organization Veltro you’re our only hope there it is the remains of Terragrigia and the Queen Dido approaching drop-off point that’s the Queen Dido, the third queen search the sunken ship it’s rather quiet, like time itself has stopped the blobs we found on the beach, they came from here that explains why Morgan cordoned off the area at least he died a human, more or less i wonder if those corpses on the beach were Veltro something’s still alive careful, you won’t be able to fight them off underwater the door’s locked it’s an electric lock, i hope the emergency power still works the wires are all pulled apart i’ii fix them ok, i’ii see ef i can get the power going search for power i think that’s the switch over there there we go Jill, the door’s open ok, on my way back go back to Chris that was close ok, let’s move in there’s still air who’s that he hasn’t been dead for long he’s FBC there’s something in his hand this is agent Dario Barioni of the FBC armed forces, the time is 19:48 i request that this recorder be handed over to General Lansdale if found by the next team everyone on my team is dead, killed by the devil himself we were unable to retrieve the vidio log, our mission has failed Veltro, they weren’t sitting around waiting for death to come to them when the PBC arrived, they were waiting for us, even though Terragrigia thoughts of revenge kept them alive the Queen Dido is already deep below the sea there’s no escape, no chance of survival, unless aah, Veltro, in honor of thy name, we accept our wrongdoing and transmute our flesh in remembrance of our sins but for you, Morgan, never shall there be rest we rise from the dead, our spirit a callous and immutable force all of our interactions are right in here we shall become guardians of the truth for as many years as it may take Jack Norman was the head of Veltro and he has the vidieo we can use to nail Lansdale find vidio evidence Morgan, Morgan Lansdale, how dare you cross Veltro Morgan, this is what you seek, is it not indeed, this little machine contains the truth all the truth needed to bring down your entire charade this is it, we got the evidence we have to go, we don’t want to wait around for this leave with PDA evidence stop behold, the terror which you have unleashed Norman, stop, Morgan isn’t here it’s no use, he’s gone over the edge what the we need to lose him i don’t think he’s in the mood to say good-bye yeah, but we’re not here to babysit, either defeat Norman what the hell just happened, be careful i can’t see now damn, it’s like a disco ball’s in front of my face how the hell did he do that doesn’t matter, don’t let up what is he, immortal here he comes, don’t get distracted done, everything, finished finally, i can die, i, can die this is how Morgan treats his friends i hope he finds more comfort in death than he did in life the means of dispersion the cruise ship is equipped with a UAV, that is your delivery system very well now show me the goods bona fide T-Abyss no vaccine, not yet yes, of course a little bit of this could turn a city inside-out i think we’re done, i’ii be on my way who would have thought, yes that the lowly terrorists would receive a helping hand from the venerable commissioner of the FBC as you can see it’s not likely you’ii be wriggling out of this one i seem to have underestimated the BSAA perhaps you, as well we found this in the off-limits area near Terragrigia we’re done analyzing it so you can have it back director O’Brian, surely you understand our dilemma without the Terragrigia Panic the ignorant masses would be unaware of the threat that lies before them yes, you may in fact be correct no one has the right to detain me the world required my guidance, it was all for the greater good you’re only fooling yourself you said yourself abandon hope all ye who enter here but i’m not Dante and you’re not Vergilius Morgan Lansdale you are hereby relieved of your position as FBC commissioner and i’m placing you under arrest on suspicion of conspiring with Veltro in the planning and execution of the Terragrigia Panic with all due respect, director O’Brian the BSAA is making a huge mistake where have i heard that before episode 12 the Queen is Dead end we can finally reveal what happened at Terragrigia yeah, but the cost was high the BSAA will have to be overhauled the storm is gone now but how long will it last after Morgan Lansdale’s arrest, the FBC was dissolved, with the majority of its agents and resources transferred to the BSAA the BSAA would then be reformed into on anti-bioterrorism organization under the auspices of the United Nations Keith Lumley is now a leading figure at BSAA’s east African Branch due to his accomplishments at Valkoinen Mokki Quint Cetcham, on the other hand, continues to refuse promotion to any leadership position, but he still works at the BSAA’s main headquarters in the R&D department Parker Luciani was found adrift offshore the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean sea and was rescued after a month of medical treatment, Parker returned to his position as a special operations agent for BSAA’s main headquarters Clive R O’Brian decided to take responsibility for his actions and step down from his position as head of the BSAA he is currently an advisor to the BSAA and is also writing a detective novel from the comfort of his own home and as for Jill Valentine and Chris Radfield, they have no idea what horrific fate awaits them almost too easy, wasn’t it the company let them take Morgan out with the trash tough world you file the report on this by the way why save Parker i have my reasons the BSAA isn’t as useless as i thought things could really heat up indeed the fun’s just getting started end

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