Read My Lips Challenge Meg Edition! 💋 | Part 2 of 2 | ZOMBIES 2| Disney Channel
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Read My Lips Challenge Meg Edition! 💋 | Part 2 of 2 | ZOMBIES 2| Disney Channel

What’s up, everyone?
Today we are playing the Meg edition version
of Read My Lips. Basically what’s gonna happen
in this game is she’s gonna say something
with no volume, AKA mouthing something,
and then I’m gonna try to figure out what it is
and that’s the game. And we’re gonna have a fun time.
All right, here we go. I’m ready.
Mouth me the first thing. – Hello. Let’s go!
– Yes. Hey! – I am feeling this.
– All right, come on down. I’ve actually been told I’m bad
at reading lips, – but I’m amazing.
– It’s a sentence. – Okay. Oh.
– You might– go. All righty. I– I love it, Susie.
What is it? I love it, Susie. That’s what
you sound like you said. – I love to eat sushi. Yes!
– Yes! Yay! Whoo! Which is also a very true fact. Yeah, it is. – I love juice.
– No. Okay, do it one more time. How many guesses do I get?
Unlimited? Okay. 11 juice.
That’s all I’m getting. 11 juice.
Is it 11 juice? – No.
– I love it, stoop. Is that what you said? – Elevated shoes.
– No, shoes is right. – Okay, elevator shoes.
– No. – Elevate shoes.
– Think of a large thing. – Elephant shoes!
– Yay! – All right!
– Whoo! – Yeah. All right, I’m ready.
– Okay. – I’m studying.
– Okay. I don’t want to new– not move,
I want to do this move. Is that what you said? All right,
let’s go again. I don’t want to sip it all,
I just wanna see what you do. Is that what you said?
Is that what you said? Okay, I’m just trying to get it
in, like– I don’t want to be small,
I just want to be fragile. Is that what you said?
Is that what you said? – Okay, I’m trying.
– Okay, okay, okay, okay. I’m ready. Okay. I don’t want to be difficult,
I just want to finish. Is that what– One more time,
one more time. – Okay. Where are you getting–
– ( laughter ) – Do it again. Go.
– I’ll give you– – It’s a song lyric. Yeah.
– Okay, okay, okay. – Okay.
– One more time. Give me a little bit more
of, like… so I can, like, – hear it a little.
– Okay. – All I’m getting is typical.
– Yeah, typical. – So, oh, typical?
– Yeah. – I don’t want typical…
– Yeah. – …Oh, original.
– Yeah! – Let’s go! Whoo!
– Yeah. – ( singing )
– Oh, my God. – I am amazing at this.
– ♪ I don’t want a typical ♪ ♪ Digital love ♪
But, honestly, though, my favorite is “Smile”
bump it every single night. It’s true. – Milo is so ready.
– No. That was so close. – Oh, let’s go, let’s go.
– Okay. – Milo is so funny!
– Yeah! – I like that these are facts.
– Whoo! I like that these are facts.
All right, let’s keep going. – Let’s keep going. Oh!
– That’s it. – You did really good.
– All right, you guys. I had a little bit of a
difficult time on round two, but I persisted,
and we had an amazing time. And if I learned one thing
from this, is that I should be watching
“Zombies 2” on Disney Channel. So make sure you do that.
All right, I’ll see you guys later.
Peace. Nice.

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