*RAPUNZEL* at Disney World! (2018)
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*RAPUNZEL* at Disney World! (2018)

Look at this dress! It looks absolutely amazing on you! Wait come over here. Give me a twirl. Can I see what it looks like? Give me a spin? Spin, twirl! Oh we’re still going! Oh more! Oh we’re still going! And again! You’re gonna get dizzy if you keep doing this. Okay, one last one? Okay, last one? Wait, okay, now this is the last one? Ha ha. Okay, we’re done! Hi. You know purple is one of my favorite colors,
too. Is it your favorite as well? Pascal and I have 147 different colors of
purple in our paint collection. It’s pretty exciting. She wanted to match you. Well you did a good choice then. Kenzie can you say, “Best day ever!” Are you having the best day ever? She might just stay there forever. You just gonna cuddle me? That’s okay. Can you at least smile for my friend? Are you smiling?I can’t see your face. Smile! She’s a little starstruck. Kenzie. Awww, Kenzie. Kenzie, who’s that? Who’s that over there? Do you know her? Is that your baby sister? You have a baby sister? What’s her name? Her name’s Nettle? Sienna. She calls her Nenna. Oh Sienna! Hi Sienna! She’s a little tired. Well do you think Sienna wants to come and
sit with us? We’ll have all the girls. It’a a question. We’ll see. We’ll see. She’s a little tired. Good morning! Oh you have your snack? That’s always a good way to wake up. Eat a little snack. Right? Can I see your smile?

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