Qual princesa Disney você seria?
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Qual princesa Disney você seria?

I don’t have an intro! don’t you have an intro? now that i understand, i don’t have an intro! you say, Lars, hello it’s me! No Lars am I hello? I’ll have to create a catchphrase, like … tell me a catchphrase? no “hello I’m Lars” Did you steal from Goku then? he speaks, or I’m Goku! I say “hello”, it’s different I’ll get it later today we are going to do QUIZ and you will be the first I? because I? where’s the quiz? I want you to take this quiz here give me the quiz start quiz which disney princess would you be? Crash: start the quiz Lars: it’ll be funny because he never watched this Crash movies: where would you live … we have … castle little house in the castle even bigger bigger castle still lit castle this one is more medieval, I liked this one there are pictures! have to go selecting? what is the natural color of your brown hair is your hair brown? choose a dress has, blue, lilas brown kimono i’m not “japa” (japanese) green and there is a Hawaiian here, very crazy I go with “baby blue” will give me Frozen, what to see which is your favorite, Cinderella and Pocahontas Diana and Snow White Rapuzel and Ariel Beauty and Aurora Elena and Jasmine Moana and Mulan and Merida, Elsa or Princess Sofia and Ana Lars: do you know any of this? not much I go from Rapuzel and Ariel that I know which super power would you like to have ice: freeze, make sculptures, etc. or magic hair our two options are Toboe: what options f* what magical power … I want ice! you will be that guy from … that fighting game that had hair … is had, that matched the hair what would be your snowman mascot pig, rooster, tiger dagrao, chameleon, fish and fox! Punch is a raccoon! I can see that? Yes! a fox, they put a raccoon with … who is this right here? they put a raccoon with that Pocahontas is Pocahontas who had a raccoon Fox… very good this quiz that you took of very high quality you don’t even know what a dragon raccoon is Lars: tiny punch dragon Crash: choose a prince: handsome generic man number 1 handsome generic man number 2 beautiful generic man number 3 man … oh my god this one, more rough! choose something to wear on your head blue tiara blue tiara with leaves red crown tiaras crown crown, all the same boy … high quality quiz look I’m going to use, leaves on the head Lars: leaves? are you hippie do you prefer, Ana, or Elsa? I already answered that! who is Ana and Elsa? Ana and Elsa from Frozen! I didn’t watch frozen! the two sisters la Toboe: Ana has no power Elsa has I will be Ana I prefer not to have power and work very hard to conquer my things but it has ice power, it’s cool Crash: what would be your weapon, power or spell? Toboe: what difference is there? magic magic staff bow and arrow bow and arrow is not a power or spell, it’s a sword weapon, magic necklace and magic stone a sword then, for god’s sake is your hair long, medium or short? medium your hair is short! it’s short it varies, it’s short now, but it gets big too which do you prefer Tangled Brave or Sleeping Beauty? ah, Tangled which music from the princesses movies you prefer to see at last the light shine free I’m colors of the wind an ideal world and knowing who I am I didn’t hear any of those songs, didn’t you hear any? didn’t you hear any ?? Let it Go did you not hear? ah free i’m let it go! now I understand! calculating the result i am Tangled! you didn’t choose magic hair it’s true, I didn’t choose magic hair I think it was the most random quiz what a bad quiz! Toboe: sensational Crash: good luck, horrible quiz! no, when they said fox and you put a photo of raccoon who are you in power rangers who are you in power rangers rpm rpm I think it’s one of the cops I don’t know these power rangers! but that’s okay, it’s one of the ones I didn’t watch, let’s start the quiz you are introvert or extrovert how is it, can it be both? Crash: it’s balanced Toboe: boy I’m a boy, what’s your favorite color? I’ll put yellow because of it … I think it kind of cleared not my favorite color, but what is your favorite color? I really like green and everything .. but only your eye is green finally I mean it is mandatory if you like that color, does it have to be that color, the fursona? do you like doctor “K”? even after everything she did? I don’t know what she did! I don’t know who she is I think she looks mean she looks like a village that was redeemed after I don’t know what you’re talking about I loved this answer choose engine cell part 1 engine cell I think it’s the thing that activates the morphers there’s a little symbol here oh there’s a yellow symbol will I choose 3 have some animal figures? choose the engine cell part 2 another engine cell I’ll choose the 7 that looks more like yellow too what is that? look at the clothes the guys wear … choose your morf it looks like a lot of 90s cell phone my god is that a pistol? time to morph … morpher in cellphone format … airplane morphing device airplane control ?? for the wrist neh imagine so there are three power rangers there come the guy “time to morph” then one pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and morphs the other ta with a business here and morphs the other is dragging a chain so a machine this size then take the business and type a lot of things and morph my god I didn’t want to be that power ranger what do you think of vjin (?) think it’s incredible, it doesn’t smell or smell horrible because I don’t know you! choose one of the three rangers that never made it into the series t-rex because i like t-rex i also like t-rex i have a sona t-rex! including ah it’s true! I drew! if i throw this cap can i hit the camera? oh no he will break the camera! what is your favorite silver, golden ranger clear! I think you will be creaking … red ??? the guy chooses, yellow, yellow, yellow yellow … and it falls red I’m the red ranger sensational quiz this quiz is so … so oh! now I choose which will be your quiz your quiz will be … assemble your school supplies my god … don’t wait … you’re more a lover or reputation who is he? which harry potter character are you going to be interesting at least it is known do you whisper? I don’t think what is your house my house according to the website I made was like which was … Ravenclaw what is your favorite hobby books, tv, social media … did you have social media on howgoats? I don’t think sports lie! you never read! I read! you just watch anime on your phone! come back and tell the truth but there is no anime boot cell, social media seila tv ready! Are you a boy or a girl? another other (non-binary) which of these items would you buy at the store .. for dyslexia attacked the store .. (???) (???) ((difficult names from Harry Potter)) portions of love (???) (???) ((more difficult names from Harry Potter)) mini puf, telescope (??) I’ll put “vomitidius” because I think it is to throw up, how cool creed which of these characters would you give a portion of love? pear, for me? na, are you going to fall in love with yourself then, to fall in love with me? I go with my favorite character I like Hermione have you ever suffered bullying or practiced? who would answer already practiced? you! practice bullying with me every day! oh but you are because i love you! it is my demonstration of love children, who are watching this practice bullying practice bullying! (DONT DO THAT!) what do you love! is Lars’ recommendation, here’s the tip! (IM NOT!>:C) you also practice bulliyn with me! already suffer already practiced none I’ll put it already suffered already practiced to leave equal what would be your favorite subject herbology i hate herbology Quidditch portions defense against art of darkness no i am the darkness history of magic transfiguration I would put the transfiguration is when you change in someone else I would deceive a lot of people you could use transfiguration to become a cooler person I use transfiguration to turn Crash and take over the world a cooler person than! I was going to make you cooler! what would be your patron, badger swan horse, corsa what is a corsa? corsa is a ford car is chevrolet it’s my car even ah I’m gonna put it poque ne caulculando result just like him you must love the lonely and calm life in the bush and love the creatures do you know what’s worse? is well himself well true hit! and you are saying that the quiz is so bad, you see it! mine was horrible! I said, I don’t want to have big hair: rapunzel yellow ranger yellow morfador! red ranger is the quiz speech, I want to be … no no, you this will be it! the quiz wants it to be so choose something you know for see if the quiz is right let’s take a quiz to see if you would be Lars or Crash? let’s take a quiz after that how would a quiz be like that? you’re cool? yes are you boring? when a flat boot comes Lars’ face, when cool is Crash’s face very quickly and in a question just Toboe you left I went to get some air he went to get some air and we are going to take one air also kisses, thanks for watching wait, you who say that, the video is yours i need a catch phrase of hi and bye the most common is, subscribe to the like channel on the channel leave the comment do not subscribe on the channel not like what you want good dinner good night


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