Q+A | Babies, marriage, + my career with Disney ✨
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Q+A | Babies, marriage, + my career with Disney ✨

Hello friends its Allison today we’re
just gonna be doing a little Q&A I got my iced coffee ready to just chat and
answer some questions I haven’t done one of these in a minute so I really thought
I’d be good for anyone new here just so that we can kind of get to know each
other more and I’ll also answer some questions that I never have before so
really excited to spend some time together and chats also in this Q&A I’m
gonna try to be a little less chatty because I feel like in all my Q&A is
I’ll take three minutes to answer each question so I’m gonna try to do a little
more rapid-fire because I wrote down a lot so let’s just get right into it I’m
gonna fuel up first to make my iced coffee today I just did a little French
press coffee and then I freeze dates for a couple minutes just so that it
wouldn’t be as hot and then I added in some ice and then a little bit of the la
co-op draft latte so so good really refreshing okay so the first question
super simple it is how old are you so I am 23 years old I turned 23 on November
4th okay and that was easy starting out easy next question is are
you begin / – ready cherien also is Brandon a vegetarian so I am NOT no I
was vegan for two years in middle school actually I was crazy back then not crazy
it’s not crazy to be a vegan it’s just no one was really big in back then and I
used to go to these vegan festivals I was really into the vegan culture and
just like saving animals which I still love animals so much and then I was just
vegetarian for a long time so I have been mostly plant-based for all my life
and I love to eat plant-based food and that’s why all my cookies are always
vegetarian cuz that’s primarily how I eat however when I’m by the coast or
traveling I will have some seafood and some Oh fried chicken is my
like oh my gosh I love fried chicken and so I do that every once in a while it’s
like once a month thing at the most I really don’t eat that much meat but
especially if it’s grass-fed and good quality meat I know
chick-fil-a isn’t but restaurants that are like farm-to-table
I will definitely treat myself to a little you know meat dish every once in
a while but for the longest time I just wasn’t craving meat
besides fried chicken but now I’m actually like sometimes craving steak
and stuff like that which is kind of crazy but I am mainly plant-based okay
what are your favorite places to shop so I would say my ultimate favorite place
to shop is Twitter Trader Joe’s I just love it so much and I love food so
shopping for food is just ideal and then for clothing I’m mainly online
shop honestly I love Express Lulu’s princess Polly there’s a few more I love
I’m trying to think off the top of my head Oh boohoo those are the main places
I get my clothing um oh like free people I love for people but then home stuff I
love to go to anthropology home goods Target I would say mainly though I do
love clothing but my favorite things to shop for is food and home stuff also
IKEA okay got a lot of questions about my job with Disney and like how I got my
start there and all that good stuff so basically I started working for Disney
when I was 17 or 17 I can’t talk seventeen years old and I am from
Orlando so I was born and raised in Orlando aka where Disney World days so
it was like very common for people to work for Disney it’s they’re the biggest
employer in Orlando um so it wasn’t anything that out of the ordinary for me
which is funny now that I’m older and I realized that it’s kind of a special
thing so I auditioned to be a character
performer when I was seventeen and I did get the job um thankfully after my
second audition took me to auditions and then
got it and it was really fun so I did character performing in the parks for
like three years I did it all throughout college when I went to the University of
Florida and I was a seasonal performer the whole
time so I only had to work 150 hours per year so it was really obtainable and I
would work on weekends not every weekend because I wanted to enjoy college and
stuff but like over summers and you know Christmas break and that kind of thing
so that’s how I started and then after I graduated I interned with Disney and I
interned on my current team and that’s how I kind of started my like
professional career if you will like in corporate so then I started I did that
for six months and then I got my current role where I’m kind of like a freelancer
where I just help with certain social media and communications product
projects and video editing and stuff like that but guys I very rarely worked
for Disney anymore I currently am doing ten hours a week at the most so I’m
mainly and the YouTube right that’s how I’m able to make this many videos and
stuff like that and of course I do along Instagram as well so I also produce
content for brands that sometimes you guys never see just because it’s for
their social media platforms so that is my main job and then I still work for
doing a little bit as well okay of course there’s a question about
babies and kids naturally of course every Q&A which I totally understand
when do you want kids and how many do you guys think you want okay so we we
both love kids for anything I we definitely want a big family will kind
of and we definitely are really excited for when that day comes but we are
enjoying this time just us being newlyweds young wild and free even
though we’re not that why hope we’re like Grandma and Grandpa’s but we just
are enjoying this kind of independent where no one’s really relying on us so
we think we want to wait a couple more years until you start having babies and
in regards so we’re probably gonna wait like a year and a half
till we start trying maybe even two years and then you never know how long
it’s gonna take for you to actually conceive so it’s gonna be cool more
years but I feel like it’ll be here before we even know it I mean time just
flies by and in regards to how many we want I think we want three or four but
it’s also tricky because we really have it on our hearts and it’s a dream of
ours to adopt and foster as well so we may end up adopting two kids and then
that’ll get us up to five or we might adopt like we might have two kids
ourselves and then adopt you I don’t know we really don’t know exactly but we
also want to foster your children as well and you know this might be
something in twenty years we want to do and we can adopt you know a child who’s
a teenager already if that makes sense so I feel like our family will kind of
be growing for many many many years to come and it might not always be like
natural conception and Elite through adoption and fostering and that kind of
thing so I really don’t know but I actually am an only child which was
another question if we have any siblings and I have an only child so I don’t have
any brothers and sisters but now I have two amazing sister-in-laws and an
amazing brother-in-law cuz brendan has a brother and a sister so super thankful
for them but yeah I do want to have I liked my childhood it was fine being an
only child but I would like to have a bigger family because I just love kids
so much and I love family it’s the most important thing in my life stuff
definitely want to have those babies okay someone asked do you think you have
a gut feeling of knowing who’s the one good question so I don’t necessarily
believe in soulmates or the one I think you definitely have like people who
you’re way more compatible with and it’s more of like finding your best friend
and someone who makes you better and improves you like helps you grow and
improve yourself and someone you can create a really healthy and meaningful
relationship with so with Brandon for instance I never really questions
questions if he should be my husband or if he was the love of my life or
anything like that I just kind of always knew like
I didn’t have any hesitation like I wasn’t nervous for our wedding or
anything like that because I just knew like we were meant to be together if
that makes sense so I guess I kind of believed in the one but I think it’s if
you’re having a lot of doubts and stuff that’s kind of a red flag because you
should have this sense of peace that you know you’re in a relationship that’s
healthy and meant to last the long haul what is your favorite no-show underwear
I thought this was so random I just wanted to answer it and first of all the
thong for sure like if you have yoga pants you just have to wear a thong like
there’s no other way um but I’ll show you my favorite one once I get you guys
my freaking on the rack this is getting weird
very quickly okay this is it it’s like this thin material I don’t know I don’t
know how to describe it I don’t know like what kind of material that is but
it is so no show let me see on the tag I got this one from Target it’s nylon so
it’s kind of like a spandex but the lining is caught and that’s so that’s
good so ladies with your underwear you always want your lining to be kind just
so you know but that one’s my favorite no show under root if you’re in the
market for some hmm someone asked if I’m gonna go more blonde again so if you’ve
been watching my channel for a while you’ve seen my hair a few different
colors I used to be like super super blonde not like all bleach blonde but
like a lot more highlights and I would have pink hair and then I’ve had orange
hair if you know you know my hair is a little orange right now but now I’m
really like embracing my roots my hair super Rudy right now and I honestly love
it like I’m really digging the brunette but I think I’ll always have like this
valio hombre situation I want to get my hair done as soon as I’m able to just to
kind of blend it out more but I actually really like the the roots coming in the
darker the darker hair but I think I’ll always kind of have the beachy like
blonde sunkissed kind of highlights added in what kind of
dog do you want oh my gosh guys I am so obsessed with the thought of getting a
dog one of my friends phrenic she just got a little puppy and it’s just making
me so happy for them and it’s so excited for the day that we get a puppy
so Brandon tonight we don’t have like a specific breed we are looking into
Goldendoodles because they are hypoallergenic and they seem to have
such great beautiful and sweet personalities and stuff like that and
great with kids and families which is important to us so we’re mainly looking
into Goldendoodles I feel like but we also would love to adopt or foster dogs
so I’m kind of like still researching I’ve just started doing research so
we’ll see but we’re thinking a goldendoodle but not really sure so let
me know if you have any dog breed recommendations for us we’re really just
looking for one that doesn’t shed a ton and one that’s really well tempered with
families and super friendly what is your Enneagram type I love the
Enneagram I really do so I’m a three wing too and I do identify with it
pretty well um and Brandon’s on wine and he is a 1/2 the tea at foreshore if you
don’t know what that any agreement I highly recommend taking the test it’s
super interesting and it’s it’s really cool to just learn more about other
people’s personalities and like how they were built and it’s just cool to see how
there’s so many contrasting personalities and how that can be
helpful in relationships like for Brandon and I for instance a lot of our
personality is kind of like yin and yang and it balances each other out really
well which has really helped us because it’s
gotten me out of my comfort zone and him out of his comfort zone and you know we
kind of balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses out so it’s really really
fascinating kind of in the same vein what is your love language my love
language is a words of affirmation by far I also I think my second one is
quality time but I think mines words automation quality time physical touch
and then gifts and brandings is quality time physical touch words of affirmation
gifts I think that’s hits but love learning about um love languages as well
and mine is just like words of affirmation I am like if you speak
kindness to me I am just my cup runneth over it just means a lot to me
to write questions what is your nationality so I am American I’m born
and raised here my dad’s side of the family is from Kansas actually and then
my mom was also she was born in Miami but she lived in like the Orlando area
her whole life pretty much besides being born in Miami um but the only thing
that’s not like American about me is my Grammy she was born in Cuba so she came
over to the States when she was 11 years old
super crazy her story’s amazing but I’m she married am an American so I’m a
quarter Cuban because of my grandma so I am a 75% American well actually I don’t
know all my I’ve never taken one of those 21 in me or anything like that but
I just know I’m 25% Cuban and I’ve never been to Cuba but I really want to go to
Cuba one day I would probably only go to Cuba with my Grammy just because it’s
kind of like a sensitive subject for her I think she would want to go back
someday but she was just really hoping like things can become more ethical
there and then I hope we can all take a trip someday okay last question what is
your favorite bible verse I love this question so much I have a lot of
favorites but to keep it simple my ultimate favorite is at first
Corinthians 16:14 let all that you do be done in love it’s
just so simple and straight to the point like above all we should love others and
speak love and acts through love and just actually the core of our whole
being and it’s just really important reminder to me and something I always
strive to do so yeah that is my favorite all right fine those are all the
questions I have for today but thank you for watching this video and sending in
your questions it was so nice to just chat and answer these with you guys I
would love to chat with you in the comments below let me know how you guys
are doing we can talk about some of my answers tell me about your dog breeds
and your favorite no-show underwear I don’t know we can just continue the
conversation there but I love you guys so much
and cannot wait to see you soon bye


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