• nina budini

    Firstly I cannot hear what the Prince is saying and secondly MIND YOUR OWN business !!!! goodness sake have you nothing better to do in your life than to try and destroy this young family .. Get A hobby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don Oldwell

    Yet the media gave the pedophile prince Andrew a pass, why don’t they talk about his connections to Jeffrey Apstein instead

  • Skye 1

    Enough already. Who cares. They can go fly a kite. They don't affect our lives in the USA. She and her henpecked husband can stay in Canada. We don't want them here.

  • Dani Mark

    So Prince Harry twisted the Disney CEO's arm to give her a job. She was a mediocre actress then and will always be so this is no surprised.

  • Lottie i love it Green

    Harry you and meghan beet them at their own fucking game, good job i love it..don't go back meghan they don't derisive you'll now who will they wright about?maybe Andrew….

  • Benedicta Onyemenam

    So what? I am happy they didn't act on impulse. They have been working at it for a long time… Good. And the money generated goes for a good cause too…how much of your own money have you given away? Huh? Please, Next?

  • Wesley K.

    YT is apparently rigorously deleting comments on this vid from other YT channels. Such as this one, 69K views, from the Telegraph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KESlc7udjNc

    ….does everyone see 0 comments on this as well?

  • Angela Porisky

    I would have been mortified if my Husband was pimping me out like that. We all know that Meghan ordered him to do this. The look 👀 on Bob Iger’s wife’s face clearly shows she thought it was tacky as well as well.

  • Hermione Danger

    Meghan: Harry DON'T forget to tell the CEO of Disney that I'm available to DO VOICE overs in2020…
    Harry: Yes dear what ever YOU want!
    Meghan: You better NOT forget or I will tell ALL and BLACKMAIL your granny!

  • Laura Festa Platto

    I'm not agree with Harry and Megan . This life have to be in Great Britain! Off course the real life is difficult , but they have to stay in Great Britain. 🤦🤦🙄🙄🤔🤔

  • Oluwakemi Braimah

    Please let them live their lives.To be royal comes with a very high price – all in the name of what? We are are only here for a while so they should let this couple enjoy that period please.

  • Fidelisjoff

    Meghan can't cope not being centre of attention. She married into the family of the Head of State of the UK and then expects it to change to suit her. She is the problem and plays the race card against the Brits whose Royal Head of State family she chose to marry into. It's all about her or she can't cope. Just about sick of ethnic minorities calling the nations of the UK racist. This is our nation you are in so don't disrespect us.

  • Annetjie Pocock

    Do they really think working with Hollywood will take them out of the spotlight . Now and forever. They are actually the poor roayls. They know there is money to make outside Brittain. Let them enrich themselves. He has a family to support. How much do you think will it cost them to life a Hollywood live style on the current income. I think it was a shocker when she realized he is not the rich prince she was dreaming of. It is al about the money. 🤔😁

  • Terrisann Brooks

    I like this because people always feel is Meghan pushing everything. But here we see Harry citing a deal for his wife. He's proud of her

  • Joseph Rogers

    Damned if they do and damned if I don’t they’re trying to get an independent life that means hustling yourself for a job we all have to do that with a royal or not

  • Eli

    Harry looks like a fool begging for his D list actress wife a job! Iger looked like he wanted to leave, even turning away from Harry trying to avoid his attempts!

  • Eli

    Howie is a liar!!!!!!!!! Remember when he said he don't know who MM was? When asked he said he didn't really remember her now it is "she is so talented" Just a reminder Howie is a D Lister as well!!!!!

  • EquestAnton

    This is just so embarrassing and on so many levels. Forget "a Royal plugs his wife for a job" bit for a moment and concentrate on Meghan still chasing fame. This woman is insatiably stuck in corporate slut mode even though she is now already an A-lister celeb. However the thing is while she may be an A-lister celeb by marriage she is still a b-lister actress, ordinarily she wouldn't even be considered for a voice over part in a Disney movie. So she gets the part and "charity" gets a donation but she is still involved with plugging the movie simply by being in it as a Royal. So are all the proceeds from the movie also going to charity…..?I 
    I'm also tired of people playing the race-card every time Meghan fucks up. Playing the corporate slut while married to a royal and involving the royal in it is not a race issue it's simply a disgrace. She did represent a major coup for British race relations but hey no longer, they just cant wait to get out of there. Certainly not content to play that part which lets face it would've been her part of a life time. 
    I'm seeing some major backlashes ahead and some truly tacky goings on. Don't think there will be any back lashes in America yet however as the Americans are just too thick to get the issues. However once the couple lose all royal titles and become just plain Mr and Mrs, Harry becomes bald and ages rather strangely as he will, Meghan already built like a "refrigerator" after giving birth, both rather less appealing given their collective lack of talent the gloss may also even wear a bit thin in America too. Harry is not the brightest spark in the brains department either so expect some dubious business connections along the lines of his infamous uncle as well. Cant say I will have any sympathy at all, they're jointly stinking rich already, all they want is more fame and cash without the obligations of being British civil servants. What the fuck that's demanding pure entitlement just because Harry is the future King of England's brother. Quite repulsive in the 21st Century. And there they were claiming to want the quiet life. Oh yea pull the other one slut. She's just using the media as an opt out excuse. No one honestly cares anymore what your dog's name is or where your baby was born, you trashed your own mystique already, big time. No you wont ever be Queen of Great Britain either, not even the adored princess. Just a b-list actress married to an ex Royal.

  • c jordan

    This is so embarrassing!!! There are no words . Who does that, and in PUBLIC ? It is difficult to understand ; why would he do it? Are they so desperate ? Did she ask him to do it ? I would be so embarrass if my husband did that . She is perfectly capable to get her own gigs. If he wants to help her get a job , why doesn't he do that in private ? Puzzling.

  • Bush Trash

    So these rich virtue signalling pricks take a private jet to LA, just so Harry can attempt to twist Bobs arm to get Meghan a voice over job, robbing some other person of a potential good job… ?

  • FE Grace

    First, I have a sneaky suspicion that their not hard up for cash.

    Second, their CEO of Disney and those other people standing next him were waiting to meet Harry and Megan (who happened to be apart of this thing called the Royal Family) and not the other way around!

    Last, maybe it is a matter of viewpoint… Some called of begging, others called it networking, months later we now know she got the contract and all those with sour opinions got🤢the same bitter attitude toward her!

  • Theresa Sarjeant

    Harry declined a military memorial for 30 slain soldiers and went to the Lion King premiere instead. https://www.ibtimes.com/prince-harry-dubbed-hollywood-harry-after-declining-invitation-netizens-react-2808031

  • Han Bao

    Tacky, that’s why they deserve each other. If Harry was smart he would not have picked her. Leaving the royal 👑 is the right path for both party. Maybe queen should announce that those two will be no longer hold their titles, see how long can Meghan stay.

  • ambition x

    Lol sounds like these Peter Pan dipshits are watching too much CNN and throwing a tantrum because some of their immediate family members are conservatives.

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