PAW Patrol: ‘Sea Patrol’ Game Walkthrough 🐾  | Nick Jr. Gamers
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PAW Patrol: ‘Sea Patrol’ Game Walkthrough 🐾 | Nick Jr. Gamers

Nick Junior’s junior gamers! Hi, I’m junior gamer Alex! Today, I’m playing the Paw Patrol’s
brand new Sea Patrol game! We have to help the pups
earn their Sea Patrol badges. Let’s go! I’m going to help Marshall first. Let’s go rescue those duckies! [music playing] Got it! And another one. Woops! Phew, that was a close one! Ah, that came out of nowhere! Don’t worry, Ducky, I’m coming! Yes, I got all the ducks! Here’s your badge, Marshall! Time to train with Rubble. We have to build a wall
to protect the castle! Cool! Ah, a wave’s coming! That was a big one! I need to build faster! Phew, that was close! The water’s coming! Awesome, we saved the castle! Here’s your badge, Rubble! Hmm, should I help Rocky and Chase
or Skye and Zuma first? Let’s save the duckies
with Rocky and Chase. Whoa, that was fast! Got you! So many ducks to save! Eww, seaweed! Speed booster! Oh no! Oopsie! Yes, we got them all! That’s a badge for Rocky and Chase! Finally, let’s train with Skye and Zuma. Cool, I get to help Skye fly! You have to catch all the ducky balloons! I got to keep away from those crocodiles! Duck. Duck. Crocodile? [laughing] Got him! Hey, that’s not a duck! Yes, got it! Oh man, that was a crocodile! You’re not getting me this time, croc! Cool, we did it! There’s a badge for you and you! Yes, we helped all the pups! I’m signing off for now, see you later! Play the Paw Patrol
Sea Patrol game at
and in the Nick Junior app.

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