Nintendo SHADOW DROPPED a Nintendo Direct Mini! – My MOST HYPE Announcements + Overall Grade!

Yo whats good everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’re taking a look at my most
hype announcements for the Nintendo Direct mini and kind of rating the
overall shows so this was a Nintendo Direct mini it was not a full Nintendo
Direct and before the show even started Nintendo did point out that CV is
causing some issues here and there so they kind of already set you up for some
things and it didn’t have the full presentation that they usually have with
Koizumi Sonora takahashi-san or Doug Bowser coming out and talking and kind
of having those slick transitions it was just the mini style now we haven’t seen
intend o direct mini since 2018 and 2018 s Nintendo Direct mini I didn’t think
that was that great I mean there was some cool stuff in there the world ends
with you and other games like that but overall it was kind of like okay but
this one to me seemed a lot better well because I had big games they already
talked to my other directs and stuff like that but we actually got release
dates we got demos we got special editions we got shadow drops it was
actually pretty cool so let’s go over some of my most hyped and exciting
things about this then we’ll rate the show so we’re gonna start from the
bottom here and then work our way to the top and we’re starting off with
Borderlands BioShock XCOM and Kathryn all of those big games are coming over
to the Nintendo switch which is pretty cool this May we’re gonna be able to
play the 2k games with Borderlands Bioshock and XCOM 2 it’s gonna all be
out in May so awesome stuff there people have been asking for Borderlands on the
Nintendo switch for a long time I’m a Borderlands fan myself so I’ll
definitely check it out see how it runs on the Nintendo switch but the big game
out of those three for me which would be a new game that I haven’t quite played
all the way through as XCOM – that is a great strategy game and I’m looking
forward to checking it out on the Nintendo switch and shout outs to 2k for
bringing over all of those games on the Nintendo switch so that was a pretty
nice announcement for there now the next thing I want to talk about is gunk hose
then Jolla now this game has been reworked quite a bit it seems like I
mean it’s what the original vision was going to be but they’ve definitely
tinkered with it and you can tell that it’s actually running an engine and it’s
not a free-to-play game so it’s not gonna be a paid game anymore
it’s not a free-to-play game so we’re gonna see how they kind of put in
microtransactions kind of what they do in
there but the exciting thing about the game is that it’s going to be four on
four ninja battle so you’ll be able to clan up as they say and go into ninja
battles with other people I’m looking forward to checking it out and seeing
how the gameplay is kind of reminds me of like splatoon kind of with the art
style a little bit but just ninjas so awesome stuff they’re now moving on to
the next in here we get into some more of the height stuff not if I don’t
mention something that you like from this director from this meaning direct
it’s okay there was a lot of cool stuff there was some stuff that wasn’t so
great whatever the case is I’m just going over what I thought was awesome so
arms come into Super Smash Brothers ultimate this June that is high cuz
that’s not that far from that well that is not that far from them but every once
you have a brand new arms character and the fighters pass vol 2 and we don’t
know who it’s gonna be they showed all the different characters and arms and
they’re like we don’t know who it’s gonna be so I’m guessing it’s going to
be a multitude of characters as echoes and you’re going to be able to swap out
different arms pieces for those characters so you’re gonna be able to
have like twin toe and ribbon and spring man and all these different ones and you
can be able to swap out those and they’re gonna be echoes that’s what I’m
guessing because that’s what arms is about yes they have the special
abilities but they have the arms and that’s the biggest deal about the game
the different arms and how you inflict damage on them so it’s going to be very
interesting to see how they translate how arms works a fully 3d game with such
a weird different type of fighting game over to Super Smash Brothers so we’ll
see about that so I’m excited for arms I do like the game twin tells my main and
hopefully twin tails in there I think that they have to put twins out in there
either as a echo or a skin or whatever kind of like how they do a Bowser jr.
and all of that they have to put two until in there so I want that please
nintendo please second i do not forget twin tow next up Panzer Dragoon remake
out now shadow drop for Panzer Dragoon remake height I don’t know if the game
is gonna suck or not but either way I’m looking forward to it I’m a big pinch of
groove man always put the game back in the day and now the game is out I gotta
buy that I gotta play it I got a stream it I gotta do something I gotta do a
review on it something like that some gameplay we gotta check that out so that
was actually pretty cool and people were wondering was this game gonna come out
there I go well it comes out now shadow drop for the game so I love when they do
that for some of these games and this is about as big of a game but you’re gonna
get for a shadow drop for a full game right so that was
cool now we’re getting to the super high stuff here guys and we’re gonna start
off with bravely default to demo oh my gosh bravely default – they had like a
little piece on the game where they showed up it looks phenomenal
the detail within the clothing the atmosphere of the storybook style just
the combat just looks so good they perfectly adapted the 3ds style over to
the Nintendo switch but it’s almost kind of jarring at times because you see the
simplicity of the character design but then like the outfits are like nice and
in-depth and the cloth looks good and it just looks really really cool I mean
that’s the one thing that kind of just struck me when I saw that first Astrid
boss battle and you saw like his coat and how it looked I was just like wow
that looks amazing when it comes down to it and then the atmospheres and the
surroundings and the gameplay just looks so cool and square enix I swear is on
the biggest roll that I’ve ever seen this reminds me and I talked about this
in a video of classic Square Enix I mean look at the bangers we’ve been getting
back to back to back to back with Square Enix not only do they release a ton of
Final Fantasy games which is awesome on the Nintendo switch so they released
their back catalog of games but we have stuff like Charles of Matta with the
demo that transfers over we have stuff like Final Fantasy 7 remake with the
demo doesn’t transfer over but there’s a demo for that game that game is looking
awesome we have stuff like Dragon Quest 11s definitive edition that was last
year that game is awesome I’m in attendance which there was a demo
transfer was over it was fantastic so I loved what they did there and now we
have bravely default to where they’re gonna be getting more feedback so they
can improve the game I love that they did that bravely default on the Nintendo
3ds they’re doing that again they did that with occupy traveler they’re doing
it again Square Enix is on a roll they are almost back man to that 90 Square
Enix I can feel it that 90s early 2000s Square Enix they are doing really good
so I’m very hype and excited about that bravely default was one of my favorite
games of all time definitely in my top 20 so to see this game on the Nintendo
switch and it’s coming this year very hyped very excited about that next up is
Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition oh my gosh I almost had a meltdown but I saw this game live I literally had
nearly like a meltdown for this game it is beautiful I don’t want to hear
anybody say that the game isn’t a remake it is not a 1080p port it is not an
upscaling it is not a dolphin version it is a full-on remake with the future
connecting the bionis shoulder and that extra content and a steelbook Nintendo
knows how to get the Z no fans hype they know how to get people hyped for this
game and man they did a great job that was a phenomenal trailer showing off the
gameplay for the first time it just looks so much better than what we saw
you know from the original at least just from like the original game of course
but also from the first trailer obviously showing off the gameplay and
the trailer in there was awesome the cutscenes everything has been perfectly
recraft ‘add and the whole game is there and then some with the future connected
I could not be happier as a Xenoblade fan I am ecstatic with this news I made
this was great stuff all around right like all these things that were talking
about they were all really cool man but that was just great that to me and they
started off with that made it to me I’m a happy person because of Xenoblade and
because of bravely default those two things made me very happy because those
are two of my favorite franchises of all time now let’s get to some of the bad I
guess right so definitely the bad was there wasn’t any big new game reveals in
terms of first party content right they had a lot of DLC expansions and stuff
that they talked about but there wasn’t a lot of new big first party titles
which I kind of expected you know just because of some stuff that I learned
beforehand but also because it was a Nintendo Direct mini and also because of
the message that they gave beforehand so while I do understand what’s going on
within the world we are in a global pandemic and there’s probably stuff that
wasn’t able to get put together because of working from home or because whatever
the case is it still is just maybe a little bit disappointed and I understand
and I feel for those out there I’ve mentioned that to me and kind of put
that out there so that’s definitely something in terms of representation
wise yeah they didn’t have that big you know killer type of game in terms of new
reveal for that because it was intended errect many and they ended
with pokemon sword and shield which is a huge popular game and people like the
game but so many people hate the King – it’s kind of like both on that one but
the expansion’s bad stuff looks pretty cool but I understand in terms of that
regards obvious they did and real big with that and I usually end with a
little more really big thing but for Pokemon fans I think that that was okay
but overall yeah that’s one definitely knock that you can put on it which to me
definitely knocks the show down a little bit but once again I didn’t go into it
thinking that there was gonna be anything too crazy and some of the
messages that Nintendo put out but that was a little bit of a downside when it
comes to the presentation overall but it was 28 minutes or so so not bad for a
Nintendo Direct mini wasn’t too bad with the in terms of what they showed off
there was also a demo real or not demo real but a highlight reel of various
different stuff so like burnout paradise and things like that which ports all
that whatever so it wasn’t like there was a lot of new big third-party brand
new game announcements of like current generation titles and stuff like that
being brought over you know so there wasn’t that so that’s also a little bit
of a knock as well so we’re gonna get into my overall grade for this show with
all the good and also with the bad so to me obviously huge bravely default fan
huge Xenoblade fan this is a solid so I would give it a solid be just a flat
beat when it comes to Nintendo Direct mini I don’t think it was as good as
some of the previous regular in Tendo directs that we’ve had obviously it’s
not as good as those those are the big directions are forty minutes you know so
it wasn’t as good as that but if you compare to the Nintendo Direct mini that
we had in 2018 I thought it was pretty good
pretty good compared to that when it comes down to it because we got a lot
more confident we can play also trails of cold steel trails of cold steel was a
demo for that game – that’s going to be out in June so they did date that so not
bad on there so to me I give it a solid B I think that the new arms announcement
character right I think that bravely default with the demo 2020 confirmed
again Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition
May 29th special edition that was really good
shadow dropping demos shadow dropping stuff so I’m gonna go in and give it a
be solid be out of like the highest would be like an A+ right or maybe even
an S but a plus will probably be the highest or s and I’m gonna go and give
it a B I think that it was a good show it was a good show there’s nothing some
things right like there wasn’t that big new
gain reveal in terms of first party or big huge current generation third party
game being brought over at this one but in terms of what they did show I thought
it was pretty good for what I like to play now other people might be different
on that but for what I like the play definitely was pretty good solid show so
what do you guys think about the Nintendo Direct mini and what do you
guys think there’s gonna do going forward in the future obviously there’s
some issues going on with CV global pandemic kind of going around so we
don’t know how that’s gonna affect everything but I’m thinking maybe around
June III time they can have a big normal Nintendo Direct and then of course the
fall hopefully things are all good by then and they have another big Nintendo
Direct but they usually have but you never know what development cycles and
all that which they did state so we’ll have to wait and see in the future so
what are you guys as thoughts let me know in the comment section below
alright guys that wraps it up for this video here check out the link in the
description we’ve got Twitter gonna give us a follow on there we just hit 10k so
thank you guys so much for that I do appreciate it and also make sure you
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much for watching I’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

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