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Yurrr it’s ya boy cash nation here with
another video welcome TM family welcome viewers that’s watching at home
I hope you all having a great day today I’m gonna show you a easy money glitch
right now they could take this free LEG car right here and make it to a SC the
beeny’s car that you have that you can duplicate alright so low it could be any
car so leave a light so make sure you state the rest is video let’s go and get
to it you think so now in the beginning of this video what am I tell you is the
requirements but real quick if y’all know about you know saying money
glitches y’all want that I will start you know posting GTA videos again as
well so let me know down below and leaving a like on today’s video if you
want me to keep doing GTA glitches and keep posting on to the channel I’ll be
happy to do so and the requirements for this glitch all you need to make sure
you have is the bunker make sure you have the mo oil and make sure you have a
car that you want to duplicate and it’ll be this car you got just bought this one
when I got on GTA and fully mastered it out I can go ahead sell this copy right
here because this is the original copy of the car and when I copy this car and
do the glitch I can sell the original copy and get the money for it back and
keep the duplicated car by yourself so when you do that make sure you go ahead
and subscribe turn off hos notifications leave a like
on today’s video comment down below TM family for the ten dollar giveaway for
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yeah yeah yeah I can’t get you out of my nose
said I think about you all the time yeah imagine do you make it super run around
in my hey I can’t get you outta my I know said I think about you all right so make sure y’all follow the
steps they shall follow each other steps and the timing because if you get one of
the time is wrong you will mess up and it will have you know you have to start
over basically from step one again and repeat the whole process over no you
don’t want to repeat the process over again so – well don’t skip for in the
video make sure y’all watch the full video for me drop a like and also the
ten dollar giveaway card goes to anybody who comment down below
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card of your choice for ten dollars okay so make sure you do that subscribe click
the bail and looking description below to see all the following rules you need
to be able to qualify for the giveaway also make sure you have your aim on free
aim do not have it on aim assisted none of that meshes on free end because you
will be joining somebody so you can get that alert mission to pop up so make
sure you’re in free ink go to creator go to an invite-only session make sure you
go ahead and go to your bunker so you can go ahead pull up your duplicated car
that you want to do the case so the car I had an intro I could use that as well
if you want me to use that car to sell the original copy and get the money for
it and then keep the duplicated car itself and show you how that works makes
you cover it down below let me know I will make a video on how to do that and
also the solo no requirements glitch my necklace you can do after today and
tomorrow and so on before he gets passed by Rock story now make sure y’all go
ahead play for these two weeks all right y’all get 2 million or free
make sure y’all play GTA online for this week and next week you get 2 million
total just for playing okay now once you take out any beanies car or arena or car
any car you can duplicate make sure you go ahead Park it right here on the side
you don’t matter where you park it at just take it out to MOC
you get out gladly right outside to the bunker make sure you are in a CEO
because you will be using the helicopter you will not be calling any personal
vehicles you you’re trying to refrain from that okay so you either can take a
land vehicle to the destination or you can take a helicopter or you know you
can run there but I doubt you will run there so we’re outside make sure you go
up a little bit interesting meet you then go ahead call up the helicopter or
Club any vehicle that you believe you can use instead of just walking and
taking a slow car there you want this done as fast as possible right so go
ahead and make your way to the nightclub and when you go ahead mark your location
to the light the nightclub makes you have a free elegy and saw your nightclub
because once you have that LG inside your nightclub
you’ll better use that and get that card copy and duplicate it and you can make
millions fast about doing this okay so once you go ahead make your way to the
nightclub you want to make your way into the back of the building okay so once
you come through this door right here you want to walk back here you see there
the lady makes you walk through these doors right here and wall so walk
through this door as well you can go to any spot on the counter and but I’m
coming over here you just want this option on top of your screen saying
press right on the d-pad to get you know serve drinks so what you want to do is
press Start go to online go to cruise go to leaderboards maybe when you go to
leaderboards go to the top crew view members and everybody in this crew right
here basically mostly him aim assist it so that’s why I told you being free aim
earlier now once you go ahead join game you want to go ahead just wait until you
get that alert message to pop up saying join session and then you want to set
the first alert and then go be the secular do you want to change your
targeting mode you want to decline that alert okay so for example and this one
right here is coming up except the first alert decline the second alert once you
decline that second one right here you want to make sure you go ahead press
right on the d-pad so you can go ahead serve drinks but also
optional top left to leave the bar so once you have that glass start again go
to online go down into criminal enterprise starter pack once you get on
there clear press B or circle on your controller I want you to do that make
sure you go to jobs go to play job go to Rockstar create it and make sure you go
down on missions and a Titan of a job and that’s what you want to go to except
that it should be a arrow just like this press a or X then you want to press
Start right now first go to online and go to purchase shark cars you want to do
this because your character will not be able to move but doing this will be able
to you know they’ll be free you know so press Start get out of it
once you have that option done you don’t that still you can go ahead and start
moving again go ahead and make it way to where you’re free LG car is that which
is in the nightclub entrance so go ahead make your way there with that option
still top left or your screen when you have that option top left your screen
mission keep going down into the nightclub entrance and you should have
that free LG car right there so now this is the timing do not get the timing
wrong or it will mess up you have to start over from step one make sure when
you open the door the door is fully open and will characters but basically about
the get inside the car you hold right on the d-pad on your controller locator so
disappeared it didn’t hold the gas button do not let go until you get the
full black screen so right there I press right on the d-pad boom I disappear
whole gas hold the gas button my own controller
let go right there he should disappear everything should you know you should
have the car I was Sergeant nightclub when you’ve reappeared so once you
outside go ahead get back in touch with helicopter or any land vehicle that you
used to get to the right Club and go ahead make your way back into the bunker
now already with those stuck with those steps done you already one more step
closer to getting a million for free so now duplicating your car and doing this
glitch you can keep repeating it over and over again solo you have to worry
about no friends but I do have another glitch that you would have
to require a friend but also a solo requirement like no requirements glitch
is well and a moderate job if you want either adults drop a like down below
comment down below as well what you want and I will be dropping that soon because
if I really want it I will drop the video the next day or even later on
today you know so make sure you subscribe you new appreciate everybody
for watching today’s video but once you come inside the bunker your car should
still be in the same spot where you lift it off at and go ahead just get inside
when you get inside the car wait about a couple seconds one or two seconds at the
turn dawn and once you do that go ahead drive it to the MOC oh my god I just hit
this take it to the MOC go ahead talk to me for a couple of seconds again press
right on the d-pad once you get this personal vehicle stores full measures on
your screen go I just accept it and then boom you successfully duplicated your
car it’s actually made millions just like that now to repeat it you will not
be able to leave out your bunker because you would have trouble with that but
this car right here will stay inside your MOC the car you try to duplicate
and the other car will be inside the nightclub entrance so I got two of these
right now just like that for free just call it another LG and slide that
nightclub entrance make sure you go against on your car you want duplicate
again go ahead get inside take it back out and make sure you go this parking on
the side like you did the first time in the beginning and make sure you go
ahead again Sajal MOC itself and drive out because you cannot get inside your
well you cannot leave out the door and it gonna be glitched out so you don’t
have trouble with that alright so basically you wanna go ahead and make it
way over here to the MOC after you done parking your car that you’re trying to
duplicate this is you trying to repeat the process over again you’re trying to
get back outside alright so come over here to the MOC get inside and make sure
you go ahead and just drive it out nothing what happened for you driving
out the MOC after you took out your duplicated car you want to duplicate
that’s the way for you to get outside and go ahead and keep repeating this
process so now we’re going to do is this get out
the moc back into your bunker and just go ahead get inside your helicopter and
basically go back to the nightclub and repeat that same process again but make
sure you move that free duplicated car that you just duplicated just now by
doing the money glitch make sure you move that car somewhere or even sell it
all right you can go ahead sell it but make sure if you’re new to my channel
please subscribe more GTA videos and glitches coming out soon more event
banking videos so make sure you stay tuned for that
TM family thanks for watching viewers at home I hope you’re having a great day
and I’ll see you in my next video


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