New Disney World & Disneyland Park Icon Series Wishables Plush Blind Bags! || Unboxing & Review!
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New Disney World & Disneyland Park Icon Series Wishables Plush Blind Bags! || Unboxing & Review!

Hey guys, my name is hailey, welcome back to the Disney cupcake Channel today We’re gonna be opening the newest series of Disney parks. Alysha bulls. I’m very excited to open these up. So let’s get started Make sure you guys check out my other videos featuring wish tuples down below in the description Also, make sure to check out my Disney parks videos link down below if you guys like to see the places where you can purchase Wish’ bulls and just to see other Disney parks fun. And also make sure to subscribe to my channel We’re very very close to 10,000 subscribers and there’s gonna be a big gave away with that So again, please make sure to subscribe stay tuned for more Disney videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern Time But before we get to the blind bags, we also have some of the visible ones to check out So let’s check out these ones first. Oh my god. They’re so soft now I have said in past videos that Disney or Funko or someone should make the park icons with faces So I’m trying to say that they heard me Thank You Disney for making me this because oh my god, they’re adorable Oh my gosh, like I hope to see more items like this I hope to see figures like this or a line with cutesy little faces on them or something Because they’re adorable The first wish of all here that we have reached out for 9.95. This is the Magic Kingdom Castle wish’ ball I really really like the art style of this again. I think it’s really really cute I feel like there could have been another spire to here at the top to make a little bit like taller like the castle You can see how the blue spire is the classic gold spire Even the clock tower is there and you have this adorable little happy face There on the front and then we just have our basic brick details on the sides. We even have the windows there on the back Let’s take a quick look at our tag I absolutely love the color of the tag Wish’ Buhl’s is in purple and yellow and there we can see a little photo of the castle This is the limited release Disney parks icons series and then there’s just all the information in there and there is the back so moving away from a little Disney World heading over to California here. We have the Disneyland Castle wish’ below this I think is super cute. I feel like this one Maybe he’s a little bit more of a castle look to it because it has the one really tall spire and then the other They’re all shorter than that, but overall it is basically the same shape just without that upper section to it So you can definitely see the height difference between the two this one has that main window in the front you guys can see there The light pink and blue color tops. You also see the bricks down there I also like how they included a different face on this one So well, they’re next to each other. They don’t look exactly the same. You can definitely tell if they are different wish’ Buhl’s Yes, and see there’s all that detail on the back of those windows all the bricks the archways there’s a lot of detail for it so squishy I love how soft these are and the tanks are the same there Except for the little icon on the front and today I have two of the blind banks to open So let’s check out the packaging before we open them up So here on the packaging you guys can see this light green and the light blue colors There is the ferris wheel here up at the top from Disney’s California Adventure. We also have the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Spaceship Earth or the Epcot ball and the Tree of Life from Animal Kingdom We can see the classic vegetables logo there along with other tiny little Park icons Here in the back we have the names of all of the locations again along with the whistles logo It’s a squeeze me there at the top and then there’s just your other basic information This includes one plush toy and again these also retail for 995 I got these from shop Disney comm which I’ll have link down below. I believe they’re still available already So here we go our first blind pack I love how these have little tear tabs which makes them super easy to open if you have the perks Okay Okay, oh my god it matches my shirt Yes, oh my god, you’re adorable our first wish of all here is the spaceship earth or Epcot ball Look it look at it. Oh my gosh. So adorable. It has different sheets of grey includes the classic Triangles they’re all around I’m gonna show the little feet This is this is super cute again, very soft. Very squishy Looks like the aapko ball. The one thing though. It’s kind of weird There’s only like two of like the legs that are holding it up So that’s just something to note that this won’t really be able to stand up like the castle wish’ Buhl’s I think that’s interesting Why they didn’t do all of them? but overall Absolutely adorable again. I’m so so glad there’s these little Merchandise park icons. I I’m just I’m in love with it now moving on to our last Wishful know I should have ordered four of them so we could have gotten all of them, hopefully But words stick in at Disneyworld, oh my gosh. This one’s really big. Oh It’s the Tower of Terror here we have the Hollywood Tower Hotel or the Tower of Terror or the Hollywood Studios icon Wow, this one’s really big which I love I love just the shape and everything’s there again Very squishy very soft. It has the different shades of brown and even includes a Embroidered gold lightning bolt, which I think’s amazing You guys can see the doors there that have the drop elevators in them Oh my gosh, a little face even looks really suspicious a little scary face there It’s adorable. I it’s ah So so cute. I love I love it. I did. I love it. I don’t know what else to say besides they’re adorable They’re so cute. And I love them. Let me know what your favorite vegetable was down below in the comments I’m definitely gonna pick up some more of these here soon because they’re so cute and I love to collect all of the Disney park icons and Attractions make sure again you guys check out my other wishful video linked down below in the description Along with my Disney park of logs and hulls if you guys like to see more Disney merchandise I post new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern Time Please make sure to subscribe to my channel because I do post bonus videos when there’s a special Disney an announcement a movie trailer Or just something important that you share with you guys. I’ll post a bonus video about it So please make sure to subscribe to my channel help me get to 10,000 subscribers cannot believe I’m saying that now as Always I hope you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do you love and it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys Next time bye


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