MineCart Elevator (Fastest Elevator) – Minecraft Xbox 360/PS3 – [Tutorial]
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MineCart Elevator (Fastest Elevator) – Minecraft Xbox 360/PS3 – [Tutorial]

MineCart Elevator *Intro plays*
Hey, guys, this is Ivan with OverlookDEnT and in today’s video, we’re doin’ a minecart
elevator. [Unenthusiastically]: Bam.
All right, super simple, and if you ask me, the only way to travel vertically.
Umm, *Spider hisses* I’ll show you how they work first.
Umm, you have to have these actual like, dimensions like for the height, uhh,
and creative if you build it just as a test, it will let you actually latch on with the
left trigger one [block] higher. Uhh, the problem is in survival it does not
do that, so you would have to jump, latch on to it,
but you’re out of range of the ones following that, so you’re shcrewed!
Umm, yeah, but all you do is left trigger as you point at the bottom of each one of
these. Uhh, if you’re at the very top and you wanna
go back down, all you do is, you know, left trigger onto the cart itself.
You can left trigger and stop at any level. Uhh, and you need an exit platform, so let’s
say you have a floor where you’d like to have an exit,
you HAVE to have a minecart elevator on top of a solid block,
point at it, left trigger out of it, and left trigger and you’re out.
Otherwise again you enter the cart, you left trigger here,
umm, well, no, not do anything at all, uhh, unless you’re actually pointing at the cart
and then you’ll just go down to it. So, right, let, uhh, umm me show you.
All you do is every 4th block you place a ladder–that’s where your cart will rest.
So yeah, we’re doin’ math today. One, two, three, four.
All right, one, two, three, four. One, two three, four.
Uhh, and you know, I’m getting actually better at umm, doin’ stuff without the cursor,
ever since I started doin’ these videos. I mean, I feel like I just wanna do it for…doin’
it. It’s annoying, but I’m missing a lot less.
All right, all you have to do is place a track down, and then have a cart, and then you push
it into place. I suggest just putting the little bumpers.
Umm, I put half slabs. You can put any block there.
Once it’s in place, you don’t need anything under it.
Uhh, but yeah, you repeat this process for each, uhh, each cart.
They’re needed, uhh, again, you can’t really just build one 10 blocks high and then have
the separation, so it’s a lot of resources, I guess, with
the iron, but again, it’s super fast. Ladders are slow, water elevators suck, and
zipper elevators will probably kill you anyways., so this is it.
All right. *Clears throat* All right, so that’ll be it for this just
to show you guys. Each one of these, though, uhh, again at any
floor you do need the exit, uhh, minecart. I’ll show you how to place it. It can be placed
on every single floor, but you definitely need it in a floor where,
you know, you actually plan to get out. Umm, same thing except again it’s on top of
a solid block. Give it a push and that’s it: You have an
exit platform. So here we go. Left trigger at the bottom
of it, and this is your platform. You’re like, “Yeah, I’m ready to get out.”
Point at the other cart, and you’re out of that one and then you trigger out. Left trigger–you’re
out. That’s it guys! Umm, leave a like, uhh, subscribe,
and you know, hopefully comment on what you’d like to see done.
Umm, just try to go over some stuff that is doable and completely possible on the 360,
so if you guys are thinking of something that you’d like me to make a video about, uhh,
let me know, send me a message, uhh, appreciate! *Outro music suddenly explodes forth*
-Captions by BloodyPhoenix (YT: tails183)-


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