Mila Kunis and Josh Gad Play ‘5 Second Rule’
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Mila Kunis and Josh Gad Play ‘5 Second Rule’

Five second rule, guys. Ready? Kevin, over here this is
Kevin, you all know him, is going to give
us each a category, and we have five seconds to name
three things in that category. And then, Josh, hit that buzzer. I’m very excited. Are you ready? I am ready. I am ready, thank you very much. Here we go. All right, Mila, we’re
going to start with you. Oh boy. What are three pet names
you call your hubby? Buddy, bubby, love. [DINGING] Look at– No! [DINGING] We were late on the clock. That’s not my fault, producers! No, it’s not your fault. We’re
going to give you a point. She literally could have
made those names up. This is– Josh! –BS. [SPEAKING SPANISH] All right. Josh, what are three
things you shouldn’t pet? Buzzy, Frederick, Michael. [DINGING] Perfect. I was just going to
say random names. What was his question? Three things you shouldn’t pet. That’s, I call– All right, all right, all right. That’s not– Take it back. Scorpion, snake, a bigger snake. [DINGING] Got it. Mila. Yo. Three things you say to your
dog when no one’s around. Stand, sit, come. [DINGING] Wait, you tell your
dog to stand and sit when nobody’s around
just for the hell of it? Stand! Sit! Don’t tell anybody about this. [LAUGHING] Josh– That made no sense! Yes! Three things your dog would
say to you if she could. Lose some weight. Why are you doing this? It’s time to move on. [DINGING] [LAUGHING] Oh my God! OK, I’m good. You got this. You got this. Three things your spouse
does that drives you crazy. Doesn’t put the toilet seat
down, forgets to flush, and also doesn’t
wash the dishes. [DINGING] [BUZZER] Just out of time. Josh, I need three things you
do that drive your spouse crazy. Don’t flush the toilet,
leave the toilet seat up. [DINGING] Nailed it, Josh! Come here! Oh my God. Guys, that was awesome. So you’re welcome. You all get a car. Congratulations. [APPLAUSE] I feel like that’s going to
come back to bite everyone. Exactly. Oh my God. Oh, thank God. A Dog’s Journey
opens Friday, May 17. Please, please watch it. We’ll be right back.


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