Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. Play The Trump’s Best Words Bracket | The Daily Show

(xylophone playing) – Hey everybody, it’s Michael Kosta. – And I’m Roy Wood Jr., what
is up with your hair, bro? – Some people have bed head,
this is quarantine head. Have you filled out your bracket yet? – March Madness is canceled, what bracket are you talking about? – The only bracket in town, dude, basketball March Madness is canceled, but Trump’s Best Words. Had 64, 2 million people
voted it down to 32, first word this round, stankchuary
versus the United Shaysh. – The state of California
passed an outrageous law declaring their whole state to be a stankchuary for criminal. And God bless the United Shaysh. Thank you very much. – Oh my God, did you see that? His mouth almost fell out, shaysh. – United Shaysh. Let’s check out another matchup, how ’bout slock rocket versus the oranges. – You know, we just started
another slock rocket, you saw that, right? The stock market. I hope they now go and
take a look at the oranges, the oranges of the
investigation, the beginnings. – Imma go oranges. – All right, Roy’s goin’ oranges, I’m gonna slock rocket, but mostly because this
week I’ve been watching most of my retirement fund disintegrate. – I’m go to
and vote for these, I know you at home, you
aint got nothin’ to do. – Yeah, hey, don’t tell anybody Roy, I haven’t showered in
like six or seven days. Who cares? – Social distancin’. – Woo. (upbeat instrumental music)

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