Marvel Cancelled Movies 2020 Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4
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Marvel Cancelled Movies 2020 Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my video all about the canceled movies and TV shows and all the
things that have been rescheduled because of the big virus outbreak so
we’re under quarantine right now I know it kind of sucks so I’ll try to explain
what’s going on we’re doing an Amazon giveaway all you have to do to enter is
be a subscriber and let me know if you want them to release Black Widow on
Disney Plus instead of trying to release it in the theater or just pushing it to
way later this year so what I’ll do is I’ll explain what’s going on with all
the big stuff all the big movies in the big TV shows because there is a lot of
stuff that got canceled in the last week all of football all of baseball pretty
much all of sports and everything in Hollywood has been canceled until
further notice so we’ll just do this top 7 style because of course this is
insane number 7 first big one on the list is fast and furious 9 originally it
was going to be released in April next month it was the first major movie that
a studio pulled off the schedule the reason why they pulled it off the
schedule is because there’s a special quarantine period and people were
ordered to close down movie theaters so not only does that prevent people from
actually releasing new movies most people because of all the craziness
right now just do not want to go out and spend money on movie tickets which is
the death of any kind of movie no matter how good or how big it is fast 9 just
got pushed til next year it seems weird that they would wait an entire year to
try and release it but there’s so much Disney and Marvel stuff star wars
happening later this year they probably just didn’t want to compete with that
number 6 Marvel’s New Mutants our IP New Mutants this is the fourth time that the
movies release date has been cancelled I could make a whole video just about what
has gone down with the New Mutants movie they made the movie three years ago as
in me posting this video first they try to release it in April 2018 but because
Fox had originally planned on releasing Deadpool 2 in February of that year they
moved New Mutants to later in the summer to avoid cannibalizing their audience
then as we all saw Deadpool 2 moved its release date to the summer so they moved
New Mutants again to winter 2019 but then the Fox Disney buyout happened in
the movie sat on a shelf till a few months ago when Marvel said it was fine
to release as is but then you cut to this week when
the virus just shut down all movie theaters across the United States number
five no the big Marvel actor Vin Diesel’s bloodshot movie they actually
tried to slip this one into theaters just last week but cut to a few days
later boom movie theaters slashing their attendance and then this week most major
theater changes closed down completely until further notice normally that’s a
terrible thing but this might be a blessing in disguise for Vin Diesel in
this case because the movie was already doing bad in the box office before
people stopped going to theaters in the reviews were slamming it really hard so
it just seems like bloodshot is a very video-on-demand type of movie it would
probably benefit more if they just released it early on VOD while still
technically in theaters which they just did with a new Invisible Man movie it’s
in theaters right now it’s doing well the reviews for it are great but the
studio is also allowing people to buy it or rent it video on demand soon wallets
still in theaters because no one is going to theaters right now while I was
in the middle of making this video they just announced that birds-of-prey was
going to hit video on demand next week so just you wait thinking about Disney plus
studios might start releasing their movies early video on-demand at least
the studios that have access to streaming platforms Disney also just
released frozen to in Star Wars rise of Skywalker like four or five months early
on video on-demand they weren’t supposed to be released till later this year but
because of the virus they released them early just because everyone stuck at
home the flash TV show was just put on indefinite hiatus and the actors were
all sent home they still have a few episodes left to film this season so
depending on how long they stay on break they might wind up either just delaying
episodes to the summer or just canceling the final episodes this is happening
with a lot of TV series that are airing right now they’re kind of in the middle
of their seasons but they’re not quite done filming all the episodes so they
might wind up cutting a lot of seasons short most of Hollywood though is
calling this a two-week time out so most of these TV shows and movies that are on
break right now are supposed to go back to work and continue filming in a couple
weeks number four The Witcher Netflix season 2
with Henry Kapil they were originally just going to plow right through because
they’re filming in Europe they were going to ignore everything that’s going on
because they seemed like they were safe but then Kristofer Hivju from Game of
Thrones got the virus and he’s obviously a big
part of the season so obviously they had to call break to keep him from giving it
to Henry Cavill the rest of the cast and the crew I’ve already done a Witcher
Netflix season 2 cast video but he’s playing novella and from the last wish
he’s a character this part of a short story called a grain of truth he’s a man
that does really terrible things and is eventually cursed to turn into a bear so
it sounds exactly like Beauty and the Beast because the story is almost
exactly like Beauty and the Beast most of you will remember him as tormund
Giantsbane from Game of Thrones the character who boasted about sleeping
with the Giant moving on number three Marvel’s shang-chi movie just had to
stop but they’re claiming it’s only for a couple weeks the movie isn’t coming
out till February next year 2021 they still have plenty of time to finish
before that so it probably won’t affect the release date there been a lot of
teasers and previews from the set so I’ll probably do a new shame cheap
preview video sometime soon we get some more details but it sounds like it’s
going to be Marvel’s version of Enter the Dragon great Bruce Lee martial arts
movie that’s not the only movie that’s on break though the Batman movie is
still filming they went on a two-week break but the movie isn’t coming out
till June of 2021 so they still have plenty of time to finish that no big
delays for the Batman movie and recently I just did a big Marvel spider-man 3
video because Tom Holland claimed that they still planned on filming spider-man
3 starting this summer in July because it seems like that’s gonngoing to a be outside of
the quarantine window but some people have been saying that this might spill
into the summer they’re not supposed to release the movie till July 2021 so if
they do have to reschedule things just a little bit this summer it won’t affect
the movies release date that much remember spider-man 3 meant to be this
really huge big deal not even the last spider-man movie with Tom Holland I’ll
do more videos about spider-man 3 real soon just because we know a little bit
about what’s going on with that movie the director Marvel Sony have been
talking a lot about the future of spider-man in the Marvel Cinematic
Universe in the venom crossovers and all those movies so there’ll be a lot of
spider-man related videos coming soon A masked Marauder, a menace! Thanks for watching don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! Number two Marvel had to stop on Falcon and Winter Soldier and Wan division
filming they’re claiming it’s only for a couple weeks but they’re almost already
done with both of those series so it probably won’t affect their release
dates either Falcon and Winter Soldier are still supposed to come out at the
end of the summer around late August and Wan Division is still supposed to come
out in December but here’s the thing though talking about dropping stuff
early video-on-demand because there’s so many delays with all this other big
stuff Marvel might try to release those series early on Disney Plus just to fill
the void if they can same thing with the Mandalorian season 2 episodes which have
already all been filmed they’re almost done with that series Marvel’s eternals
movie also finished filming a long time ago it’s not coming out till November so
there probably won’t be any big changes for the Eternals movie number one
obviously though is what about the Black Widow movie here’s the thing about Black
Widow is supposed to come out at the beginning of May which will be after
Hollywood goes back to work after this sort of two-week quarantine period but
the local politicians in a number of big cities have ordered movie theaters to
shut down for a much longer period of time that almost overlaps with the Black
Widow release date so best-case scenario what Marvel might do is just move the
Black Widow movie to a little bit later in May or even to July in the summer
worst case scenario they write off any losses and just release Black Widow on
Disney Plus the funny thing about Marvel Star Wars Disney and Disney Plus is that
long term Disney’s plans are mostly about growing their Disney Plus
subscriber base in fact the CEO Bob Iger who kind of just retired he stepped down
is actually still working at Disney his number one job now is fixing Disney Plus
really easy slam-dunk way to do that is to tie new subscription intake to a
black widow Disney Plus release Disney did issue a statement a while ago say
they were committed to theatrical releases implying that they have no
plans to release Black Widow early on Disney Plus even though that’s probably
what we would all prefer the problem with releasing Black Widow on Disney
Plus is the movie was bound to make between 700 million in a billion dollars
and they would miss out on a lot of that money by not giving
a big theatrical release around the world but Studios also wind up losing a
lot of money by rescheduling movies to later in the year so no matter what even
if they move Black Widow to later in the year they’re still going to lose a lot of
money that they would normally have earned had they released it at the
original date but I will keep doing update videos and big announcements as
Studios release more information about what they’re going to be doing about all
this and how things progress as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel
you should see all the videos when I post them the best thing you guys can do
is just watch my videos and just let me know if there’s any special videos you
want me to make for the most part all regular TV shows are still airing so
most things are still happening it’s really just the movies that are being
affected in a really big way right now everyone click here for that brand new
Marvel spider-man 3 announcement video and click here for that brand new
Mandalorians season 2 teaser trailer thank you so much for watching everyone
stays safe I’ll see you guys tonight!


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