[Let’s Play MCND] M-HINDㅣ오랜만에 돌아온 연습실 습격사건 제 5탄! (ft. ICE AGE)

Returned with 5th practice room attack! (ft. ICE AGE) CASTLE J controlling WIN Excuse me? I’ll show my cuteness.
I’ll show… (He wanted to say: I’m practicing looking in the mirror so move away.) /
What?! (Making fun of WIN) Hey! If you keep doing it, WIN could get upset! soothing WIN’s heart Applause!!!! The choreography is becoming more perfect. Found your necklace. Found WIN’s necklace which was lost. From now on this necklace is mine. No, it’s mine. (mocking) Practicing BIC’s part BIG / (BIC’s stand in) (heavy) You’re too high. MINJAE is too high. It’s almost the verge of a leap. Oh, cold!!! (Not a punishment) There is a funny dance with this music. A shadow of darkness approaching WIN… (WIN doesn’t know anything about the future a second ahead…) (running away) (death from laughing at CASTLE J’s own doing) He is keep doing this when I’m sitting down. It’s possible only with WIN and this music. He keeps showing off his hip. Don’t you like it? What…? Are you asking if it’s good? (bursting heart) WIN and CASTLE J are always on good terms. (made a mistake) CASTLE J’s one point lesson. Then hold my hand~ Stretching MINJAE is stretching his body. He is warming up in a very seductive manner. BIC / one day PT teacher BIC looks more hard than MINJAE. That is really hard. (BIC really looks hard) Hey WIN, I’ll sing so will you act for me like the music video? song by: HUIJUN
acting by: WIN (Wiping the floor with the pain of parting.) It’s the scene erasing the memory. Director CASTLE J: Throw the tissue away!!! Pick it up again saying “I shouldn’t throw the trash n the floor.”!! Blow your nose!!! Hi, I’m MCND CASTLE J. I’m MCND WIN. Completed ‘ICE AGE’ choreography! All we have to do is practice hard and show it on stage. Let’s do it! Before practicing again, CASTLE J is sending ‘heart’ to the fan cafe. Practicing harder with completed choreography Hi HI I’m CASTLE J. I knew you would do that. WIN changed his hair color to mint! It’s more blue than I thought, but if the dyed water drains a little it will become mint color. What color did you do? I did the bluebalck color. Blue black! What day is it today? It’s Saturday. MCND practicing hard on Saturday We are going to practice from now on!

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