Know Your Nick Jr. w/ PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues & You & Bubble Guppies! 🤓 Ep. 2 | Nick Jr.
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Know Your Nick Jr. w/ PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues & You & Bubble Guppies! 🤓 Ep. 2 | Nick Jr.

Welcome to Know Your Nick Jr. Where we ask your favorite
Nick Jr. friends trivia questions. Today’s contestants are… – Molly!
– Hi,. – Chase!
– Hello. And Blue! Let’s jump right in. Molly, looks like you’re first. Ready! Question one. When someone’s in deep trouble,
Zuma dives into action. Where do most of his
rescues take place? – Hm, land.
– No, it’s not land. Give it another try. I know, water. That’s right. Zuma is always
ready for a water rescue. Here’s the next question. Which of Dora’s friends
always has her back? Is it Backpack, Mr. Salt or Pickle? Backpack. That’s right, it’s Backpack. Now for the final question. What color are Abby Hatcher’s glasses? Pink or red? – Pink.
– Well done, Molly! You know your Nick Jr. – Who’s ready to play next?
– Pick me! Pick me! Looks like it’s Chase. I got this! Here’s your first question. Is Peppa a lamb or a pig? Pig! That’s right! Peppa is a pig. Here’s your next question. What color is Paddington’s hat? Blue, red or green? Hm, blue. No, give it another try. – Red.
– Correct! Paddington’s hat is red. OK, here’s your last question. In English, Dora says ‘friend’. – In Spanish she says…
– Amigo. Gracias, amigo. That’s correct. You did it! – You know your Nick Jr.
– Cool! Looks like we have just
one contestant left. Are you ready, Blue? [barking] Question one. Which Bubble Guppy knows
the most about animals? Is it Bubble Puppy,
Oona or Zooli? [barking] That’s right! Zooli loves animals
and knows a lot about them. Next question. Which monster machine cheats a lot? Is it Blaze, Stripes or Crusher? [barking] No, it’s not Stripes.
Give it another try. Correct! Crusher loves to cheat. OK, here’s your last question. Who’s the leader
of the PAW Patrol? [barking] That’s correct! When someone in
Adventure Bay needs help, they call Ryder to put the
PAW Patrol pups on the case. Congratulations, Blue.
You know your Nick Jr. [barking] And congratulations
to all our contestants. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day. And find more of your
favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel.

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