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Knitting Help – KnitCompanion, Customizing Features

This video is my second video on the knitCompanion
app. And in my first video, I went through the
basics of the software and said it was a game changer, and it is. And if you haven’t tried it yet, knitCompanion
is an app for your device, I’m using it here on my iPad, that helps you interact with your
patterns really well. It’s a way of keeping perfect track of where
you are, of making everything customized to exactly the way you want it. I’m especially enjoying the zoom-in feature. You know, you can pitch in to see something. Because if I don’t have my glasses with me
I can make the text really enormous so I can see what I’m doing. It also is a way of, you know, highlighting
the row you want, having your counters going and everything else and closing your tablet. And when you come back the next day to work
on it, you know exactly where you are because everything’s left exactly the way you left
it. Also really helpful if you have multiple projects
going on, because when you shut down one project, open another and go back to the first, everything’s
exactly the way you left it. The counters are exactly where you left them,
the highlighted row, everything else. It’s a game changer. And as I said in the first video… Well, let me give you a link to that video
because I do recommend watching that one first because I’m going to use some of the basics
in this video but I’m not going to explain it as well as I did in the first video. I’ll also give you a link in the video description
field below. This is the second video in a series. We have more of these videos coming out. I’m going to give you a link to the playlist
where we’re going to have more videos coming. But as I said in the first video, the free
version, which is mostly what I cover in the first video, are the tools that you’re going
to be using the most, you know, using counters and the highlight bar and, you know, bringing
patterns in from Ravelry or your Dropbox or whatever. All of these features are the features of
the software that you are going to be using the very most all the time. And then if you want, you don’t have to, because
it doesn’t have to be, you know, too techie or complicated or anything, but if you want
to customize things more, it’s all in there. The software actually goes really far with
different things that you can customize and features and everything else. And that’s what we’re going to start getting
into this time are the customizable features. If you want to give knitCompanion a try, I
can’t give you a link to it because you have to go to the App Store from your device and
search for knitCompanion. It’s all one word, no space. And go ahead and give the free version a try. And then you can take a look at the knitCompanion
website. I’ll give you a link to that for sure, where
you can see the different features of the free version and the two paid versions and
see if you want to take a deeper dive in some of the stuff that we’re going to cover here. Okay. I do actually want to show you the software
and the other features. So, let’s go and take a look at my iPad. Okay. I am here on my iPad. I’m going to go ahead and open knitCompanion
and the first thing I want to demonstrate is rotating a page. And I’m here in my projects. I’ve already opened these patterns as projects. I’m going to use one of my own patterns as
an example because it has a good example in there. This is “Learn to Knit an Aran Shawl” and
the first page you see is oriented portrait. And the second page, because it’s a long chart,
it is landscape. But you can’t have different orientations
within one PDF. So, it’s, kind of, sideways. And if I want to work in landscape mode in
my iPad, you know, like this, the chart is wrong. It’s going the wrong direction. But over here there’s a page with a little
arrow and if I tap that, it will rotate the page for me, the whole page. It makes it possible for me to see the whole
chart the right direction with the key. And the first page is still oriented the way
it’s supposed to be. It only changed the page that I needed rotated,
okay? That is part of the free version of the software. It’s in there in case you need it. The next thing I want to demonstrate is customizing
the counters. And for that, I’m going to use this pattern. This is the “Lost in a Dream Hooded Cape,”
the tutorial I released last week. And this has some good examples for us in
here because it has charts and everything else. So, the first thing we’re gonna talk about
are customizing the counters. And we talked about these in the last video. There’s six counters and you advance them
just by tapping the number. And it’s unlikely that you’re going to run
into very many patterns in your life that you need all six counters, but they’re there
if you need them. And it’s not uncommon to use two or three
because you might have one that’s counting rows, one that’s counting decreases, one that’s
counting lace pattern repeats. You know, it’s nice to have more. If you hold your finger down on the counter,
you get the counter name and the value. You can jump back one, if you had to frog
a row or it will let you reset it to zero here. Now, that’s just a review of the counters
and how they work. I want to talk about setting them up and customizing
them a little bit. Across the top here, we have knit, edit, setup. I’m going to tap edit. And we get a bunch of different options over
here on the right when we do that. The first thing I’m going to tap is the abacus
and that gives us the counter and the options that we have for customizing the counter. Here on the left, you can roll through the
six different counters. We’re going to go ahead and focus on counter
1. The first thing I’ll change is the name. So I just tap the name and the keyboard comes
up, backspace through there. I’m going to call this one Rows, and then
we have some more options in here for customizing this. Oh, well, I can also change color. You go ahead and change that to this…whoops,
I didn’t actually do it. There, I changed it to a blue color for no
reason. The direction is counting from 0 up or I can
change it to count from 99 down. And I can also change the numbers in here. This is 0 and 999. The reason that you might do that…this is
something that I do all the time. I might be working a lace repeat that’s like
an eight-row repeat. And so, I’m counting 0 to 8, 0 to 8, 0 to
8 over and over again. And just clicking my clicker past 9 and 10,
or 9 every time and getting back to 0, 10, and then counting up to 8 again. You can actually just set this just to count
to the number, you know, to eight rows counting 0 to 8 over and over again counting by 1. This is also where you can reset the counter
or just trust the counter. After you do that, you can customize the other
counters. I’ll call this one Decreases and I won’t bother
changing the color on this one. But when I’m finished with customizing those,
I just tap the knit button again to get back to my pattern. And when I hold my finger down on, I can see
the name Rows. And we call this one Decreases. Okay. The next thing is customizing…oh, actually
I want to add a quick key. Yes. Okay. This pattern has text and charts and you know,
it has eight pages. There’s a lot going on here with this pattern. And at the bottom of page 8 is the key, the
commonly used knitting abbreviations. This is where I’m going to find, you know,
my SSKs and WSs and everything else. It’s all in here. It’s entirely possible that I’m over here
on page 4 and I’m wondering what PM means. I’m wondering what WS means and I can tap
back over here to 8 and see it every time or I can just put this in the key where it’s
always up on the screen or I can access it really easily on the screen. So, what I’ll do is I’ll go back to…first,
I’m going to pull up the bottom. Remember these keys here, show and hide features,
the top and the bottom. Like this one here shows me the pages and
this one here coming up from the bottom as a bunch of different things. I am going to tap and hold on this key and
that just made me a quick key. This page is now a quick key that I can access
right here in this key section. I’m going to put it exactly where I want it
with these abbreviations, right? So, this can always be on screen. I can be over here working on 4 and here’s
my row, my setup row knit 5 PM. Oh, what’s PM? There it is. It’s place marker. Oh, what’s WS? I don’t know why I’m pretending to get so
stressed. WS is the wrong side. So, this is always showing or I can hide it. Anytime I need to see it, I can pull it up. And I can see where this is handy for the
knitting abbreviations. But it also could be handy to have other parts
of the pattern. And it might be handy to have…you know,
sometimes you have the rows of a stitch repeat that you’re using again and again like a pattern. You can always have that available right here
where you can access it easily. Okay. The next thing I want to show you are customizing
the sliding markers. And the sliding markers are this highlighter
bar, it’s what I call it, and this blue line. And the way that I’m using the highlighter
bar and the blue line is I highlight the row that I’m on, obviously, with the highlighter
bar. And this blue line, if my patterns and columns
like this one is, I keep it over here…whoops, I just moved the UR here button. I keep it over here if I’m working in this
column and I keep it here if I’m working in this column. That’s how I’m using those. You can use them any way you want of course. I’m going to go back to edit. And over here in our menu, it’s something
that looks just like a hand in the sliding markers. We have an option of changing those up here
right now. So, what’s called the Stitch Slider, I call
the blue bar. You can make very wide or very narrow and
you can also change the color just like we did with the row counters. I was actually thinking, the way that I use
this, I could make it as wide as possible and just cover up the row that I’m not knitting
and work on this, but not necessary here. Let me put that back to a normal size. You can use it any way you want, of course. And then on this bar, the highlighter bar,
which is called the Row Slider, this works really well. I’m thinking of a way that this is really
handy is you can make this wider to cover an entire pattern repeat in a chart, like
this. Like in this pattern, you repeat rows 12 through
17, over and over again. You can just highlight the whole thing. I think that’s pretty nice. Or you can just keep it the way it is and
just slide it where you need it. And again, you can change the color. And this remains transparent so you can see
through it so it doesn’t matter what color you change it to. It’s always transparent. Okay. And one more thing to show you. Oh, yeah, mystery knit-alongs, MKALs. If you’re working on an MKAL, it’s usually
you get the beginnings of a pattern and everybody is knitting along together. And the designer will release more and more
of the pattern. Like every week I’ll give you another couple
pages of the pattern, right? And you’re putting all your hope and trust
into this designer that you’re knitting something good because you don’t know. That’s part of the fun, and you don’t know
what you’re knitting yet. Because the pattern comes out bits by bits. So, if you’re doing that, you are going to
get these PDFs, hopefully, to Ravelry and it’s very easy. And you can have all these different PDFs
in your knitCompanion or, you know, printed pages or whatever you’re doing. But wouldn’t it be handy to just keep adding
to the same pattern, adding the next shipment of pages to the same pattern. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to pretend
that this pattern is my mystery knit-along and I want to add more pages to this pattern. So, I’m going to again go up here to edit. And over here in these options, there’s a
PDF symbol and a plus. I’ll tap that and it takes it to the PDF files,
things that I haven’t opened as projects yet. There’s PDF files in my software and I can
pick any one of these to add. I will go ahead and add this other pattern
that we were using. So, this is my pattern, Learn to Knit an Aran
Shawl. There is no reason I would ever need to add
this pattern to that pattern. We’re just using this for demonstration and
right now you see the two pages of the pattern 1 and 2. And those are both in red, meaning both pages
are selected. I can hit this button here and deselect the
two pages. I can hit this button here and just select
the highlighted page or this button here will select both pages. And after I’ve done that, I’m just gonna say
I want both of these pages to be added. I can tap add selected pages and they will
add to my pattern. Now, this pattern is part of this pattern. It’s all merged together. Very handy if you’re doing a mystery knit-a-long. And that is it. Those are some of the customizable features
in knitCompanion to help you interact with your patterns. I hope you enjoy it. Watch out for more videos coming. Good luck. [00:14:54]
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