Jamie’s Quick Chicken & Mushroom Pie

So I’ve got the most beautiful chicken and
mushroom pie. Absolute comfort food. With a little bit of spring onion and mustard.
Delicious! Get yourself a little knife. So these chicken
breasts here, I’m gonna slice these into centimetre slices. I’ve got a little enamel metal tin.
Whack it on to a high a heat. Couple of lugs of olive oil in there. Get your chicken, put
it into your olive oil. Of course we wanna hit that with some sea salt, little bit of
cracked black pepper. Knob of butter in the chicken. I’ve got some spring onions here.
Slice up the spring onions as best as you can. I’m not bothered. You know the great
thing about these 30 minute meals recipes – if you’re rubbish with a knife, it’s alright,
if you’re brilliant, it’s alright. It don’t matter. Get yourself a little box grater,
the fine attachment on one of these little graters and you just want, you know, quarter
of a nutmeg. One or two bay leaves. Just gonna tear the stalk of these bay leaves and a little
bit of thyme. And then we want mushrooms. I’ve got about 150 grams or a kinda big handful
of button mushrooms. You know, pick these bad boys up. Get a slicer attachment on your
processor and put them in. Do you know what I mean? So, mushrooms go in. I’m gonna now
turn this into like a pie filling. One heaped tablespoon on crème fraiche. In at this point
is a heaped teaspoon of flour and then attitude, a heaped teaspoon of mustard. And then one
of these little tubs of pre-done chicken stock if you haven’t got any of your own of course.
Or a stock cube and a bit of water. This is about 300ml of stock and we just mix it up.
And you’ve already got a beautiful, creamy sauce. So, I’m gonna turn it down to low because
I’ve got no rush now, I’m happy. Some puff pastry. Buy it pre-done and then you just
put that pastry on here. And tuck it into bed and fold the pastry sort of back in on
itself. I want it to glaze and look beautiful so you can use milk or one egg. Just lightly
brush this pastry on top. All looks very nice! Let’s get a bit of rosemary, stick it right
in there. Right, in the oven that is cooked when it looks cooked. The pie I can see is done. Let’s just move that over. Look at that. Beautiful! I want that for dinner.

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