Is your TV too OLD for Disney Plus? Here are a few ways to fix it
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Is your TV too OLD for Disney Plus? Here are a few ways to fix it

(upbeat music) – Hey what’s up everyone. Welcome to another video. So I had an interesting
conversation at work today, and it involved the
new Disney Plus. Now I’ve had Disney
Plus since it came out, and I absolutely love it. But I actually found
that some people who have Smart Televisions
aren’t able to download the Disney Plus App if their
TV is older than three years. If you look here on
the Disney website, it gives compatibility
of what devices you can actually use it on. And for certain TV’s, if it is older than 2016, then it won’t run
on those Smart TV’s. So I thought that I would
throw a little video together and show you guys some
options of what you can do, if you are in this situation, and have an older TV that you
cannot watch Disney Plus on. Now I did want to mention
that I’ll have all the links to all the products
mentioned in this video, down in the description below. Those are affiliate links and I do appreciate
if you guys use those. Also, don’t forget to
take time to subscribe and hit that notification bell, for more video’s like this. Now luckily, you can buy
Smart TV Sticks out there, to plug into your TV, which
essentially makes your TV Smart. The first one that
I have listed here, is the Fire TV Stick in 4K. The reason I have
this one listed first, is because there is a
killer deal going on for this one right now,
it is 50 percent off. So normally this device is $50,
and this for the 4K version. But right now, if you look
right here on the screen, it says that you can save $25,
using this code at checkout. Now if you do click
on the ‘Learn more,’ it does say that it is not
applicable for everybody, so go ahead and click on
that ‘Learn more’ to find out if you’re able to use this code. But if you are, it
is a fantastic deal, and out of everything
that we’re gonna be talking about in this video, this is going to be the
best deal right here. So, for all the platforms
and all the devices that we’re gonna
be talking about, you do not need a
subscription for any of these. You can just buy the device,
and load up the Disney App and use it with your
Disney Paid Subscription. For these Amazon devices, you don’t have to
be a Prime Member. You don’t have to sign in, you
will have to actually create, I believe a Amazon
Account, to log into it, but once you are logged into
it through Amazon Account, you don’t need to be paying any kind of subscription
fees for that. These do work standalone, so if you’re just looking
for a Disney Plus, you can do that without
additional monthly charges from these devices. So in addition to
the Fire Stick 4K, we’ve also got just
the regular Fire Stick. Now if you look here,
the regular Fire Stick, is having a small
sale, it is 34.99. And it looks like right below
there, they are having a sale. Now if you buy this
with an Echo Dot Bundle, you can get it for $41.00,
so that’s pretty cool. If you are looking to
also pick up an Echo Dot, this one is not
gonna be in for 4K, but it essentially
is the same thing. The next one that we
have up from Amazon, is their brand new, which is kind of their
Second Edition Fire TV Cube. Now I have the
original Fire TV Cube, and this is what I use daily. This is something that
is in my family room, and we use it all the time. I did a video on it when
it was released last year, I’ll put a link up here if you
guys want to check that out. But essentially what this is, is it is a Fire Stick, and it has an Echo Dot
built into one device. I use this on my TV
that is 10 years old, and it works fantastic. We talk to it all the time, we’re always having it play
shows or set timers or alarms. Or another cool
thing that you can do with all of these
Amazon devices, is that if you have any
kind of security camera’s, you can also ask to see
those security camera’s. Whether it be a
Ring Video Doorbell, or an Arlo Security
Camera, or Wyze Cam. You can have your Amazon
device show that on any screen that it’s plugged into. Whether that be a TV,
monitor, whatever. So that’s the cool thing
with the Amazon environment. Next up, I wanted
to show you guys, if you’re not an Amazon
user and don’t like Amazon, that we also have the
Google options here. So, Google has Chromecast
Ultra, and that is $70.00, and then we’ve also got the
Chromecast Third Generation, so that’s gonna be the non
4K one, that is $35.00. So both of these
versions right here, are going to be Google’s version of what we looked at before. The third environment on my list that I wanted to bring
to your attention, is that if you are a
diehard Apple user, and you like the
Apple environment. Granted, this is going to be
an expensive option for you, but coming in at
one ninety nine, is the Apple TV 4K. So this one also has a
built in 64 bit of storage, it does say the latest model
and if we take a look here, there’s also the
Apple TV 32 gig. And this one comes
in at one fifty. With all of these devices, you
get a huge array of options, not only are we
talking Disney Plus, but you can do
Netflix, Hulu, ESPN. Just a wide of a range of
different options here. The last environment that I wanted to talk
about is the Roku. So this is another
premium company, that has their own
streaming media device that you can connect to your TV. I have actually not used Roku, but I know several
people that have, and they absolutely love it. And this one here is
the the 4K version, on sale right now at $30. So that is a pretty good
pick up right there too. But anyway, that’s all
I have in this video, I just wanted to give
everyone who is having issues loading up Disney Plus
on their older TV’s, and here are some options
that you can look into. Essentially pick an environment, and any of these are
going to work fantastic. If this video’s helpful,
give it a thumbs up. As always, don’t
forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell
for more content like this. And I’ll see you guys
in the next video.


  • AdventureMuse

    Once again my dumb house showing its colors. Our TV is more than three-years-old but we do have the Apple TV… phew. Thanks for all the info. Great info.

  • MS Chewy

    We just got Disney + this past weekend and one of our TVs is on the older side, so this quick fix will  work for us.  Thanks Steve for the ideas, I don't need to rush out and get  a new TV just yet.

  • Daniel A.

    Planned obsolescence at it’s finest folks. There is NO reason why a smart tv that’s only 3-4 yrs old should stop being supported.

  • Maverick Watch Reviews

    Hey, great info and I have a question. My Samsung TV is 5 years old so it is just out of the window to have the Disney+ app on my tv itself(not supported). Are those 4K devices from Amazon & Google backwards compatible to 1080p(older tv's). The same way a Blu-Ray player can play a DVD disc but a DVD player can't play a Blu-Ray disc? My TV still has an incredible picture so I want to avoid getting a new tv even though I want to because tv's have become INSANELY cheap recently…lol.

  • Charlotte Morgan

    So even if your Amazon Firestick is regular and not 4k then will it still be able to have Disney+ on it? Because I have an LG TV but it's older than 2016 so apparently won't be compatible with it on its own so I will have to use a Firestick, and I'm a little bit worried that it won't have it on there? Can someone help me with this? The TV does have an HDMI port though so I can just plug the Firestick into that right? Or will it still not work because of the TV model? Please someone help me with this?

  • Eddie Flynn

    Question; my tv is older than 2016 and Disney plus worked on my tv since day 1. About 2 weeks ago it stoped? Seeing if you had a answer.

  • Hello There

    I have a new 50"Westinghouse 4k ( cheap tv but its new ) that I am streaming DisneyPlus through a roku stick … On most movies I can't shut off the 'voice assistance' for the visually impaired. I can shut it off for a few shows/movies but on most it won't shut off.. When I take that same stick to my 7yr old LG tv, I have no issues with the 'voice assistance' at all….anyone know what I can do?

  • bjthedjdutchdude1992

    Just don't buy Smart TVs. Buy regular TVs and a smart box. Smart TVs are like old CRT TVs with built in VCR/DVD Combi. Buy everything loose!

  • Cerameena

    What Bull! This video did absolutely nothing to help sound issues and was only a plug for the purchase of other devices.

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