Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Love Scenes Compilation | Santhosh Prathap | Archana (English Subs)
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Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Love Scenes Compilation | Santhosh Prathap | Archana (English Subs)

Going to college is boring. This is her stop, right ?
-yes The girl wearing yellow dress. She looks like angel Yes budddy
, she is so beautiful. She looks so beauty buddy
-Yes buddy no other choice Once she gets in bus, it feels like flying. Can look at her always, right ? Hope she may be committed. Not like that..
she will fall if we try. Looks like he is noticing us. Why is he getting up ?
Leave please Come and have a seat . It’s ok sit. Have a seat . Is he trying to correct her ? Will it happen when we are here ? Hey, he is looking at her only. Ask me whoever didn’t get ticket still. Conductor sir,
you have to give me balance 50 paise. Will give it. Have you got ticket ?
Yes Move to front. You have to give me too 50 paise balance. From morning all are torturing me for change..
Hope I’m gonna leave the job. Here, have one rupee and give 50 paise to that girl. Brother, our stop came..
Don’t you get down ? Move aside..let them get down. Is there anyone to get balance ? Get all changes everyone
Brother you didn’t give 50 paise He didn’t give you ?
-Who? A guy stood before you wearing pink colour shirt..
Didn’t he give you ? Hope he forgot and got down. Give one ticket for Valasaravakkam
Give two rupees Munikannan, Are we riding some vehicle..? Why is this girl asking for lift ? Are you riding Benz car to ask you lift ? minute. The girl is making humour ..
Why don’t you laugh ? Stop laughing..
Take my money. “ Sublimity is in knowing the duties meant for self to do
excellence ,without much ado “ I’m a living example of a poetic line that says, So, respect is more important for me. You are an illiterate..
then how come you know these. Learns while kids studied.
Oh it’s like… Give me the balance 50 paise
which the conductor asked you to give. Why can’t you take a big amount
when decided to take it ? You took only 50 paise. Be quite Munikannu. I want my 50 paise now..
Here and now give it Give it to her..Don’t make her to die because of that and end us going
to prison because of that. Debt breaks love. So , from now on you are a stranger to me. Hmm hmm. Even before you were strangers only. Stop. I’m in search of you for the past two days. Why are you in search of me ? I gave you the money,
isn’t it ? That’s not a matter.
I’m sorry as she said for No Why should you ask sorry
behalf of your friend ? Aren’t you sad as she said no ? Each have each type of dream of marriage. I’m not in the dream of your friend’s marriage. Why should I feel sad ? I selected bride for you I have mentioned about you to her. She also like you. Wait her photograph and
address is in this cover. Look at it If you like her
and go to her home ask her girl She won’t reject you. But on one condition,
-What she should be in love for
2 months before marriage . Is that ok ? Now a days love marriages
happen casually. Our daughter’s happiness is
more important for us. But these kids ? Let’s play hide and seek outside.
Ok uncle Mother lucy takes care of nearly
700 children in her home. I will supply food once in a month. *****bible lines*** Come on Sundaram. Look at both the babies. They are Ramesh and Mahesh. Catch me.
I am here You think of how Suresh is here ? Oh my god
I am not able to tolerate this Please bare the pain for sometime.
I’ll come Please forgive me Mom….Mom… Mom Wake up I don’t know about
my parents till now. I didn’t wish him to suffer like me. So I adopted him too. Till now they don’t know that
they are adopted kids. Please you forget me for this time relation is more important than money.
for this time relation is more important than money. Only a orphan like me can understand They three are my assets now. Only your daughter is my relation now. Are you interested to
arrange marriage now ? I accept wholeheartedly. Thank you so much. Munikannu, I forgot to give the ring. Shall I give it and come ? We will also join you. No, you take care of kids..I will come soon.
Ok dad What happened ? Aunty , where is Theanmozhi ? She’s in upstairs. Really he is ok for you? Already you live a life by allocating
expenses of your salary. If you marry him now , you will lead
the same style of life which suffers you. Money is not a problem at all. My problem is those kids. I don’t know what to do ? All will beacome a mother
after marriage.. But I’m a mother of three now itself. It’s disgusting when I think about them
and to whom they were born. He acts like a grandchild
of Mother teresa by doing service. You love him by knowing these, right ? No, I saw him and love him as I like him. But now he shows with three orphans saying that he is the father
and I’m the mother of them. There are many orphanage
to take care of kids like this. I don’t know
why he is carrying as luggage ? After marriage
I will make an end to it. Did you talk ? Talked everything..
No more to talk further . Theanmozhi, groom came here..
Did you speak to him or not ? Sundaram ?
-Yes come down. Sundaram. Forgive me please..
I shouldn’t have talked in that way. Punish me for that..
But don’t be silent to me..Please. Who am I to punish you ? It’s all over between us that day itself. Please don’t meet me again. What’s the mistake I did ? Is it wrong to wish to live with you happily
without anyones interference ? Look, I don’t know what’s right and wrong. My kids are my future and I live for that. I can’t leave their hands to hold yours. Forgive me. Munikannu, instruct to her
not come here from now on. Not like that…. Hey Thaenmozhi, stop. Leave it Sundaram She is not lucky enough to live with you..Don’t worry.

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