Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Fight Scene | Santhosh Prathap | Archana | (English Subs)
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Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Fight Scene | Santhosh Prathap | Archana | (English Subs)

Munikannu, I forgot to give the ring. Shall I give it and come ? We will also join you. No, you take care of kids..I will come soon.
Ok dad What happened ? Aunty , where is Theanmozhi ? She’s in upstairs. Really he is ok for you? Already you live a life by allocating
expenses of your salary. If you marry him now , you will lead
the same style of life which suffers you. Money is not a problem at all. My problem is those kids. I don’t know what to do ? All will beacome a mother
after marriage.. But I’m a mother of three now itself. It’s disgusting when I think about them
and to whom they were born. He acts like a grandchild
of Mother teresa by doing service. You love him by knowing these, right ? No, I saw him and love him as I like him. But now he shows with three orphans saying that he is the father
and I’m the mother of them. There are many orphanage
to take care of kids like this. I don’t know
why he is carrying as luggage ? After marriage
I will make an end to it. Did you talk ? Talked everything..
No more to talk further . Theanmozhi, groom came here..
Did you speak to him or not ? Sundaram ?
-Yes come down. My god! Sundaram’s shop is burning! Somebody please get some water My God! Everything is gone My god! Sundaram Please step back! Please step back Stop it Hey, stop the car. What’s up Sundaram..
Don’t look at me that way. I’m scared. Heard that shop got fire accident. I don’t have any connection
that fire accident Sundaram. It may be my guys as you
delayed your decision. Hope you are aware if it’s me, I would have burnt along with people. Dear ,what’s your name ? Suresh. Nice name. Sundaram, take care of kids.. Staying alive is important us ,right ? Shall I come
Hey, move a car Dad,who’s that uncle? Beggar. Then why did he talk in an arrogant way ? Hmm, yes right. Even I don’t know what you know. Get down dears. I would have gone by now..
But after your talk I couldn’t go as it is. I would tear of the skin if someone
lit even a match stick in my hotel. But you have burnt my hotel itself.. Do you know why I’m silent
even after knowing that you did it ? Even though you are a big shot. you are as you are chasing me to get my hotel It’s because I came to know how poor That’s why I came to
warn you one last time. Don’t come in front of me again
asking for that hotel. I’ll kill and make you cook your body spares Come on dears. Sundaram. Forgive me please..
I shouldn’t have talked in that way. Punish me for that..
But don’t be silent to me..Please. Who am I to punish you ? It’s all over between us that day itself. Please don’t meet me again. What’s the mistake I did ? Is it wrong to wish to live with you happily
without anyones interference ? Look, I don’t know what’s right and wrong. My kids are my future and I live for that. I can’t leave their hands to hold yours. Forgive me. Munikannu, instruct to her
not come here from now on. Not like that…. Hey Thaenmozhi, stop. What happened ? Am I late ?
Ok Coming. Take it..Have food. Take this food Leave it Sundaram She is not lucky enough to live with you..Don’t worry. How did he manage Madhusoodanan
problem and love breakup ? After that Madhusoodanan
couldn’t do any harm to Sundaram. Sundaram is a very hard worker. Madhusoodanan tried to
abduct our only one hotel only. But Sundaram opened
100 hotels in 20 years. His sons too grown up. This is account of our Anna Nagar branch. Dad, asked money for college donation ? Hmm. Bring me the cheque. Take it Mani , hand over . Thanks dad. Bye you daddy.

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